Jul 21 2014

Nearly a third of ebooks sold on Amazon are self-published

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The debate on the future of publishing is not likely to subside. The self-published science fiction blockbuster author Hugh Howey has released a report on the sector ebooks. He argues that the indie works (ie self-published), represent 31% of sales of ebooks on Amazon. Hugh Howey goes further and says that according to his Statistics1 freelance writers are moving beyond the Big Five, ie the five largest éditeurs2 (Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster) in the United States in terms of royalties on paperless books.

Amazon offers the Kindle Direct Publishing3 service that allows independent authors to publish for free and immediately his ebook and sell it since 2007. "I tested the bestsellers of tomorrow on KDP before offering great paper publishers," explained Didier Imbot in 2013, littéraire4 agent at the head of Global Literary Management, Le Figaro. Amazon likes to highlight its "success stories" 5, the freelance writers who make a name and able to earn a living through self-publication. Amazon

against publishers

Hugh Howey is an example of successful freelance writer. It is especially known for his saga Wool Omnibus. It takes a specialized site to advise authors and publishes regular reports on the state of the sector. "I think it's more a kind of public relations for Amazon from an objective view of the digital market," retorted Philip Jones, editor of the trade magazine The Bookseller Guardian6. For statistical kitchen Howey in puzzles many. Among other things, the author works with an anonymous statistician, simply named "Data Guy" in the articles. Nevertheless, the role of independent sector is undeniable. In December 2013, according to figures trimestriels7, freelance writers accounted for a quarter of the top 100 Amazon. Com. The famous Netflix

Book launched by Amazon will also relate essentially independent authors and small publishers. Indeed, the Big Five are not part of the offer of unlimited access to 600,000 ebooks for 9.99 dollars per month. For some of these publishers, it is also a way to protect competitors 8In services which they have invested, as Oyster. The rise of self-publishing also coincides with the war between the major publishers and Amazon.

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Jul 14 2014

Why French amusement parks are popular abroad

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There is not that the giant and powerful Disneyland1 park which is exported worldwide. Although the American ranks first among the most visited parks in France with 14.9 million visitors per year, a small French attractions, Puy du FOU2 steals the second place, indicating a significant growth of the entertainment industry to the French. It must be said that in terms of attractions, the "French Touch" was popular. Nicolas de Villiers, President and Director of Puy du Fou contacted by Le Figaro, "foreign appeal to French because they pick a lifestyle and expertise. The thickness of our history gives a refined look to France. And the French have the ability to understand civilizations and integrate. This is what pleases abroad. "His park attractions Vendée is indeed envious internationally. So that Nicolas de Villiers and his team have created three years ago subsidiary "Puy du Fou International" for marketing outside of France, the expertise of the park shows. The Puy du Fou

looks to China

The English and Dutch have already tempted by the model "Puy du Fou3." And it is the turn of Russia and China to follow the trend. "Many Chinese come to the Puy du Fou Park for becoming more essential for their trip to France. It is therefore quite natural to turn to this country. 'If you do not come to the Puy du Fou Puy du Fou will come to you', to quote the quote Knight Lagardère, "says Nicolas de Villiers.

The export model in China, with whom the Puy du Fou has four contracts, will be different from other countries. "In normal times, we used to adapt our concept to the history of the country in which it is implanted. But for China, it is not impossible that the park revolves around the history of France is of great interest to the Chinese, and it would be a little bit of France there. "The leader welcomes the ongoing negotiations which could lead to an overall investment including "between 500 and 600 million euros for an entire fleet, as we are going up in Russia near Moscow, for example," but refuses to advance a specific date. "It is difficult to give a date for a park in China because the negotiations are always a little longer but by 2019, there may be a park there because, from the moment we take our sheet White to set up the project and open to the public during the day, it takes 2 and a half years, three years cash till payday advance. " The Park

Astérix4 also look to Asia. Our Gallic holdouts should settle in China in Yunnan Province, southwest of the country. The owner of the brand, Compagnie des Alpes is in discussion. The success in France Gallic and their adventures in comics, Parc Astérix 5se ranks third in French parks with 1,620,000 visitors in 2013. But internationally, it is long gone unnoticed. It is only recently, with the English variation of film with Gerard Depardieu and Laetitia Casta, the characters of Goscinny were able to export. The technology

Futuroscope draws India

After the shows Puy du Fou and rides Asterix, it is the turn of the technology Futuroscope 6d'intéresser foreigners. This is the Indian society Appu Ghar, the father of entertainment in India which reflects an installation attractions Jaipour7 industry. This clone Poitiers Futuroscope propose the same events and entertainment. For Denis Brunnelière in charge of Futuroscope the General Council of Vienne, owner of the park department, foreign investors are seeking a particular different model, amusement parks "classic". "Our specialty at the Futuroscope in Poitiers is to combine a leisure park and a science. Foreigners are interested in the overall concept and not just part of the theme park., "He says Le Figaro. Although Denis Brunnelière does not wish formally confirm the project, he acknowledges that "if all goes well, the park should be released in 2018. But all this remains hypothetical." "The investment for the Futuroscope of Poitiers itself amounted to 200 million euros. Given the work necessary adaptation to the local market to do in India, investment will exceed 200 million euros. "  

With nearly 200 parks on French territory, 10% of the European market, the refinement of the "French touch" does not continues to inspire. And the last one, the theme park Le Petit Prince8 recently opened its doors in Mulhouse, could attract those who want to perpetuate the legend of Saint-Exupéry.

Feb 17 2014

Greece: the third bailout plan rejected after the European

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From our correspondent in Brussels

Cold shower for Samaras government. Greece1 straightens her accounts faster than expected, but it will have to wait to collect real encouragement: the capitals of the euro decided to postpone until the end of the summer any discussion of a third bailout.

This is the President of the Eurogroup itself cut short the hopes of Athens, at the beginning of a closed session of finance ministers: "If the program is followed, there will grant installments paid by May (as expected), assured Jeroen Dijsselbloem2 his arrival in Brussels. There will be no emergency about a new aid program for Greece and we will discuss the future in August. "

With the European elections in sight, Antonis Samaras3 had to dangle his constituents additional support countries of the euro and thus counter the explosive growth of anti-austerity party SYRIZA. It's the same election date today dictates a wait of its partners: Angela Merkel4 in particular does not want to feed the critics of the AFD, the new anti-euro party on the invoice that Greece impose the German taxpayer.

Unemployment remains attached to almost 30%

On this point, the Chancellor would have imposed its views to the Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble5 who wanted a gesture of solidarity with Athens, if one believes the weekly Der Spiegel. The first concerned the rise of anti-European vote in Germany on the evening of May 25 The second is concerned with a thrust extremes that would torpedo, Greece, the first success after four years of effort.

Under the tutelage of the EU-ECB-IMF troika, Athens found a "primary" budget surplus (excluding debt service) of € 1.5 billion in 2013 from the Prime Minister Samaras. This is twice the desired result. After five years of recession, Greece is also expected to grow by 0.6% this year according to the EU. But he still has to drive reforms and unemployment remains attached to almost 30%.

The surplus, if the European agency Eurostat confirmed in April, the condition laid down in late 2012 to consider a third European bailout: long-term loans, longer maturities of debt that weighs 175% of GDP and any interest rate relief. It is this perspective that is now pushed under the weight of the electoral calendar.

Feb 14 2014

On Facebook, can be defined as "transsexual"

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The craze on the theory of Type1 also spread to England … New on the English version of the site Facebook: Users now have a choice of genres that diversifies. Since Thursday, February 13, they can now be defined as "transgender" or "intersexual", in addition to two kinds "man" and "woman." In a post published on his "Facebook diversity" 2 page, the social network says this new feature in a text decorated with a picture of the rainbow flag rainbow, symbol of the gay and transgender community. "Today we are pleased to offer this new option to help you see your own identity on Facebook more easily," can be read in this post.

Besides gender, subscribers also have the option of choosing the personal pronoun by which they would be arrested in the posts. In addition to traditional "him / he" and "she", there will now be "on", considered more neutral. "If many of these changes do not matter much, for those who have suffered it's something important," wrote in a Facebook post on his page Diversity, which displays a picture of the rainbow flag sky, flag of the gay and transgender community, floating on the Group campus in Silicon Valley. "We see these developments as an additional way to make Facebook a place where people can freely express their identity," says the social network.

The social network says collaborating with associations defending the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender to create these new options that can be found in the category "other."

Feb 05 2014

Foreign firms: an attractive plan study

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Patterns of large foreign companies have delivered Tuesday François Hollande1 a series of proposals to strengthen the economic attractiveness of France, where these groups are now reluctant to invest. Fifty patterns established in France, the U.S. consulting firm Accenture German industrial group Siemens global groups, had published a manifesto in December when they realized their difficulties to advocate for investment in France before their direction.

The signatories of the manifesto, claiming 20,000 companies and two million employees in France, demanding concessions including social and environmental regulation and greater fiscal stability. "We did a lot of proposals in areas that are dear to the President, namely innovation, attracting talent," said in the courtyard of the Elysee Gerald Karsenti, President of the French subsidiary of the IT group American Packard2 Hewlett (HP).

Convince them to invest in France

The Head of State to unveil on February 17, during a board dedicated to the attractiveness of the French territory, a range of measures which added to cuts costs Pact responsibility and impact of simplification must convince merits of investing in France online cash advance. "We must convince our global headquarters to invest in France than elsewhere," summed up the head of HP France, citing a French president "listening" and "aware" of the difficulties foreign investors.

"It is always compared to others, compared to other European countries, the BRIC (Brazil-Russia-India-China), the famous developing countries, the United States of course," he has said. The government is currently preparing a comprehensive package of measures to foreign companies but also to ensure better administrative home to their expatriates.

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Feb 03 2014

Dentists are striking for rate increases

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Like yesterday, the shrill screeching of strawberry dentist will not resonate Monday in dental offices. The profession is called upon to conduct a one-off strike on Monday 3, by its largest union, the National Confederation of Trade Unions Dental (CNSD).

Two reasons for this. First, dentists have been waiting a year and a half the publication of a decree establishing a fee of 75 euros per half-day on-call and a charge of 30 euros for acts performed on Sundays and holidays. "We will continue the strike guards that appear when the decree," said the union president.

The second part of the claim, which motivates the strike of February 2 and 3, then the leaves of teletransmissions Care Insurance disease1 the next four days, more full-bodied. The CNSD claims in effect for 2 billion euros of tariff increases. In the long term. "We want structural reform of the profession, with a massive revaluation rates Sécu2 says Catherine Mojaisky. This allows us to rebalance the economy in favor of our offices for reimbursable and therefore lower fees dentures, on which we are obliged to count today. "

25-year rate freeze

Prosthetic and orthodontic care are blocked from … 25. Result, dentists increase their part not reimbursed by the social security rates, which penalizes patients saving account payday loan. Consumer associations also often denounce those skid tarifs3. "This is not the practitioner who is responsible for the rest of dependent patients, but Medicare reimbursements that blocked for a quarter of a century," said the union for dentists who have not finally choice. Loads firms have indeed exploded and now amount to 64% of their turnover on average, according to statistics from the National Union of registered associations (Unasa). The highest rate of medical professions, the union argues.

The profession, however, did not completely neglected in recent months. Last year, the CNSD signed only one of the three representative unions in the sector, a new nomenclature of long demanded – the previous dated from 1945. But this reform, which takes effect this summer, was accompanied by 100 million euros of tariff resets.

The union said he was aware that Medicare does not have the means to allocate more dentists. It therefore calls for additional foot health, which are already the main funder of the sector. These have already signed a charter of good conduct with the union and become accustomed to meet without using Medicare as was the case until now.

Nov 26 2013

Merkel pledges gives the union IG Metall

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Angela Merkel1 heal relations with the unions. Monday, Merkel was the main guest of IG Metall2 Congress. It understands: this union is the largest in Europe, with 2.3 million members in the steel, automotive, electronics and textiles. It embodies the power of the German co-determination. The day before, the president of the SDP, Sigmar Gabriel3, who was at that position. "I said I had my emergency treatment relationship with you and spend more time with the unions with Mr. Gabriel," joked Chancellor, sparking laughter in the room. "You sit at the negotiating table coalition" has she started more seriously, the 463 conference delegates. Sunday, SPD Chairman assured members of IG Metall they would not have to complain about the coalition agreement he would sign. At the forum on Monday, Angela Merkel reaffirmed a legal minimum4 salary would be introduced in Germany if the Conservatives and the Social Democrats to reach an agreement. The union is obviously favorable, even if defending its prerogatives negotiation. Out of the question to be dictated by others throughout the wage policy.

Pensions, a hard point

Without hiding his differences with the union, Angela Merkel defended its employment policy and the kind of flexibility it entails. The Chancellor also addressed some of the key points of IG Metall program as interim contracts or subcontracts for which she acknowledged "potential abuse". But it is on the subject of pensions that has been more hesitant. IG Metall wants to open the possibility for those who have contributed for forty-five years of retiring from 63 years. A claim echoed by the SPD in the negotiations. "I can not and will not talk. This is a difficult topic to be discussed until the last minute, "she has said. It has launched a thinly veiled call for the union to weigh in the direction of moderation. "Your members have expectations, but they also bear a responsibility," she said.

IG Metall is not a partner like the others. The union has an influence beyond the scope of its activities. Angela Merkel, who has participated in every union congress, praised his outgoing President Berthold Huber, with whom she has "learned a lot", although they were often not of the same opinion. She called his successor, Detlef Wetzel, to continue this "pragmatic and constructive cooperation." At age 60, the former number two of the union was elected Monday with 75.51%, a relatively poor score. By comparison, Berthold Huber had obtained 96% in 2007.

Oct 23 2013

These diseases are the most expensive to the health insurance

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How much is the scourge of cancer? And the diabetes? It is to answer these questions that disease1 Insurance has reviewed its huge databases. "It is helpful for us to know what are the spending disease, to determine how to act to develop prevention strategies," said Tuesday the director of the National Health Insurance Fund, Frédéric van Roekeghem, presenting these figures .

It shows that, of 146 billion euros in total Health Insurance expenditures, budget for the first-time hospitalization, with 29.9 billion in 2011. Cataract surgery, hip replacement, endoscopy … "It is thus 7.3 million people who have experienced a one-time hospitalization for the year," says health insurance. The hospitals.2 and private clinics totaled 10.5 million trips. A figure up 2.4%, driven by growth in the number of hospitalized patients.

However, the social security falls especially "the major heavy weight and chronic diseases in health care spending, with 92 billion euros of redemptions in 2011, nearly two-thirds of total spending." Among these diseases and cardiovascular risk are more than 30 billion euros (see graphics).

Cancers account for 10% of expenses

Then comes the mental health, which is 22 payday loans.6 billion. Health insurance records in this figure both diseases resulting in hospitalization that regular intake of psychotropic drugs. "This expenditure is quite consistent with global analysis and shows that mental health, even if it does not lead to a substantial mortality, occupies a very important place in the health care system," Dominique Polton, director of strategy at the analysis health insurance.

As for cancer, they represent an expense of € 14.5 billion, or 10% of total expenditure. Breast and colon account for respectively 19% and 10% of these expenses, and 1.5 or 2.7 billion.

Overall, 40% of policyholders are affected by a disease, and 60% received only routine care reimbursements. "These figures show a high concentration of spending 60% of insured generate 10% of spending, Frédéric van Roekeghem analysis. This shows the strong solidarity of our health insurance ". Note: these statistics do not take into account the costs of compulsory health insurance. The proportion of care reimbursed by complementary health – about 15% of total spending – are not included.

Sep 28 2013

SNCF wants to offer more than low prices

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Compete with the low cost and carpooling. The two battles that take account Guillaume Pepy in the coming years. According to The Échos1, the president of the SNCF presented the plan orientation group some 5,000 managers. Called "Excellence 2020", the project is intended to reconcile mass transport – with 10 million passengers each day – and personal travel.

The first match will be played on prices. "The low cost air exceeds 50% of the aviation market. It hits Air France first, our competitor. But who can believe that saving the TGV? (…) Coping is to admit that we are still perceived as too expensive, "said the chairman of the Railway Group. Recently pinned to the opacity of its tarifs2, SNCF includes both allow a better comparison, but also double the number of low prices by producing cheaper, on the model of its offer Ouigo3, launched in April. "The market price represents the first 12 to 13% of tickets today: we will double the offer by four to five years, and there will be new products at low prices," said Guillaume Pepy in an interview business daily.


According to Les Echos, the second battle will be one of service and Guillaume Pepy's ambition is to "generalize the door-to-door," offering solutions to support its customers from their home to their destination. Transport passengers from one end, requires a combination of different modes of transport and thus to extend the offer no fax pay day loans. And to prevent "Google or others" do "this magnificent project" in its place, as stated by the president of the SNCF in his presentation, the group has already embarked on this path for some month. In 2012, the station launched its shuttle service home 4Who allows customers to reserve a vehicle from home but on arrival at the station, thus avoiding the waiting taxi queue. Only a few stations benefit today but this service should gradually be extended to all major cities. And more recently, the SNCF added to the panel covoiturage5 service this summer by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the parent company 123envoiture.com. 6 "Do you know that Insurance, Trust, Europe's leading car sharing, (…) is now 600,000 travelers each month? This is already more than 5% of the number of trips sold by SNCF Voyages! Avis and repurchased $ 500 million the U.S. leader shared car? These are our new competitors, "said Guillaume Pepy.

Finally, the extension of the bid should go hand in hand with an increase in the quality of local transport. "We want, in seven years, have raised the level of customer daily commuter to the satisfaction of the TGV," assured the president of the group, noting that the Ile-de-France was "a national priority."

Sep 14 2013

Barrier and French stop poker games online

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The decision does not surprise anyone. After three years in business, Groupe Lucien Barrière and the French games that were allies in online poker have decided to close their common site in late September. So goodbye BarrièrePoker.fr.1 A withdrawal after many others. Last year, nine sites including the Sharp left the table. In June, it was the turn of Partouche throw in the towel after losing 20 million in the venture.

As a result, there are only five operators. BetClick does not give but at what cost: in 2012, the operator has lost 50 million with poker on the web. The market opened in 2010, is proving much smoke and mirrors. After beginning with a bang in the first year, all indicators have fallen into rouge2: in the first half, housing fell 16.4% to € 1.3 billion, the number of players has decreased by 7% and operators' revenues dipped 8.9%. "1500 very large players that generated put 400 million left the French market. If no decision is taken to recovery, the market could fall by 20% in 2014, "wrote a letter substantially in the gesture, an association of the major players in the industry as Pokerstars3 and Betclic4 low interest personal loan. The big players have fled the French platforms partly because they consider themselves a tax racket. Since the opening of the online poker market, tax controls players have multiplied.

Result? There is little more than two actors who make money in this field: the two leaders, Winamax and Pokerstars, which monopolize 75% of the French market. Faced with this decline, operators are the big back. Thus, they have halved their marketing investments in the first half. But this is not enough. Aware of the problem, Arjel, responsible for regulating this market, considered several ways to revitalize the online poker. Or allow new variants of games. Or pooling of French put joueurs5 but also Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. But for now, the Budget Ministry did not respond to these proposals.

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