May 02 2014

Dictionary of anglicisms most unbearable office

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You hate them, and you shiver when one of your colleagues is used, the next office. And yet you use them – sometimes – also because it is difficult not to be swayed. Anglicisms who are employed indiscriminately in business are a scourge. On the web, The queried readers about the words they found most unbearable, following an article on the subject published by the Huffington Post French. Here is a small dictionary which includes both classic and famous – almost – unknown.

• ASAP: one of the great classics. English As Soon As Possible, acronym in French mean "as soon as you can" or "as soon as possible." Simply. Qualify for emergency and seem less brutal feeling, use ASAP.  

• Brainstorm, Brainstorming: coming of advertising (in the 40s), the brainstorming meeting meant a group whose goal is to find a number Therefore advertising ideas for clients. Thereafter, the term became used for everything and anything, including outside of work, so it is necessary to consider several.

• Bullet points: excellent solution to stiffen and orchestrate his thought, "chips" are very fashionable to organize. Writing files to PowerPoint for personal agenda and lists of things to do, fleas are synonymous with efficiency.

• Burnout: we can not count the number of articles and other tickets coaching to protect at all costs the burnout syndrome burnout car warranty company. This is the new evil of the century at work, and the obsession of every employee.  

• Conf call: in many companies, they have become rituals … Meetings telephone work-saving both time and money, while bringing all those available. As ASAP, conf call is anglicism is a short term, as they say in the interests of efficiency. •

Corporate: have entrepreneurship. Essential for any employee wishing to make a career in a company. Someone from corporate is someone who feels comfortable in his company, and is a true ambassador. •

"That makes sense!" Literal translation of the English "It make sense!". Everyone obviously grasp the meaning. Except that the correct French, it does not mean absolutely nothing to say.

…… @ Quentinperinel1 Worse English Layers> French. "It makes sense"

. – Maxime Bellec (@ MBellec)

29 April 20142 • Debriefer: they "debrief" someone who could not attend a meeting. A stalwart of corporate life. So that the French expression "make a point" or "take stock" are almost obsolete.

• Desk: office also concerns to be replaced increasingly by "desks" which refers to both space Working the office where you work.

…… @ @ Quentinperinel3 Le_Figaro4 The old trick " anyway ". Fills me one! And I got the right one day " I eat on the desk. " Wow.

– P.Monteiro (@ MonteiroPauline)

29 April 20145 • Drinker: less known, the verb "drinker" is used to replace the action of go for a drink among office colleagues or friends.  

…… @ Quentinperinel6 "drinker" for "a drink", I find it ridiculous.

– N_Docao (@ N_Docao)

29 April 20147 • Forwarder: who has never "being forwarded to" a mail to one or more of his colleagues? Again, the French verb transfer, is much less likely. The English term, which has long been used in companies, no longer shocks, but still excited. • Implement

: originally used in computer jargon, replacing the words "include" or "code", the verb in the variable semantic crossed the doors of the company and can also mean "adapt" or "set up" something. • Mainstream

: a trendy term that replaces all that is banal, general public, and followed by mass. Most often, the pejorative connotation. In advertising or communication for example, if your ideas are mainstream, your superiors will prefer someone more original and alternative.

• One-To -One (writing 121): This term marketing – redundant in the responses of users! – Is common in client relationships vehicle car warranty. This means a meeting between client and provider, where he agreed to speak frankly and tell each other everything.

• Personal branding: with the development of all areas of web, the term is ubiquitous. Managing personal branding means managing his personal brand and / or business on the web and social networks.

• Printer: Print something. • Process

"you have not complied with the process, you'll have to start over!" The significance of process is rather vague, and close enough to French term process.  

…… @ Quentinperinel8 "process" is all the more irritating that means everything and nothing.

– Margaux Baralon (@ MargauxBaralon)

29 April 20149 • Reporting: make reporting. Or make a progress report or a report.

• Switcher: the notion of change or exchange something, no matter what it is. Switcher one day permanently with another colleague, or switcher holiday dates we had chosen beforehand.

• Workshop: This is a training seminar, reflection or creation that meets or different employees of the same company or several frames working in the same sector. These meetings focus on a specific theme and aims to educate participants in a given subject.

Mar 25 2014

Mayors called in to work at home

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 Marie-Béatrice Levaux

looking forward to next Sunday, the end of the municipal elections. President of the Federation of particular employers 1 (FEPEM) will start its operation as "1000 Mayors", which aims to increase employment at home in territories2. "We will establish, at the beginning of the term of office, a special contact with a thousand mayors of municipalities with more than 9,000 people to sign regional agreements allowing them to develop employment at home," she explains exclusively to Figaro.

The purpose of this operation? "Bringing these common concrete answers on several issues that are the home of early childhood services for families and individuals employers frail," she explains. FEPEM will therefore offer new shares to several councilors including the linkage between employers and employees in the territories, securing the employment relationship between public employers and employees, as well as better information for professionals engaged in the field.

"This initiative is part of our compact home job, which aims to create 50 000 net jobs in the sector by the end of the year, the statement of 2 million hours of overtime and hiring 150,000 new private employers, "says Marie-Béatrice Levaux3. Chair individual employers, who hears meet this challenge, wants to revitalize an area which included the end of 2012 some 3.6 million individuals employing 1.6 million employees.

Time is indeed clearly "the reconquest of jobs in the family." For many years, the indicators have gone from green to orange or even red, with a resurgence of the black, amid tightening fiscal and slowing economic activity. "The years 2012 and 2013 marked a decline in employment at home, with a sharp decline, particularly in 2013, the number of childminders," admits Marie-Béatrice Levaux. Increased allowances

According to final figures Barometer job family, which will be released this week, nearly 23,200 salaried jobs have disappeared in 2012, a decrease of 1.4% in a year. If one excludes the field of childcare (still in green), hemorrhage is more important encore4, with a net loss of 28,500 jobs over the year. The reason is the decline in the number of private employers. The year 2013 – on which we do not have the final results – does not show up under better auspices since the first three quarters of the year, the number of payroll jobs fell by 2.6% and, especially, the number of hours reported plunged 4.5%.

The reason? Taxation on home jobs that hardened on 1 January 2013, with the abolition of the system of declaration package, offset by a reduction of charges 75 cents per hour travaillée5. For the president of FEPEM, the account is not there any more. Marie-Béatrice Levaux meeting for several weeks so the executive demand a greater reduction of € 2 per hour worked. "We want to create sustainable conditions for the great middle class is able to stay in the future employer," she insists. Otherwise, the employment figures at home may continue their inexorable decline.

Mar 12 2014

Villepin would have received € 100,000 after a working day

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that does not go unnoticed. Dominique de Villepin would indeed hit no less than 100,000 euros for a single day's work ahead Telegraph1 The … In fact, those few extra hours were needed for the former diplomat key retired officer of the diplomatic corps, adds British newspaper. The former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac have indeed made this flash back in September, thus opening the rights to touch this tidy sum. Problem

this regulation would not have done automatically. The procedure was approved by the Minister Laurent Fabius in place, the newspaper said, although the Quai d'Orsay denies any "discretionary or preferential treatment" with regard to the former Prime Minister. And at a time when "the government is pushing for austerity, higher taxes and deep cuts in public spending," the new tenants would have exasperated the prestigious department, the newspaper said. An administrative error

Meanwhile, the environment of Dominique de Villepin have invoked him an administrative error which would justify the request direct payday lenders. Contacted by the newspaper, Daniel Arlaud, spokesman for the former tenant of Matignon, explained that "this administrative error had been a request from Dominique de Villepin to the competent authorities."

In any event, the payment of this amount would not be illegal. Much more than "abuse" on the part of the former Prime Minister, the payment would be an offshoot of the French system of remuneration of senior civil service, which grows outcry across the Channel.  A

indignation also nourished by little precarious situation of the former senior official. In fact, Dominique de Villepin today have as a consultant for his company International Villepin, who performed in 2013, nearly 1.7 million euros in turnover. The newspaper also pointed out that the magazine L'Express unveiled in 2012 Villepin heritage: a real estate property in Paris worth 3 million and an estimated more than 4 million personal fortune

. ..

Feb 27 2014

The crossover holiday disrupted by a strike at the SNCF

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crossover holiday promises to be heated for many skiers. The two main railway unions in the Rhône-Alpes region called for grève1 Saturday 1st and Sunday, March 2. They intend to protest against their working conditions and "restructuring SNCF2."

The strike notice will begin on Friday at 17 am and close at 8 am Monday. It may therefore severely disrupt departures and returns of 50,000 homes expected in the stations of the Alpine this weekend travelers. The

CGT3 and South Rail, who called the strike, however, reserve the right to raise their notice. Negotiations are currently underway between the two unions and the regional direction of the station on the organization of work. "Management must include in its proposal including a section on employment," the sum CGT in a statement.

"We are available 17 hours until Friday to find common ground"

Bernard Tournier, Secretary General CGT Chambéry railway

"We do not file a notice of strike on such a weekend without taking all elements into account. It is not a bluff. It is available until Friday 17 hours to make sure to find a common ground no teletrack payday loan. There are tens of thousands of travelers are expected. The real responsibility of management is to hear us, "pleaded Bernard Tournier, secretary general of the CGT railway Chambéry on RTL. But if discussions do not lead by Friday afternoon, "there will be very significant inconvenience to travelers," he warned. For its part, the regional branch of SNCF said that "all teams are mobilized for the strike did not take place."

The unions also raise against "the restructuring of the railway." Is a project to the group with the infrastructure manager Réseau Ferré de France, in order to stabilize the debt of the railway system. CGT and Sud-Rail fear that it is accompanied by job losses. "Management continues to eliminate positions in railway stations and on trains, said Julien Troccaz Delegate South Rail. 1,300 jobs have been lost since 2007. You can call it a social plan. "Contacted by AFP, the regional branch of the SNCF recalled that there was" no job cuts and no dismissal within the station. "… …..

Feb 01 2014

The French in favor of reforms impact on unemployment insurance

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The French seem ready to shock therapy on the issue of unemployment. According to a survey * BVA for i> Télé and Le Parisien published Saturday, 82% of respondents are in favor that we give the opportunity for employees who wish to contribute less in exchange for a future cap their unemployment compensation, if one day they were brought to experience a period of unemployment. They are 64% to be "favorable" to an automatic radiation unemployed who refuse more than two "reasonable" job offers, and 61% want to "exclude the specific system of intermittent technicians show, which could be submitted to common law. " At the question: "Do you agree to increase from 4 to 8 months duration of work required to be compensated," half of the respondents said yes. And 59% advocated the establishment of a degression of allowances from one year. A device that had been arrested in 2001.

All these "ideas" come from the CGPME (the General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises). Proposals – published last Monday 1 – have been welcomed as a "provocation" by the other unions. At the CGT leader Eric Aubin assured that "would not accept." The number two of the CFDT, Véronique Descaq, has also warned that it was "in no case going back on the rights negotiated in previous agreements," citing "a dramatic employment situation." These tracks were also considered "sensational" by the negotiator of the CFE-CGC, Marie-Françoise Leflon saving account pay day loan. "Let's be serious, they are propositions that can not hear," she has said. Even MEDEF kicked in KEY2 "CGPME feeds reflections," said the leader of the employers' delegation Jean-François Pilliard, making it clear that the MEDEF was, to date, not on this line.

No major reform to wait

All these unions have been meeting for a fortnight to reform the nebulous system of unemployment insurance. They were given until March 13 to agree on a new contract. But if the French seem willing to tighten their belts and accept a harder system sensitive subjects were directly scanned 3: no question of touching the regime of the entertainment, or lower unemployment compensation and duration. Including the president himself: "This is not a time of high unemployment should be reduced the rights of the unemployed," ruled François Hollande mid-January.  

High unemployment? Sure. There are today in France 5.5 million jobseekers all categories included, 2.2 million are compensated. The reversal of the trend in unemployment as promised did not lieu4, and nothing indicates that approach. Meanwhile, the hole in the coffers of the UI is widening alarmingly: debt regime reached € 22.1 billion and will continue to deteriorate in 20145. If nothing changes, the deficit will approach $ 40 billion in 2017.

* This survey was conducted among 994 people recruited by telephone and interviewed by internet 30 and January 31.

Jan 31 2014

Renault could produce up to 132,000 Nissan Micra Flins

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Renault1 announced Thursday that it could produce up to 132,000 Nissan Micra at its plant in Flins (Yvelines) in 2016, more than he had promised the end of April in exchange for an agreement with its unions competitiveness. A spokesman for the group told Reuters that the plan to allocate an additional volume of 40,000 to 50,000 cars, compared to 82,000 previously announced, had yet to be presented to the Executive Committee of Nissan in February. Additional vehicles will be marketed throughout Europe, while the previous ones, with RHD were intended only for the Japanese car market britannique.Première group ever assembled in a French factory, the Micra will be produced alongside the Renault Clio 4 and Zoe electric no faxing payday loans. The site Flins employed last year 2,600 people.This announcement complements the proposed acceleration of synergies between the two partners2, Renault-Nissan has said the same day target of € 4.3 billion in annual synergies by 2016 against a target of 4 billion unveiled 2012.Pour this, both partners will auto launch in the first quarter strengthened in their various business projects "convergence" (Purchasing, Research & Development, Production and Logistics, Human Resources) with the appointment of a project manager for each convergence program, said the alliance Renault-Nissan in communiqué.LIRE ALSO: "Renault and Nissan strengthen their collaboration3

Jan 23 2014

FagorBrandt: Cevital offers the best offer for employment

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The suspense ended on Wednesday evening at FagorBrandt1. Four days after the submission of takeover bids group of appliances, their names were revealed by the administrator in a central works council. Besides the Algerian Cevital whose name had already "leaked" in the press, the U.S. fund Sun Capital, the company's plastics Variance Technology and engine maker washing machine Selni – a former subsidiary of FagorBrandt based in Nevers – are also candidates.

In total, 28 companies have looked at the file, between ten and twelve would have "access to information", according to unions. FagorBrandt, which has 1,800 employees and four factories, is in receivership since early November. The French group weighs 14% of the French market with brands appliances stars (Vedette, Brandt, Jumping, De Dietrich …) but it has been in recent years a slow descent into hell.

Rework offers

Of the four projects selected include two offers partial recovery – Variance Technology and Selni wishing to acquire the plant at La Roche-sur-Yon – and two package deals. Proposing to take 1200 people in 1800 is Cevital who have submitted the best tender from the point of view of employment, Sun Capital is ready to take between 700 and 1000. However, both plants Vendée (Aizenay, La Roche-sur-Yon) are not included in package deals payday loans for bad credit.

The ball is now in the camp of the administrator who will work with their candidates, rework takeover bids or to bring them together. "There could be a good complementarity between supply Cevital, offering to resume plants Orleans and Vendôme, and the Selni" suggests Christian Legay, Steward of the CFE-CGC, which hopes to save up to 1500 jobs.

A very tight schedule

Staff representatives, which will be received Thursday morning by Arnaud Montebourg, candidates meet the January 28 and 29 next to convince them to improve their offerings. A son of the founder of Cevital Malik Rebrab, and should make the trip to Rueil, headquarters FagorBrandt. "We are in favor of a permanent and not a utopian offer that would take no industrial restructuring project, explains Christian Legay. Our goal is not to live but public support of our business with sufficient capital, avoiding too many people leave by the wayside. "

The Commercial Court of Nanterre should decide on the future of FagorBrandt at the hearing on 13 February. A "tight" as players folder, which portends an effective recovery by the beginning of March calendar.

Jan 18 2014

Hook Courbit two new 5-star hotels

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Stéphane Courbit 1a big ambitions in luxury hotels. Already owns the palace and The Cranberries mountain restaurant Le Chalet de Pierres in Courchevel, as well as the Pan Dei Palais in Saint-Tropez, the businessman Stéphane Courbit acquires two other palaces. The Mélézin, one of the oldest luxury hotels in Courchevel, 5-star hotel with 31 rooms and the Bastide de Gordes2, the famous 5-star Luberon, which offers 46 rooms and suites. He thought to complement its location in Gordes.

Supported by the bank Natixis3 Stéphane Courbit strives to develop its hotel division. "Our idea is to create a small chain of a dozen luxury hotels located in tourist haunts an international clientele," says the businessman. "For that, all options are possible, including opening the capital of this new business segment for investors," he says

Potential IPO

The hotel would become the fourth business group Stéphane Courbit faxless payday advance. It currently holds 50% of the cluster online games BetClick Everest Group, who now weighs 300 million turnover. It controls a third of the capital of the audiovisual production company Banijay present in ten countries and releases a turnover between 400 and 500 million euros. "Banijay aims to be among the top three global groups. This could go through big acquisitions and a potential IPO in the next three years. "

Finally, there is a minority shareholder in the new entity Direct energy4 third French distributor of electricity and gas with a turnover of over € 600 million.

"Since 2012, these three business segments are structurally profitable and emit about million results 130 per year," says Stéphane Courbit. But it adds: "Ultimately, I focus my investment on the world of entertainment, that is to say production, online games, and now, so luxury hotels." .. ……

Nov 29 2013

Forgotten promises of President

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Promises only bind those who listen to them, said Charles Pasqua and Jacques Chirac in their time. If reverse the unemployment curve is reaffirmed for months – not that we know yet clear whether it can be tenue1 – others were gradually forgotten as events.

Two more years to consolidate public finances

The Head of State came to power with an ambitious goal: bringing the deficit below 3% of GDP in 2013. "To control and reduce the debt of France, the right has doubled in ten years," stated the candidate in his presidential program. The scenario is grippé2: growth not returning, this commitment would have led to drastically reduce spending – what the government was not prepared – and raise more taxes than he did. Austerity that would, it is true, stifled upswing, as was recognized by the major international organizations. So without qualms Francis Hollande3 abandoned its initial goal of reducing deficits and sent his Minister of Economy, Pierre Moscovici, to negotiate in Brussels this road exit. In exchange for a commitment to carry out deep structural reforms to improve the country's competitiveness, the European Commission finally granted a period of two additional years in France – until 2015 – to bring its deficit nails Pact stability. The objective of reversing the curve of the debt therefore also been pushed back to 2015.

Taxes continue to rise

"Nine out of ten French will not be affected by increases fiscalité4": September 27, 2012, in the program "Words and deeds", on France 2, the Prime Minister ensures that only 10% of taxpayers will be affected by a tax increase linked to the draft budget law presented by the government in 2013 no teletrack payday loans. An incomprehensible figure for the French, while taxes have increased by 20 billion this year. The President eventually announce a tax break for 2014. However, the tax burden will continue to grow (3000000000). But some taxes will fall, and other increase … which, before the "overhaul of the tax system," 5 the risk of waking once more disgruntled.

A "recovery" that does not come

The candidate Hollande had built his program on a growth.6 1.7% this year and at least 2% the following. He quickly took him to the evidence. Europe idling, there was no reason why France is so better than others. GDP growth for 2013 has been reduced to 0.9% initially, then 0.1%. But, convinced that its policy would eventually bear fruit, the head of state, the first small cyclical upturn (+ 0.5% in the second quarter of this year), announced the "recovery." Alas, the very next quarter, GDP fell in the red (- 0.1%) 7. And growth at the end of the year, could be sluggish … In short, the expected recovery for months is expected.

Nov 05 2013

Brussels against plastic bags

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1a The European Commission adopted on Monday a proposal to impose the EU Member States 2 greatly reduce their consumption of disposable plastic bags. "Every year in Europe, more than 8 billion plastic bags end up as litter, causing considerable damage" especially for marine ecosystems, says the European Environment Commissioner Janez Potocknik. Brussels aims bags light handle, less than 50 microns (0.05 mm), yet distributed in many shops and supermarkets, which account for over 90% of the 100 billion plastic bags placed on the market each year in the EU.

Able to persist in the environment for centuries, the symbols of the "throwaway society" disfigure the landscape and disseminate micro-plastic particles throughout the environment. They are a deadly threat to fish, birds and turtles that ingest and contribute to the formation of a true offshore continent of waste.

Manufactured in China

To fight against this scourge, the Commission wants to "introduce an obligation to reduce" the consumption of plastic bags while leaving Member States the choice of means by which to use: restrictions on the marketing or taxation measures.

"Some Member States have already achieved excellent results in terms of reducing their use of plastic bags. If their example was followed by others, we can achieve at least 80% of the current global consumption in the European Union, "said Janez Potocknik us fast cash. In addition, the impact of such a change of habits on the European plastics industry would be marginal because most of these bags are made in China, says Slovenian commissioner.

Figure class = "fig fig-camera photo norwd">

Faced with bad Cypriot pupils, Portuguese or Polish using an average 466 bags per person per year, the Commission refers Ireland, Luxembourg and especially Denmark and Finland (with only four bags per person per year!) As examples to follow.

By imposing a tax of 50 cents per bag, Ireland was particularly successful in "reducing by 92% the use of disposable plastic bags in a year" announced in March, the British actor Jeremy Irons3, came to Brussels support the initiative of the Commission.

The aim of the Brussels executive is to achieve an average consumption of 35 bags per person per year across the EU. Is the average performance of the eight most virtuous countries, including France (about 80 bags). Under the leadership of organizations like UFC-Que Choisir and signs of large distribution as Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the use of disposable plastic bags has dropped dramatically in recent years in France. The introduction from 1 January 2014, a tax of about 6 cents per bag should accelerate the movement.

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