Aug 22 2014

The Estately application, Tinder of real estate search

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 Slide your thumb

to the right or left on your touch screen is an effective and fun way to link two human beings (or remove them), as evidenced by the success of the inevitable Tinder1 application, which offers scrolling on your screen profiles of men and women.2 found in a 10 km radius around you. The application has become a must have for young singles. So that applications incorporating this principle have multiplied, just like Jobr The Tinder for professionals and for finding employment3. This ingenious system

now can also make people happy for those seeking a property … It is the ambition of Estately4 application, which took over the fundamentals of Tinder: a series of pictures of various real estate succeed before you, and you have two options: either you save a property that you like, or you put it in the trash. It's as simple as that. And that's not all: when you save a property, the application sends you notifications about any changes in its status. Price, day visits …

"With Tinder, we realized that the" swipping "was easy to use and intuitive payday loans guaranteed no fax. In real estate, it can quickly purify a list extension! "

Galen Ward, CEO of Estately application.

The application is not limited to offer photos of the property. As Tinder on several characteristics accompany each profile so you do not select solely on visual criteria: its price, its area, number of rooms, any dependencies … With this system, you can quickly identify what you want in the middle of a forest property that does not interest you systematically, as explained in specialized site Techcrunch 5 Galen Ward, CEO Estately6 application. "With Tinder, we realized that the" swipping "was easy to use and intuitive. In real estate, it can quickly purify a list extension "

While competing applications – or as Redfin7 Zillow8 – already offering the functionality to remove and hide properties that do not interest us, they do not allow this act of "swipping" that users love so much. "This small gesture is ideal for first time buyers who have thirty years!" Says Galen Ward. A very trend that has probably not finished inspire system.

As with fast payday loans, this recently used to be the case, but competitive lenders and higher demand has taken this loan type to mainstay levels.

Jul 29 2014

Craftsmen and traders do not see the recovery

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embellished on local employment expected in France, at least in the short term. It is the fact that the Professional Union Craft (UPA) book in a survey published Monday on the economy and employment in the sector in the first half of 2014.'s Approximately 1.3 million companies nearby , which represent 20% of the workforce employed in the private sector, saw their sales fall by 1.5% in the second quarter this year. The turnover of the sector is in the red for more than two years. Result: companies in the sector are not likely to recruit. "Only 19% of these companies have hired the entire first half, flat compared to 2013," said the UPA. All sectors are not housed in the same boat: 34% of businesses in the hospitality industry hired when they are no more than 9% and 11% respectively in the service and food. "These figures remind us that the pact does not have any responsibility in business reality and the acceleration of the timetable for lower cost of labor was totally justified," says UPA in its communiqué openly criticizing the slow implementation of government policies.

No improvement expected in 2014

The craft enterprises and local shops are not optimistic for the rest of the year. 30% of CEOs believe their sales will continue to deteriorate in the next quarter, up 7 points over three months. Worse, only 12% plan to hire in the second half or even less. Not surprisingly, the hospitality industry is the most optimistic sector and hopes to use the summer to hire and recover its margins. In contrast, only 5% of artisans public works plan to recruit. Hiring intentions are also very low for the services or the building. Finally, the part-time commonplace. Thus, nearly a quarter (24%) of business leaders have used, especially those in the hospitality and food (40% and 31%). More than a boss in two (51%) employed part-time for less than the new legal limit of 24 hours per week. UPA demand an easing of the legal system "so that the common interest of the employer and the employee may be privileged." Between the government and employers, differences persist.

Jul 16 2014

Camps: the slow disaffection

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Courses, cultural or sports camps, training … Under the name "camps" mingle public bodies, associations, works councils but also commercial companies and even individuals. Behind

enticing platelets and websites presenting any assurance of a well supported living? The death last week of a child of 8 years in the Ariege began again the confidence of parents in these camps which show a steady decline in attendance for twenty years. In 2013, a parliamentary report has warned the government on this disaffection. Mistrust and high cost of stay (from 400 to 600 euros on average for a given week by an association), the "colossal" no longer welcome on this day that 7.5% of children, against 15% in 1995. They are now 1.3 million to participate in the 50,000 annual trips organized by the "youth facilities" (ACM). Subcontractors

crooked, scams, companies in liquidation: parents may not know the bottom of the offer. "We must focus on the content of the project and the trip organizer," insists Anne Carayon, general secretary of the associative network in full air1 Youth. She encourages parents to check the profile providers behind the offer proposed by the mayors and councils, buyers of these stays catalog. "There are many players, it is true, but abuse remains marginal," says Cédric Javault founder Telligo, private market player summer camp for twenty years low fee payday loans. As for controls, "the state's job," he says. A stay in five controlled, according to the ministry. "In 400 trips organized by Telligo, twenty inspection reports we receive. This is more than in the restaurant or hotel, "says Cédric Javault. A

'quality label' to burnish their image

However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports 2a initiated discussions to improve their image. At the start, one, accompanied by a charter "quality label", should attest to the quality of their educational project. A label which is by no means a license. "The state does not issue any and empowers collective reception organizers of minors," said the ministry. The legal regime is the declaration to the prefectural authorities.

However, the organizers should be consistent with the health rules, safety and staff qualifications framing. Private or voluntary, organizations struggle in parallel to provide more guarantees seriously. "We own our shelters – one hundred – a guarantee of security," said Julien Coue, head of education and recreation project in the General Federation of PEP3, which is involved in the industry since 1915 and brings together 128 associations.

Jun 26 2014

After the e-cigarette, electronic seal up

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 The business of

vapotage continues its diversification. After the e-cigarette – allows opening a specialty store every three days1 in France – here's the e-seal, which arrives at the European tobacconists. This invention of a Dutch company called E-njoint already exists in three versions: the first model as safe according to law, without THC, tobacco-free and without nicotine.Totalement legal and harmless, the main advantage of this model is its original form and its operation: you pull the e-seal, and a hemp leaf lights at the end.

In contrast, the other two models which are also sold are much less harmless. And for once are real electronic seals, with effects that go with it: one of the two versions is charged with e-liquid that contains cannabis! And like a true joint, it is the user who decides he wants to dose inside. The last model allows smoking all kinds of dry grass, obviously including marijuana. If the Dutch company mentioned this last model in a statement, it currently left a blur on the Functioning of the latter variation. A

use in the health sector?

The company – which produces no less than 10,000 e-joints per day to be sold in Europe – also announced in discussions with Tikun Olam, the main Israeli company culture marijuana for medical purposes, to develop products to be used in medicine. This is not the first attempt: the website 01net notes that the company Cannabee offers electronic cigarettes and bottles of cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid which would be a medical benefactor.

Another finding, published in a report made in 2013 by the French Office for the Prevention of smoking and other addictions (OFTA): multiple sites or blogs offer Tips to change the composition of e-liquid to change its electronic cigarette e-joint. In fact, so it was already possible to make your own electronic seal. The report also cites several companies – including Cannabee – located in California that are active since 2012, and selling e-liquid for electronic cigarette transform its e-joint.

Mar 07 2014

Air France strengthens its low-cost subsidiary Transavia

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 Air France 1

great hopes on Transavia2, its low-cost subsidiary green and blue logo based at Orly. While Air France has reduced its wing short and medium-haul flights the summer season – which starts in late March – it has instead increased fleet Transavia. Must still find the necessary drivers. Wednesday evening, SNPL3 the powerful pilots' union, agreed to sign an interim agreement for one year which will transfer to Air France pilots on aircraft Transavia. This agreement aims to "test the leisure market and the development of Transavia and allow Air France to build a more comprehensive response to reclaim the market left fallow for low-cost airlines," said Jean-Louis Barber Chair the SNPL Air France Alpa.

Currently, Transavia France has thirteen devices, but this number should be increased to sixteen this summer. And every year, five new aircraft will enhance the stable of low-cost. The agreement signed by the SNPL leaves some to fear that the short and medium-haul Air France are, in the coming years, cannibalized by Transavia, where conditions are less generous pay and flight times are longer . Several flights in 2013 by Air France from Charles de Gaulle (to Rome, Istanbul and Casablanca) will now be operated by Transavia from Orly.

40 hours per month

The agreement signed Wednesday will provide compensation to volunteers: a premium calculated on the basis of the period of secondment, up € 15,000 per year for a captain and up to 35,000 euros for a copilot. "It's like putting your finger in gear, said Julien Duboz, the spokesman SPAF, a pilot union opposed the agreement signed Wednesday. In the medium term, there will be no premium and working conditions at Transavia become the norm "According to him, the management company must address the chronic overstaffing among pilots." Air France co-pilots work 40 hours per month on average over the medium-haul when they reach 75 hours on average in EasyJet4. "

The subject has just been discussed at central works council of Air France, which took place Thursday. Indeed, in October, the leaders of the company had announced that 2,800 job cuts – including 1,400 on medium-haul operations – in addition to 5,122 already completed. Evaluation of overstaffing given in October was confirmed: 700 flight attendants and 300 pilots – split equally over the long-haul and medium-haul – will benefit from voluntary departure plan whose age criterion was lowered to attract a sufficient number of candidates to begin with. Transavia but has yet to validate the relevance of its business model. In 2013, the company that caters to customers 'leisure' posted an operating loss of € 5 million.

Mar 04 2014

Former Clinton adviser appointed Chief Strategy of Microsoft

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The game of musical chairs continues at Microsoft. A month after his appointment as CEO of company1, Satya Nadella announced a series of changes in its management team. "We need more clarity, consistency and intensity in our work," he said in a statement published on the official site Microsoft2. Satya Nadella

was particularly interested in the field of marketing, a crucial position for his company. Microsoft spent $ 2.6 billion on advertising between 2012 and 20133, double Apple spending. So far, this area was co-led by vice-chairperson of Microsoft.

"I have decided that we only needed one leader to manage the marketing," said Satya Nadella. This is Chris Capossela, who has worked at Microsoft since 2011, which now occupy the unique position of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the American group.  An addicted

polls in control strategy

This appointment involves changing the position of another vice president of Microsoft, Mark Penn, far support both advertising and strategy. It abandons the field of marketing to focus only on the strategy of Microsoft. "I am delighted to see the talents of Mark work for broader challenges, as to imagine new products and decide where to invest for the future," Satya Nadella welcomed.

Mark Penn Photo Credits: Brian Smale / REUTERS

Mark Penn is far be a stranger to the inside and outside of Microsoft. Joined the group in 2012, it is in particular responsible for a large communication campaign against Google4. Called "Scroogled" (literally "the victim of a skinflint"), the latter denounced the policy of collection of personal data of the famous search engine, through commercials and products. However, the aggressive tone of this campaign has been widely criticized, including in-house.

It takes more to worry about Mark Penn, who has already made his debut in the middle of the little tender policy. The new head of Microsoft's strategy was indeed strategic adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton for their respective presidential campaign. In business as in politics, Mark Penn weighs all decisions in relation to the polls. "Mark brings a mixture of data analysis and creativity that has allowed us to work differently, with real results," said Satya Nadella.  The reorganization plan

Satya Nadella is also accompanied by two departures: that Tony Bates, former CEO of Skype and Tami Reller, which include worked on communication about Surface tablets and was one of the few women at the head of Microsoft. "As a team, we need to find our stride," says Satya Nadella.

Feb 08 2014

Peugeot track reconciliation

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And if … And if ultimately it was still possible to find a compromise on the future of PSA, a solution that would share all the members of the Peugeot family and the French government? While in China, is about to close the New Year festivities in Paris, negotiations are intense and confabulations. According to several sources, several "messengers" are working to find common ground between Peugeot, and especially between the executive and Thierry Peugeot, so as to bring it to – finally – fully support an operation payday loans guaranteed no fax.

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Jan 16 2014

"The words of the Head of State reflect a salutary awareness"

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LE FIGARO. – Do you feel that the Head of State has taken a turn in economic policy?

Henri de Castries. – The words of the head of state reflect an awareness salutary and welcome the seriousness of the situation in the country and the need to restore his competitiveness. It was urgent. This is the first time that many important things have been said so clearly: the urgent need for a sharp decline in public spending, and the rule of supply-side economics. This is a fundamental issue and our only option in an open economy. There is indeed no sustainable growth without a competitive bid.

The French model has too long been based on artificially boosted by growth in domestic demand, itself fueled by social transfers and subsidies. Third element, the commitment of a significant decrease burden on labor is a good thing as well as the reform of the administrative structure and efficiency of social spending that is no longer a taboo.

So you're satisfied?

Warning: everything is now about rhythm and execution, because there is an emergency. The stall of France – that many of us dread saying – becomes visible in the figures. The rate at which the intentions of the Head of State will turn into action is crucial.

The full interview will be published in Le Figaro this Thursday, January 16, 22 hours and available from the web, mobile and tablets for subscribers Digital1 My Figaro.

Dec 23 2013

Christmas workshops in the Apple Store

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Three new free workshops were opened in all Apple Store 1During Christmas period. While the company led by Tim Cook 2a usually present throughout the year learning workshops, the novelty this time in the theme animations. The aim is to introduce new consumers connected objects and iOS applications interactively.

By the discovery and testing of these objects, Apple hopes to join the users with different accessories they might be tempted to offer their loved ones for the holidays. In addition to the demonstration, the organizers are also present to answer questions. Connected objects presented revolve around three themes: the "health and fitness", the "automation" and "toys and games connected 's. A first for the Apple brand. Last year's workshop Christmas taught to make photo albums.

This year, accessories and applications are more interactive demonstration. In a "games and toys with iOS" workshop, children can discover the Sphero 2.0, small robotic ball that you control with your iPhone that plunges in a mixed reality. But these workshops are not exclusively for children. That the health and fitness features help the user to motivate them to achieve their fitness goals and monitor their health through fitness bracelet. Home automation, which includes all accessories to automate the home, this bulb Philips Hue whose brightness is controlled by iPhone.

Each workshop hosts eight people for an hour, guided by a facilitator trained in these new practices. Participants have an incentive to book their seats in advance on the Internet due to the high demand.

For now, it is expected that these workshops take place only during the Christmas period. The ultimate studio automation with iOS will take place on December 28 at the Apple Store Opera while the last Carrousel du Louvre will be held on January 3.

Dec 21 2013

The small hotel is worth

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Difficult to find a future for small independent hotels with fewer than 25 rooms. According to a study conducted by the Coach Omnium firm on behalf of the Committee for the modernization of hôtellerie1, the situation of these institutions has deteriorated sharply since 2008 (date of the previous study). In three years, nearly 2,000 independent hotels and have closed their doors for representing only 17,000 addresses. 60% of these hotels, the turnover has been declining for two years (it is stable for 15%) and 41% of them declare deficit when they were 22% in 2007.

According to Mark Watkins, president of Coach Omnium, this was partly due to too low occupancy rate (less than or equal to 50% to 63% of respondents), excessive seasonality and room prices dragged down notably through booking sites online. "The equation has become very difficult to maintain for hotels under 30 rooms, he says easy to get unsecured personal loans. In this business a lot of the costs are fixed and below this threshold, it is almost impossible to recover its costs. "

Costly upgrading

To make matters worse, this period coincides with fragility updates to standards of fire safety and accessibility for the disabled particularly costly for these facilities. "It is not to question the validity of these standards, but they come at the worst time and in addition we go to the cannon to kill a fly," said Mark Watkins. Heavy investments that differ even brought up to the day of aging rooms.

But hoteliers also have their share of responsibility for the situation, especially since they would care enough to market their rooms and lack of a dynamic policy in this area.

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