Aug 19 2014

The New York Times knock out the economic policy of the Eurozone

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"Stubbornness European leader", "against-productive decisions", "change of essential attitude of Germany" and other language elements: the editors of the New York Times1 have Sunday delivered a stinging attack on the economic policies of the Eurozone. At the center of criticism of American daily: Germany, which, as first power on the continent, would be the source of almost all the bad decisions taken at European level. Growth

is not waiting for you: zero France2, it was down 0.2% in Germany3 and Italy4. "No one should be surprised that the economy of the Eurozone still walking backwards" according to the New York Times, which points to the stubbornness of European leaders to continue their policies so that "they are exactly the wrong treatment. " This "abuse" referred to the editorialists of the New York newspaper is austerity, "the insistence of the European Union, led by Germany, to push governments to reduce their deficits by cutting spending and raising taxes has hindered the recovery. " The European Central Bank (ECB) is not spared, "the ECB has been too slow and not enough willingness to lower interest rates and to redeem the obligations of States, so that these two measures are effective" cash advances pay day loan. Result of this series of bad choices, according to the New York newspaper: in addition to sluggish growth, deflation threatens Europe5 and industrial production continues to fall. The newspaper

advocates radical change of attitude

And the New York Times to offer solutions to boost growth Eurozone6. "Big changes are needed. Like other central banks around the world have done, the ECB should buy bonds of states and other loans, to lower interest rates and encourage banks to lend more to businesses and individuals "analyzes the daily, explaining that the risk that such a policy causes runaway inflation are close to zero.

In addition to these new shares in the BCE7, the New York Times advocates a different tax policy. The simultaneous requests of the EU (worn again by Germany8, the daily) to lower deficits and rising labor flexibility are against-productive and unrealistic in times of mass unemployment.

Finally, the newspaper "advises" on European leaders to take advantage of low borrowing rates currently to revive the economy of the area. But if these measures succeed, the New York Times calls for a radical change of attitude of the European authorities in general and Germany in particular.

There are so many add-on features to every insurance policy that add up to more expense for the consumer that every person who signs up for affordable car insurance needs to read thoroughly through the policy before agreeing to paying higher premiums.

Apr 15 2014

Fight against cancer: Publicis auctioned notes Kylie Minogue

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"if" played by the bass, or "the" sung by Kylie? Fans of the Australian singer and beyond, all interested persons will be given the choice by participating in a fundraising operation of a kind original. An association of French oncologists, the Alliance for Cancer Research (Aprec1), had the idea of ​​an international campaign involving Minogue2 Kylie herself a survivor of breast cancer in 2005-2006. The idea: to sell by the 4408 notes one of his original songs, "Chrystallize", thus offering fans the opportunity to become owners and, incidentally, to do a good deed. Since Monday

and for ten days, visitors can discover the partition, choose their notes and follow the auction in real time on the onenoteagainstcancer.com3 site. After the operation, the 4408 winning bidders will receive the song preview, a personal ownership certificate and their names will be highlighted in the credits of the clip cash advance no fax. Country

100% Social

"This is a world first: the campaign, which does not have a purchase euro area, s' 100% based on social networks, "says Olivier Altmann, head of the creation of Publicis Council4, originally the project. To make noise around the operation, are the owners of media Kylie Minogue who are involved. The star has over 2.6 million fans on Facebook, more than 2 million followers on Twitter and 400,000 followers on Instagram. The specialist auction on Internet eBay5 deals with technical aspects of the device and its deployment in the world. All stakeholders

songwriter parts, publishers and production house, graciously agreed to participate. Profits from sales of notes and single will be donated to APREC.

Apr 12 2014

Three years for any change to the Hotel Lutetia

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It's Monday between noon and 15 hours staff Lutetia1 take the last check-out customers. The next guest should not cross the threshold of 45, boulevard Raspail, Paris (VI) before 2017.'s Last chance to enjoy the current setting will be selling the furniture auction, art and wines will be held in the lounges and bars of the hotel 19 to 25 May This historic hotel was one of the few boutique hotels in the capital not to have been entitled to his makeover. And he really needs. While the Plaza

Athénée2 to reopen this summer, followed next year by the Crillon3 and Ritz4, the Lutetia is given three years for a total renewal . Bought 145 million euros in 2010, its centenary year, the Israeli real estate company Alrov, it no longer met the current standards of international clients especially as the new Asian-inspired institutions (Mandarin Oriental, Shangri -La, Peninsula) set the bar very high in Paris.

According to the owner, this work will be "an intermission dedicated to sublimate this mythical establishment of French heritage while keeping his soul so appreciated." The décor, the architectural firm of Jean-Michel Wilmotte5 that orchestrate the transformation, the same one that currently redesigning the Crillon. "The architectural features Art Deco and Art Nouveau past will be married in a contemporary design," said the latter. The investment would be around € 80 million. 40 rooms in less

Beyond the decor, the whole structure of the building will be reviewed guaranteed high risk personal loans. Like its predecessors, the Lutetia benefit work to equip a spa and larger rooms. The hotel currently has 231 rooms expected to lose 40, especially to offer large suites. As for the 700 m2 open to outside guests spa, they will be earned on an unclassified area and a portion of the first basement.

The new version of Lutetia will also develop a new central patio, a jazz club and a library designed to accommodate literary appointments and art. A clever way to play the cultural map where the right bank of palaces are more showy. The gourmet restaurant takes meanwhile finally bowing to help increase the capacity of the brewery will be expanded to 240 seats. After this transformation, the institution remained under the management of Concorde Hotels (Groupe du Louvre) join the small collection of luxury hotels The Set. Created by CEO Alrov and his son, Alfred and Georgi Akirov this chain currently includes an address in London and one in Amsterdam.

He who was previously a 4-star hotel can he then measure the palaces? "In any case, it enjoys a palace, because this part of the left bank has evolved and really like, especially European and American clientele, says Georges Panayotis, President of MKG consulting firm. ., And providing the means to do such heavy work, it could create a surprise "Another positive, according to the specialist, the Lutetia displays nothing in his will to win the title of palace 'C' is the client to decide, we are not born palace, one becomes. "

Mar 19 2014

"Greenpeace activists did not penetrate into sensitive areas Fessenheim"

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LE FIGARO. – An EDF nuclear power plant has been the subject of a new intrusion. Does not fit too easily be in your facility? Philippe

Sasseigne. – The answer is no. Our concerns about safety and security are constant, supported within the framework of our own nuclear detection systems which are added specialized police squads. In today's episode, our detection systems have warned us of a real-time intrusion, which was then allowed police to intervene in an appropriate way. I stress, and it is important that activists Greenpeace1 have entered at any time in areas sensitive to the Fessenheim.

Can you imagine a system of protection that is completely sealed infrastructure?

It depends what you are talking. Should implement walls 20 meters high all around nuclear power plants? Or install barriers that instantly annihilate lethal intrusion? In this case, imagination has no limits. We prefer the current system which is both fast protection, trained and specialized cash advance loan. The gendarmes interpose smoothly when they are able to do so. Meanwhile, we seek to constantly optimize our operation. Each year, some 200 million euros are devoted to the protection of EDF nuclear power plants and a program of € 700 million is expected over the coming years. We have nothing against the media activities of a particular organization. However, we formally dispute any illegal operation like the one that occurred at Fessenheim.

Will there be one day a fatal accident during an intrusion type of Greenpeace?

Can not exclude it. Those who smuggle in a nuclear power plant to take risks and the risk to others. At Fessenheim today, there were only minor injuries but no scenario should not be dismissed. We are under the violation of private property, it is an extremely reprehensible and we would like it to be more suppressed by the court.

Mar 17 2014

In Britain, five families have as much as 20% of the population

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The five richest UK families have as much as 12.6 million poorest British. Their combined wealth, 28.2 billion pounds (33.7 billion euros) is the legacy of the 20% of the population of the country at the bottom of the social ladder, according to a study published Monday charity Oxfam. In

topped the list of British fortunes established by Forbes, the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor, has as many (7.9 billion pounds, or 9, € 4 billion) than 10% of its poorest citizens. Aristocratic family owns 77 hectares of land in the most exclusive areas of London, Mayfair and Belgravia around Buckingham Palace, as well as 39,000 acres in Scotland, 13,000 hectares in Spain and a large real estate portfolio.

Behind him are the Reuben brothers of Indian origin, who made his fortune in metals, Hindujua brothers also entrepreneurs of Indian origin, Cadogan family, large property owners (36 hectares Chelsea and Knightsbridge, London) and Mike Ashley, owner of the retail chain Sports Direct.

"A nation deeply divided"

While the British economy has resumed at a steady pace, growing inequalities. Between 1993 and 2011, revenues from these privileged doubled, while those of 90% of the population increased by only 27%. "Britain is becoming a nation deeply divided, where a wealthy elite saw its revenues soar while millions of families are unable to make ends meet, says Ben Phillips, director of the action Public Oxfam. This is not a sign of economic success but a failure. Far from being inevitable, the result of political choices that can be changed. "

The government of David Cameron presents his budget on Wednesday. Oxfam calls for a strengthening of the fight against tax evasion, the introduction of a tax on financial transactions, a more progressive tax system and a higher minimum wage.

Mar 06 2014

USB is a European country for more than one in 10 Americans

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In the jungle of acronyms created in recent years in the technology sector, even the Americans are lost! In fact, 11% of them believe that HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), a term for a web language, is a sexually transmitted disease, according to a recent survey by the California vouchercloud1 site and unveiled by the Los Angeles Times 2.

Even more surprising, 12% of 2,392 adults surveyed by the specialist coupons think that USB is a European country! It is, however, a widespread means of connecting computer peripherals to a computer. And a very large majority, 77% of respondents had no idea what the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means. The acronym refers to a set of techniques to provide maximum information about the content of a web page to promote his SEO.  

In addition, nearly a quarter of Americans confuse with MP3 robot saga "Star Wars", nothing to do since it is an audio format yet as widely used overseas! A strong technological culture

deemed essential

In addition, nearly 20% of respondents think that "blu-ray" means a marine animal – a blue stripe can be – not a disc format used to store high definition videos. Gigabyte is meanwhile an insect that lives in South America for nearly one in three Americans, instead of a unit of computer storage tools. And nearly one in two respondents (42%) believes that motherboard means the deck of a cruise ship.  

And although most of the respondents did not no fault of the questions, they are a large majority – 61% – think that it is essential to have a strong culture in the field of technology. Respondents, however, not aware that the questionnaire was designed precisely to measure their level of computer knowledge! Another source of confusion, questions offered a choice between three possible answers

. Although the survey results seem surprising to say the least, there is no guarantee than we would have done better than French country home of Silicon Valley


Mar 03 2014

Gender Equality: Progress to

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Companies can do much better in terms of equality between men and women.1. According to a survey conducted by ESCP Europe, who interviewed 40 women with 10-15 years of experience, and participating in its Executive MBA programs 2and Women and Women Leaders, 55% of female managers believe that the effectiveness of their business to fight inequality is "low". They are only four to report that their company has a policy of equal pay and benefit.  Although

45% noted an improvement over the last five years of the place of women in positions of leadership in their business, 83% of women managers argue that companies continue to favor "unconsciously" men against women. Take

its destiny

Denouncing preconceived ideas, they believe that the difficulties in reconciling work and private life are not sufficient explanations for the gap between men and women. All refuse the argument of lack of competence. Eight out of ten claiming they have the same ambition as men.

"Women are pragmatic and themselves take initiatives that will help them accelerate their careers," says Delphine Manceau, Director of Corporate Division Europe ESCP Europe.

Seven in ten indicate that they are the ones who had the idea to follow one of two training programs continues to ESCP Europe. Eight out of ten find that their company has not encouraged to take this training. But 72% agree that their employer fully or partially finance their courses, to facilitate their training by providing high availability, or detach someone to help them cope with their professional work load.

This realism is accompanied by a clear look at what they consider their weaknesses and their qualities. "90% of women explain that they follow our program to build a professional network of women leaders. They want to exchange between peers and participate in events dedicated to women managers and leaders, "Delphine Manceau analysis.

Better manage their career comes second. Have more responsibility in third. The salary increase is in fourth position. Gaining confidence

Managers women also hope to gain confidence, one of their main disadvantages. "I was able to pass a number of stereotypes about women's access to leadership positions following an executive MBA for eighteen months, shows Rezlaine Zaher, former executive assistant became responsible for internal communication at Lafarge . I have confidence in myself. I would highlight my achievements and aspirations. I would not have done before. "

But all women managers do not believe that their training is more to progress with their employer, since 50% admit that they take courses to business change.

And they are only a third think that government policies in favor of women will have a positive effect on their careers.

Feb 22 2014

A 51st Agricultural Show energized

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it left for nine days during which more than 1% of the French population will clump in 200 hectares at their disposal, Porte de Versailles, Paris. Salon 2014 agriculture indeed opens its doors this morning and will close on March 2 evening. For its 51st edition

this great agricultural show that goes beyond the Hexagon will accommodate over 4,000 farm animals, including hundreds of cows. This year is a Tarentaise, Bella, who is honored. An impressive logistics were deployed to feed all these people: 100 tons of hay, 230 tons of straw and 280 tons of manure. Not to mention their breeders it will stay close to their animals in the "reserves", kitchens and dormitories constructed for the occasion. This particular

logistics makes this show, yet less profitable per linear meter, one of the most popular in France after that of the automobile. "The Agricultural Fair, is the unity of time and place where found farmers, industrial, retail, citizens and policy," says the Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll1 . Except François Mitterrand2 all presidents in office came to inaugurate the event, whose influence extends far beyond the circle of insiders. François Hollande3 account well, at seven o'clock in the morning, meet the republican tradition Jacques Chirac4, also elected Corrèze, still remains the star of salon5 to applause.

"Without meeting these visitors the many and varied profiles, we could never achieve an attendance of nearly 700,000 visitors over ten days, as the last year, "says Jean-Luc Poulain, president of the SIA (International Exhibition of Agriculture). What balance the accounts of this event which approximates a budget of 20 million euros. At the international level, the lounge this year more than twenty countries, including China who would like to import the concept "Made in France".

For their part, the food manufacturers, like those of supermarkets, also want to be visible. History to be better seen not only from farmers who often accuse them bring prices down but also very sensitive to food security consumers, especially after repeated crises such as horsemeat year last. Support citizen


This lounge opens in a national context where the relationship between government and farmers are strained. Hollande could pay the price, being booed by disgruntled farmers (our editions of February 21). The divisive issues abound. The FNSEA6, main French farmers' union, has recalled in the Estates General of Agriculture she organized this Friday (see box). Among them: the simplification of administrative procedures. François Hollande was quick to reply, just to calm the Porte de Versailles. "The Minister of Agriculture has decided, with his colleague, the environment, introduce a simpler system to speed up decisions to modernize some farms. He started with the most difficult: the pig (…). This represents a gain of four to six months, "he opportunely announced Friday in an interview with the weekly Crop France. Citizen, he has chosen his camp. According to the latest Tilder-LCI-Opinion Way poll, 77% of French people have a good opinion of farmers.

Feb 06 2014

The ten proposals MEDEF to support entrepreneurship

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MEDEF starts time entrepreneurs, and to promote their development and sustainability. "The entrepreneurship is part of the challenges," said Wednesday its president Pierre Gattaz1, which participated for the first time since its inception in the Salon des Entrepreneurs in Paris. For the occasion the employers' organization presented "10 recommendations for entrepreneurship" to support the entrepreneurs who, for 90% of them have no employee.

The boss of bosses means including "support entrepreneurs." This is the ecosystem Medef2, ie 750,000 members, 110 MEDEF territorial and 80 professional federations adherent, which must be mobilized. A "welcome pack" will thus be experienced with a contribution of one euro for a year to any entrepreneur who has just set up its structure. "Every entrepreneur should know that the MEDEF and territorial professional associations are available to them for advice," says Thibault Lanxade3, vice president of MEDEF.

Promote micro-credit

Another initiative that aims landmark, MEDEF intends to place the foot in the stirrup entrepreneurs by allowing them, for example, get their "first order". An approach that requires a better ranking of these small structures with purchases of major groups and SMEs services. In the same spirit to build sustainable business models, MEDEF will launch by the end of the year an awareness of its members to crowdfunding, ie the participatif4 funding. "Promoting entrepreneurship without favoring funding does not make sense. We will support the crowdfunding in the current banking environment, "says Pierre Gattaz.

The employers' organization finally wants swarm entrepreneurship through all layers of society. It will therefore promote initiatives in sensitive urban areas (ZUPs) youth under 30 years, thanks to a partnership with PACE (Agency for entrepreneurship) and conduct an experiment with the Ministry of Defence to accompany the conversion of twenty soldiers.

Jan 21 2014

Real Estate: general increase in transfer taxes

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Despite the decline in the prices of stone, many households will soon pay more for homeownership. The Finance Act 2014 in fact authorizes the county councils who wish to increase from 3.8% to 4.5% for two years transfer taxes, commonly known costs notaire1 that each buyer spends at the Buying a property old. The increase in this tax should enable departments to cope with the growing burden of social spending (RSA2, allowances for dependent elderly and disabled) and the decline in state grants to local governments.

The measure will come into force on 1 March in the departments which have adopted and will apply until 29 February 2016. It therefore concern the acts signed from March 1, even if the sale agreement was drafted in late 2013. "In recent months, buyers have often meant to accelerate the sales process to avoid paying a premium," says Vincent Chauveau, notary in Loire-Atlantique. As for individuals, the extra tax of 18.4% will not be negligible. Thus, for a € 300,000 home purchased, the new owner will pay 2,100 euros more than in 2013 (see table below). "Increasing Notary fees amounts to requiring that the individual has a greater to acquire a property, because today the banks do not finance these capital costs," said Mael Bernier, spokesman of

"The vast majority of departments, right and left, will put the rights transfer to 4.5% because they have no other choice to finance higher social benefits," said Claudy Lebreton3, President of the General Council of Côtes-d'Armor and the Association of Departments of France (ADF).

After the municipal

For the latter "between fifteen and twenty departments maintain a maximum rate of 3.8%." For now, only five of them have announced that they levy tax on real estate transactions remain unchanged: Isère, Paris, Brittany, Mayenne and Yvelines. Yonne may also be in this case. The decision will be made during the budget vote on 30 and 31 January.

In contrast, the list of departments majoreront transfer duties on 1 March grows day by day. North, Eure or Creuse were among the first to announce painful. Pas-de-Calais, Seine-et-Marne, Savoie, Ain, Bas-Rhin, Loir-et-Cher, Loiret, Côtes-d'Armor, Aude, Corrèze or Charente-Maritime is also in this case. Other councils have enshrined the principle of increase in their budget (often already cohosh in the preliminary budget) which will be voted on in the days and weeks to come.

This is particularly the case of Essonne, Indre-et-Loire, Gard, Haute-Saône Haute-Marne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Allier, Pyrénées- East, Vienna, Channel, Oise, Gironde, Alpes-Maritimes, Haute-Garonne, the Vendee, Meurthe-et-Moselle or the Corse-du-Sud. In the Hérault, the budget will be approved in late February.

Cautiously, some general advice confess not yet have stopped their decision. "This will be made during the debate on the budget guidelines 23 and 24 January," says Will we in the General Council of Ille-et-Vilaine. "An evaluation and analysis work is in progress, including what we will puncture the state," says one in the Loire. Idem in Calvados. The General Council of Hauts-de-Seine, we confess "think again" on the issue. Indre, Landes, Val-d'Oise, the Rhône, Haute-Savoie, Bouches-du-Rhone, Seine-Saint-Denis or the Loire-Atlantique will decide in the spring (April or May). In other words, after the municipal elections, although this is not specified. Some of these departments also concede that they observe their neighbors and follow the national trend


For most buyers, all legal fees will therefore shortly from 7% to about 7.7%. "The notary fees include a departmental tax of 3.8% or 4.5% soon, a municipal tax of 1.2% of the cost of assessment and collection, the rate is fixed at 2.37% right Departmental fees and notaries, "explains Bruno Delabre, notary in the North. The fees of notaries also come slightly increase due to the increase of VAT increased on 1 January from 19.6% to 20% … Anyway, with this budget law, the government will struggle to be heard when he says do to lower the price of housing.

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