Apr 17 2014

Nuclear: ASN wants new powers

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nuclear situation in France considered "satisfactory overall in 2013," Pierre-Franck Chevet1, president of the Nuclear Safety Authority says negative points.

Two difficulties are attributable to Areva2. The first is "related to the storage of waste on the former site of La Hague packaged in concrete silos." This is not the most technical tip: these compounds should be stored in "stable containers," says Pierre-Franck Chevet. These waste produced by the unit reprocessing spent fuel UP2-400 arrested for eleven years, have been the subject of recommendations in 2011. But the cost of operations deemed "priority" by ASN3, is € 2.5 billion at the expense of Areva. Faced with this amount, it is understandable that the discussions drag on, for an operation that will spread until 2030

. In addition, site fuel fabrication FBFC Areva in Romans-sur-Isère, was placed "under enhanced vigilance." After handling errors on small bottles of fissile material in 2012, "repeated problems and recurring security" have been identified. Areva proposed April 10 ASN to launch "an action plan reinforced."

In addition, while the EDF's nuclear fleet is subject to a satisfecit global4 three plants (Civaux, Chinon and Bugey) are less well noted. After a detailed inspection in October 2013, ASN inspectors noted that Civaux was "withdrawal on compliance and implementation of basic safety principles" and noted "significant differences in respect of environmental regulations. "

These examples illustrate that the ASN requests the State the right to impose on operators' new sanctions, "" daily fines "c that is to say fines. So far, the authority has "the right to close a nuclear plant in case of danger or transmit a report violations to justice," says Pierre-Franck Chevet, who regrets not having sanction intermediate between these two extremes. It hopes that this law is integrated bill on energy transition and suggests the reform of the financing of the ASN, using "direct contribution of large farmers." This increase expected budget, € 50 million per year, together with the IRSN (Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety), could help the ASN to fill expanding roles, such as radiology equipment control . Harmonize rules

In the longer term, the ASN must review the plan called "refit" of EDF's nuclear fleet, estimated at 55 billion euros for the extension of the life of plants. To allow reactors to operate beyond 41 to 45 years of service, Pierre-Franck Chevet expects "an appointment particularly complex. For reactors will implement safety features like those of the EPR. " ASN will deliver its final opinion on the matter in 2018

. In the event of a major nuclear accident in Europe, which could affect several countries, ASN would harmonize rules for the protection of populations. Despite the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, levels of intervention are specific to each country. The first discharge thresholds are for example two times lower in France than in Germany. And everyone would have the right to stable iodine tablets in France in a 100 km radius around the accident site, while in addition the Rhine distribution only concern first the age of 18 and speakers. women

Apr 06 2014

 Charlie Hebdo offers reduced in past cities right and the extreme right prices

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"special offer post election hangover wood." Charlie Hebdo1 offers until April 8 subscriptions at reduced rates for the past right or the extreme right in the last municipal elections cities. "Your city is moving to the right or the far right? You do not plan to move? Charlie supports you in this event, we offer you the discounted rate for all contracts taken until Tuesday, April 8 included, "says the description of the subscription.

Subscription for 6 months and from 55 to 45 euros; than a year from 96 to 76 euros and that of two years from 185 to 146 euros. In addition, "you receive a gift and save up to 54% of the cover price. What could be better? "The newspaper added. The Offer is made all the inhabitants of the past right and the extreme right cities, "young, old, military, unemployed, prisoners, retired, non-taxable, invalid, or you subscribe someone who the is ".

…… Special Offer "Hangover post election wood!" http://t.co/W14iEQnCt12 pic instant payday loan.twitter.com/R0eVDPQfui3

– Charlie Hebdo (@ Charlie_Hebdo_) April 2, 20144

So without marketing or real militant act? "This is a militant act," replied Charlie Hebdo. "We did this also to laugh, to lighten the mood." And the satirical newspaper, marked left, is not his first attempt. Already in 2011, the a "Sharia Hebdo5" was controversial and the newspaper was the target of arson. "We have already launched promotional offers of this type," says the satirical weekly.

And the financial impact is not necessarily strong. "We have not noticed an increase in our subscriptions up this offer," says Charlie Hebdo. If "people take it as a joke," offer different prices depending on the location of the subscription is illegal. "In legal terms, this is discriminatory," says Delphine Meillet, a lawyer at the Paris Bar .. "Legally, there is the matter, but the damage will not look very far," she adds.

Mar 21 2014

Blablacar every new employee is accompanied by a sponsor

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"We are looking for motivated employees who believe in our project," says Frederic Mazzella, founder Blablacar1, the European leader covoiturage2, which is growing at 100% per year for four years. Fourth ranking of companies with fewer than 500 employees, the young company, which won the Special Prize Fun and Performance, offers 95% carpool ads in France. It has 6 million members in twelve countries. Employing 110 people, the start-up about recruiting a new employee every week. "The important thing is to find men and women who are able to start to perform five or six tasks at once. People must be genuine Swiss Army knives, "says Frederic Mazzella.

The diploma is not enough to find these enthusiasts. "People who have a history of athlete are tailored to the needs of the business. Those who have practiced music also. They show both endurance and creativity, "says Frederic Mazzella.

Extra-professional outings

Each newcomer is accompanied by a mentor who helps him discover the society. Every Friday, a breakfast meet employees. The company features the work and strives to acknowledge the effort while creating a friendly atmosphere. Technical Director takes pictures of his team in the server room to testify that she was in charge of maintenance at night No teletrack payday loans.

Young SMEs3 organizes monthly festive events. Employees go together at a restaurant or bowling. They participate in evenings Mexican, Russian, casino or wine and cheese. "It is important that everyone can share outside of work in a friendly atmosphere," said Frederic Mazzella. A foosball table and a console containing 1000 games are available to those wishing to relax. A weekend ski three days in late March will bring all employees. Building on the kindness Blablacar festival each month anniversaries of its employees and finance a tree for every anniversary.

All these initiatives have a goal: to make the workplace is also a place of fulfillment and motivation in a pleasant atmosphere.

To allow everyone to better understand the rapidly changing business, every Wednesday the head of a department presents the work of his team and its objectives. Employees who wish can also spend a week in one of the European offices in Hamburg, London, Madrid, Milan or Rome. A practical way to better understand the problems facing European subsidiaries.


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Feb 17 2014

Greece: the third bailout plan rejected after the European

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From our correspondent in Brussels

Cold shower for Samaras government. Greece1 straightens her accounts faster than expected, but it will have to wait to collect real encouragement: the capitals of the euro decided to postpone until the end of the summer any discussion of a third bailout.

This is the President of the Eurogroup itself cut short the hopes of Athens, at the beginning of a closed session of finance ministers: "If the program is followed, there will grant installments paid by May (as expected), assured Jeroen Dijsselbloem2 his arrival in Brussels. There will be no emergency about a new aid program for Greece and we will discuss the future in August. "

With the European elections in sight, Antonis Samaras3 had to dangle his constituents additional support countries of the euro and thus counter the explosive growth of anti-austerity party SYRIZA. It's the same election date today dictates a wait of its partners: Angela Merkel4 in particular does not want to feed the critics of the AFD, the new anti-euro party on the invoice that Greece impose the German taxpayer.

Unemployment remains attached to almost 30%

On this point, the Chancellor would have imposed its views to the Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble5 who wanted a gesture of solidarity with Athens, if one believes the weekly Der Spiegel. The first concerned the rise of anti-European vote in Germany on the evening of May 25 The second is concerned with a thrust extremes that would torpedo, Greece, the first success after four years of effort.

Under the tutelage of the EU-ECB-IMF troika, Athens found a "primary" budget surplus (excluding debt service) of € 1.5 billion in 2013 from the Prime Minister Samaras. This is twice the desired result. After five years of recession, Greece is also expected to grow by 0.6% this year according to the EU. But he still has to drive reforms and unemployment remains attached to almost 30%.

The surplus, if the European agency Eurostat confirmed in April, the condition laid down in late 2012 to consider a third European bailout: long-term loans, longer maturities of debt that weighs 175% of GDP and any interest rate relief. It is this perspective that is now pushed under the weight of the electoral calendar.

Jan 29 2014

Real estate: prices are overvalued by 15% in France

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Even if prices fall immobilier1 since 2012, they are still overvalued by 15%, according to a study by Credit Agricole. "The prices have so far fallen slightly (-2.1% in 2012 and -2.5% in 2013) and 155% cumulative since 1998 was only partially offset by lower credit rates , lengthening the loan term and increases in income, "explains Olivier Eluère, an economist at Credit Agricole and author of the study. The market is however assagi2 slightly compared to 2008, when prices were overvalued by 25% then, by Crédit Agricole. The credit rate is higher then borrow more weighed on household income.

This year, the market should still idle. Crédit Agricole expects a decline of 4% of transactions in the former and stability in the new. "The negative factors are present, but they should not increase. The economy is recovering very slowly, "said Olivier Eluère. The new tax regime for capital gains including an exceptional reduction of 25% for one year, could also "a bit thin market", with a increase in new home sales and rental investment.

The mortgage rates will gradually rise

But rates immobiliers3 credits should just go back to little in the wake of the 10-year OAT could reach 3% by year end. If this scenario is confirmed, the lower prices of existing homes is expected to reach 4% (yoy). "This would represent a cumulative decline of 7% to 8% between late 2011 and late 2014," says the study.

"The evolution of credit rates will be critical habitat for the property market in 2014," Olivier Eluère advance. "If bond yields went up significantly and if this movement was then reflected in lending rates, the market correction could be significant," he says.

Anyway, as in 2013, secondo buyers, ie households who buy and sell their primary residence, the majority remain in the property market this year. "The weight of" first-time buyers "remain low," he says.

Jan 27 2014

Unemployment: Tree no longer believes in the inversion, Moscovici perseveres

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While the December figures to be published this Monday evening, members of the government are not in tune. If some anticipate the failure of the inversion curve unemployment1 and cautious or pessimistic, others defend at all costs the government's record.

Asked Sunday on reversing the trend in unemployment, Michel Sapin2 preferred evoke "a situation of stabilization." Anticipating accusations coaster, the Minister of Employment endeavored to recall the efforts of the government to a crisis that Francis Hollande3 admitted underestimated.

"We are moving towards a situation is a situation stabilization is already considerable," said the Minister of Employment, invited the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / i / TV World. "Everyone will then ramble: 'yes, you are not spent in the least something (…). But 2013 was a year of battle fought effectively against rising unemployment. "

The minister put forward a new fois4 the decline recorded during the year 2013 – "more than 30,000 unemployed additional months" in the first quarter against "third quarter 5500" – and the decline in youth unemployment "for eight months. " He also defended the effectiveness of its policy to support use with supported employment. "The engine of employment policy gave all he could give results," he has said. "We plugged the gaps in 2012 and 2013 and the boat is restarted the second half of 2013. Today the challenge is that this boat, which moves too slowly, moving faster, "added the Minister online payday loans. "The economy must take over from the creation of jobs," he continued, referring to the pact proposed by François Hollande responsabilité5 business that provides relief of charges in exchange for 6 embauches7.

More direct counterpart of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll8 acknowledged Sunday evening BFMTV "that figure near, the year 2013, we will not reverse the trend of unemployment." However, he felt the need to continue the effort to lower unemployment. Pierre Moscovici9 is not of the same opinion, saying that "the year 2013 there was a sharp deceleration and reversal of the trend in unemployment has been initiated." The Minister of Economy said on France Info that there is "now improved employment situation, a growth restarts but more must be done." This confusion in government communications is reminiscent who had surrounded the announcement of a tax reduction from 201510.

In the aftermath, Jean-Claude Mailly11 blasted "missed a bet" and lashed out at the government hesitant communication. "It must be clearly stated. A sudden reversal is a sudden, it is stabilizing, suddenly, it is a slower rise, we will end up having the reverse inversion, that is to say the increase. "Secretary General ouvrière12 Force on France 5 found that" while we do not find an economic growth rate of around 1.6 minimum point, we may have an increase in unemployment. "


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Dec 10 2013

Sephora employees pro-night work again rejected

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Employees Sephora1 (LVMH group) who wanted to work after 9:00 p.m. on the Champs-Elysées were again rejected today, do we learned from the company. "Employees have been rejected," said announced the direction of Sephora AFP, noting that the group has itself appealed against the judgment sentencing him to close at 2100, a hearing take place "in the coming weeks." "We expected this decision, "said Joëlle Aknin, lawyer employees. "We have seen the day of the hearing that the judges were not willing to hear the message that employees had come to deliver. The issue was already decided before the hearing. "Sephora was sentenced Sept. 23 by the Court of Appeal of Paris to no longer work until midnight employees in the store located on the famous avenue in Paris, after a Action of the Inter Parisian trade Click-P (CGT, CFDT, SECI-Unsa, SUD and CFE-CGC). perfumer had decided to lodge an appeal, but the appeal is not suspensive, the store must since closed its doors in the evening. Meanwhile, 101 employees were assigned Sephora unions, arguing that the volunteer staff to work evenings in exchange for increased pay, would suffer "an immediate breach of the employment contract" .

Dec 08 2013

NRJ Music Awards: TF1 is 2 million tweets

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In the very exclusive club of TV programs "millionaires" number of tweets, NRJ Awards already 1détiennent absolute record 1.9 million "tweets". A successful digital hearing, which TF1 2compte to capitalize Saturday, Dec. 14, at the 15th ceremony broadcast live from Cannes. Goal: to become the show's most connected on social networks by strengthening its digital device. First, the system will further develop around the content transmission. A "before", ie a program ahead of the ceremony is available on tablets and mobile, will be live online to fans preparations, the arrival of artists, climb the stairs … "To extend the reach program must expand its visibility, says Olivier Abecassis3, the CEO of eTF1. The public will have the opportunity to see what happens before the broadcast of the program on the air and can twitter earlier. "

Second axis: TF1 will expand the presence of NRJ Music Awards a maximum digital tools: Twitter Facebook 4and 5bien course, but also Instagram6 a photo service, Hangout, the video chat Google or Vine7, service microvidéos . Viewers will by twitter example minividéos posted live scenes by artists, publish images taken from the red carpet. Or interact with each other and with the stars by interposed screen. "The more you put content suited to each of the social networks, plus the weight of the reaction is amplified," says Olivier Abecassis, before adding, however: "The first thing is to have a powerful programs point of view event, which makes people want to react. "

500000 followers Nikos Aliagas

The third innovation wall twittos will appear on the air, with the odds of winning by users. "The novelty is that for the first time in France we will integrate the issue of additional content through digital means. It is also a way of making visible the dialogue between television and social networks, "insists the CEO of eTF1. All ways implemented, that hopefully the chain will allow it to pass this time the 2 million tweets around the NRJ Music Awards. It may also depend on the presenter of the program, Nikos Aliagas8 and over 500,000 followers on Twitter to meet this challenge.

It is for TF1 to the practices of viewers in order to ensure sustained a reserve of hearing. Because he has not yet dethroned the good old TV lounge, the second screen has become an indispensable complement. Proof: 93% of 18-24 year olds will include on Facebook while watching television. Chains have a vested interest to keep the attention of an audience by offering multiscreen become content on tablets, computers or mobile phones.

Confirmation Olivier Abecassis, "We want to be wherever people are. And today, they are especially on digital platforms. "Maximizing final hearing allows better monetize with advertisers. And from this point of view, TF1 already happens to reach revenues of 15-30 euros per thousand video views.

Dec 06 2013

Monday's demonstration against the équitaxe canceled

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The collective against the équitaxe1 decided to cancel his protest against the increase in VAT2 on equestrian activities from 7 to 20% from 1 January 2014. Mobilization to take place from 6:30 to Bercy on Monday. A convoy with ponies would join Brussels around noon. The organizers of the group want to make a truce to negotiate with the French government. A delegation led by the HLG go with Bernard Cazeneuve3 the European Commission to negotiate the application of the reduced VAT rate to activities equestrian centers Internet Payday loans. Date to be set. Some members of the group disagree with this attitude and have set a deadline until 16 December for concrete progress on dossier.LIRE ALSO: "France will claim exemptions on VAT équestre4

Nov 02 2013

Quimper: Ayrault warns against violence

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Thousands of people topped with red caps are expected Saturday Quimper at a rally for jobs in Britain, amid revolt against the eco-tax, an event which the government fears it is accompanied overflows. A week after the event to the environmental tax portico of Pont-de-Buis (Finistère), which degenerated into violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces, appeals for calm have succeeded and several organizations, including trade unions, have detached from the call manifester1.Depuis Moscow, Jean-Marc Ayrault warned against the débordements2. "It's very important to remember that France is a democratic country and the right to protest is," said the Prime Minister at a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev. "At the same time, we can not build if we engage in a kind of spiral of violence," said Jean-Marc Ayrault. "I hope that this demonstration is peaceful, it is the wish of the vast majority of French and Britons who want to restore confidence in this territory," he said. "It will not solve the problem of other Britons through dialogue," said Jean-Marc Ayrault.Marylise Lebranchu, Minister of State Reform, Decentralization and Public Service, was also surprised this morning on Europe 1 radio that the event has been held in Quimper. "There is more reason for instant3," she said as Jean-Marc Ayrault this week announced the suspension of the application of environmental taxes throughout France instant payday loan. "He should be put around the table to see what we do now, in terms of future plan for Britain, the Prime Minister announced on 15 December, to support the food industry has claims, and for which he should think industrial reconversion. I see that unions are calling for another event elsewhere. especially I hope that there will be no violence. "While the Interior Ministry fears overflow this weekend, the Minister concedes that it returns "saying that a number of groups are already in place, and intend to make this event something a little more violent than is unfortunately could expect. Bouncing on the information relayed yesterday that the company Tilly Sabco would stop exporting worm chicken abroad.4, Marilyse Lebranchu testified, still on Europe 1, his "misunderstanding": "I do not understand what happened yesterday in this business. (…) For weeks, there were discussions with the Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, and William Withers. An envelope is available, you should know how to help the company in accordance with the rules of competition "ALSO READ:." Delivery: Ecomouv the employees' and customs in flou5 "The environmental tax portico of Pont-de-Buis démonté6 "Green Levy: a national dialogue to organiser7" NGOs denounce tax giveaways transporteurs8 "Green Levy:" We want outright removal "9" Ayrault suspends the application of environmental taxes throughout France10!

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