Aug 25 2014

Malaysia Airlines is considering removing more than 3,000 jobs

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Malaysia Airlines proposes, the Economic Information Bloomberg1 site, to cut jobs after disasters flight MH 370 disappeared in the Indian Ocean on March 8, and MH17, presumably killed by a missile over Ukraine on July 17. To believe

Bloomberg citing an anonymous source, the airline might separate from 3,000 to 4,000 people. At the end of last year, Malaysia Airlines employed 19,577 people. The public investment fund Khazanah Nasional, which owns 70% stake in the company, shall hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the subject.

The Malaysia Airlines lost 4.1 billion ringgit in total (EUR 962 million) between 2011 and 2013. And 443 million additional ringgit (103 million euros) in the first quarter of 2014 because, according to her, "the vertiginieuse fall" reservations after the case of MH 370 despite its good reputation for security.

Jul 23 2014

Care are more expensive hospital and clinical

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The hospital should take lessons in productivity from private clinics. In its annual survey of hospital costs, technical Information Agency on hospital (Atih) noted once more the efficiency between the two feuding brothers health gap. It shows that in 2012 the average cost of caring for a patient amounted to 2,115 euros in public against 1204 euros in a clinic. These figures are however to be taken lightly, tempers the public agency, "the segments of the two sectors are different." Rest

even more precisely by comparing the costs generated by the same care and the same gravity, clinics are the most efficient. This is particularly the case in surgery, the operation is simple or complex. Stay for a prosthesis simple hip and costs 16% less in the private sector. Similarly, the bill for a fairly severe intervention in the small intestine and the colon is 30% lighter in clinic. Longer stays

public hospital

In terms of cancer, Atih details including treatment of "malignant diseases of the hepatobiliary system and pancreas" . The average cost of this care is 36% higher than in the hospital clinic, 3930 euros. The hospital, for a similar situation, in fact keeps the patient more fully within its walls: one more day for milder cases and up to seven days for the most difficult cases pay day loans. In addition, differences in efficiency are lower in the field of obstetrics. The birth of a first child with "vaginal" (without cesarean) and costs 2318 euros in clinic, 11% "only" unless the public.

How can these gaps in productivity between enemy brothers of private and public? France2 Hospital Federation (FHF), which represents public schools, argues that hospitals treat patients on average more severely affected than those received in the clinic. They are moreover increasingly precarious situation and must therefore stay longer in hospital. "It does not explain everything," but slides an industry expert. A hospital director recognizes that personnel expenses and circuit billing drain on budgets.

In the private sector, it does not have to look very far the reasons for the large productivity gap. "Medicare pays for clinical acts that are providing on average 20% to 22% cheaper than in hospitals, said Thierry Béchu, general secretary of the FHP-MCO (surgery and private maternity). This economic constraint invites us to be more efficient. Otherwise we are doomed to put the key under the door! "

Jul 21 2014

Nearly a third of ebooks sold on Amazon are self-published

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The debate on the future of publishing is not likely to subside. The self-published science fiction blockbuster author Hugh Howey has released a report on the sector ebooks. He argues that the indie works (ie self-published), represent 31% of sales of ebooks on Amazon. Hugh Howey goes further and says that according to his Statistics1 freelance writers are moving beyond the Big Five, ie the five largest éditeurs2 (Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster) in the United States in terms of royalties on paperless books.

Amazon offers the Kindle Direct Publishing3 service that allows independent authors to publish for free and immediately his ebook and sell it since 2007. "I tested the bestsellers of tomorrow on KDP before offering great paper publishers," explained Didier Imbot in 2013, littéraire4 agent at the head of Global Literary Management, Le Figaro. Amazon likes to highlight its "success stories" 5, the freelance writers who make a name and able to earn a living through self-publication. Amazon

against publishers

Hugh Howey is an example of successful freelance writer. It is especially known for his saga Wool Omnibus. It takes a specialized site to advise authors and publishes regular reports on the state of the sector. "I think it's more a kind of public relations for Amazon from an objective view of the digital market," retorted Philip Jones, editor of the trade magazine The Bookseller Guardian6. For statistical kitchen Howey in puzzles many. Among other things, the author works with an anonymous statistician, simply named "Data Guy" in the articles. Nevertheless, the role of independent sector is undeniable. In December 2013, according to figures trimestriels7, freelance writers accounted for a quarter of the top 100 Amazon. Com. The famous Netflix

Book launched by Amazon will also relate essentially independent authors and small publishers. Indeed, the Big Five are not part of the offer of unlimited access to 600,000 ebooks for 9.99 dollars per month. For some of these publishers, it is also a way to protect competitors 8In services which they have invested, as Oyster. The rise of self-publishing also coincides with the war between the major publishers and Amazon.

May 02 2014

Dictionary of anglicisms most unbearable office

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You hate them, and you shiver when one of your colleagues is used, the next office. And yet you use them – sometimes – also because it is difficult not to be swayed. Anglicisms who are employed indiscriminately in business are a scourge. On the web, The queried readers about the words they found most unbearable, following an article on the subject published by the Huffington Post French. Here is a small dictionary which includes both classic and famous – almost – unknown.

• ASAP: one of the great classics. English As Soon As Possible, acronym in French mean "as soon as you can" or "as soon as possible." Simply. Qualify for emergency and seem less brutal feeling, use ASAP.  

• Brainstorm, Brainstorming: coming of advertising (in the 40s), the brainstorming meeting meant a group whose goal is to find a number Therefore advertising ideas for clients. Thereafter, the term became used for everything and anything, including outside of work, so it is necessary to consider several.

• Bullet points: excellent solution to stiffen and orchestrate his thought, "chips" are very fashionable to organize. Writing files to PowerPoint for personal agenda and lists of things to do, fleas are synonymous with efficiency.

• Burnout: we can not count the number of articles and other tickets coaching to protect at all costs the burnout syndrome burnout car warranty company. This is the new evil of the century at work, and the obsession of every employee.  

• Conf call: in many companies, they have become rituals … Meetings telephone work-saving both time and money, while bringing all those available. As ASAP, conf call is anglicism is a short term, as they say in the interests of efficiency. •

Corporate: have entrepreneurship. Essential for any employee wishing to make a career in a company. Someone from corporate is someone who feels comfortable in his company, and is a true ambassador. •

"That makes sense!" Literal translation of the English "It make sense!". Everyone obviously grasp the meaning. Except that the correct French, it does not mean absolutely nothing to say.

…… @ Quentinperinel1 Worse English Layers> French. "It makes sense"

. – Maxime Bellec (@ MBellec)

29 April 20142 • Debriefer: they "debrief" someone who could not attend a meeting. A stalwart of corporate life. So that the French expression "make a point" or "take stock" are almost obsolete.

• Desk: office also concerns to be replaced increasingly by "desks" which refers to both space Working the office where you work.

…… @ @ Quentinperinel3 Le_Figaro4 The old trick " anyway ". Fills me one! And I got the right one day " I eat on the desk. " Wow.

– P.Monteiro (@ MonteiroPauline)

29 April 20145 • Drinker: less known, the verb "drinker" is used to replace the action of go for a drink among office colleagues or friends.  

…… @ Quentinperinel6 "drinker" for "a drink", I find it ridiculous.

– N_Docao (@ N_Docao)

29 April 20147 • Forwarder: who has never "being forwarded to" a mail to one or more of his colleagues? Again, the French verb transfer, is much less likely. The English term, which has long been used in companies, no longer shocks, but still excited. • Implement

: originally used in computer jargon, replacing the words "include" or "code", the verb in the variable semantic crossed the doors of the company and can also mean "adapt" or "set up" something. • Mainstream

: a trendy term that replaces all that is banal, general public, and followed by mass. Most often, the pejorative connotation. In advertising or communication for example, if your ideas are mainstream, your superiors will prefer someone more original and alternative.

• One-To -One (writing 121): This term marketing – redundant in the responses of users! – Is common in client relationships vehicle car warranty. This means a meeting between client and provider, where he agreed to speak frankly and tell each other everything.

• Personal branding: with the development of all areas of web, the term is ubiquitous. Managing personal branding means managing his personal brand and / or business on the web and social networks.

• Printer: Print something. • Process

"you have not complied with the process, you'll have to start over!" The significance of process is rather vague, and close enough to French term process.  

…… @ Quentinperinel8 "process" is all the more irritating that means everything and nothing.

– Margaux Baralon (@ MargauxBaralon)

29 April 20149 • Reporting: make reporting. Or make a progress report or a report.

• Switcher: the notion of change or exchange something, no matter what it is. Switcher one day permanently with another colleague, or switcher holiday dates we had chosen beforehand.

• Workshop: This is a training seminar, reflection or creation that meets or different employees of the same company or several frames working in the same sector. These meetings focus on a specific theme and aims to educate participants in a given subject.

Apr 29 2014

How do we make our races in 2025?

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"With the massive use of the Internet, we live the same kind of period when we found the car, train, and electricity at the same time": François Bellanger is Director of the "think tank" TransitCity 1 and sits on the Scientific Committee Europacity the Pharaonic Auchan2 project aimed at building a large market town combining leisure, culture and consumption. According to him, how to make our races should evolve dramatically in the coming years, including the following two main areas.

One is to save time, thanks to the proximity (multiple small pave signs everywhere), transit (with drive-in3 and stores in train stations or subway stations) and finally through purchases on the Internet. The other axis would, conversely, to "enhance the experience" of the purchase. François Bellanger and take the example of football stadiums overflowing, despite the abundant supply of specialized channels which broadcast the matches, "he'll just have to increasingly justify the movement," he explains cheap insurance.

In the same way that the shops which lowered the store at lunch and after 19h suffered an exodus of their customers, especially women work, to major retailers and hypermarkets, some retail players should "disappear" if they do not quickly reinvent themselves to compete on the web. One point on which bounces Distinguin Stéphane, President of FaberNovel4 and also looking for Europacity: "We must recreate the magic trade, souks and bazaars," said the latter.

"We'll have to re-imagine the physical world based web"

Distinguin Stéphane, President of FaberNovel. The interface

. stores should change gradually. First possibility: that pushing, soon our caddies in shelves … hyper-connected. "Whether with a smartphone5, Google Glass6 or bracelets connected system, we can easily imagine multiple sensors and ambient intelligence allow shopping centers to focus on the consumer experience," explains Stéphane Distinguin. Thus, from the "type" of customer profiles, the large surface area could be adapted according to the different periods of the year or even hours of the day. A process reminiscent deployed to Disney World, Orlando 7.

Second point: the opening up of the universe. While on the Internet, consumers can go from fashion to DIY a query on Google8 Francois Bellanger insists that many stores will have to strive to "give more" to their client. Stéphane Distinguin not say anything else: "We can not imagine a world without contact car company insurance maryland. But we will have re-imagine the physical world based web, especially with regard to the porosity of the universe "visited, he says. Especially since so far, the latest innovations (the drive-in ordering on the Internet) destroy all the impulse purchase – the famous chewing gum to funds – One critical manna in the distribution9.  

Finally, each company should seek different ways to add "relevant experience" strengths: sales temporary spaces, social mix, original frames … "The question to ask is: what can not dematerialize, "explains Stéphane Distinguin?. Developed to transform its store amusement park? François Bellanger response: "You know, after all, Disneyland is only one mall that dare not speak its name …".

Mar 07 2014

Air France strengthens its low-cost subsidiary Transavia

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 Air France 1

great hopes on Transavia2, its low-cost subsidiary green and blue logo based at Orly. While Air France has reduced its wing short and medium-haul flights the summer season – which starts in late March – it has instead increased fleet Transavia. Must still find the necessary drivers. Wednesday evening, SNPL3 the powerful pilots' union, agreed to sign an interim agreement for one year which will transfer to Air France pilots on aircraft Transavia. This agreement aims to "test the leisure market and the development of Transavia and allow Air France to build a more comprehensive response to reclaim the market left fallow for low-cost airlines," said Jean-Louis Barber Chair the SNPL Air France Alpa.

Currently, Transavia France has thirteen devices, but this number should be increased to sixteen this summer. And every year, five new aircraft will enhance the stable of low-cost. The agreement signed by the SNPL leaves some to fear that the short and medium-haul Air France are, in the coming years, cannibalized by Transavia, where conditions are less generous pay and flight times are longer . Several flights in 2013 by Air France from Charles de Gaulle (to Rome, Istanbul and Casablanca) will now be operated by Transavia from Orly.

40 hours per month

The agreement signed Wednesday will provide compensation to volunteers: a premium calculated on the basis of the period of secondment, up € 15,000 per year for a captain and up to 35,000 euros for a copilot. "It's like putting your finger in gear, said Julien Duboz, the spokesman SPAF, a pilot union opposed the agreement signed Wednesday. In the medium term, there will be no premium and working conditions at Transavia become the norm "According to him, the management company must address the chronic overstaffing among pilots." Air France co-pilots work 40 hours per month on average over the medium-haul when they reach 75 hours on average in EasyJet4. "

The subject has just been discussed at central works council of Air France, which took place Thursday. Indeed, in October, the leaders of the company had announced that 2,800 job cuts – including 1,400 on medium-haul operations – in addition to 5,122 already completed. Evaluation of overstaffing given in October was confirmed: 700 flight attendants and 300 pilots – split equally over the long-haul and medium-haul – will benefit from voluntary departure plan whose age criterion was lowered to attract a sufficient number of candidates to begin with. Transavia but has yet to validate the relevance of its business model. In 2013, the company that caters to customers 'leisure' posted an operating loss of € 5 million.

Feb 08 2014

Peugeot track reconciliation

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And if … And if ultimately it was still possible to find a compromise on the future of PSA, a solution that would share all the members of the Peugeot family and the French government? While in China, is about to close the New Year festivities in Paris, negotiations are intense and confabulations. According to several sources, several "messengers" are working to find common ground between Peugeot, and especially between the executive and Thierry Peugeot, so as to bring it to – finally – fully support an operation payday loans guaranteed no fax.

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Feb 01 2014

The French in favor of reforms impact on unemployment insurance

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The French seem ready to shock therapy on the issue of unemployment. According to a survey * BVA for i> Télé and Le Parisien published Saturday, 82% of respondents are in favor that we give the opportunity for employees who wish to contribute less in exchange for a future cap their unemployment compensation, if one day they were brought to experience a period of unemployment. They are 64% to be "favorable" to an automatic radiation unemployed who refuse more than two "reasonable" job offers, and 61% want to "exclude the specific system of intermittent technicians show, which could be submitted to common law. " At the question: "Do you agree to increase from 4 to 8 months duration of work required to be compensated," half of the respondents said yes. And 59% advocated the establishment of a degression of allowances from one year. A device that had been arrested in 2001.

All these "ideas" come from the CGPME (the General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises). Proposals – published last Monday 1 – have been welcomed as a "provocation" by the other unions. At the CGT leader Eric Aubin assured that "would not accept." The number two of the CFDT, Véronique Descaq, has also warned that it was "in no case going back on the rights negotiated in previous agreements," citing "a dramatic employment situation." These tracks were also considered "sensational" by the negotiator of the CFE-CGC, Marie-Françoise Leflon saving account pay day loan. "Let's be serious, they are propositions that can not hear," she has said. Even MEDEF kicked in KEY2 "CGPME feeds reflections," said the leader of the employers' delegation Jean-François Pilliard, making it clear that the MEDEF was, to date, not on this line.

No major reform to wait

All these unions have been meeting for a fortnight to reform the nebulous system of unemployment insurance. They were given until March 13 to agree on a new contract. But if the French seem willing to tighten their belts and accept a harder system sensitive subjects were directly scanned 3: no question of touching the regime of the entertainment, or lower unemployment compensation and duration. Including the president himself: "This is not a time of high unemployment should be reduced the rights of the unemployed," ruled François Hollande mid-January.  

High unemployment? Sure. There are today in France 5.5 million jobseekers all categories included, 2.2 million are compensated. The reversal of the trend in unemployment as promised did not lieu4, and nothing indicates that approach. Meanwhile, the hole in the coffers of the UI is widening alarmingly: debt regime reached € 22.1 billion and will continue to deteriorate in 20145. If nothing changes, the deficit will approach $ 40 billion in 2017.

* This survey was conducted among 994 people recruited by telephone and interviewed by internet 30 and January 31.

Jan 19 2014

It offends the scooter Hollande … or Italian

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Could this be a new episode of "Gayet-gate"? Wilfried Hemmerle was so moved by the pictures showing François Hollande1 trying to ride his three-wheeled scooter to join his alleged mistress he has cracked a letter … Arnaud Montebourg2. And for good reason: the scooter was foreign brand. While the height of treason, a French manufacturer produces its own model in the country.

"When I saw the pictures, I immediately recognized the Piaggio MP3," says Wilfried Hemmerle, manager of a concession Peugeot3 specializing in scooters. He was surprised that the President did not prefer to use the new model that the French manufacturer produces and assembles its factory Doubs, near the stronghold of the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg. Having "a little time left," he wrote a letter to the one who promoted the "Made in France4" to offend-with humor-the lack of foresight of the Head of State.

Peugeot Metropolis, labeled "Origin France Guarantee"

"Sir, it is with great joy that we learned that the President of the Republic ensured personal travel scooter 3 wheels. Our joy, however, is slightly affected by the fact that the presidential scooter or foreign brand, "begins the missive. Indeed, if the Italian brand Piaggio and its iconic model three-wheeled MP3 are the market leader, Peugeot is today a serious competitor. Its Metropolis, released in 2013, was "well received by consumers, sensitive to Made in France". The latter has also been labeled "Origin France guaranteed" by the Pro France association.

If Wilfried Hemmerle has not yet received a reply to his letter, he hopes to convince Arnaud Montebourg extolling the virtues of a 100% French model with François Hollande. "By taking a blow to the president's agenda, we noticed that Friday, January 17 was pretty quiet, between 11am and, after greeting the diplomatic corps and 16 hours, it would be quite possible to run a test privately with the President and his bodyguard. " The entrepreneur is hopeful, since the helmet qu'arborait the President on stolen pictures himself was a French brand. All is not lost.

Dec 15 2013

No boost to the minimum wage for

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Legal Smic1 increase of 1.1% on January 1, announced Friday the Minister of Employment Michel Sapin2, without specifying whether the government was ready to give a boost supplémentaire3. However, the government argues that this statutory increase in itself a "gain purchasing power," credence to the idea that there would be no boost supplémentaire.Le minimum wage is automatically adjusted every January 1, depending on the evolution of prices. Given the rules of calculation "modernized" in place this year, and it will be increased by 1.1% in early January, confirmed the Minister of Employment Michel Sapin AFP. An increase of ten cents of gross hourly minimum wage, which will rise from 9.43 to 9.53 euros.Quelque 3 million people-13% of employees earned minimum wage in January 2013, half a million more in 2012, according to official figures. The Government may, if he wishes, give extra boost to take into account "the legitimate aspirations of employees to a redistribution of the fruits of growth when it is waiting for you," as he had explained himself there some mois.Il shall announce its decision on Monday afternoon at the meeting of the National Commission of collective bargaining (CNNC). But Michel Sapin appeared Friday prepare minds to the fact that the government was not prepared to go further. With "inflation of 0.6%," "there is a gain in purchasing power" by "the only new rules of calculation", has highlighted the ministre.Le government also on his table Annual report of the expert group on the minimum wage, responsible since 2008 to "clarify" the executive before each revalorisation.Or, the experts recommended to stick to the statutory increase. They pointed in particular the risk that an increase in the minimum wage would "ultimately be reflected by a decline in employment and the competitiveness of enterprises" in the context of lean growth and high unemployment. They also noted that the minimum wage in France was "now clearly above the levels found in other OECD countries." Last boost in July 2012 To be determined, the government promised that it "listen" also "that the social partners say." Facing employers, who did labor cost his hobbyhorse, CGT and FO have already indicated that they expected the government to "meet the expectations of employees." 1.1% increase, it means "simply an increase of ten cents" time "in a context where the purchasing power is already at half-mast," underlines FO "calls for a boost." "If we really want growth, it is necessary that households consume." The CGT request it, "a significant increase in the minimum wage" to "go to a quick end to 1,700 euros gross per month." The monthly gross wage is currently 1430.22 euros for employees to 35 hours. On January 1, the government chose to limit the legal (+0.3%) for 2013.Depuis 2007 there was only one boost the minimum wage, that decided on July 1 2012 (+0.6%) by François Hollande, the newly elected. The minimum wage was increased in total by 2%. "We are in an economic policy focused on research competitiveness through lower labor costs and the reduction of public deficits," recalls Henry Sterdyniak, the French Economic Observatory. "In this context, raising a little more than expected minimum wage might seem churlish." Still, because of low demand in France and Europe, "if indeed there were in the euro area a cooperative policy" on wages, "the priority would still increase wages and income, "said Will il.LIRE ALSO:" "In France, as soon as the minimum wage increases, jobs" is destroyed 4Merkel agrees to create a minimum wage in Germany5

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