Aug 30 2014

Congestion of electric cars in Norway

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At peak, bus lanes in Oslo are stormed by cars. Legally. To foster the development of the electric car, the Norwegian government has indeed allowed their drivers to use lanes reserved for transit. This is beginning to cause serious problems, because of their more and more important.

So, at certain times, 85% of vehicles in bus lanes are electric cars. Success is indeed impressive. Since the beginning of the year, nearly 13% of registrations in Norway relate to electric vehicles. In France, it's less … 0.6%. No

sales taxes

To achieve this level, the Norwegian authorities have increased the benefits. Besides the ability to travel in bus lanes, a Renault or Nissan Zoe1 leaf2 can use free public parking, there is also free or charge flow freely congestion charges paydayloans. Above all, the owner does not have to pay sales taxes imposed upon other vehicles. These benefits

starting to cringe. Bus drivers and passengers of course. But the Ministry of Finance, which evaluates to 4 billion kronor (500 million euros) the cost of tax exemptions. Prime Minister Erna Solberg3 recently indicated that it was possible to consider "the downward adjustments in the future." Worrying owners of electric cars: 48% of them explain making such a purchase just to save money.

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Jul 29 2014

Craftsmen and traders do not see the recovery

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embellished on local employment expected in France, at least in the short term. It is the fact that the Professional Union Craft (UPA) book in a survey published Monday on the economy and employment in the sector in the first half of 2014.'s Approximately 1.3 million companies nearby , which represent 20% of the workforce employed in the private sector, saw their sales fall by 1.5% in the second quarter this year. The turnover of the sector is in the red for more than two years. Result: companies in the sector are not likely to recruit. "Only 19% of these companies have hired the entire first half, flat compared to 2013," said the UPA. All sectors are not housed in the same boat: 34% of businesses in the hospitality industry hired when they are no more than 9% and 11% respectively in the service and food. "These figures remind us that the pact does not have any responsibility in business reality and the acceleration of the timetable for lower cost of labor was totally justified," says UPA in its communiqué openly criticizing the slow implementation of government policies.

No improvement expected in 2014

The craft enterprises and local shops are not optimistic for the rest of the year. 30% of CEOs believe their sales will continue to deteriorate in the next quarter, up 7 points over three months. Worse, only 12% plan to hire in the second half or even less. Not surprisingly, the hospitality industry is the most optimistic sector and hopes to use the summer to hire and recover its margins. In contrast, only 5% of artisans public works plan to recruit. Hiring intentions are also very low for the services or the building. Finally, the part-time commonplace. Thus, nearly a quarter (24%) of business leaders have used, especially those in the hospitality and food (40% and 31%). More than a boss in two (51%) employed part-time for less than the new legal limit of 24 hours per week. UPA demand an easing of the legal system "so that the common interest of the employer and the employee may be privileged." Between the government and employers, differences persist.

Apr 18 2014

Road transport threatened by low-cost

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a French truck driver paid 31,000 euros net per year and his Polish counterpart paid 16,000 euros, an international transport company quickly made the calculation, provided that the rate of social security contributions is almost two times lower than in Poland … This "splits" denounced by a Senate report information was again discussed Wednesday by transport professionals and political representatives to the Economic and Social Council where there was a European conference on harmonization of social conditions in the road freight transport.

For decades, the distortions of competition between low-cost countries and others are dug. The "French flag" represents only 10% of the European market for international freight while in 1999 it was still 50% court records.

This movement is irreversible, say industry professionals. Some large French groups (Norbert Dentressangle1 Geodis …) are still present in this segment but their leaders emphasize that only the creation of subsidiaries in eastern Europe has kept an international activity which reflects the shift in activity industrial on the Old Continent.

The liberalization of the road haulage market and the enlargement of the European Union do not facilitate the harmonization of working conditions.

Early December, Frédéric Cuvillier2, the Minister of Transport, now secretary of state, even denounced "behavior slave" in the transport sector. "I saw how employees are treated European countries, apart from all social rules and creates an unacceptable dumping" had he exclaimed. Social dumping

The FNTR3 (National Federation of Road Transport) which includes the majority of transport companies denounces illegal and effects of "optimization" practices. Clearly, the practices of "cabotage" – that is to say, the succession of loading and unloading of goods in a country other than that of origin in the context of international transport service – which not comply with the regulations. In this case, the French companies that provide domestic services compete with these international operators. Other companies circumvent the law by using light vehicles traffic is not regulated public court records. The FNTR

hope that a common European driver status could be created within five years. It would converge fiscal, social and regulatory. No question, however, to align this standard on the French model, consider companies. "We should especially harmonize working hours," said an officer who regrets the equivalent costs there ten years between French companies and their counterparts in West Germany are now 10% lower than in Germany because of for better productivity and lower payroll taxes. By coincidence, the directive on posted workers who can fight against the dumping social4 was adopted unanimously Wednesday to the European Parliament.

Apr 03 2014

Each player loses an average of 400 euros per year to gambling

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Despite the crisis, gambling continues to attract French. Whether for a scratch ticket, to bet on a horse or fill a grid lotto, French households bet of € 46.2 billion in 2012, 76% more than in 2000, according to a study of INSEE published this Wednesday1. Enough to cover half of the deficit of France amounted to € 87.6 billion in 2013!

Almost half of French play at least occasionally. On average, the player bets 2,000 euros per year for a gain of € 1,600 and a loss of 400 euros. "But this is an average, an expert insists INSEE. Many people play mini-game are when a big development. " Another sign of this craze for games: their share in the budget of families n 'had to stop increase over the past decade, from 0.6% in 1990 to 0.9% in 2004, before record a slight decline in 2018 to 0.8%. Crisis forces! The French

lose money, but less than before

The French betting more money, spending (read losses) in 2012 also increased from € 6.4 billion in 2000 to € 9.5 billion in 2012, an increase of 48% over the last twelve years. Updates have increased faster than spending (76% against 48%), the rate of return players (TRJ), that is to say the proportion of bets operators render players, is now better it was 10 years, ie they lose less money than before.

But the state always ensure that this rate is balanced. "It should not be too high because it would promote addiction and money laundering, said the same expert. Conversely, a minimum rate is necessary to clean up the competition between operators and protect the players. " For example, the TRJ must be less than 75% for the lottery, 85% for sports and horse paris online and conversely, greater than 85% for slot machines payday loans. Inequalities between

FDJ, PMU, casinos and online gaming sector

gambling is composed of four actors: the French Games (FDJ), Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU), casinos and online gambling since their approval in 2010. If the activity of the FDJ and PMU has been dynamic over the past decade and it focuses on two 71% of the activity, the casinos (24%) lost momentum from 2007. "In addition to the 2008 crisis, they suffered regulatory changes (mandatory identity checks and banning smoking)," write the study authors. Online games, they represent only 5% of the market.  

Another lesson from this survey: compulsory levies are very different from one game to another. FDJ reverse 67% of it being pocketed in the coffers, casinos 54%, 51% for online operators and only 39% for the PMU. Its low tax rate is explained by its participation in the financing of the equine industry. The PMU

, the most profitable trader

All stakeholders do not have the same rate of return which is calculated from the gross gaming revenue ( PBJ), that is to say the difference between the set of players and their winnings. Thus, the PMU has the highest profitability affecting 34% of GGR, casinos unable to reach 18% of PBJ when online games no profit, says INSEE. The most surprising is probably the rate of return of the JDF, which is only 3% of GGR. Involved? Its very high taxation. However, the State is its main shareholder (72%) did not seem to suffer!

At the end of the survey, INSEE said that gambling addiction concerns 10.8% of active players, or 1.3% of adult population.

Mar 14 2014

Eurotunnel finally sees its future in pink

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Gounon1 is a happy boss. Eurotunnel2, the group he leads, will pay taxes in 2015! This is a sign Eurotunnel, created twenty years ago, finally sees its future in pink. So far, the group was not profitable enough to pay taxes. This is why, this year, the deferral of taxes, recorded as assets, driving up the net profit for the year 2013.

"We have accumulated 6 billion of tax losses. The prospects lead us to recognize deferred taxes in our accounts as assets, "said Jacques Gounon. Eurotunnel has recognized in its accounts 127 million of deferred tax, of which € 83 million are reflected in the income statement for 2013.

The 2013 was a year of records for the concessionaire of the Channel Tunnel. Its turnover has surpassed the billion euros (1.092 billion) thanks to higher revenue associated with the operation of the tunnel, but also to the improvement of Europorte revenue, the operator rail freight, and those of MyFerryLink3, the ferry company that rents Eurotunnel Ferries SeaFrance redeemed. Operating income increased slightly to € 285 million, and net income amounted to € 101 million.

MyFerryLink still threatened by the French competition authority

Jacques Gounon takes some pride this good performance: cross-Channel ferry, rail freight? "It works," exclaims CEO of Eurotunnel payday advance online. "We know succeed where others struggle to succeed," he summarizes, as an allusion to the loss of activity SNCF freight and shipping companies difficulties Strait Channel. However

MyFerryLink recorded an operating loss of € 22 million in 2013, twice as much as the previous year. "This is consistent with our expectations, and if MyferryLink continues its activity, it reaches to the end of 2015 early 2016 balance," says Jacques Gounon. However, the ferry company could be fixed if the Commission decides to British competition prohibit access to the port of Dover. After an initial favorable to French opinion in December, the case was in fact referred to the UK Competition Commission. A new notice must be made in May but its findings will be reported next week. "If MyFerryLink stops, we will be winners too," says Jacques Gounon that evokes positive impact on Eurotunnel's operating margin.

As for rail freight, it continues to grow. Europorte record sales and operating income increased (+16 million euros). For twenty years of Eurotunnel, the operator provides a promising future: 449 million euros in operating margin in 2013, the group plans to spend € 500 million in 2015. "This will create jealousies," says Jacques Gounon.

Mar 12 2014

Villepin would have received € 100,000 after a working day

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that does not go unnoticed. Dominique de Villepin would indeed hit no less than 100,000 euros for a single day's work ahead Telegraph1 The … In fact, those few extra hours were needed for the former diplomat key retired officer of the diplomatic corps, adds British newspaper. The former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac have indeed made this flash back in September, thus opening the rights to touch this tidy sum. Problem

this regulation would not have done automatically. The procedure was approved by the Minister Laurent Fabius in place, the newspaper said, although the Quai d'Orsay denies any "discretionary or preferential treatment" with regard to the former Prime Minister. And at a time when "the government is pushing for austerity, higher taxes and deep cuts in public spending," the new tenants would have exasperated the prestigious department, the newspaper said. An administrative error

Meanwhile, the environment of Dominique de Villepin have invoked him an administrative error which would justify the request direct payday lenders. Contacted by the newspaper, Daniel Arlaud, spokesman for the former tenant of Matignon, explained that "this administrative error had been a request from Dominique de Villepin to the competent authorities."

In any event, the payment of this amount would not be illegal. Much more than "abuse" on the part of the former Prime Minister, the payment would be an offshoot of the French system of remuneration of senior civil service, which grows outcry across the Channel.  A

indignation also nourished by little precarious situation of the former senior official. In fact, Dominique de Villepin today have as a consultant for his company International Villepin, who performed in 2013, nearly 1.7 million euros in turnover. The newspaper also pointed out that the magazine L'Express unveiled in 2012 Villepin heritage: a real estate property in Paris worth 3 million and an estimated more than 4 million personal fortune

. ..

Mar 07 2014

Air France strengthens its low-cost subsidiary Transavia

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 Air France 1

great hopes on Transavia2, its low-cost subsidiary green and blue logo based at Orly. While Air France has reduced its wing short and medium-haul flights the summer season – which starts in late March – it has instead increased fleet Transavia. Must still find the necessary drivers. Wednesday evening, SNPL3 the powerful pilots' union, agreed to sign an interim agreement for one year which will transfer to Air France pilots on aircraft Transavia. This agreement aims to "test the leisure market and the development of Transavia and allow Air France to build a more comprehensive response to reclaim the market left fallow for low-cost airlines," said Jean-Louis Barber Chair the SNPL Air France Alpa.

Currently, Transavia France has thirteen devices, but this number should be increased to sixteen this summer. And every year, five new aircraft will enhance the stable of low-cost. The agreement signed by the SNPL leaves some to fear that the short and medium-haul Air France are, in the coming years, cannibalized by Transavia, where conditions are less generous pay and flight times are longer . Several flights in 2013 by Air France from Charles de Gaulle (to Rome, Istanbul and Casablanca) will now be operated by Transavia from Orly.

40 hours per month

The agreement signed Wednesday will provide compensation to volunteers: a premium calculated on the basis of the period of secondment, up € 15,000 per year for a captain and up to 35,000 euros for a copilot. "It's like putting your finger in gear, said Julien Duboz, the spokesman SPAF, a pilot union opposed the agreement signed Wednesday. In the medium term, there will be no premium and working conditions at Transavia become the norm "According to him, the management company must address the chronic overstaffing among pilots." Air France co-pilots work 40 hours per month on average over the medium-haul when they reach 75 hours on average in EasyJet4. "

The subject has just been discussed at central works council of Air France, which took place Thursday. Indeed, in October, the leaders of the company had announced that 2,800 job cuts – including 1,400 on medium-haul operations – in addition to 5,122 already completed. Evaluation of overstaffing given in October was confirmed: 700 flight attendants and 300 pilots – split equally over the long-haul and medium-haul – will benefit from voluntary departure plan whose age criterion was lowered to attract a sufficient number of candidates to begin with. Transavia but has yet to validate the relevance of its business model. In 2013, the company that caters to customers 'leisure' posted an operating loss of € 5 million.

Feb 21 2014

Facebook offers messaging WhatsApp for $ 19 billion

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strikes a blow to the mobile messaging. Wednesday night, the social network announced the surprise takeover of the WhatsApp application for a staggering $ 16 billion dollars (11 billion euros), of which 4 billion in cash and $ 12 billion in shares. The founders and employees of WhatsApp will receive an additional $ 3 billion in the form of stock options, bringing the total transaction at $ 19 billion.

At this price, retrieves a Facebook application for smartphones and the world's most popular tablet. Every month, more than 450 million people use WhatsApp in the world, 70% connect daily to send free messages instead of SMS. This is twice as eg the number of active users Twitter1. Some 19 billion messages are sent every day, and 34 billion received, as well as texting transiting among telecom operators. The triomple

Model "freemium"

As the application of Instagram photos, bought $ 715 million in Facebook in 2012, WhatsApp will retain its name and independence . The company, founded in 2009, employs about fifty people and had only raised $ 8 million for its development. Financial results were never disclosed.

"It makes money but the important thing is not monetization. We focused on one day but for now the main goal is that the service WhatsApp works, "explained co-founder recently in January Kum, powered billionaire quick cash. The use of WhatsApp is free the first year and without advertising, including match abroad, after which access is charged 0.72 euro per year. This success shows the power of the "freemium" model, which attracts a large number of users with a service at first. The Facebook

share declined

The acquisition of WhatsApp reflects the desire to multiply the Facebook mobile applications, to establish itself as the center of communications on smartphones and tablets. The social network had also developed a competitor WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. Mark Zuckerberg had tried in vain to buy Snapchat2, another very popular messaging application for $ 4 billion. Another heavyweight messaging on smartphones, Viber, was bought last week by the Japanese Rakuten3 900 million.

The acquisition of WhatsApp, announced after the close of trading, was greeted with warmth. Facebook as lost 2% in after-hours trading to midnight. This is the largest acquisition in the history of the social network, the more important for a mobile application and one of the largest in the technology sector. Google had paid $ 12.5 billion to buy the mobile manufacturer Motorola in 2011 sold since the Chinese Lenovo. Microsoft acquired Skype for $ 8.5 billion and $ 7.2 billion for Nokia.

Jan 23 2014

FagorBrandt: Cevital offers the best offer for employment

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The suspense ended on Wednesday evening at FagorBrandt1. Four days after the submission of takeover bids group of appliances, their names were revealed by the administrator in a central works council. Besides the Algerian Cevital whose name had already "leaked" in the press, the U.S. fund Sun Capital, the company's plastics Variance Technology and engine maker washing machine Selni – a former subsidiary of FagorBrandt based in Nevers – are also candidates.

In total, 28 companies have looked at the file, between ten and twelve would have "access to information", according to unions. FagorBrandt, which has 1,800 employees and four factories, is in receivership since early November. The French group weighs 14% of the French market with brands appliances stars (Vedette, Brandt, Jumping, De Dietrich …) but it has been in recent years a slow descent into hell.

Rework offers

Of the four projects selected include two offers partial recovery – Variance Technology and Selni wishing to acquire the plant at La Roche-sur-Yon – and two package deals. Proposing to take 1200 people in 1800 is Cevital who have submitted the best tender from the point of view of employment, Sun Capital is ready to take between 700 and 1000. However, both plants Vendée (Aizenay, La Roche-sur-Yon) are not included in package deals payday loans for bad credit.

The ball is now in the camp of the administrator who will work with their candidates, rework takeover bids or to bring them together. "There could be a good complementarity between supply Cevital, offering to resume plants Orleans and Vendôme, and the Selni" suggests Christian Legay, Steward of the CFE-CGC, which hopes to save up to 1500 jobs.

A very tight schedule

Staff representatives, which will be received Thursday morning by Arnaud Montebourg, candidates meet the January 28 and 29 next to convince them to improve their offerings. A son of the founder of Cevital Malik Rebrab, and should make the trip to Rueil, headquarters FagorBrandt. "We are in favor of a permanent and not a utopian offer that would take no industrial restructuring project, explains Christian Legay. Our goal is not to live but public support of our business with sufficient capital, avoiding too many people leave by the wayside. "

The Commercial Court of Nanterre should decide on the future of FagorBrandt at the hearing on 13 February. A "tight" as players folder, which portends an effective recovery by the beginning of March calendar.

Jan 09 2014

Sophie and Philippe Lacoste show Fusalp, creator of time

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Philippe and Sophie Lacoste resume the thread of their lives entrepreneurs. Brother and sister, at the end of the turmoil of the sale of textile family group at the Swiss group Maus1 come to ensure control Fusalp2, historical clothing brand based in Annecy winter sports.

On December 20, they acquired 77.6% of the capital of this small company 8 million turnover for an amount that has not been revealed. Fauvet Alexander, former executive director of the crocodile brand new and DG Fusalp will own 8% of the remaining 12.4% are held since June 2013 by the company management Toulouse Midi Capital. The remaining 2% is owned by a private investor.

"Over the past year, we were looking for investment opportunities, explains Philippe Lacoste, but it is proposed that we situations dormant partners. Sophie, we were planning to do something together. "We also had to turn the page of the Lacoste3 brand. "Others will now write the history of Lacoste says Philippe Lacoste. We must wish them luck, because many people depend on it. This is a break, but we look resolutely forward. "

It's almost incidentally Philippe and Sophie Lacoste embarked on this new adventure. Last summer, Joel Gleyze, CEO and owner of 98% stake in Fusalp-where he worked for 36 years-looking for partners to revive the brand for export. 12.4% assigned to it by Midi Capital insufficient. But in his fundraising efforts, he met Alexander Fauvet, former executive vice president of Lacoste, who presented the case to Sophie and Philippe in June.

"I had not planned to sell, but all conditions were met, says Joel Gleyze. I was delighted to see that Fusalp, who invented the time, but also created a way to dress elegantly mountain can affect persons having such acquired in textiles. "'s Flagship brand from 1960 to 1980 Today, with 400 outlets, mainly Franco-French. Based in Annecy, employs thirty people and is about to change pace.

As Lacoste, Fusalp was a true story. As Lacoste, Fusalp is well established and has a real authenticity.

So little in common between Fusalp and Lacoste, similarities appear. "The sizes are very different, says Philippe Lacoste, but there is affinity. As Lacoste, Fusalp was a true story. As Lacoste, Fusalp is well established and has a real authenticity. "

The future of Fusalp, founded in 1952, is building. "We will immerse ourselves in the company, to audit production and distribution. We will focus on collections, the first will be the fall-winter 2015-2016, with the idea of ​​bringing the collections of urban clothing casual wear. "

Joel Gleyze is relieved. "Given the number of French ski brands owned by foreign groups, I am glad to see Fusalp taken by Philippe and Sophie Lacoste. They will continue my efforts to export vesrs and ready-to-wear. "For a year, he will remain for the transition. And also turn the page.

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