Aug 06 2014

Sanctions against Russia block 50,000 Russians abroad

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 Rater avion1

its back can ruin the late vacances2. Especially if the tour operator has not paid the bill. In total, 50,000 Russes3 saw their darkened room. Labirint is the fifth Russian opérateur4 turn to go bankrupt in three weeks! Yesterday, 27,000 Russian tourists found themselves without a return ticket, stuck on the benches of foreign airports. 40 flights were put in place to allow the return of travelers, thus reducing their number to 12 000 at the end of the day, told AFP the spokesman Rostourism, Russian Union of Tourism Industry Irina Tyurina .

This applies not only to travelers on departure. The tour operator Labirint ceased operations since last Saturday, and thus stopped paying foreign hotels5. Thousands of tourists have been evicted from their rooms, resulting in several fights with hoteliers. Including Turkey6, where every year nearly 3.5 million Russians traveling to Istanbul to watch the Blue Mosque and the chimneys of Cappadocia, precise 7Irina Tyurina.

Ukrainian crisis weighs on bookings

"All these agencies Travel8 operate on the model of the pyramid. They sell tickets and then they say, oh, sorry, we do not have enough customers, "said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev9 during a speech. In other words, the tour sold stays abroad without being sure that they can be profitable. Thus, without a minimum number of travelers, companies were taking the risk of selling trips loss and eventually go bankrupt.

But the context does not encourage the Russians to leave. "The political and economic situation has had a negative impact on the number of bookings and the decline in the value of the ruble has degraded the purchasing power of Russians," says Labirint tour operator. In fact, the Ukrainian crisis and Western sanctions weigh heavily on the Russian economy. European measures block access financial markets to Russian companies, which plays on their incomes and those of households. Western sanctions also have an impact on the rouble10, which declined 11% from its peak value in September 2013, degrading the purchasing power of Russians. Not to mention the travel restrictions imposed by its nationals Moscou11 occupants of strategic positions in the administration.  

"We fear that this is only the beginning of a domino effect," said the spokeswoman antenna radio Echo of Moscow Federal Tourism Agency Russia12 Irina Shchegolkova. The number of Russian tourists traveling abroad has dropped by 30-50% compared to last year. An event that could weigh heavily on the world tourism. The last year 40 million Russians traveled beyond their borders. They are even among the biggest spenders with 32 billion euros in 2012


Jul 07 2014

"Good funds" Michel Sapin

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Once again, Michel Sapin1 won the award for humor. "Our friend is finance, good finance2" Sunday launched our Minister of Finance Economic Forum Aix-en-Provence 20143, which this year had the theme "Investing invent tomorrow." Intoxicated by the brightness of Provence, our bagman asked himself the question: "Will it finance a happy, happy in the service of investment, to make people happy?" "Good finance" is one that contributes to real investments. But the needs are enormous. This is even with unemployment, the only true sequel to the global crisis of 2008-2009, as recalled Christine Lagarde4. "At the end of 2013, the GDP of the G205 was 8% lower than their underlying trend (if there was no crisis) and investment down 20% over what should be, "said the director of FMI6.

The diagnosis applies equally to private investment firms for public infrastructure projects. The World Economic Forum Davos7 has calculated that the global economy devoted to these 3700 billion a year in the 1980s. Today is just 2,700 billion, is a lack of 1,000 billion. Citing these figures, Christine Lagarde revealed that the IMF would present a study on this topic in early October on the 40 major economies.

"In the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, budgets are now 10% lower than they should be," said said the boss of the IMF, while noting that, for France, it was not the case. The French deficit investment is doing well, in her view, on private investment. Collapse


Michel Sapin, for its part ready to subscribe to this diagnosis, if not it also recognizes that danger looming on the side of local authorities. The new municipalities are now "very careful, a too cautious," said he acknowledged at his press conference. Already smarting from the collapse of the housing investment, which "cost 0.4 percentage point of GDP growth" we, according to his figures, it should not be depressed after the building now gaining public works. Featuring

himself an outstanding hearty temperament, Michel Sapin is satisfied that the conditions of the trust is there, "now that companies perceive new opportunities and the CICE arrives in their accounts. " As for the discontent of social partners, Medef8 among others, and the left wing PS9, he summarized by this formula: "The complainers, the rechigneux as they say in Berry, feed the slingers, and the slingers feed moaners. "

Mar 25 2014

Mayors called in to work at home

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 Marie-Béatrice Levaux

looking forward to next Sunday, the end of the municipal elections. President of the Federation of particular employers 1 (FEPEM) will start its operation as "1000 Mayors", which aims to increase employment at home in territories2. "We will establish, at the beginning of the term of office, a special contact with a thousand mayors of municipalities with more than 9,000 people to sign regional agreements allowing them to develop employment at home," she explains exclusively to Figaro.

The purpose of this operation? "Bringing these common concrete answers on several issues that are the home of early childhood services for families and individuals employers frail," she explains. FEPEM will therefore offer new shares to several councilors including the linkage between employers and employees in the territories, securing the employment relationship between public employers and employees, as well as better information for professionals engaged in the field.

"This initiative is part of our compact home job, which aims to create 50 000 net jobs in the sector by the end of the year, the statement of 2 million hours of overtime and hiring 150,000 new private employers, "says Marie-Béatrice Levaux3. Chair individual employers, who hears meet this challenge, wants to revitalize an area which included the end of 2012 some 3.6 million individuals employing 1.6 million employees.

Time is indeed clearly "the reconquest of jobs in the family." For many years, the indicators have gone from green to orange or even red, with a resurgence of the black, amid tightening fiscal and slowing economic activity. "The years 2012 and 2013 marked a decline in employment at home, with a sharp decline, particularly in 2013, the number of childminders," admits Marie-Béatrice Levaux. Increased allowances

According to final figures Barometer job family, which will be released this week, nearly 23,200 salaried jobs have disappeared in 2012, a decrease of 1.4% in a year. If one excludes the field of childcare (still in green), hemorrhage is more important encore4, with a net loss of 28,500 jobs over the year. The reason is the decline in the number of private employers. The year 2013 – on which we do not have the final results – does not show up under better auspices since the first three quarters of the year, the number of payroll jobs fell by 2.6% and, especially, the number of hours reported plunged 4.5%.

The reason? Taxation on home jobs that hardened on 1 January 2013, with the abolition of the system of declaration package, offset by a reduction of charges 75 cents per hour travaillée5. For the president of FEPEM, the account is not there any more. Marie-Béatrice Levaux meeting for several weeks so the executive demand a greater reduction of € 2 per hour worked. "We want to create sustainable conditions for the great middle class is able to stay in the future employer," she insists. Otherwise, the employment figures at home may continue their inexorable decline.

Mar 12 2014

Villepin would have received € 100,000 after a working day

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that does not go unnoticed. Dominique de Villepin would indeed hit no less than 100,000 euros for a single day's work ahead Telegraph1 The … In fact, those few extra hours were needed for the former diplomat key retired officer of the diplomatic corps, adds British newspaper. The former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac have indeed made this flash back in September, thus opening the rights to touch this tidy sum. Problem

this regulation would not have done automatically. The procedure was approved by the Minister Laurent Fabius in place, the newspaper said, although the Quai d'Orsay denies any "discretionary or preferential treatment" with regard to the former Prime Minister. And at a time when "the government is pushing for austerity, higher taxes and deep cuts in public spending," the new tenants would have exasperated the prestigious department, the newspaper said. An administrative error

Meanwhile, the environment of Dominique de Villepin have invoked him an administrative error which would justify the request direct payday lenders. Contacted by the newspaper, Daniel Arlaud, spokesman for the former tenant of Matignon, explained that "this administrative error had been a request from Dominique de Villepin to the competent authorities."

In any event, the payment of this amount would not be illegal. Much more than "abuse" on the part of the former Prime Minister, the payment would be an offshoot of the French system of remuneration of senior civil service, which grows outcry across the Channel.  A

indignation also nourished by little precarious situation of the former senior official. In fact, Dominique de Villepin today have as a consultant for his company International Villepin, who performed in 2013, nearly 1.7 million euros in turnover. The newspaper also pointed out that the magazine L'Express unveiled in 2012 Villepin heritage: a real estate property in Paris worth 3 million and an estimated more than 4 million personal fortune

. ..

Mar 10 2014

Auchan prepares his attack against France in

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The last year has been the weak link Auchan1 group. The northerner distributor there had a "difficult year business plan," as Vincent Mignot, CEO of Auchan France says.

In France representing 41.8% of sales, sales decreased by 1.1% (excluding taxes) to 20 billion euros (- 3% VAT). The decrease is especially marked in its hypermarkets (- 2.5%), which represent the heart of its network, including sealed non-food. Net income also fell. If Auchan did not release precise figures, it acknowledged that its profitability had not been "fully satisfactory", although the decrease is a "sustainable and manageable level." Finally, the distributor has lost ground to its competitors (- 0.4 points to 10.5% market share, according to Nielsen). "We also lost our first place in promotions this year is a number one priority to become leader," said Vincent Mignot. But if the visit frequency and average basket of clients decreased their number remained stable. Auchan

fifth distributor in France, made the cost of intensifying price war. Carrefour2, who made a comeback to face Leclerc, has invested heavily in price reductions and the renovation of its stores in addition to its comparative advertising campaign there one year, the "low price guarantee Carrefour" 500 Products signed the offensive.

Nutella and Coca-Cola

Auchan has also suffered from the rise of "drive", where he released his efforts after pioneer. Finally, it has been the success of the stores, a segment which it is almost absent. The Emergency

2014 is the "reconquest" in order to achieve its goal of becoming the preferred brand of French 2020. "We will resume the offensive on trade," promised Vincent Mignot. If Auchan plans to invest 230 million euros in its stores, priority will be given to the "aggressiveness" on prices. What catch up on its competitors who competed promotions and low prices, including major brands, to cause deflation rays.

"The fight on national brands is never done," says Vincent Mignot, citing Nutella and Coca-Cola. One third of the stores will offer renovated and Auchan will accelerator by June on scales less than one euro (fruits and vegetables, meat …). It also systematize the "comparative carts" at the entrance to its stores. Finally, the distributor – which refines a new offensive on the front of promotions – multiply the lowest prices on its seasonal products (toys, chocolates …) and in the food industry. "It is now the cheapest on the daily races, insists the CEO of Auchan France. It has not said enough last year. "Distributor should strike a blow in the spring pub.

In the end, the group is growing through international with a total turnover (excluding taxes) of € 48.1 billion , an increase of 2.4%.

Mar 06 2014

USB is a European country for more than one in 10 Americans

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In the jungle of acronyms created in recent years in the technology sector, even the Americans are lost! In fact, 11% of them believe that HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), a term for a web language, is a sexually transmitted disease, according to a recent survey by the California vouchercloud1 site and unveiled by the Los Angeles Times 2.

Even more surprising, 12% of 2,392 adults surveyed by the specialist coupons think that USB is a European country! It is, however, a widespread means of connecting computer peripherals to a computer. And a very large majority, 77% of respondents had no idea what the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means. The acronym refers to a set of techniques to provide maximum information about the content of a web page to promote his SEO.  

In addition, nearly a quarter of Americans confuse with MP3 robot saga "Star Wars", nothing to do since it is an audio format yet as widely used overseas! A strong technological culture

deemed essential

In addition, nearly 20% of respondents think that "blu-ray" means a marine animal – a blue stripe can be – not a disc format used to store high definition videos. Gigabyte is meanwhile an insect that lives in South America for nearly one in three Americans, instead of a unit of computer storage tools. And nearly one in two respondents (42%) believes that motherboard means the deck of a cruise ship.  

And although most of the respondents did not no fault of the questions, they are a large majority – 61% – think that it is essential to have a strong culture in the field of technology. Respondents, however, not aware that the questionnaire was designed precisely to measure their level of computer knowledge! Another source of confusion, questions offered a choice between three possible answers

. Although the survey results seem surprising to say the least, there is no guarantee than we would have done better than French country home of Silicon Valley


Feb 27 2014

The crossover holiday disrupted by a strike at the SNCF

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crossover holiday promises to be heated for many skiers. The two main railway unions in the Rhône-Alpes region called for grève1 Saturday 1st and Sunday, March 2. They intend to protest against their working conditions and "restructuring SNCF2."

The strike notice will begin on Friday at 17 am and close at 8 am Monday. It may therefore severely disrupt departures and returns of 50,000 homes expected in the stations of the Alpine this weekend travelers. The

CGT3 and South Rail, who called the strike, however, reserve the right to raise their notice. Negotiations are currently underway between the two unions and the regional direction of the station on the organization of work. "Management must include in its proposal including a section on employment," the sum CGT in a statement.

"We are available 17 hours until Friday to find common ground"

Bernard Tournier, Secretary General CGT Chambéry railway

"We do not file a notice of strike on such a weekend without taking all elements into account. It is not a bluff. It is available until Friday 17 hours to make sure to find a common ground no teletrack payday loan. There are tens of thousands of travelers are expected. The real responsibility of management is to hear us, "pleaded Bernard Tournier, secretary general of the CGT railway Chambéry on RTL. But if discussions do not lead by Friday afternoon, "there will be very significant inconvenience to travelers," he warned. For its part, the regional branch of SNCF said that "all teams are mobilized for the strike did not take place."

The unions also raise against "the restructuring of the railway." Is a project to the group with the infrastructure manager Réseau Ferré de France, in order to stabilize the debt of the railway system. CGT and Sud-Rail fear that it is accompanied by job losses. "Management continues to eliminate positions in railway stations and on trains, said Julien Troccaz Delegate South Rail. 1,300 jobs have been lost since 2007. You can call it a social plan. "Contacted by AFP, the regional branch of the SNCF recalled that there was" no job cuts and no dismissal within the station. "… …..

Feb 12 2014

In 2014, wages increase for experts

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While the recruitment market in France contracted sharply in 2013, especially on the first part of the year, the vintage 2014 should mark a "clawback", according to experts at Robert Walters, while still remaining hesitant. Result, do not expect a general surge wages.1. "The movements of the market does not yet lead to an adjustment of wages", except some expertise that will lead "to the regular implementation of individualized adjustments."  

The use of sharp profiles and experts does seem to be characteristic of the recruitment market in times of crisis, says the 15th edition of the "Salary Survey" by Robert Walters, which passes combed fifteen trades worldwide ( finance, HR, Legal, engineering, procurement, commercial2, insurance …) and compiles payments of more than 100,000 candidates.

As Antoine Morgaut3 CEO Robert Walters Europe stresses, some functions are nevertheless remained "coveted" last year. It is above all profiles "experts" on the items "associated with mergers and acquisitions, consolidators of data scientists, community managers in human resources or digital marketers."

In 2013, said the study, the French market suffered a sharp contraction, large groups are largely engaged in restructuring plans effectifs4. This resulted at once by "a slowdown in the number of recruitments, apprehension candidates to risk, a fear of losing his job and widespread uncertainty."

Jan 09 2014

Sophie and Philippe Lacoste show Fusalp, creator of time

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Philippe and Sophie Lacoste resume the thread of their lives entrepreneurs. Brother and sister, at the end of the turmoil of the sale of textile family group at the Swiss group Maus1 come to ensure control Fusalp2, historical clothing brand based in Annecy winter sports.

On December 20, they acquired 77.6% of the capital of this small company 8 million turnover for an amount that has not been revealed. Fauvet Alexander, former executive director of the crocodile brand new and DG Fusalp will own 8% of the remaining 12.4% are held since June 2013 by the company management Toulouse Midi Capital. The remaining 2% is owned by a private investor.

"Over the past year, we were looking for investment opportunities, explains Philippe Lacoste, but it is proposed that we situations dormant partners. Sophie, we were planning to do something together. "We also had to turn the page of the Lacoste3 brand. "Others will now write the history of Lacoste says Philippe Lacoste. We must wish them luck, because many people depend on it. This is a break, but we look resolutely forward. "

It's almost incidentally Philippe and Sophie Lacoste embarked on this new adventure. Last summer, Joel Gleyze, CEO and owner of 98% stake in Fusalp-where he worked for 36 years-looking for partners to revive the brand for export. 12.4% assigned to it by Midi Capital insufficient. But in his fundraising efforts, he met Alexander Fauvet, former executive vice president of Lacoste, who presented the case to Sophie and Philippe in June.

"I had not planned to sell, but all conditions were met, says Joel Gleyze. I was delighted to see that Fusalp, who invented the time, but also created a way to dress elegantly mountain can affect persons having such acquired in textiles. "'s Flagship brand from 1960 to 1980 Today, with 400 outlets, mainly Franco-French. Based in Annecy, employs thirty people and is about to change pace.

As Lacoste, Fusalp was a true story. As Lacoste, Fusalp is well established and has a real authenticity.

So little in common between Fusalp and Lacoste, similarities appear. "The sizes are very different, says Philippe Lacoste, but there is affinity. As Lacoste, Fusalp was a true story. As Lacoste, Fusalp is well established and has a real authenticity. "

The future of Fusalp, founded in 1952, is building. "We will immerse ourselves in the company, to audit production and distribution. We will focus on collections, the first will be the fall-winter 2015-2016, with the idea of ​​bringing the collections of urban clothing casual wear. "

Joel Gleyze is relieved. "Given the number of French ski brands owned by foreign groups, I am glad to see Fusalp taken by Philippe and Sophie Lacoste. They will continue my efforts to export vesrs and ready-to-wear. "For a year, he will remain for the transition. And also turn the page.

Jan 05 2014

Indigestion "good year!" Is already feeling

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"So when doit-on/peut-on wish the new year?" One common question that is asked on several Forums1 year after year … The answer? Until 31 January, the entire month! A deadline that may seem a little late, as only a few days after January 1, the signs of irritation occur. On the web and social networks, this is a view shared by many users, who do not hesitate to share their feelings observation. On the Huffington Post, a columnist also wrote a very critical acerbe2 wishes of "Happy New Year" 2014. Others, on social networks, made similar criticisms in 140 characters – on Twitter – or more on Facebook.

On Facebook, many netizens criticize too full of wishes for 2014.

Why this rejection of vows? Because the way they are desired changes considerably. If the number of SMS sent to 20143 this year has stabilized after excessive increases in previous years, this is partly because we prefer more contact vows on social networks to a circle "of friends, "without bothering to customize them. "This massification vows on social networks completely removes the customization … Sincerity is a concept that is lost, "said Lily Ponthieux4, the agency's digital communications and marketing RAPP France. "It is the same birthday, we wish Facebook wall of his friends, because the date is public and visible to everyone."

At work, the wishes of "false ass?"

In business too, the vows are sometimes unbearable for some employees. And yet, good year is widely desired colleagues! "At a time when individualism is pervasive among employees perpetuate this rite of vows is a necessity. Because it is a way to unify the employees who have the feeling of living the same as their colleagues at the same time, "says Danièle Linhart5, labor sociologist and director of research at CNRS. "In an atmosphere where competition reigns at work, it is reassuring to unifying these cards! They also serve to remind everyone of its existence. "

However, the redundancy of vows and the fact that some employees feel "forced" to do can install some discomfort. "For some, this may be the opportunity to knock on the office door supervisors, to drag some small kindnesses" admits Danièle Linhart. "Get pro mails from colleagues who we've never really spoken, where wishing us a happy new year for yourself is quite disturbing," says Lily Ponthieux. "Wishing a happy new year is also a good opportunity to be false ass!" To the question "Do you already have an overdose of" Happy New Year! "At work, and until what date will you wish? "is what users responded on Twitter.

@ @ Quentinperinel6 Le_Figaro7 mid-January MAX! It is so heavy and not sincere at work …..

– Ben Henry (@ benjoum) January 2 20148

@ @ Quentinperinel9 Le_Figaro10 I can already more! A week again, and then it will be good!

– Blitzkrieg263 (@ blitzkrieg263) January 2 201411

@ @ Quentinperinel12 Le_Figaro13 only if I wish my answer. Otherwise a message on social networking enough.

– Fab! (@ Fabijet) January 2 201414

@ Quentinperinel15 yes, since 31/12. I already stopped the wish. In fact, I have not started.

– Jérôme Bouin (@ jeromebouin) January 2 201416

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