Jun 26 2014

After the e-cigarette, electronic seal up

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 The business of

vapotage continues its diversification. After the e-cigarette – allows opening a specialty store every three days1 in France – here's the e-seal, which arrives at the European tobacconists. This invention of a Dutch company called E-njoint already exists in three versions: the first model as safe according to law, without THC, tobacco-free and without nicotine.Totalement legal and harmless, the main advantage of this model is its original form and its operation: you pull the e-seal, and a hemp leaf lights at the end.

In contrast, the other two models which are also sold are much less harmless. And for once are real electronic seals, with effects that go with it: one of the two versions is charged with e-liquid that contains cannabis! And like a true joint, it is the user who decides he wants to dose inside. The last model allows smoking all kinds of dry grass, obviously including marijuana. If the Dutch company mentioned this last model in a statement, it currently left a blur on the Functioning of the latter variation. A

use in the health sector?

The company – which produces no less than 10,000 e-joints per day to be sold in Europe – also announced in discussions with Tikun Olam, the main Israeli company culture marijuana for medical purposes, to develop products to be used in medicine. This is not the first attempt: the website 01net notes that the company Cannabee offers electronic cigarettes and bottles of cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid which would be a medical benefactor.

Another finding, published in a report made in 2013 by the French Office for the Prevention of smoking and other addictions (OFTA): multiple sites or blogs offer Tips to change the composition of e-liquid to change its electronic cigarette e-joint. In fact, so it was already possible to make your own electronic seal. The report also cites several companies – including Cannabee – located in California that are active since 2012, and selling e-liquid for electronic cigarette transform its e-joint.

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Apr 18 2014

Road transport threatened by low-cost

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a French truck driver paid 31,000 euros net per year and his Polish counterpart paid 16,000 euros, an international transport company quickly made the calculation, provided that the rate of social security contributions is almost two times lower than in Poland … This "splits" denounced by a Senate report information was again discussed Wednesday by transport professionals and political representatives to the Economic and Social Council where there was a European conference on harmonization of social conditions in the road freight transport.

For decades, the distortions of competition between low-cost countries and others are dug. The "French flag" represents only 10% of the European market for international freight while in 1999 it was still 50% court records.

This movement is irreversible, say industry professionals. Some large French groups (Norbert Dentressangle1 Geodis …) are still present in this segment but their leaders emphasize that only the creation of subsidiaries in eastern Europe has kept an international activity which reflects the shift in activity industrial on the Old Continent.

The liberalization of the road haulage market and the enlargement of the European Union do not facilitate the harmonization of working conditions.

Early December, Frédéric Cuvillier2, the Minister of Transport, now secretary of state, even denounced "behavior slave" in the transport sector. "I saw how employees are treated European countries, apart from all social rules and creates an unacceptable dumping" had he exclaimed. Social dumping

The FNTR3 (National Federation of Road Transport) which includes the majority of transport companies denounces illegal and effects of "optimization" practices. Clearly, the practices of "cabotage" – that is to say, the succession of loading and unloading of goods in a country other than that of origin in the context of international transport service – which not comply with the regulations. In this case, the French companies that provide domestic services compete with these international operators. Other companies circumvent the law by using light vehicles traffic is not regulated public court records. The FNTR

hope that a common European driver status could be created within five years. It would converge fiscal, social and regulatory. No question, however, to align this standard on the French model, consider companies. "We should especially harmonize working hours," said an officer who regrets the equivalent costs there ten years between French companies and their counterparts in West Germany are now 10% lower than in Germany because of for better productivity and lower payroll taxes. By coincidence, the directive on posted workers who can fight against the dumping social4 was adopted unanimously Wednesday to the European Parliament.

Apr 09 2014

PSA Rennes website showcases the Factory of the Future

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Employees of PSA Peugeot Citroën1 Rennes plant are worried about their future. An extraordinary meeting of the committee of establishment provided Thursday, April 10 should "reorganize production in a single team, which means the removal of a half team," says Loïc Pottier, the CFTC2. Rennes is inspired Poissy and Mulhouse, where a team has lost in recent months. This removal can be done in the framework of the new social contract approved last year by the unions.

"We expected this announcement for 2015 rather than now," says Loïc Pottier. Trade unions signed agreement CFE-CGC, CFTC, and SIA-requested management constructor "make every effort to repatriate to Rennes new activities in workshops and research and development."

On this point, the Ministry of Productive Recovery should answer this. Rennes has indeed been chosen to host one of the pilots' factory of the future "plan. It is one of 34 industrial plans presented by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Productive Recovery in September. Its management was entrusted to Frédéric Sanchez, president of the manufacturer of machine tools Fives, and Bernard Charles, President of Dassault Systèmes.

The details of this plan have been disclosed last Thursday at the Salon of the industry, but at the last moment Arnaud Montebourg3 canceled his coming, held in Bercy by the ceremony of transfer of authority. On behalf of the Minister, Christophe Lerouge, Commissioner productive recovery of Burgundy, said Thursday that "this plan has two objectives: to work on the French offer of new production technology, such as 3D4 printing or robots to be able to export; and secondly, to ensure that these technologies are spreading in France in order to gain competitiveness. " A first steering committee for this plan met mid-March to validate four projects identified twenty one. Wizards robots

One of these four projects thus relates the PSA Rennes site. It should allow to conduct a pilot line for manufacturing prototype parts in composite structure for automobiles. Much lighter than steel, composites will help lighten cars and thus reduce emissions by improving consumption. This line will use technology developed by Fives specialist composite technology. This demonstrator will be housed in Excelcar a company's R & D set up by PSA and supported by the local Breton as part of the re-industrialization of the site. Actors

industrial-builders but also equipment-believe may contract with Excelcar to implement in their factories, their own tool production. Rennes line should be operational late 2015. The total investment will be between 10 and 20 million euros, and will cover 30 to 40 jobs. "The potential is, however, hundreds of jobs if manufacturers decide to implement other production lines in their factories for their vehicles," said an industry expert.

These projects should enable "the transformation of existing plants to create windows of the French technology that can be visited by foreign delegations, for example "explains Frédéric Sanchez Figaro. Unlike the German model, where the robots are already widely distributed in plants because labor is rather scarce, the French model leaves room to the man he is meant to be seen rather as replaced by a robot.

Mar 28 2014

Blackberry has lost nearly $ 6 billion in 2013

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BlackBerry has reported a net loss of $ 423 million in the last quarter of fiscal year 2014, a total loss of 12 months significantly inground 5.9 billion, with sales still falling libre.La loss Quarterly compares with a profit of $ 93 million for the last three months of fiscal 2013 (December 2012 – February 2013) need a personal loan with bad credit. For all of fiscal year 2013, the smartphone manufacturer had suffered a loss of 646 million dollars.LIRE ALSO: "BlackBerry still believes in strong smartphones clavier1

Mar 27 2014

The alarming increase in accidents among women

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Women's health at work degrades more than men. This is the observation that stands the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (NAALC), which published early March a study based on figures from the disease.1 insurance. While accidents have generally declined over the past decade (-13%), those women rose sharply (+20%) when men decreased (-23%). Same trend in commuting accidents with sick leave: they are down for men (-9%) and increased for women (15%).

How to explain it? Prevention policies have focused more on traditionally male sectors. For decades, precautionary measures were strengthened in industries such as metallurgy, chemistry, wood or textiles, Anact explains, adding that these sectors have parallel sharply declining enrollment.  

"An invisibility risk for certain jobs" predominantly female

In contrast, most women invested sectors (business services, retail Banking, insurance and administration) have benefited less from these preventive measures. There is a "invisibility risk for certain jobs or female-dominated sectors (services, care, trade, administrative …) given the fact that they have long been considered 'light' instead of jobs or sectors heavy 'predominantly male (construction, industry, energy …), "wrote Anact in its investigation. "Now the employee (s) are also exposed (s) to chemicals, problems of charging port and psychosocial risks, warns Chapert Florence, one of the study authors. But as these risks are less visible, they are less taken into account. "  

Other advanced by the responsible project of its kind, health and working conditions Anact hypothesis: differences in career paths between men and women, "the women, often confined to repetitive and painful positions change little hierarchically unlike men, she says. Result, they are more exposed to sustained professional wear. " In addition, biological and social differences are not taken into account. A equivalent position, the effects of work are not the same for men and women. "Muscle differences, machines not adapted to the size of women may have additional consequences on the health of women." The boom

occupational diseases in women

Can we say that women are worse off than men? Not statistically anyway. In 2012, work accidents involve much more men (67.5%) than women (32.5%). And commuting accidents, men and women are almost equally: 48% and 52%.

…… But inequality increases when the question of occupational diseases are addressed, who are mostly MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). The recognition of occupational diseases has increased nearly twice as fast for women (169%) than for men (91%), all lines of business combined. Workers and employees are three times more likely to get sick than their male counterparts, according to a study published in Dares 20102. And even among executives and entrepreneurs, women are more affected (1.2%) than men (0.8%). If

recognized occupational diseases are more common in women, they are more serious, however men who are overexposed to occupational cancers (97% recognitions occupational cancers affect).

Jan 27 2014

Unemployment: Tree no longer believes in the inversion, Moscovici perseveres

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While the December figures to be published this Monday evening, members of the government are not in tune. If some anticipate the failure of the inversion curve unemployment1 and cautious or pessimistic, others defend at all costs the government's record.

Asked Sunday on reversing the trend in unemployment, Michel Sapin2 preferred evoke "a situation of stabilization." Anticipating accusations coaster, the Minister of Employment endeavored to recall the efforts of the government to a crisis that Francis Hollande3 admitted underestimated.

"We are moving towards a situation is a situation stabilization is already considerable," said the Minister of Employment, invited the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / i / TV World. "Everyone will then ramble: 'yes, you are not spent in the least something (…). But 2013 was a year of battle fought effectively against rising unemployment. "

The minister put forward a new fois4 the decline recorded during the year 2013 – "more than 30,000 unemployed additional months" in the first quarter against "third quarter 5500" – and the decline in youth unemployment "for eight months. " He also defended the effectiveness of its policy to support use with supported employment. "The engine of employment policy gave all he could give results," he has said. "We plugged the gaps in 2012 and 2013 and the boat is restarted the second half of 2013. Today the challenge is that this boat, which moves too slowly, moving faster, "added the Minister online payday loans. "The economy must take over from the creation of jobs," he continued, referring to the pact proposed by François Hollande responsabilité5 business that provides relief of charges in exchange for 6 embauches7.

More direct counterpart of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll8 acknowledged Sunday evening BFMTV "that figure near, the year 2013, we will not reverse the trend of unemployment." However, he felt the need to continue the effort to lower unemployment. Pierre Moscovici9 is not of the same opinion, saying that "the year 2013 there was a sharp deceleration and reversal of the trend in unemployment has been initiated." The Minister of Economy said on France Info that there is "now improved employment situation, a growth restarts but more must be done." This confusion in government communications is reminiscent who had surrounded the announcement of a tax reduction from 201510.

In the aftermath, Jean-Claude Mailly11 blasted "missed a bet" and lashed out at the government hesitant communication. "It must be clearly stated. A sudden reversal is a sudden, it is stabilizing, suddenly, it is a slower rise, we will end up having the reverse inversion, that is to say the increase. "Secretary General ouvrière12 Force on France 5 found that" while we do not find an economic growth rate of around 1.6 minimum point, we may have an increase in unemployment. "


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Jan 06 2014

PMU: the French punters were less players in 2013

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This is a paradox that the CEO of the PMU, Philippe Germond1, would gladly provided: the fall from 0.9% to 10.4 billion recorded in 2013 by GIE issues is mainly due to the disaffection of the French racing bettors of chevaux2. The amount of their own issues fell 5.2% to $ 8.9 billion.

Refusing to discuss competition gambling gains reported more spectacular than those races, Philippe Germond justified this regression, the first after fifteen years of uninterrupted growth, the economy. "This decline is due to a difficult economic environment and a significant rise in unemployment," he has said before mentioning the occasional reasons such as cancellation of three Quinte and the absence in 2013 of four events this deviation from the previous year cheapest personal loan rates. If the gross gaming revenue (difference between paris and earnings of players) is rising, Philippe Germond mentioned competition of sports paris The French jeux3 of the physical network. Among the satisfactions of PMU: the increase of 22.4% of sports paris (199,000,000) and especially the 10% increase of poker (569 million) in a total market decline.

Jan 05 2014

Indigestion "good year!" Is already feeling

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"So when doit-on/peut-on wish the new year?" One common question that is asked on several Forums1 year after year … The answer? Until 31 January, the entire month! A deadline that may seem a little late, as only a few days after January 1, the signs of irritation occur. On the web and social networks, this is a view shared by many users, who do not hesitate to share their feelings observation. On the Huffington Post, a columnist also wrote a very critical acerbe2 wishes of "Happy New Year" 2014. Others, on social networks, made similar criticisms in 140 characters – on Twitter – or more on Facebook.

On Facebook, many netizens criticize too full of wishes for 2014.

Why this rejection of vows? Because the way they are desired changes considerably. If the number of SMS sent to 20143 this year has stabilized after excessive increases in previous years, this is partly because we prefer more contact vows on social networks to a circle "of friends, "without bothering to customize them. "This massification vows on social networks completely removes the customization … Sincerity is a concept that is lost, "said Lily Ponthieux4, the agency's digital communications and marketing RAPP France. "It is the same birthday, we wish Facebook wall of his friends, because the date is public and visible to everyone."

At work, the wishes of "false ass?"

In business too, the vows are sometimes unbearable for some employees. And yet, good year is widely desired colleagues! "At a time when individualism is pervasive among employees perpetuate this rite of vows is a necessity. Because it is a way to unify the employees who have the feeling of living the same as their colleagues at the same time, "says Danièle Linhart5, labor sociologist and director of research at CNRS. "In an atmosphere where competition reigns at work, it is reassuring to unifying these cards! They also serve to remind everyone of its existence. "

However, the redundancy of vows and the fact that some employees feel "forced" to do can install some discomfort. "For some, this may be the opportunity to knock on the office door supervisors, to drag some small kindnesses" admits Danièle Linhart. "Get pro mails from colleagues who we've never really spoken, where wishing us a happy new year for yourself is quite disturbing," says Lily Ponthieux. "Wishing a happy new year is also a good opportunity to be false ass!" To the question "Do you already have an overdose of" Happy New Year! "At work, and until what date will you wish? "is what users responded on Twitter.

@ @ Quentinperinel6 Le_Figaro7 mid-January MAX! It is so heavy and not sincere at work …..

– Ben Henry (@ benjoum) January 2 20148

@ @ Quentinperinel9 Le_Figaro10 I can already more! A week again, and then it will be good!

– Blitzkrieg263 (@ blitzkrieg263) January 2 201411

@ @ Quentinperinel12 Le_Figaro13 only if I wish my answer. Otherwise a message on social networking enough.

– Fab! (@ Fabijet) January 2 201414

@ Quentinperinel15 yes, since 31/12. I already stopped the wish. In fact, I have not started.

– Jérôme Bouin (@ jeromebouin) January 2 201416

Dec 26 2013

Rising unemployment: Holland in denial

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It was there several months inside the cabinet. "What is good is that nobody believes this reversal curve unemployment1, François Hollande2 launched a resolutely optimistic. This will be good news! "Or not. Thursday evening, the publication of unemployment figures for November was a cold shower for the government: 17,800 more job seekers Class A. Bad news, which contradicts the optimism Thursday morning by the spokesman of the PS, David Assouline. Bad news that contradicts the mainly good October 3 results (down about 20,000 job seekers Class A), the first since the beginning of the quinquennium.

The November increase is however offset by a decline in employment of Class B applicants (minus 3.1%) and C (minus 0.4%), two categories increased in October. In other words, if the unemployed who worked part-time or short-term contracts are included, the trend is downward (- 6900 registered). This allows the Minister of Labour, Michel Sapin4 to say that the reversal is "indeed committed in the fourth quarter" and must wait until December to "confirm" this trend. Anxious to turn quickly against fire, François Hollande immediately issued a statement Thursday night, saying in turn that if the November figures were "mitigate" those of October, "they did not change the trend." "The reversal of the trend in unemployment, which I am committed, is well underway, he insists. Sustainable reduction in unemployment is now within our reach. "

Operation "are saving bet Holland" launched

By Thursday evening, the government and the PS launched operation "are saving bet Holland" just published figures, the faithful patron of senators PS, François Rebsamen is mounted niche to congratulate him as a inversion "tends to confirm." As the first secretary of the PS, Harlem Désir, he does not hesitate to use a conqueror tone: "After reversing in 2013, in 2014 focus on the consolidation and amplification of down," as he's statement. Not less. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Michel Sapin Ayrault5 and take care of the after-sales service, Friday at Lorient. They will try to turn to present their best numbers. "You can say the numbers that you want, sighs an advisor to the Elysee. Everyone will find what he will find. Trend (down, Ed) is supported but these figures are not windfall. It must be very, very careful. These are not the tomorrows. "

It is a blow to Hollande. Although there still believes the head of state – who had rejected his press conference in January for results to present – hoping to finish the year on a positive note. While it stagnates in the depths of unpopularity, to boast reverse the trend of unemployment, as he had promised there a year, would allow him to recrédibiliser his word and action to demonetized eyes of the French. "This is the key to everything, pounded a minister this fall. There is nothing else that matters, everything else is only literature. Part of the five-year play it. If we fail, it is very bad … "Las.

At the Elysee, we tried to relativize Thursday night. "It takes a lot of determination and a lot of serenity," philosophized an advisor. Fragile hopes Hollande now postpone the December figures, which will be known in late January.

Nov 24 2013

MyKomunity: first video game of collaborative innovation

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At 25, Alban Guyot has fitted his company raised € 455,000 and marketed its first product. "This is a great adventure," enthuses the young man. At the head of MyKompany, he wants to share her experience with others and let their creative opportunity. In October, it launched MyKomunity the first "social game" dedicated to innovation. The first good ideas were selected Friday.

Launched on October 25, MyKomunity is a platform where users can submit their ideas for innovative products and develop progressively the five levels that make up the game's first stage lasts thirty days and allows inventors to "work around their idea, "while collecting the reactions of others" Mykers "members of the community. After a month, if they feel that the idea is worth developing, it enters the "desktop manufacturing".

The user then assigns the rights to its product MyKompany in exchange for 2% of annual net sales if the idea is marketed. MyKompany then takes market research and feasibility studies, as well as work on product positioning. It is why surrounded by forty specialized companies. If all lights are green, the production is launched and the product is sold on the commercial site MyKompany.

A CDI key

The idea of ​​launching MyKomunity emerges when Alban Guyot eventually develop the "Mykee" keyring intelligent. "With the help of various partners and suppliers, we managed to make marketable Mykee in record time. I wanted to replicate this process on an industrial scale. "The open innovation is booming and the market of" social "and" serious games "(video games for educational or informative purposes) experiencing an unprecedented boom. Alban Guyot is betting "mix the two markets." With five employees, including a video game creator, they imagine MyKomunity a "social game for product innovation."

But this is not all. As in any game, there is a prize. For the most dynamic MyKers completing the game, a CDI in MyKompany is the key, paid 25,000 euros per year and involves a laptop. Alban Guyot explains that "if he comes to the end of all levels who climb in difficulty, then the MyKer knows our business and operations", which greatly reduces the cost of training future employee. MyKompany hopes to hire one to four people next year.

"We can expect a turnover of € 25 million in five years"

Alban Guyot, founder MyKompany

After less than a month of existence, MyKomunity already has a hundred members and collected 88 ideas. A project of tights that do not Susceptible and wine cellar connected to know when you taste his wines have been welcomed by the community and should integrate the production office. They could be part of "two to three products" Alban Guyot wishes to market in 2014. Several business schools and companies have also shown interest. The concept could be transformed into a customizable white label in the environment for internal projects.

Alban Guyot welcomes this craze, which confirms its outlook. The entrepreneur aims to become "a recognized innovation society" within five years and hopes to count "thirty collaboreurs" at the end of this period. He will begin to raise one million euros next year. "Collaborative innovation and made in France were booming, we can expect a turnover of € 25 million in 2018" against about 150,000 euros this year. "Our main competitor, American Quirky1, managed to raise $ 26 million. It is possible! "

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