Apr 18 2014

Road transport threatened by low-cost

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a French truck driver paid 31,000 euros net per year and his Polish counterpart paid 16,000 euros, an international transport company quickly made the calculation, provided that the rate of social security contributions is almost two times lower than in Poland … This "splits" denounced by a Senate report information was again discussed Wednesday by transport professionals and political representatives to the Economic and Social Council where there was a European conference on harmonization of social conditions in the road freight transport.

For decades, the distortions of competition between low-cost countries and others are dug. The "French flag" represents only 10% of the European market for international freight while in 1999 it was still 50% court records.

This movement is irreversible, say industry professionals. Some large French groups (Norbert Dentressangle1 Geodis …) are still present in this segment but their leaders emphasize that only the creation of subsidiaries in eastern Europe has kept an international activity which reflects the shift in activity industrial on the Old Continent.

The liberalization of the road haulage market and the enlargement of the European Union do not facilitate the harmonization of working conditions.

Early December, Frédéric Cuvillier2, the Minister of Transport, now secretary of state, even denounced "behavior slave" in the transport sector. "I saw how employees are treated European countries, apart from all social rules and creates an unacceptable dumping" had he exclaimed. Social dumping

The FNTR3 (National Federation of Road Transport) which includes the majority of transport companies denounces illegal and effects of "optimization" practices. Clearly, the practices of "cabotage" – that is to say, the succession of loading and unloading of goods in a country other than that of origin in the context of international transport service – which not comply with the regulations. In this case, the French companies that provide domestic services compete with these international operators. Other companies circumvent the law by using light vehicles traffic is not regulated public court records. The FNTR

hope that a common European driver status could be created within five years. It would converge fiscal, social and regulatory. No question, however, to align this standard on the French model, consider companies. "We should especially harmonize working hours," said an officer who regrets the equivalent costs there ten years between French companies and their counterparts in West Germany are now 10% lower than in Germany because of for better productivity and lower payroll taxes. By coincidence, the directive on posted workers who can fight against the dumping social4 was adopted unanimously Wednesday to the European Parliament.

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Apr 11 2014

The stickers, a little-known business on smartphones

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 We call

smileys, emoticons, emoji or stickers. They dress our emails, chat conversations and SMS our patterns of all colors. From smiling to moving images via the cute cat face, they embody in their own way a certain culture of the image on the Web. Thanks to smartphones, these small images are now fertile ground for a booming economy.

A new means of communication

The smileys have evolved since the early messengers. Combinations of punctuation (eg, colon followed by a parenthesis – :) – a smiling face) have been replaced by icons specially designed by the mobile manufacturers. The first to have seen the phenomenon is NTT DoCoMo. In the late 90s, the Japanese operator has launched the "emoji", a font only consists of standard icons. NTT DoCoMo wanted to facilitate the exchange of its customers by integrating images directly into their mobile phone. "When someone sends 'I understand', the speaker may not know if this is something nice, or if it is something negative," explained Shigetaka Kurita, creator of emojis in an interview with the magazine The Verge 1, to justify his invention. "You never know what happens in the mind of the person who sends us a message."

With emoji, users have SMS easily add to their hearts or little faces expressing emotions of the moment. First acclaimed by Japanese teenagers, emojis became widespread in 2011, thanks to their integration in iOS 5, Apple's mobile operating system. They were then adopted by other services, including the latest version of Android (mobile operating system from Google), Windows Phone or Hangout, instant messaging, Google, and recently social networks like Twitter. Example

stickers used on Line. Already

20% of turnover Line

The arrival of emojis gave ideas to companies specializing in services for mobile. The instant messaging applications such as KakaoTalk, Line or WeChat, sought to monetize the interest of their users for these cute pictures or funny. Thus were born the "stickers", a larger version – especially pay – emoticons.  

This new generation smileys owes much to Japanese Application Line.2 Since its launch in 2011, the courier was a large catalog of Pay images, updated through collaborations with artists or celebrities. On Line, you can buy stickers bearing the image of Paul McCartney or the latest manga fashion free credit score. Users to collect them because of a few tens of cents per unit. In 2013, Line has managed to generate 50 million euros from the sale of stickers, or 20% of its turnover.

As smileys and emojis the stickers used to communicate with contacts quickly and efficiently. A significant interest in Asia, including ideographic languages ​​complicate writing on a keyboard. European and American public as it converts, more for the fun side of these images. Line spotted this hearing and adapts its catalog to local tastes in countries where it grows. Spain, users can buy the official stickers Real Madrid or FC Barcelona.

Inspired by the success of Line, Western Web companies also put the stickers. Facebook has launched a store in its messaging service, Facebook Messenger, currently only stocked lots of free stickers. BlackBerry has done well his BBM application. The stickers have appeared in smaller services, such as the Path application that has made his sole source of income. From

advertising in the middle of conversations

As usage increases, the stickers are becoming increasingly an advertising channel. Again, applications Asian IM showed the way. They put Passier partnerships with brands such as Coca-Cola, to produce Sponsored stickers. On Facebook, and you can use stickers bearing the image of LEGO or Muppets (owned by Walt Disney Studio). Thus, users are left to themselves transmit advertising messages to their friends.

"Rather than calling around the content with banners, the advertisement is brought to heart conversations," says Jonathan Levy-Bencheton, co-founder of Feeligo. The French start-up that offers a tool stickers for websites, has teamed up with the production company Century Fox. Through this partnership, members of the site aufeminin.com, Feeligo client can use stickers bearing the image of drawing anime Rio-2, produced by Century Fox. Encouraged by his first campaign, Feeligo now seeks to support other brands in this new form of communication.

All brands do not bother with such an agent. In March, the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld launched his own line stickers in his likeness, available by downloading an application for smartphones. A strategy to attract young users and ensure a new source of revenue, all at a lower cost. To attract consumers, Web companies and brands now feature their best smile.

Mar 16 2014

Canal + and Sports beIN at loggerheads

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beIN Sports1 as at Canal 2, was prepared heavy artillery. On March 7, the Professional Football League has triggered a general commotion in battle staffs of the two broadcasters precipitating the timing of the tender TV rights to the league 13 over the period 2016 – 2020.

For both channels, the issue is crucial. Even vital. If cinema is a strong argument to recruit new viewers in the case of Canal +, the true power of seduction, and even more that of beIN Sports, based primarily on sports, especially football. Without this discipline lighthouse, there is a good chance that customers will terminate their contract. By themselves, cinema and series will not make the weight in the case of Canal +. About beIN Sports, which has bought the TV at the football World Cup Brésil4 rights, the broadcaster can not establish itself as a premium channel without the best Ligue 1. What do flambé adding the rights to this competition. In a note, financial analysts and Natixis consider it possible that Canal + is seeking exclusive rights to Ligue 1 through very high inflation, rising from € 420 million per year to 760 million. "This would represent a significant investment but allow the group to" secure "the model definitely pay TV premium and have time to develop it, facing the threat of new entrants, as Netflix5." …..

… The tension is even greater this time, that the time to construct a plan of action is short: just over a month, until April 4. Worse, the tenders will be this time successive, making it possible for broadcasters renchérir between each batch.  Next round

April 4

And to make matters worse, the tender of the Champion's League and League Europa's arrive a few days later, in April. For both pay broadcasters, "this is the week of all the dangers," analyzes a pattern string. Enough to give a cold sweat leaders of Canal + and beIN Sports. TV rights experts, financiers and strategists in both groups certainly prepare sleepless nights. But the final decision has serious implications, remain the exclusive case of three men: Yousef al-Obaidly, Director General beIN Sports, Bertrand Meheut and Rodolphe Belmer, the two leaders of Canal +. In this conflict, all shots will be permitted. They have already started to rain.

Last summer, Canal + has filed a complaint for unfair competition, arguing that petrodollars allowed to invest beIN Sports bleeds. In January, she had tried to persuade the government to prohibit bein Sports, owner of PSG, to be a candidate for the purchase of TV rights, before being sent back to its goals by the Ministry of Sports. Next round expected on April 4, together with the decision of the LFP. Canal + like beIN Sports, victory can only be considered one way: by KO

Mar 12 2014

Villepin would have received € 100,000 after a working day

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that does not go unnoticed. Dominique de Villepin would indeed hit no less than 100,000 euros for a single day's work ahead Telegraph1 The … In fact, those few extra hours were needed for the former diplomat key retired officer of the diplomatic corps, adds British newspaper. The former Prime Minister Jacques Chirac have indeed made this flash back in September, thus opening the rights to touch this tidy sum. Problem

this regulation would not have done automatically. The procedure was approved by the Minister Laurent Fabius in place, the newspaper said, although the Quai d'Orsay denies any "discretionary or preferential treatment" with regard to the former Prime Minister. And at a time when "the government is pushing for austerity, higher taxes and deep cuts in public spending," the new tenants would have exasperated the prestigious department, the newspaper said. An administrative error

Meanwhile, the environment of Dominique de Villepin have invoked him an administrative error which would justify the request direct payday lenders. Contacted by the newspaper, Daniel Arlaud, spokesman for the former tenant of Matignon, explained that "this administrative error had been a request from Dominique de Villepin to the competent authorities."

In any event, the payment of this amount would not be illegal. Much more than "abuse" on the part of the former Prime Minister, the payment would be an offshoot of the French system of remuneration of senior civil service, which grows outcry across the Channel.  A

indignation also nourished by little precarious situation of the former senior official. In fact, Dominique de Villepin today have as a consultant for his company International Villepin, who performed in 2013, nearly 1.7 million euros in turnover. The newspaper also pointed out that the magazine L'Express unveiled in 2012 Villepin heritage: a real estate property in Paris worth 3 million and an estimated more than 4 million personal fortune

. ..

Feb 21 2014

Facebook offers messaging WhatsApp for $ 19 billion

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strikes a blow to the mobile messaging. Wednesday night, the social network announced the surprise takeover of the WhatsApp application for a staggering $ 16 billion dollars (11 billion euros), of which 4 billion in cash and $ 12 billion in shares. The founders and employees of WhatsApp will receive an additional $ 3 billion in the form of stock options, bringing the total transaction at $ 19 billion.

At this price, retrieves a Facebook application for smartphones and the world's most popular tablet. Every month, more than 450 million people use WhatsApp in the world, 70% connect daily to send free messages instead of SMS. This is twice as eg the number of active users Twitter1. Some 19 billion messages are sent every day, and 34 billion received, as well as texting transiting among telecom operators. The triomple

Model "freemium"

As the application of Instagram photos, bought $ 715 million in Facebook in 2012, WhatsApp will retain its name and independence . The company, founded in 2009, employs about fifty people and had only raised $ 8 million for its development. Financial results were never disclosed.

"It makes money but the important thing is not monetization. We focused on one day but for now the main goal is that the service WhatsApp works, "explained co-founder recently in January Kum, powered billionaire quick cash. The use of WhatsApp is free the first year and without advertising, including match abroad, after which access is charged 0.72 euro per year. This success shows the power of the "freemium" model, which attracts a large number of users with a service at first. The Facebook

share declined

The acquisition of WhatsApp reflects the desire to multiply the Facebook mobile applications, to establish itself as the center of communications on smartphones and tablets. The social network had also developed a competitor WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. Mark Zuckerberg had tried in vain to buy Snapchat2, another very popular messaging application for $ 4 billion. Another heavyweight messaging on smartphones, Viber, was bought last week by the Japanese Rakuten3 900 million.

The acquisition of WhatsApp, announced after the close of trading, was greeted with warmth. Facebook as lost 2% in after-hours trading to midnight. This is the largest acquisition in the history of the social network, the more important for a mobile application and one of the largest in the technology sector. Google had paid $ 12.5 billion to buy the mobile manufacturer Motorola in 2011 sold since the Chinese Lenovo. Microsoft acquired Skype for $ 8.5 billion and $ 7.2 billion for Nokia.

Feb 08 2014

Peugeot track reconciliation

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And if … And if ultimately it was still possible to find a compromise on the future of PSA, a solution that would share all the members of the Peugeot family and the French government? While in China, is about to close the New Year festivities in Paris, negotiations are intense and confabulations. According to several sources, several "messengers" are working to find common ground between Peugeot, and especially between the executive and Thierry Peugeot, so as to bring it to – finally – fully support an operation payday loans guaranteed no fax.

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Jan 27 2014

Unemployment: Tree no longer believes in the inversion, Moscovici perseveres

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While the December figures to be published this Monday evening, members of the government are not in tune. If some anticipate the failure of the inversion curve unemployment1 and cautious or pessimistic, others defend at all costs the government's record.

Asked Sunday on reversing the trend in unemployment, Michel Sapin2 preferred evoke "a situation of stabilization." Anticipating accusations coaster, the Minister of Employment endeavored to recall the efforts of the government to a crisis that Francis Hollande3 admitted underestimated.

"We are moving towards a situation is a situation stabilization is already considerable," said the Minister of Employment, invited the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / i / TV World. "Everyone will then ramble: 'yes, you are not spent in the least something (…). But 2013 was a year of battle fought effectively against rising unemployment. "

The minister put forward a new fois4 the decline recorded during the year 2013 – "more than 30,000 unemployed additional months" in the first quarter against "third quarter 5500" – and the decline in youth unemployment "for eight months. " He also defended the effectiveness of its policy to support use with supported employment. "The engine of employment policy gave all he could give results," he has said. "We plugged the gaps in 2012 and 2013 and the boat is restarted the second half of 2013. Today the challenge is that this boat, which moves too slowly, moving faster, "added the Minister online payday loans. "The economy must take over from the creation of jobs," he continued, referring to the pact proposed by François Hollande responsabilité5 business that provides relief of charges in exchange for 6 embauches7.

More direct counterpart of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll8 acknowledged Sunday evening BFMTV "that figure near, the year 2013, we will not reverse the trend of unemployment." However, he felt the need to continue the effort to lower unemployment. Pierre Moscovici9 is not of the same opinion, saying that "the year 2013 there was a sharp deceleration and reversal of the trend in unemployment has been initiated." The Minister of Economy said on France Info that there is "now improved employment situation, a growth restarts but more must be done." This confusion in government communications is reminiscent who had surrounded the announcement of a tax reduction from 201510.

In the aftermath, Jean-Claude Mailly11 blasted "missed a bet" and lashed out at the government hesitant communication. "It must be clearly stated. A sudden reversal is a sudden, it is stabilizing, suddenly, it is a slower rise, we will end up having the reverse inversion, that is to say the increase. "Secretary General ouvrière12 Force on France 5 found that" while we do not find an economic growth rate of around 1.6 minimum point, we may have an increase in unemployment. "


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Jan 21 2014

Real Estate: general increase in transfer taxes

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Despite the decline in the prices of stone, many households will soon pay more for homeownership. The Finance Act 2014 in fact authorizes the county councils who wish to increase from 3.8% to 4.5% for two years transfer taxes, commonly known costs notaire1 that each buyer spends at the Buying a property old. The increase in this tax should enable departments to cope with the growing burden of social spending (RSA2, allowances for dependent elderly and disabled) and the decline in state grants to local governments.

The measure will come into force on 1 March in the departments which have adopted and will apply until 29 February 2016. It therefore concern the acts signed from March 1, even if the sale agreement was drafted in late 2013. "In recent months, buyers have often meant to accelerate the sales process to avoid paying a premium," says Vincent Chauveau, notary in Loire-Atlantique. As for individuals, the extra tax of 18.4% will not be negligible. Thus, for a € 300,000 home purchased, the new owner will pay 2,100 euros more than in 2013 (see table below). "Increasing Notary fees amounts to requiring that the individual has a greater to acquire a property, because today the banks do not finance these capital costs," said Mael Bernier, spokesman of Empruntis.com.

"The vast majority of departments, right and left, will put the rights transfer to 4.5% because they have no other choice to finance higher social benefits," said Claudy Lebreton3, President of the General Council of Côtes-d'Armor and the Association of Departments of France (ADF).

After the municipal

For the latter "between fifteen and twenty departments maintain a maximum rate of 3.8%." For now, only five of them have announced that they levy tax on real estate transactions remain unchanged: Isère, Paris, Brittany, Mayenne and Yvelines. Yonne may also be in this case. The decision will be made during the budget vote on 30 and 31 January.

In contrast, the list of departments majoreront transfer duties on 1 March grows day by day. North, Eure or Creuse were among the first to announce painful. Pas-de-Calais, Seine-et-Marne, Savoie, Ain, Bas-Rhin, Loir-et-Cher, Loiret, Côtes-d'Armor, Aude, Corrèze or Charente-Maritime is also in this case. Other councils have enshrined the principle of increase in their budget (often already cohosh in the preliminary budget) which will be voted on in the days and weeks to come.

This is particularly the case of Essonne, Indre-et-Loire, Gard, Haute-Saône Haute-Marne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Allier, Pyrénées- East, Vienna, Channel, Oise, Gironde, Alpes-Maritimes, Haute-Garonne, the Vendee, Meurthe-et-Moselle or the Corse-du-Sud. In the Hérault, the budget will be approved in late February.

Cautiously, some general advice confess not yet have stopped their decision. "This will be made during the debate on the budget guidelines 23 and 24 January," says Will we in the General Council of Ille-et-Vilaine. "An evaluation and analysis work is in progress, including what we will puncture the state," says one in the Loire. Idem in Calvados. The General Council of Hauts-de-Seine, we confess "think again" on the issue. Indre, Landes, Val-d'Oise, the Rhône, Haute-Savoie, Bouches-du-Rhone, Seine-Saint-Denis or the Loire-Atlantique will decide in the spring (April or May). In other words, after the municipal elections, although this is not specified. Some of these departments also concede that they observe their neighbors and follow the national trend


For most buyers, all legal fees will therefore shortly from 7% to about 7.7%. "The notary fees include a departmental tax of 3.8% or 4.5% soon, a municipal tax of 1.2% of the cost of assessment and collection, the rate is fixed at 2.37% right Departmental fees and notaries, "explains Bruno Delabre, notary in the North. The fees of notaries also come slightly increase due to the increase of VAT increased on 1 January from 19.6% to 20% … Anyway, with this budget law, the government will struggle to be heard when he says do to lower the price of housing.

Jan 14 2014

Japanese "Abenomics" landed in Africa

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A symbol. To close its historic African tour, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo ABE1 will speak Tuesday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from the seat of the brand new africaine2 Union, built and donated by … China.

The Sino-Japanese rivalry is indeed the backdrop of the Japanese Prime Minister travel in Africa. As the "Sinafrique" has she made the headlines in recent years, as the Empire of the Rising Sun seemed to have abandoned the black continent. Certainly Japan.3 remained a generous donor but its trade with the continent did not reach € 15 billion in 2013, five times less than those linking Africa to China.

VRP Olympics and Industry

Shinzo Abe intends to deploy a more active diplomacy as his Minister of Foreign Affairs stated January 10, 2014 at Figaro, pay for the person on the one hand, securing vital energy supplies to the Archipelago and, hand, selling products "Made in Japan" on emerging African middle class.

The stage last Friday in Côte d'Ivoire4, was the first visit by a Japanese government in Francophone Africa.

In Abidjan, Shinzo Abe did not merely offer kimonos percent of Ivorian Judo Federation for the Olympic Games "Tokyo 2020". He announced a contribution of € 5.5 million in Côte d'Ivoire, a small portion of an envelope of € 61 million in humanitarian aid attributed to several Sahelian countries overnight pay day loans. "Côte d'Ivoire is seen by Tokyo as a gateway to the door Francophone Africa," says one expert. Shinzo Abe, who calls himself "first VRP" of his country, considering Africa as a promising market for infrastructure (power stations, ports), automotive or medical equipment, one of the industrial priorities in the context of "Abenomics5" policy stimulus Prime Minister.

Cooperation with Japanese fashion includes training local workforce to enroll in the long run

In Mozambique6 Saturday, the priority was to raw materials. The countries bordering the Indian Ocean has significant reserves of coal and gas, yet largely untapped. Mozambique plans to build by 2018 four liquefaction plants gas to export 20 million tonnes of LNG (liquefied natural gas) per year. Japan, the world's largest LNG importer, even more dependent on oil from the closure of all its nuclear plants following the Fukushima disaster, will respond to the call for tenders for this project in 15 billion euros, via its industrial Chiyoda and Mitsui.

In three African capitals tour, the Japanese Prime Minister has a message to counter the Chinese rival, often accused of sending his labor without great benefits to the local economy. Cooperation with Japanese fashion includes training local workforce – 200 Mozambican technicians for example – to enroll in the long term.

Jan 04 2014

Homeless recruited to clean Fukushima

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"Without decontamination, no reconstruction," repeats the Japanese1 government that wants to recover as quickly as possible the most contaminated territories. Nearly three years after the disaster Fukushima2, the state is working some 10,000 men to clean highly contaminated area around the devastated plant, which covers nearly 2,000 km ². Nearly $ 35 billion has been invested by the State to the task. But the initial decontamination project was delayed and could last until 2017.

While voluntary missing, a report by the agency Reuters3 describes how the homeless are recruited around Fukushima by cleaning companies financed by the authorities. Contracts from the Japanese Ministry of Ecology are particularly lucrative in the most radioactive areas where an employee can earn up to an extra 100 dollars a day. In areas exposed to high levels of radiation, the homeless are specifically responsible for empty abandoned houses, tilling the soil, cut the grass or sweep around the site.

Poorly controlled sector

To address this contamination, the Department has signed agreements with nearly 733 Japanese companies, reports Reuters instant credit reports. But some of these subcontractors are managed by yakuzas4 (Japanese mafia) through front companies. According to the police, many of these intermediaries take advantage of the vulnerability of their recruits. "I just find people and send them to work. (…) I make them earn money in exchange. That's it. I do not involve myself in what happens after, "says one of them.  

After deduction of the cost of food and housing, workers have seen their salary reduced by 50 cents compared to the minimum hourly wage in Fukushima, which is $ 6.50. "We are an easy target for recruiters. We are all here with our bags in the station and we are easy to find. They only have to tell us: "Looking for work? Are you hungry, "testified Shizuya Nishiyama, a homeless man who worked in Sendai, a city 60 km from Fukushima in northeast Japan.

According to the reporter, the yakuza also target people in debt or suffering from psychological disability. The Japanese government has no estimates on the number of homeless people working in the decontamination of devastated sites.

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