Jul 04 2014

The shock report on low-cost Inconvenient Air France

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 The report

Monday handed the CEO of Air France 1 on what to implement to fight against low-cost airlines will he kindly stored at the bottom of a closet I need regular. Ordered by Frédéric Gagey2, the CEO of the company tricolor to imagine a sustainable future for the activity "point to point" – that is to say without match, so – short and medium letter of Air France group flights and reduce losses (200 million euros in 2013), this report contains the recommendations of an expert group. If the CEO of Air France is expected that the strategy currently being conducted, ie reducing the number of devices and stops where the losses are important and maintaining three brands is reinforced, this is not the case.

Shares of Air France erode market

The rapporteur this job is none other than Lionel Guérin, the current boss Hop! 3, the company that brings Airlinair Britair and Regional, three regional entities of the Air France4 who steal appliances from 48 to 100 seats. The expert group has tried to cope and rationalize, at least on paper, a business operated by three different companies within the Air France group: Transavia5, the low-cost intended for leisure flights, Hop, that regional conducts domestic flights to major European cities (Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, ​​Stuttgart …) and finally Air France whose market share erode. In some figures, these three companies together account 2 billion euros of turnover and employ 10,000 employees in this activity.

The facts are simple. Short and medium-haul to the hub at Roissy fueling long-haul flights Air France flights lose € 400 million per year but management tolerates some of these losses as it flows through the long-haul profitable. "We can accept losing to Air France 150 million euros per year to fill its planes at Roissy. These are costs that could virtually integrate long-haul, "says an analyst.

Beautiful margins low-cost

But no question of widening losses activity "point to point" that competitors such as EasyJet, Vueling or Volotea have captured while achieving beautiful margins. On flights between France and Europe, Air France lost 5 points of market share between 2010 and 2014. And the French domestic market, low-cost airlines increased from 15 to 27% market share between 2010 and 2014

. To stem losses the report proposes to set up in the autumn a new common organization Hop! and Air France for business functions such as optimization of sales by trade policy (revenue management), pricing … Each company would retain the operational management of its staff.

The report distinguishes between two market segments where business customers are involved and "VFR" visiting friends and relative, that is to say travelers who visit their friends and their families: a segment is predominantly leisure, whose customers are looking for low prices. Customers of the other, dominant business, favor the regularity and frequency while maintaining their wallet.  Contain

Air France flights to match

Transavia meets unsurprisingly expectations first and should continue to grow from Orly, its current base, with ten additional Boeing 737 for its flights leisure. However, to meet the needs of the second category two opposing scenarios: either Hop, regional, fully recovered activity previously carried out by Air France at Orly especially with its mini price!. Air France is building on its reputation in housing activity in a "brand connected" to its name

. Clearly, the report's authors propose confine the short and medium-haul Air France connecting flights to Roissy and let companies "agile" take care of "point to point". On the social level, this scenario would obviously have serious repercussions. "The situation may be very tense in the coming months," says an official of the group aware that the courageous decisions remain to be taken. Frédéric

GAGEY has in hand a "hot potato" that he should say at half results on July 25 that it intends to do.

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Apr 18 2014

Road transport threatened by low-cost

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a French truck driver paid 31,000 euros net per year and his Polish counterpart paid 16,000 euros, an international transport company quickly made the calculation, provided that the rate of social security contributions is almost two times lower than in Poland … This "splits" denounced by a Senate report information was again discussed Wednesday by transport professionals and political representatives to the Economic and Social Council where there was a European conference on harmonization of social conditions in the road freight transport.

For decades, the distortions of competition between low-cost countries and others are dug. The "French flag" represents only 10% of the European market for international freight while in 1999 it was still 50% court records.

This movement is irreversible, say industry professionals. Some large French groups (Norbert Dentressangle1 Geodis …) are still present in this segment but their leaders emphasize that only the creation of subsidiaries in eastern Europe has kept an international activity which reflects the shift in activity industrial on the Old Continent.

The liberalization of the road haulage market and the enlargement of the European Union do not facilitate the harmonization of working conditions.

Early December, Frédéric Cuvillier2, the Minister of Transport, now secretary of state, even denounced "behavior slave" in the transport sector. "I saw how employees are treated European countries, apart from all social rules and creates an unacceptable dumping" had he exclaimed. Social dumping

The FNTR3 (National Federation of Road Transport) which includes the majority of transport companies denounces illegal and effects of "optimization" practices. Clearly, the practices of "cabotage" – that is to say, the succession of loading and unloading of goods in a country other than that of origin in the context of international transport service – which not comply with the regulations. In this case, the French companies that provide domestic services compete with these international operators. Other companies circumvent the law by using light vehicles traffic is not regulated public court records. The FNTR

hope that a common European driver status could be created within five years. It would converge fiscal, social and regulatory. No question, however, to align this standard on the French model, consider companies. "We should especially harmonize working hours," said an officer who regrets the equivalent costs there ten years between French companies and their counterparts in West Germany are now 10% lower than in Germany because of for better productivity and lower payroll taxes. By coincidence, the directive on posted workers who can fight against the dumping social4 was adopted unanimously Wednesday to the European Parliament.

Apr 04 2014

Mozilla boss loses his job after his remarks against gay marriage

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American Foundation Mozilla1, which develops the Firefox browser, announced today the departure of his boss just came into functions2 the heart of a controversy for his support for an initiative against the homosexuel.3 marriage "Brendan Eich chosen resign as CEO, "said Mozilla's official blog. The announcement of his appointment dated back only 24 mars.Brendan Eich was one of the co-founders of Mozilla, where he held several positions before becoming boss. But after his recent promotion, he found himself at the center of controversy because of a donation he had made to support a campaign against gay marriage in California conducted in 2008. Among his detractors included in particular the dating site OkCupid, which had begun to display the following message when users arrive on its internet page with a Firefox browser: "The new boss of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of the equal rights for gay couples. We would prefer that our customers do not use the software to access Mozilla OkCupid poor credit personal loans. "" Mozilla prides itself on having a different standard, and this last week, we did not . been up We know why people are hurt and angry, and they're right: it is because we have not been faithful to ourselves, "admitted Thursday on the blog of Mozilla Mitchell Baker, the Executive Chairman of the Board of the Foundation. "We did not react quickly enough (…) when the controversy started. Sorry, "adds elle.Mozilla indicates that discussions are still ongoing about its future direction, promising more information about" next week "." Mozilla believes in equality and freedom of expression, "but recalls Mitchell Baker." We accept contributions from anyone, regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, race, orientation Sexual, its geographical position and its religious views "and" we have employees with a wide variety of opinions, "she argues.

Mar 30 2014

How to choose a marriage contract

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You're getting married? You are reluctant to talk about money? Surely you can not imagine a future be divorced. However, almost one in two marriages ends in a DIVORCE1. "Brides and grooms often evade these money issues that put uncomfortable," says Nathalie Couzigou-Suhas, notary in Paris. To avoid problems in case of separation, establish a prenuptial agreement that will govern your life together and decide the fate of property. Depending on your situation, some plans are more appropriate than others.

The community property acquired after marriage

This procedure, called legal, applies automatically if you do not plan no contract mariage2. "All property acquired during the marriage, all debts fall into a common basket," says Patricia Viollaz, notary in La Roche-sur-Foron (74). In case of divorce, everything is shared equally. Only assets leased or inherited remain personal. Attention fruit donated property inherited or fall into the common basket. Xavier made the sad experience. "I would rent a property that I inherited and I put aside, he says, when I got divorced, I thought I could use the money to buy a property but I fell high when I knew I had half my ex-wife. "the statutory scheme is not a panacea. "If there is no large inheritance in anticipation, two employees may be satisfied, but if one is self-employed or a business owner, better regime of separation of property," advises Patricia Viollaz. Know that every marriage contract requires the intervention of a notary. The separation of property

In the regime of separation, each spouse retains ownership of its property, whether acquired before or after marriage or received by donation or succession3. Debts are also personal. Except in the case of those related to household maintenance and education of children. Warning: if you are surety credit, which is common in real estate, you can not avail yourself of the regime of separation of property. You will be liable for the debts of your spouse. Rigid, the regime of separation can be arranged. Some goods may, for example, be pooled to support a spouse who has little income. "We can then decide who is the owner and in what proportions," says Nathalie Couzigou-Suhas. The participation of acquisitions

"It's a mix between the legal system and the system of separation," says Nathalie Couzigou-Suhas. It is used for example when one of the spouses, often the woman waives work to raise children. With this waiver, it allows the other to enrich themselves. How does this plan? Before marriage, a property inventory of each is achieved. During the marriage, each spouse retains ownership of the property it acquires. But in case of divorce, "we take stock of the assets acquired by each and if one is more enriched, it must compensate the other," says Patricia Viollaz.

The regime of universal community

In this system, all property acquired before (even by gift or inheritance) or during the marriage become common. In case of separation, each gets half the heritage and in case of death, it all comes down to the survivor. "The scheme was recommended for couples who do not have children and do not want to pay inheritance tax. Today, with reliefs of the law Tepa, it has less interest, "says Patricia Viollaz. But it occurs in the case of couples recomposed. A handle with care, however, when there are children, they can not be disinherited. Tip: whatever the marriage contract, make sure it follows well the evolution of your relationship and change it if necessary. And

for PACS couples? You prefer pacser

4? Under these conditions you are automatically subject to the regime of separation of property. As spouses who choose this plan, each retains ownership of the goods he buys for the PACS or has received by gift or inheritance. If you do not want to be under this scheme, you can opt for the regime of ownership. In this case, all property acquired after the conclusion of the PACS, by one or other of the PACS are deemed to belong equally to both partners, even if one has helped finance more than the other.

Feb 26 2014

Ukraine: Europe does not pay the bill

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well be on the brink, the Europeans do not intend to release in emergency financial assistance to Kiev. They rely on the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but also the United States and Russia considering bilateral aid. "French side, there will be no bilateral means unlocked," said Will in the entourage of François Hollande. Other major European countries, including Germany, are equally cautious. They expect a provisional government "stable and legitimate" moved to Kiev, before releasing a single dollar. "The country is in serious financial difficulty, but it is not on the verge of bankruptcy: the first fallen debt is expected in June, leaving us a few months before we act …" says on to Paris. The time to choose a transitional government that works to donors.

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Feb 13 2014

Gel promotion of civil servants: the great political danger

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Promising, Jan. 14, to achieve "at least € 50 billion" savings between 2015 and 2017 to keep its European commitments to reduce deficits and finance pact of responsibility for companies, Francois Hollande has placed bar above. But he had little choice: the head of state was obliged to give pledges of serious budgetary rating agencies, which have all placed under negative watch the rating of France. Launch such a savings plan is needed to prevent further deterioration of the hexagon that would undermine the credibility of "the policy provides" that the executive is trying to implement and would increase the interest rate today 'hui historically low, which the government finances its debt at low cost.

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Feb 05 2014

Foreign firms: an attractive plan study

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Patterns of large foreign companies have delivered Tuesday François Hollande1 a series of proposals to strengthen the economic attractiveness of France, where these groups are now reluctant to invest. Fifty patterns established in France, the U.S. consulting firm Accenture German industrial group Siemens global groups, had published a manifesto in December when they realized their difficulties to advocate for investment in France before their direction.

The signatories of the manifesto, claiming 20,000 companies and two million employees in France, demanding concessions including social and environmental regulation and greater fiscal stability. "We did a lot of proposals in areas that are dear to the President, namely innovation, attracting talent," said in the courtyard of the Elysee Gerald Karsenti, President of the French subsidiary of the IT group American Packard2 Hewlett (HP).

Convince them to invest in France

The Head of State to unveil on February 17, during a board dedicated to the attractiveness of the French territory, a range of measures which added to cuts costs Pact responsibility and impact of simplification must convince merits of investing in France online cash advance. "We must convince our global headquarters to invest in France than elsewhere," summed up the head of HP France, citing a French president "listening" and "aware" of the difficulties foreign investors.

"It is always compared to others, compared to other European countries, the BRIC (Brazil-Russia-India-China), the famous developing countries, the United States of course," he has said. The government is currently preparing a comprehensive package of measures to foreign companies but also to ensure better administrative home to their expatriates.

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Jan 19 2014

It offends the scooter Hollande … or Italian

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Could this be a new episode of "Gayet-gate"? Wilfried Hemmerle was so moved by the pictures showing François Hollande1 trying to ride his three-wheeled scooter to join his alleged mistress he has cracked a letter … Arnaud Montebourg2. And for good reason: the scooter was foreign brand. While the height of treason, a French manufacturer produces its own model in the country.

"When I saw the pictures, I immediately recognized the Piaggio MP3," says Wilfried Hemmerle, manager of a concession Peugeot3 specializing in scooters. He was surprised that the President did not prefer to use the new model that the French manufacturer produces and assembles its factory Doubs, near the stronghold of the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg. Having "a little time left," he wrote a letter to the one who promoted the "Made in France4" to offend-with humor-the lack of foresight of the Head of State.

Peugeot Metropolis, labeled "Origin France Guarantee"

"Sir, it is with great joy that we learned that the President of the Republic ensured personal travel scooter 3 wheels. Our joy, however, is slightly affected by the fact that the presidential scooter or foreign brand, "begins the missive. Indeed, if the Italian brand Piaggio and its iconic model three-wheeled MP3 are the market leader, Peugeot is today a serious competitor. Its Metropolis, released in 2013, was "well received by consumers, sensitive to Made in France". The latter has also been labeled "Origin France guaranteed" by the Pro France association.

If Wilfried Hemmerle has not yet received a reply to his letter, he hopes to convince Arnaud Montebourg extolling the virtues of a 100% French model with François Hollande. "By taking a blow to the president's agenda, we noticed that Friday, January 17 was pretty quiet, between 11am and, after greeting the diplomatic corps and 16 hours, it would be quite possible to run a test privately with the President and his bodyguard. " The entrepreneur is hopeful, since the helmet qu'arborait the President on stolen pictures himself was a French brand. All is not lost.

Jan 14 2014

Japanese "Abenomics" landed in Africa

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A symbol. To close its historic African tour, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo ABE1 will speak Tuesday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from the seat of the brand new africaine2 Union, built and donated by … China.

The Sino-Japanese rivalry is indeed the backdrop of the Japanese Prime Minister travel in Africa. As the "Sinafrique" has she made the headlines in recent years, as the Empire of the Rising Sun seemed to have abandoned the black continent. Certainly Japan.3 remained a generous donor but its trade with the continent did not reach € 15 billion in 2013, five times less than those linking Africa to China.

VRP Olympics and Industry

Shinzo Abe intends to deploy a more active diplomacy as his Minister of Foreign Affairs stated January 10, 2014 at Figaro, pay for the person on the one hand, securing vital energy supplies to the Archipelago and, hand, selling products "Made in Japan" on emerging African middle class.

The stage last Friday in Côte d'Ivoire4, was the first visit by a Japanese government in Francophone Africa.

In Abidjan, Shinzo Abe did not merely offer kimonos percent of Ivorian Judo Federation for the Olympic Games "Tokyo 2020". He announced a contribution of € 5.5 million in Côte d'Ivoire, a small portion of an envelope of € 61 million in humanitarian aid attributed to several Sahelian countries overnight pay day loans. "Côte d'Ivoire is seen by Tokyo as a gateway to the door Francophone Africa," says one expert. Shinzo Abe, who calls himself "first VRP" of his country, considering Africa as a promising market for infrastructure (power stations, ports), automotive or medical equipment, one of the industrial priorities in the context of "Abenomics5" policy stimulus Prime Minister.

Cooperation with Japanese fashion includes training local workforce to enroll in the long run

In Mozambique6 Saturday, the priority was to raw materials. The countries bordering the Indian Ocean has significant reserves of coal and gas, yet largely untapped. Mozambique plans to build by 2018 four liquefaction plants gas to export 20 million tonnes of LNG (liquefied natural gas) per year. Japan, the world's largest LNG importer, even more dependent on oil from the closure of all its nuclear plants following the Fukushima disaster, will respond to the call for tenders for this project in 15 billion euros, via its industrial Chiyoda and Mitsui.

In three African capitals tour, the Japanese Prime Minister has a message to counter the Chinese rival, often accused of sending his labor without great benefits to the local economy. Cooperation with Japanese fashion includes training local workforce – 200 Mozambican technicians for example – to enroll in the long term.

Jan 06 2014

PMU: the French punters were less players in 2013

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This is a paradox that the CEO of the PMU, Philippe Germond1, would gladly provided: the fall from 0.9% to 10.4 billion recorded in 2013 by GIE issues is mainly due to the disaffection of the French racing bettors of chevaux2. The amount of their own issues fell 5.2% to $ 8.9 billion.

Refusing to discuss competition gambling gains reported more spectacular than those races, Philippe Germond justified this regression, the first after fifteen years of uninterrupted growth, the economy. "This decline is due to a difficult economic environment and a significant rise in unemployment," he has said before mentioning the occasional reasons such as cancellation of three Quinte and the absence in 2013 of four events this deviation from the previous year cheapest personal loan rates. If the gross gaming revenue (difference between paris and earnings of players) is rising, Philippe Germond mentioned competition of sports paris The French jeux3 of the physical network. Among the satisfactions of PMU: the increase of 22.4% of sports paris (199,000,000) and especially the 10% increase of poker (569 million) in a total market decline.

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