Jun 28 2014

Banks undertake for small businesses

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In 2013, some 100,000 credit applications from all small enterprises (VSE) were rejected. But banks promise to do better now. The French Banking Federation (FBF) took five commitments Friday, when submitted to the ministers, and Arnaud Michel Sapin Montebourg1 the report of the national credit mediator Jeanne-Marie Prost 2out financing TPE. The latter concludes that if access to credit TPE investment is pretty good, access to cash loans is difficult.

While TPE accuse them of time still too long, banks promise to give within fifteen working days in response to any request for credit. In case of refusal, they agree to receive the entrepreneur for him to explain why. All their letters, they also indicate the existing remedies, particularly the mediation of credit still unknown. In a pedagogical concern, they will publish further guidance on the short-term financing because TPE3 use too often discovered as a tool for cash, so it is not always the most appropriate or the most economical. Banks

finally endeavor to promote greater stability of their CROs, while patterns TPE complain constantly change of interlocutors. In this important "turnover", the same mediator recommends "a term of office of at least four years." However, banks do not advance over a period, stressing that they can not interfere with the career of their agents.

These five measures, which will also apply to SMEs4, occur while the FBF has already announced last week the appointment in each banking network, 'privileged interlocutors for SMEs.

"First step"

The issue is important because it affects 2.7 million businesses ranging from local shopkeepers to professionals through the artisans. "Small employers, on the ground, when they talk about banks, often scathing, conceded Arnaud Montebourg. This is a fundamental first step to appease the relationship. "

The Minister also urged the leaders of TPE to enter more often mediation crédit5 via local branch of the Bank of France6. A free service to help get out of tight situations. "The TPE is very small but it is very important because it is an essential tool in the fight for jobs," concluded Michel Sapin7, Minister of Finance.

Apr 25 2014

Manuel Valls arouses distrust on economic issues

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 After months

atop the popularity of Manuel Valls1 it would begin its decline? According to a survey * BPCE-ViaVoice for Les Echos and France Info2, 64% of French do not trust the Prime Minister to improve their purchasing power in the coming months. Mistrust which currently focused on economic issues. After taking March3 end function, its popularity and satisfaction varied according institutes, between 41 and 58%. A flattering level for the new head of government, which dominates François Hollande4.

Last week, after the Council of Ministers, Manuel Valls detailed plan of 50 billion euros 5to finance pact in responsabilité6 for businesses and reduce the deficit. He also introduced measures for the poorest, including an envelope from June to August billion. But it seems far too limited to French. Lower contributions on wages up to 1.3 times the minimum wage from January 1 is considered "symbolic" 72% of them. A shared popular categories opinion (74%) and supporters of the left (55%) car warranty.

53% of French are also confident that their purchasing power will decline over the next three months, against only 9% believe that it will increase. Expenditure items that appear more "concern" are taxes (52%), electricity (37%) and food (35%).

After his policy speech to the National Assembly on 8 avril7, six French 10 already felt that the Prime Minister would "rather not effective" reduce unemployment and 56% doubted its effectiveness to "allow more social justice," according to a BVA poll for Aujourd'hui en France / Le Parisien and i-Télé8. A few days earlier, a Tilder/LCI/OpinionWay9 survey revealed that only 43% of French trusted him to revive the French economy, against 56%.

* This survey was conducted online from 11 to 16 April 2014 on a sample of 1,011 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over .

Apr 11 2014

The stickers, a little-known business on smartphones

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 We call

smileys, emoticons, emoji or stickers. They dress our emails, chat conversations and SMS our patterns of all colors. From smiling to moving images via the cute cat face, they embody in their own way a certain culture of the image on the Web. Thanks to smartphones, these small images are now fertile ground for a booming economy.

A new means of communication

The smileys have evolved since the early messengers. Combinations of punctuation (eg, colon followed by a parenthesis – :) – a smiling face) have been replaced by icons specially designed by the mobile manufacturers. The first to have seen the phenomenon is NTT DoCoMo. In the late 90s, the Japanese operator has launched the "emoji", a font only consists of standard icons. NTT DoCoMo wanted to facilitate the exchange of its customers by integrating images directly into their mobile phone. "When someone sends 'I understand', the speaker may not know if this is something nice, or if it is something negative," explained Shigetaka Kurita, creator of emojis in an interview with the magazine The Verge 1, to justify his invention. "You never know what happens in the mind of the person who sends us a message."

With emoji, users have SMS easily add to their hearts or little faces expressing emotions of the moment. First acclaimed by Japanese teenagers, emojis became widespread in 2011, thanks to their integration in iOS 5, Apple's mobile operating system. They were then adopted by other services, including the latest version of Android (mobile operating system from Google), Windows Phone or Hangout, instant messaging, Google, and recently social networks like Twitter. Example

stickers used on Line. Already

20% of turnover Line

The arrival of emojis gave ideas to companies specializing in services for mobile. The instant messaging applications such as KakaoTalk, Line or WeChat, sought to monetize the interest of their users for these cute pictures or funny. Thus were born the "stickers", a larger version – especially pay – emoticons.  

This new generation smileys owes much to Japanese Application Line.2 Since its launch in 2011, the courier was a large catalog of Pay images, updated through collaborations with artists or celebrities. On Line, you can buy stickers bearing the image of Paul McCartney or the latest manga fashion free credit score. Users to collect them because of a few tens of cents per unit. In 2013, Line has managed to generate 50 million euros from the sale of stickers, or 20% of its turnover.

As smileys and emojis the stickers used to communicate with contacts quickly and efficiently. A significant interest in Asia, including ideographic languages ​​complicate writing on a keyboard. European and American public as it converts, more for the fun side of these images. Line spotted this hearing and adapts its catalog to local tastes in countries where it grows. Spain, users can buy the official stickers Real Madrid or FC Barcelona.

Inspired by the success of Line, Western Web companies also put the stickers. Facebook has launched a store in its messaging service, Facebook Messenger, currently only stocked lots of free stickers. BlackBerry has done well his BBM application. The stickers have appeared in smaller services, such as the Path application that has made his sole source of income. From

advertising in the middle of conversations

As usage increases, the stickers are becoming increasingly an advertising channel. Again, applications Asian IM showed the way. They put Passier partnerships with brands such as Coca-Cola, to produce Sponsored stickers. On Facebook, and you can use stickers bearing the image of LEGO or Muppets (owned by Walt Disney Studio). Thus, users are left to themselves transmit advertising messages to their friends.

"Rather than calling around the content with banners, the advertisement is brought to heart conversations," says Jonathan Levy-Bencheton, co-founder of Feeligo. The French start-up that offers a tool stickers for websites, has teamed up with the production company Century Fox. Through this partnership, members of the site aufeminin.com, Feeligo client can use stickers bearing the image of drawing anime Rio-2, produced by Century Fox. Encouraged by his first campaign, Feeligo now seeks to support other brands in this new form of communication.

All brands do not bother with such an agent. In March, the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld launched his own line stickers in his likeness, available by downloading an application for smartphones. A strategy to attract young users and ensure a new source of revenue, all at a lower cost. To attract consumers, Web companies and brands now feature their best smile.

Mar 21 2014

Blablacar every new employee is accompanied by a sponsor

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"We are looking for motivated employees who believe in our project," says Frederic Mazzella, founder Blablacar1, the European leader covoiturage2, which is growing at 100% per year for four years. Fourth ranking of companies with fewer than 500 employees, the young company, which won the Special Prize Fun and Performance, offers 95% carpool ads in France. It has 6 million members in twelve countries. Employing 110 people, the start-up about recruiting a new employee every week. "The important thing is to find men and women who are able to start to perform five or six tasks at once. People must be genuine Swiss Army knives, "says Frederic Mazzella.

The diploma is not enough to find these enthusiasts. "People who have a history of athlete are tailored to the needs of the business. Those who have practiced music also. They show both endurance and creativity, "says Frederic Mazzella.

Extra-professional outings

Each newcomer is accompanied by a mentor who helps him discover the society. Every Friday, a breakfast meet employees. The company features the work and strives to acknowledge the effort while creating a friendly atmosphere. Technical Director takes pictures of his team in the server room to testify that she was in charge of maintenance at night No teletrack payday loans.

Young SMEs3 organizes monthly festive events. Employees go together at a restaurant or bowling. They participate in evenings Mexican, Russian, casino or wine and cheese. "It is important that everyone can share outside of work in a friendly atmosphere," said Frederic Mazzella. A foosball table and a console containing 1000 games are available to those wishing to relax. A weekend ski three days in late March will bring all employees. Building on the kindness Blablacar festival each month anniversaries of its employees and finance a tree for every anniversary.

All these initiatives have a goal: to make the workplace is also a place of fulfillment and motivation in a pleasant atmosphere.

To allow everyone to better understand the rapidly changing business, every Wednesday the head of a department presents the work of his team and its objectives. Employees who wish can also spend a week in one of the European offices in Hamburg, London, Madrid, Milan or Rome. A practical way to better understand the problems facing European subsidiaries.


"Find the latest jobs with Cadremploi4 .. ……

Jan 19 2014

It offends the scooter Hollande … or Italian

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Could this be a new episode of "Gayet-gate"? Wilfried Hemmerle was so moved by the pictures showing François Hollande1 trying to ride his three-wheeled scooter to join his alleged mistress he has cracked a letter … Arnaud Montebourg2. And for good reason: the scooter was foreign brand. While the height of treason, a French manufacturer produces its own model in the country.

"When I saw the pictures, I immediately recognized the Piaggio MP3," says Wilfried Hemmerle, manager of a concession Peugeot3 specializing in scooters. He was surprised that the President did not prefer to use the new model that the French manufacturer produces and assembles its factory Doubs, near the stronghold of the Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg. Having "a little time left," he wrote a letter to the one who promoted the "Made in France4" to offend-with humor-the lack of foresight of the Head of State.

Peugeot Metropolis, labeled "Origin France Guarantee"

"Sir, it is with great joy that we learned that the President of the Republic ensured personal travel scooter 3 wheels. Our joy, however, is slightly affected by the fact that the presidential scooter or foreign brand, "begins the missive. Indeed, if the Italian brand Piaggio and its iconic model three-wheeled MP3 are the market leader, Peugeot is today a serious competitor. Its Metropolis, released in 2013, was "well received by consumers, sensitive to Made in France". The latter has also been labeled "Origin France guaranteed" by the Pro France association.

If Wilfried Hemmerle has not yet received a reply to his letter, he hopes to convince Arnaud Montebourg extolling the virtues of a 100% French model with François Hollande. "By taking a blow to the president's agenda, we noticed that Friday, January 17 was pretty quiet, between 11am and, after greeting the diplomatic corps and 16 hours, it would be quite possible to run a test privately with the President and his bodyguard. " The entrepreneur is hopeful, since the helmet qu'arborait the President on stolen pictures himself was a French brand. All is not lost.

Nov 08 2013

Crisis two ministers expected in Britain

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Ministers of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll1 and Agri-Guillaume Garot2 are expected to firm up this Friday in Britain, where the food industry is going through an unprecedented crisis, angering hundreds of workers affected by restructuring . Between social and destruction plans gantry écotaxe3, Stéphane Le Foll, a Sarthois still very attached to his Breton origins, the region is facing a volatile situation as it has rarely been known since joining the Department in May 2012.

The morning organized by the Public Investment Bank (BPI) is part of the development of the "Pact for the future of Britain" which should help the region recover. Ministers will then have lunch with representatives of the regional trade union organizations and meet the professional agricultural organizations.

Between volailler Doux4 (971 job losses) in late 2012, the poulterer Tilly-Sabco5 where 300 of 340 jobs are threatened in January 2014 the company slaughter / processing GAD6 SAS eliminated 889 jobs, food Breton is facing an economic and social crisis, compounded by that of its agriculture is struggling to find the right model to meet foreign competition. The two sectors account for about a third of jobs in the region.

The environmental levy heavy, the government temporarily suspended, was the straw that broke the camel's back, resulting in sometimes violent protests in the Finistère department most weakened by recent job losses as at the Marine Harvest Norway 7Who group will cut 300 jobs Poullaouen.

A department that ministers have chosen to avoid, all meetings are scheduled in the prefecture of Region in Rennes. "I wish he (Mr. Le Foll, Ed) Poullaouen to come to speak with him the real problem of Britain and concrete answers that must be made very quickly," told AFP Christian Troadec Mayor DVG Carhaix and spokesman of the group "Living, working and decide Britain" which struggle against environmental taxes with the "Red Caps". According to him, the minister "looks at the fire away."

Friday is in a somewhat calmer than the ministers go to the prefecture, where since Tuesday meetings are held on the future Covenant with economic, social actors, political and institutional climate.

Huge competitiveness problem

In the morning, besides the ministers will attend the meeting organized by the BPI8 representatives of the region, entrepreneurs have received assistance from the BPI but also the Breton Association agribusinesses (Abea). The association will make three requests, told AFP Jean-Luc Cade, CEO of Abea.

The first relates to the situation of the undertakings concerned by the large poultry exports (Soft, Tilly-Sabco), undermined by the decision of the European export subsidies. According to the French Poultry Collective (CAF), the judgment of the aid condemns "short term" the 4,000 direct jobs in the export sector French poultry.

"It does not happen for the two companies. Asked the government to accompany leaders in Brussels, "said Cade. The European Commission has this week camped on its decision to stop subsidizing exports of poultry, but has proposed to receive the November 22 poulterer of Britain.

It is also at the level of the European Union that the association will ask the government to fight, this time to stop the "huge problem of competitiveness" suffered by the French food companies producing poultry and pig face European countries that use a legally labor at low cost.

"We must review at least some European regulations that allow countries like Germany to hire labor at the cost of country of origin", which is banned in France, said Mr. Cade. "It takes a commitment of our government to bring the highest these problems there," he said.

In the longer term, the association will apply for grants for other food companies in the region "need to improve their competitiveness," aid that will improve their logistics or modernize.

Oct 18 2013

Yuan: open war between Paris and London

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War is declared yuan between Paris and London. The British government had signed an agreement in June currency swap with China, up to € 24.8 billion over three years. But on Tuesday, Finance Minister George Osborne, who is visiting Beijing, announced that Beijing would also allow British financial institutions to invest directly in China cash advance today.

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Oct 11 2013

How Sephora wants to compensate its employees in the evening

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Condemned by the Court of Appeal of Paris close to 21 hours from its flagship store on the Champs-Elysées Sephora must now consider the fate of its employees who were accustomed to work until midnight.

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Jul 16 2013

The dismissal by texting is legal in France

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On 4 July, the owner of the restaurant Barducci's Italian Bistro, Orlando United States1, thanked his dozen employees by text message stating that he "was forced to close Barducci's immediately." Gregory Kennedy, the owner is justified in stating that "unfortunately, businesses are forced to close each day throughout Orlando, especially in the field of restoration." Always by text, he said to his employees that he "currently working to resolve the problems as quickly as possible, including the payment of final salary."

Cases of dismissal by text have also been reported in France. Aid society to the person in Evreux fired its 17 employees in November 2012 through a text message. In 2010, a dozen employees recruited to be electrically "smart" in particular have learned their dismissal by SMS convening their employer2.

Video in English:

A legal but questionable practice … and challenged

Legally, Article L savings account payday advance. 1232-6 of the Labour Code states that "when the employer decides to dismiss an employee, he shall notify his decision by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt." However, Master Eric Rocheblave, a lawyer and specialist in labor law states that 3 Supreme Court "considers that dismissal is regular when the letter of termination is given only by hand." He added: "The dismissal letter by registered letter is therefore a means to prevent any legal challenge on the date of notification of termination. It is no longer essential. This law goes against the Labour Code. "

The Supreme Court thus recognizes the virtual writing the existence of a possible disciplinary action: "The Supreme Court has opened the door to employers. But we must encourage employees affected by these layoffs to fight this case, "says Eric Rocheblave. If a dismissal procedure shall be unlawful, it only allows the employee to bring proceedings for damages.

Jul 11 2013

Euronext: Moscovici wants mobilization banks

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Pierre would Moscovici1 "the major players in the Place de Paris are ready to mobilize to stabilize the new Euronext shareholders." The Minister of Economy told them in meetings Paris Europlace who stood yesterday.

The matter is urgent. Next fall, the new group formed by the U.S. ICE and NYSE Euronext 2compte a separate Euronext, which brings together the stock exchanges in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon. This new group will be introduced in continental exchange, and may be to thank you for the big moves, recurrent in the area. Paris so that would be first made a "hard core" of shareholders, which would provide the anchor. For Pierre Moscovici, is a "European solution" to be found. In France, the son of the dialogue are to resume before you send. In the spring, banks boycotted a meeting on the subject in the department. No question of a euro in a company whose business is likely to be killed by the proposed tax financières3 transactions (FTT) prepared by eleven European countries, including France of course. A potentially "devastating" tax for the Paris, according Europlace.

Pierre Moscovici knew Thursday minefield. The most magnanimous assistance have caught his criticism against the draft prepared by the European Commission, effectively "excessive" in the eyes of the minister. The most prudent course that will remain favorable to the FTT. "There is no retreat" also confirms a source close to the case, "just the fact that Brussels is too with its text." Not sure under these conditions that the talks resume even if the Minister intends to get involved "personally". Not certain that confidence is restored. The minister jostled by the present owners meetings in Aix-en-Provence4 last weekend, again deplored the fashion "French bashing". The opportunity will be provided next week to see if the bankers have understood the message, they will be received at the Elysee.

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