Aug 08 2014

Google wants to inflate its messaging to compete with Apple

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 A more

acquisition for Google. The latter racheté1 application of intelligent messaging Emu. Born there two years, she inserts information during conversations of its users. For example, if a caller provides a message in a restaurant on a Friday night, Emu automatically suggest a nearby restaurant and present the review on a site like Yelp. Emu can also use the GPS smartphone, search for the Cinema2 or view your calendar, all without leaving the application.

Following its acquisition, the application will close on August 25. It is likely that Google integrates term Emu features to Hangouts, the email application. He will replace gradually the traditional SMS on Android. Apple

Compete on messaging

For the trade magazine Wired, Google's acquisition is intended to open up new markets publicitaires3. Mail Hangout could display advertisements based on user conversations. Moreover, after research and emails, messages would complement the loop of personal data processed by the digital giant.

With this acquisition, Google will be able to compete with Apple and its advanced messaging and voice guidance. At its last developer conference, the company announced several new for his courier, iMessage. Moreover, Emu lot like Siri, Apple's personal voice assistant. Before founding the company Emu Messenger and become the CEO, Gummi Hafsteinsson worked to develop Siri at Apple. Google has also developed his personal assistant, Google Now, and it is likely that the Emu features are integrated into the outil.SERVICE following: "The practice technology and flawless preferential price Apple4 ….. …

Jul 26 2014

Facebook: how the boss won $ 1.6 billion in one day

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Mark Zuckerberg has not won the lottery yesterday, but the title of his business literally blazed Exchange. Facebook founder 1a actually won $ 1.6 billion following the new record reached Thursday on Wall Street by the title of star networks. After his presentation

results2, Facebook has actually won more than 5% to almost 75 dollars. In one year, the soaring stock reaches 183% ….! The largest increase in the S & P 500 index of top 500 U.S. listed companies.

One of the first beneficiaries of this market surge is the founder and leader of the group no fax payday loans. The fortune of Mark Zuckerberg and reached $ 33.3 billion, according to Bloomberg index milliardaires3. The entrepreneur of 30 years and returns from 22nd to 16th place in the ranking of the richest persons in the world. The star of Web 2.0 is now as rich as Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH and second French fortune, and wealthier than Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and even Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss.


Apr 12 2014

Three years for any change to the Hotel Lutetia

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It's Monday between noon and 15 hours staff Lutetia1 take the last check-out customers. The next guest should not cross the threshold of 45, boulevard Raspail, Paris (VI) before 2017.'s Last chance to enjoy the current setting will be selling the furniture auction, art and wines will be held in the lounges and bars of the hotel 19 to 25 May This historic hotel was one of the few boutique hotels in the capital not to have been entitled to his makeover. And he really needs. While the Plaza

Athénée2 to reopen this summer, followed next year by the Crillon3 and Ritz4, the Lutetia is given three years for a total renewal . Bought 145 million euros in 2010, its centenary year, the Israeli real estate company Alrov, it no longer met the current standards of international clients especially as the new Asian-inspired institutions (Mandarin Oriental, Shangri -La, Peninsula) set the bar very high in Paris.

According to the owner, this work will be "an intermission dedicated to sublimate this mythical establishment of French heritage while keeping his soul so appreciated." The décor, the architectural firm of Jean-Michel Wilmotte5 that orchestrate the transformation, the same one that currently redesigning the Crillon. "The architectural features Art Deco and Art Nouveau past will be married in a contemporary design," said the latter. The investment would be around € 80 million. 40 rooms in less

Beyond the decor, the whole structure of the building will be reviewed guaranteed high risk personal loans. Like its predecessors, the Lutetia benefit work to equip a spa and larger rooms. The hotel currently has 231 rooms expected to lose 40, especially to offer large suites. As for the 700 m2 open to outside guests spa, they will be earned on an unclassified area and a portion of the first basement.

The new version of Lutetia will also develop a new central patio, a jazz club and a library designed to accommodate literary appointments and art. A clever way to play the cultural map where the right bank of palaces are more showy. The gourmet restaurant takes meanwhile finally bowing to help increase the capacity of the brewery will be expanded to 240 seats. After this transformation, the institution remained under the management of Concorde Hotels (Groupe du Louvre) join the small collection of luxury hotels The Set. Created by CEO Alrov and his son, Alfred and Georgi Akirov this chain currently includes an address in London and one in Amsterdam.

He who was previously a 4-star hotel can he then measure the palaces? "In any case, it enjoys a palace, because this part of the left bank has evolved and really like, especially European and American clientele, says Georges Panayotis, President of MKG consulting firm. ., And providing the means to do such heavy work, it could create a surprise "Another positive, according to the specialist, the Lutetia displays nothing in his will to win the title of palace 'C' is the client to decide, we are not born palace, one becomes. "

Feb 26 2014

Ukraine: Europe does not pay the bill

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well be on the brink, the Europeans do not intend to release in emergency financial assistance to Kiev. They rely on the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but also the United States and Russia considering bilateral aid. "French side, there will be no bilateral means unlocked," said Will in the entourage of François Hollande. Other major European countries, including Germany, are equally cautious. They expect a provisional government "stable and legitimate" moved to Kiev, before releasing a single dollar. "The country is in serious financial difficulty, but it is not on the verge of bankruptcy: the first fallen debt is expected in June, leaving us a few months before we act …" says on to Paris. The time to choose a transitional government that works to donors.

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Feb 24 2014

Ruquier: "If I'm still 6% to 8% audience share in June, I would stop the issue for all"

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"I do not do this job for programs that do not work," said the host interviewed this morning on "The great live media" Jean-Marc Morandini1. "It's true that if I'm still here in late June 6, 7, or 8% of market share, I would stop. When doing 5, 6 or 7% as do Caunes and Hanouna, we do not have enough viewers, "said he ajouté.2

……. . To find a new life, "The issue for all" exchange format. "We go live, because we can better prepare for the show, said the facilitator. I'll try to be more present. I especially start sending more personal. "" The issue for all ", launched on January 20, was attended by 1.5 million viewers average (7.9% audience share) in the space of three weeks. "The latest emissions were below my expectations," admits Lawrence Ruquier.

Yesterday, 18: 30 pm, Lawrence Ruquier 3a makes his return to France 2. The show was stopped time retransmission Olympics Sochi on France Télévisions. During the competition, the public broadcaster has achieved very good scores.

"I've already lived it"

Laurent Ruquier is quite confident for his show. The leader believes that time will allow "The issue for all" to find its audience. "I'm not worried. I've lived it. I think it's a matter of weeks, perhaps months, "he concluded on Europe 1 totally free credit score. Objective


The return of Laurent Ruquier looks strategically. He must forget the industrial accident Sophia Aram4. Laurent Ruquier has already managed to make more audience Sophia Aram, who has never exceeded 4%, but not better than Nagi. The presenter of "Remember the words" a loyal 2.24 million people and won 9.9% audience share in January. The challenge is financial. France Télévisions, private advertising after 20 hours, see the early evening as a time bonus. This is where focus 34% of advertising revenues. The talk show Ruquier has yet hard to get started. He also was overtaken early February by "Le Grand Journal" on Canal +. It also faces competition from Cyril Hanouna on D8. The show "Touch not my job" now brings 1.1 million viewers each night. "It happened one night when the two programs were before us. But it is not that they were ahead of us, it is we who have fallen, "said Laurent Ruquier on Europe 1. As stated by the facilitator, only the game "Money Drop" on TF1 acts as a serious competitor. The show more than 5 million viewers. Laurent Ruquier is supported by Rémy Pflimlin.5 The President declared the audiovisual group hope to achieve the 10% audience share. A goal in the contract facilitator. ■

Feb 06 2014

The ten proposals MEDEF to support entrepreneurship

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MEDEF starts time entrepreneurs, and to promote their development and sustainability. "The entrepreneurship is part of the challenges," said Wednesday its president Pierre Gattaz1, which participated for the first time since its inception in the Salon des Entrepreneurs in Paris. For the occasion the employers' organization presented "10 recommendations for entrepreneurship" to support the entrepreneurs who, for 90% of them have no employee.

The boss of bosses means including "support entrepreneurs." This is the ecosystem Medef2, ie 750,000 members, 110 MEDEF territorial and 80 professional federations adherent, which must be mobilized. A "welcome pack" will thus be experienced with a contribution of one euro for a year to any entrepreneur who has just set up its structure. "Every entrepreneur should know that the MEDEF and territorial professional associations are available to them for advice," says Thibault Lanxade3, vice president of MEDEF.

Promote micro-credit

Another initiative that aims landmark, MEDEF intends to place the foot in the stirrup entrepreneurs by allowing them, for example, get their "first order". An approach that requires a better ranking of these small structures with purchases of major groups and SMEs services. In the same spirit to build sustainable business models, MEDEF will launch by the end of the year an awareness of its members to crowdfunding, ie the participatif4 funding. "Promoting entrepreneurship without favoring funding does not make sense. We will support the crowdfunding in the current banking environment, "says Pierre Gattaz.

The employers' organization finally wants swarm entrepreneurship through all layers of society. It will therefore promote initiatives in sensitive urban areas (ZUPs) youth under 30 years, thanks to a partnership with PACE (Agency for entrepreneurship) and conduct an experiment with the Ministry of Defence to accompany the conversion of twenty soldiers.

Feb 03 2014

Dentists are striking for rate increases

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Like yesterday, the shrill screeching of strawberry dentist will not resonate Monday in dental offices. The profession is called upon to conduct a one-off strike on Monday 3, by its largest union, the National Confederation of Trade Unions Dental (CNSD).

Two reasons for this. First, dentists have been waiting a year and a half the publication of a decree establishing a fee of 75 euros per half-day on-call and a charge of 30 euros for acts performed on Sundays and holidays. "We will continue the strike guards that appear when the decree," said the union president.

The second part of the claim, which motivates the strike of February 2 and 3, then the leaves of teletransmissions Care Insurance disease1 the next four days, more full-bodied. The CNSD claims in effect for 2 billion euros of tariff increases. In the long term. "We want structural reform of the profession, with a massive revaluation rates Sécu2 says Catherine Mojaisky. This allows us to rebalance the economy in favor of our offices for reimbursable and therefore lower fees dentures, on which we are obliged to count today. "

25-year rate freeze

Prosthetic and orthodontic care are blocked from … 25. Result, dentists increase their part not reimbursed by the social security rates, which penalizes patients saving account payday loan. Consumer associations also often denounce those skid tarifs3. "This is not the practitioner who is responsible for the rest of dependent patients, but Medicare reimbursements that blocked for a quarter of a century," said the union for dentists who have not finally choice. Loads firms have indeed exploded and now amount to 64% of their turnover on average, according to statistics from the National Union of registered associations (Unasa). The highest rate of medical professions, the union argues.

The profession, however, did not completely neglected in recent months. Last year, the CNSD signed only one of the three representative unions in the sector, a new nomenclature of long demanded – the previous dated from 1945. But this reform, which takes effect this summer, was accompanied by 100 million euros of tariff resets.

The union said he was aware that Medicare does not have the means to allocate more dentists. It therefore calls for additional foot health, which are already the main funder of the sector. These have already signed a charter of good conduct with the union and become accustomed to meet without using Medicare as was the case until now.

Jan 27 2014

Unemployment: Tree no longer believes in the inversion, Moscovici perseveres

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While the December figures to be published this Monday evening, members of the government are not in tune. If some anticipate the failure of the inversion curve unemployment1 and cautious or pessimistic, others defend at all costs the government's record.

Asked Sunday on reversing the trend in unemployment, Michel Sapin2 preferred evoke "a situation of stabilization." Anticipating accusations coaster, the Minister of Employment endeavored to recall the efforts of the government to a crisis that Francis Hollande3 admitted underestimated.

"We are moving towards a situation is a situation stabilization is already considerable," said the Minister of Employment, invited the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1 / i / TV World. "Everyone will then ramble: 'yes, you are not spent in the least something (…). But 2013 was a year of battle fought effectively against rising unemployment. "

The minister put forward a new fois4 the decline recorded during the year 2013 – "more than 30,000 unemployed additional months" in the first quarter against "third quarter 5500" – and the decline in youth unemployment "for eight months. " He also defended the effectiveness of its policy to support use with supported employment. "The engine of employment policy gave all he could give results," he has said. "We plugged the gaps in 2012 and 2013 and the boat is restarted the second half of 2013. Today the challenge is that this boat, which moves too slowly, moving faster, "added the Minister online payday loans. "The economy must take over from the creation of jobs," he continued, referring to the pact proposed by François Hollande responsabilité5 business that provides relief of charges in exchange for 6 embauches7.

More direct counterpart of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll8 acknowledged Sunday evening BFMTV "that figure near, the year 2013, we will not reverse the trend of unemployment." However, he felt the need to continue the effort to lower unemployment. Pierre Moscovici9 is not of the same opinion, saying that "the year 2013 there was a sharp deceleration and reversal of the trend in unemployment has been initiated." The Minister of Economy said on France Info that there is "now improved employment situation, a growth restarts but more must be done." This confusion in government communications is reminiscent who had surrounded the announcement of a tax reduction from 201510.

In the aftermath, Jean-Claude Mailly11 blasted "missed a bet" and lashed out at the government hesitant communication. "It must be clearly stated. A sudden reversal is a sudden, it is stabilizing, suddenly, it is a slower rise, we will end up having the reverse inversion, that is to say the increase. "Secretary General ouvrière12 Force on France 5 found that" while we do not find an economic growth rate of around 1.6 minimum point, we may have an increase in unemployment. "


"Find the latest jobs with Cadremploi13

Jan 16 2014

"The words of the Head of State reflect a salutary awareness"

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LE FIGARO. – Do you feel that the Head of State has taken a turn in economic policy?

Henri de Castries. – The words of the head of state reflect an awareness salutary and welcome the seriousness of the situation in the country and the need to restore his competitiveness. It was urgent. This is the first time that many important things have been said so clearly: the urgent need for a sharp decline in public spending, and the rule of supply-side economics. This is a fundamental issue and our only option in an open economy. There is indeed no sustainable growth without a competitive bid.

The French model has too long been based on artificially boosted by growth in domestic demand, itself fueled by social transfers and subsidies. Third element, the commitment of a significant decrease burden on labor is a good thing as well as the reform of the administrative structure and efficiency of social spending that is no longer a taboo.

So you're satisfied?

Warning: everything is now about rhythm and execution, because there is an emergency. The stall of France – that many of us dread saying – becomes visible in the figures. The rate at which the intentions of the Head of State will turn into action is crucial.

The full interview will be published in Le Figaro this Thursday, January 16, 22 hours and available from the web, mobile and tablets for subscribers Digital1 My Figaro.

Nov 27 2013

TGV Paris-Barcelona between track

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The Spanish Minister of Transport1, Ana Pastor, had spilled the beans last week by telling Catalan radio that TGV2 Paris-Barcelona would be inaugurated on December 15. Thursday, indiscretion becomes a new commercial offer: travelers can book their tickets to Paris but also connect Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille in the capital of Catalonia and even Madrid from Marseille. In total, five daily roundtrips will be provided between France and Spain without travelers have need to change trains at the border, as was the case until now.

By mid-December, two back and forth between Paris and Barcelona will be done in 6:25 minutes. A daily return will go and Lyon 4:53 Barcelona. Another daily service linking Toulouse to Barcelona in 3 hours while a go and 2 daily return link Marseille in Madrid 7:00 3 via Barcelona. In April, the number of frequencies should be doubled to meet tourist demand.

The rates proposed by the immediate SNCF3 and Renfe4 are identical to those already offered both business travelers. It was not until spring that a new price range will be unveiled. For now, the station merely indicates its price floor – accessible when tickets are booked in advance.

No Franco-Spanish delivered

Obviously, these low prices (from 59 euros for a Paris-Barcelona) seem competitive with airline fares. But the low-cost companies such as easyJet and Vueling connect the two cities in 1 hour 30 less than 80 euros.

But the flow of passengers waited on Franco-Spanish railway network is an entirely different magnitude than the airlines, the two railway companies provide one million passengers will travel on these new lines in 2014. By comparison, 800,000 trips were recorded on the French railway line to the Spanish border since December 2010, when the tunnel Perthus allowed TGV to move to Spain.

Disappointment for travelers who borrow these direct links between France and Spain, no specific livery has been provided. Trains into service between France and Spain in two weeks will be conventional TGV SNCF and Renfe: Duplex trains Alstom but Renfe AVE renovated. New duplex trains Euro should gradually be put into service next year by SNCF

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