Feb 28 2012

Air France to his feet in the minimum service

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An agreement, signed last week between management and the Air France pilots' union (SNPL), reduces the scope of guaranteed service in the air, reveals Liberation. Transposition of the 2008 Act applicable to the SNCF, the text of UMP Eric Diard plans to compel the workers of the company to declare 48 hours in advance. The aim is both to predict future perturbations and thus inform passengers, and to minimize its effects through the reallocation of non-striking staff.

This second objective is compromised in part the agreement signed last week with the drivers. It provides that "the planning of the flight crew is stable [...] in all circumstances and at all times, without exception." Clearly, Air France can not as she wishes to reallocate its staff not on strike or on holiday to improve traffic. The reallocation of staff are still possible, but each driver will have to agree "on a case by case."

"Defusing a dispute with the pilots'

"This means that in case of strike, there will be fewer pilots recalled and more canceled flights. It is surprising that Air France has agreed, "says a government source in Liberation. This is particularly surprising that the strike sector personnel, which began in early February against it, had ended in failure, no recoil on the guaranteed service that has been obtained.

The management of Air France, meanwhile, denies having given wrongly. "This new agreement ratifies simply clarification of an agreement dating from 2006. It is unrelated to the upcoming vote in the guaranteed service, "justified a spokesman. The management also stresses that the redeployment of staff have always done on a voluntary basis. "It does not require a pilot to fly against his will, it would create a security risk," said a spokesman for Libération. Referring to an agreement "win-win", he concedes that it is also to "defuse a dispute with pilot population."


"Minimum Air Service: texted voted


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Feb 26 2012

Insurers are diversifying into private banking

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Insurers want to conquer the savings of the middle classes. The French have a significant financial wealth but less than one million euros often feel ill-advised by large banks, where private banking is reserved for the wealthy. It is into this breach that insurers dream of rush.

A year ago, France launched its program Allianz Allianz First to seduce investors to assets exceeding EUR 250,000. If they join Allianz Fisrt, they become preferred customers, recognized in all the networks of the insurer. They enjoy a range of high quality investments, with conditions more favorable pricing, a dedicated website on heritage issues, or telephone support 7 days 7 to answer all their questions and legal other tax anxieties. They are entitled to invitations to shows and conferences, a sign of recognition. And most importantly, advice on measures. "Heritage poles were created throughout France for general agents. They offer the support of consultants responsible for meeting with clients to analyze their needs and recommend solutions to their problems, "explains Jacques Caba, director of Allianz Private Bank.

Within months, 4,700 clients have already joined the program. This year, Allianz expands this device entrepreneurs, creating the First Circle. And is already the market of private banking. "Insurers are traditionally not present in this segment, rather allotted to banks guaranteed payday loans. They have only 5% of this market, and a gap to fill, "added Jacques Caba.

Axa has already taken a step ahead

MMA and MAAF are available, they, of commercials to tout their excellent advisors or skills in wealth management. Axa has already taken a step ahead. In 2008, just before the crisis, the insurer Axa has launched Exclusiv, a program focusing on the heritage council, to retain the investors with 100,000 to 500,000 euros of financial wealth. "Either in France 2.6 million households and 50% of the savings market value," said Nicolas Deschamps, director of market savings tributary of Axa. The group offers advice (with annual meeting with heritage specialists of the insurer) and insiders', as an outstanding communication in times of crisis)


"Insurers have realized they would have difficulty competing with banks in the savings market consumer. These files have a formidable business efficiency. However, the savings market more upscale, the sinews of war is the board. And insurance companies that have large sales forces have strengths to win, "added Olivier Potellet, CEO of Legal & General. The initial results are inconclusive. Axa, the average purchase amount on investments increased by 50% for clients Axa Exclusiv.


"Banks rely on popular wealth management

Feb 24 2012

Real Estate: prices should fall in 2012

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After two years of strong gains and at times breathtaking, the property prices have stalled throughout France in late 2011. This real slowdown was reflected in the fourth quarter by a stable house prices (+0.1%), according to INSEE statistics, released Thursday. And over one year, prices have increased by "only" 4.3% on average (6.7% for apartments and 2.6% for houses), after increasing 8.5% in 2010 .

However, in the Ile-de-France, the most populated region of France, the annual price increases remained spectacular. It reached 10.6% on average in the départements (small and large crown). And 14.7% in central Paris (after a surge of 17.5% in 2010!). In the capital, house prices have reached new highs in the fourth quarter, with an average price per square meter to 8,390 euros, according to the Chamber of Notaries of Paris-Ile de France.

In seven out of twenty arrondissements, prices even exceed the symbolic threshold of 10,000 euros per square meter. Certain transac-tions go far beyond. On the Champs-Elysees, a 150 m2 apartment has been sold 40,000 euros per square meter in 2011! This new outbreak is partly explained by the low number of Parisian apartments sold (down 14% in the fourth quarter versus the same period of 2010), note notaries. But, "it seems that the trees reach the sky," warns Christian Lefebvre, president of the Chamber of Notaries of Paris-Ile de France, noting a change in trend at the end of last year one hour payday loan. "Over the last three months of 2011, prices are almost stable and in Paris (0.2%). In nine districts, they even declined, "says Thierry Delesalle, notary in Paris.

A correction of 5 to 10% expected

This small market downturn continued in the early years, as evidenced by the preliminary contracts signed in January 8250 euros per square meter on average, according to the Chamber of Notaries. Same thing in other towns in Ile-de-France, where prices began to fall slightly in the fourth quarter of 2011 (-0.7% in the inner suburbs and outer suburbs -0.9%).

"For the first time in years," the Paris notaries anticipate a price decline of 5 to 10% across the region, Paris included. "But this break with the long bull cycle will only be sustainable if new construction is accelerating sustainable in Ile-de-France for several years," they warn. In the rest of France, prices are expected to experience the same slope. Fnaim and notaries as well expect a correction of 5 to 15% on average this year. While some banks have tightened their credit terms and that many households are less confident in their future professionals expect lower sales. Especially since many French have anticipated in late 2011 several devices (PTZ + in the old, lower benefits Scellier …): 828,000 sales have been made between October 2010 and September 2011. High numbers, up 12% year on year.

Feb 23 2012

Japan could help the euro area

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After heavily involved in fundraising efforts of the firewall in the euro area, Japan is preparing to support its European partners. The country plans to provide up to $ 50 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) to enable the institution to help the euro area to cope with the crisis, AFP reported citing an official from the Japanese Ministry of Finance. "Japan considers the precise amount that will provide the IMF," said the official who also spoke up to $ 50 billion, confirming information reported by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun. The exact involvement of Japan to raise funds from the IMF will be announced following a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 which takes place on 25 and 26 February in Mexico City.

However, Japan is not ready to sign a blank check. In a joint forum in the Financial Times, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and his Japanese counterpart Jun Azumi indicates that their countries are willing to increase their contributions to the International Monetary Fund but only on condition that the euro area strengthens its funds Relief and make greater efforts to resolve the long-term debt crisis. "The euro zone countries have made progress but we must still do more to achieve a lasting solution. Japan and Britain are longtime supporters of the IMF and we are ready to make our contribution to the global effort if certain conditions are met, "wrote George Osborne and Jun Azumi.

The institution led by Christine Lagarde seeks in effect to increase its reserves by $ 500 billion to support the euro area. But the IMF's role is crucial in resolving the debt crisis in the eurozone. An official with the International Monetary Fund warned yesterday that if the institution was not associated with the bailout for Greece, the whole edifice would collapse for lack of support from private creditors. "We play a catalytic role. If we are here, both the public and the private sector will join in supporting a country, "said an IMF official, speaking to reporters in Washington on condition of anonymity.


"" China alone can not help Europe "

"Very involved in the eurozone, the IMF is reluctant to pay more

Feb 22 2012

Axa poised to strengthen in Asia

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Axa will grow in non-life insurance in Asia. The French group is about to get their hands on some of the activities of the Sino-British HSBC. The Ace Group and Zurich Australian QBE were also in the race. The announcement of the transaction could, according to a source familiar with the matter, taken as soon as next week, as reported by several Chinese newspapers. At the headquarters of Axa, there was no comment Tuesday.

HSBC hoped to sell all of its activities damage valued around 750 million euros to 1 billion of net premiums collected in 2011. But the British would have resolved to give the geographical batch. And it is on Asia, the birthplace of the banking group, Axa would concentrate.

If it ends, the operation would be part of the new strategic plan for 2015 Axa. This project includes the objectives of growth, cost reduction and redeployment of capital to business lines and countries most profitable. Axa has recently withdrawn and certain activities in developed economies, by disposing of assets in Canada and Great Britain.

The group tries to conquer China for several years. He began a partnership in China in late 2010, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), the country's largest bank. ICBC had entered the capital of the joint venture specializing in life insurance with Axa had founded the China Metallurgical Group Minmetal and was committed to a distribution agreement. HSBC had begun the sale of its non-life insurance in September.


"Axa is an ally to conquer the Chinese market

Feb 20 2012

Fierce competition on the Calais-Dover

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The liquidation of the company SeaFrance Channel whets the appetites of competing operators. The subsidiary of SNCF had indeed a great market share and operating three of the ten vessels that supplied the Calais-Dover.

Now provides a new ferry crossing. Friday, the "Norman Spirit", which can carry 710 cars and 1,100 passengers, has completed its first run between Calais and Dover. It is chartered by the consortium Louis-Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA)-DFDS. The financing package for the joint venture "is not yet completed and may change," said LDA.

Initially, the "Norman Spirit" had strengthened the Dunkerque-Dover DFDS, opened in 2004. He now will leave Calais, where the crossing is the shortest – a port that is far refused to DFDS and LDA. The first company operates trains north (Dunkirk, Amsterdam). The second is present in the south, with Le Havre and Dieppe, and had tried unsuccessfully to revive the line Boulogne-sur-Mer, Dover, 2009.

There would be room for everyone

Leader on the Calais-Dover, P & O operates seven vessels, sixty trips daily, and has recently invested 360 million euros in two superferries, which have been commissioned. The first, the "Spirit of Britain", was launched over a year ago, the second in early February no fax pay day loan. Each ferry can carry 1,059 cars or 180 trucks and 200 cars.

Crisis requires SeaFrance, P & O had postponed the shutdown of ferries replaced by these vessels. The company admits to being "in an observation period with respect to competition," while observing that studies of the expansion of the port of Calais "forecast an increase of traffic in the coming years." So there would be room for everyone.

For its part, Eurotunnel, the operator of the Channel Tunnel, plays spoilsport in the sea. The company has announced its interest in obtaining the three SeaFrance ferries. Eurotunnel would lease a second time to the workers' cooperative (scop) that plan to launch the elders of the CFDT-sea SeaFrance. "We are not in the context of a coup, says Fabienne Lissak, director of communications. The elders of SeaFrance have maritime skills: we absolutely need them, our ferry business from scratch. "


"Only 90 employees of SeaFrance seduced by the SNCF plan

"SeaFrance: cessation of activity delivered

"SeaFrance: Eurotunnel wants to buy three boats

Feb 19 2012

Voguéo: yacht clubs are afraid to put the key under the door

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One can enjoy the river traffic and see a very dim view of Voguéo expansion projects, the public transport network on the Seine. While the Syndicat des transports d'Ile-de-France (Stif) until March 3 launches public consultation on its new project Voguéo providing three transmission lines serving 31 stops between Suresnes and Vitry-sur-Seine, several sailing clubs West Paris began to give voice. After mobilizing their members, they come to question the Sports Minister, David Douillet, in a letter.

According to them, canoeing-kayaking, rowing and sailing would be greatly threatened in western Paris by the arrival of motorized shuttles Voguéo. The nautical base of the island of Sir, Sevres, would be most affected. Opened in 2007 this space accommodates 900 oarsmen, 500 followers of canoeing and sailing fans from 150 clubs from neighboring villages (Sevres, Boulogne-Billancourt, Saint Cloud, Ville d'Avray and Chaville).

"There are quite some barges in our area but then with water buses with 150 seats running every ten minutes (runs every 20 minutes in both directions), it would be really possible," says Francois Banton President ACBB rowing, the biggest club occupying the premises.

Condemnation of water activities

These water activities are practiced in calm water and it takes several minutes after the passage of a big boat that caused the stir constantly. Besides the security problems created by passing shuttles, unlike barges, from one bank to another. Eventually, the associations believe that the project would condemn outright the activity of their members and 15 employees they employ.

"We did not necessarily identified this aspect of things by launching our project, we admit to Stif. But it's also why is the public consultation. "For now, the project will start in 2013. Meanwhile, the website vogueo.fr that collects users' comments recensait originally an enthusiastic majority of opinions is an increasing number of protests rowers who spread the word to defend their favorite pastime.


"The letter to David Douillet

"Paris: in 2013, will have 31 stops Voguéo

Feb 17 2012

Tax: the false solution of withholding

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In almost all developed countries except France, Switzerland and Singapore, the income tax (IR) is taken directly from the paychecks of household, month after month. This system called "withholding tax" has two advantages: it makes life easier for taxpayers and allows the State to recover almost certainly the tax due, and it regularly.

France should she finally opt for this system, after several failed attempts? Francois Hollande has thought before abandoning the project too. The latest study on the subject of compulsory Council (OAC), an organization linked to the ECA, rather gives reason to critics of the withholding tax. "Some of the arguments advanced in favor of historically withholding their lost weight," said Wednesday, during the presentation of the study, Didier Migaud, the first president of the Court of Auditors.

Indeed, 73% of monthly paid by French taxpayers are now: they pay their IR month after month. Payment is made by monthly installments or third provisional, in 90% of cases it is done electronically (direct debit transfers). The tax return has also been improved, many are now pre-filled boxes. In short, the taxpayer, the French system is relatively simple to use. And the withholding tax is not a panacea: the taxpayer must file a tax return and having to adjust to the tax the following year.

Another consequence of modernization introduced in France, the tax already covers very well the IR, to 99%.

The withholding tax would actually an advantage for the French: they would pay a tax based on income of the year. Currently, households that see their revenues decline, due to retirement, unemployment, divorce, have to pay high taxes compared to their resources in the year, this tax is computed on income, best, of previous year. 30% of households fall into this category each year.

But the CPO believes that this problem can be solved without going through the withholding tax. It is already possible in France to modulate its monthly installments or obtain payment periods, in case of declining income. Would require the IRS to better communicate on these facilities, says the CPO.

Costs for the company

The tax could also opt for the taxation of income during the year: the deposits paid in taxes would be calculated on the estimated income for the year. There would regularize the following year, when revenues definitively known. This system would have an advantage over the withholding tax: the company would not be involved in tax collection.

Indeed, if the direct debit from paychecks, the employer is the tax collector. It can even be the one to calculate the total revenues. In the latter case, he knows if his employee receives other income from savings or property, and he knows the wages of their spouse. Besides the privacy issue, this can affect wage policy – why increase someone whose spouse is very easy? This design maximum role of enterprise is rare and only affects Canada. It remains true that the withholding tax involves costs for the company, from four to two hundred euros a year in different countries.

Anyway, switching to the taxation of income of the year it takes place via the IRS or the withholding tax levied by the company, is a problem, that of the transition year. Could not ask taxpayers to pay that year double tax on the earnings of the year and those of the previous year.

The solution most often proposed is to cancel the tax assessed on the income of the previous year. An acceptable solution since in practice the tax authorities would not suffer any break in the perception of the IR. But at a cost: it would continue to grant tax benefits (employment at home, donations?) On revenues of the previous year. The bill would be 5 to 10 billion euros calculated the CPO. Not very appropriate at this time of fiscal crisis.

With regard to the withholding tax, "the balance tips towards more disadvantages than advantages to," said Didier Migaud.


"The income tax weighs less heavy

"Fusion of the CSG and the income tax: effects

Feb 16 2012

Iran threatens to suspend oil sales to the European Union

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Confusion will be enough oil to burn in minutes. Brent crude rose from $ 118 to $ 120 Wednesday at 13:30, while news agencies, citing the Iranian television channel Press TV evoked an immediate suspension of Iranian oil sales in six European countries including France, Greece, the Italy and Spain.

Finally, according to Al-Alam, Tehran has only "warned" that could disrupt its sales in retaliation for the embargo imposed on 23 January by the European Union (EU). But it will not do "for now and for humanitarian reasons because of the cold," said Al-Alam. Six European ambassadors were received by the Director for Western Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hassan Tajik them said his country had found "other buyers". At 14:30, a barrel of Brent crude in London fell back side around 118.40 dollars. By climbing a few moments to 120 dollars a barrel returned to a level reached last summer, also close off the hook early 2011 highs at the beginning of the Libyan war.

Embargo unprecedented EU

The foreign ministers of the European Union adopted on January 23 a series of new economic sanctions against Iran, suspected of developing nuclear weapons program. An embargo "progressive" on imports of Iranian oil has been decided. The bill provides that existing contracts can be implemented until July 1. A delay obtained at the request of the European countries most dependent on Iranian crude, beginning with Greece, which buys 30% of its oil to the regime of Mullah, followed by Italy (13%) and Spain (12% ). Twenty-Seven took weeks to agree on the sanction regime. France for its part does not buy that about 3% of its black gold to Iran.

The progressive nature of the embargo would allow European countries to compensate for expected losses by supplies provided mainly by Saudi Arabia pledged to pump more crude. While Tehran, contrary to the statements of its leaders, is not guaranteed to sell its Asian customers that the oil would be shunned by Europe, the Islamic regime wants to use short-term increases in financial income generated by each spike courses. And perhaps divisions among its customers more or less vulnerable.


"" The embargo on Iranian oil is counterproductive "

"The EU upholds an unprecedented embargo against Iran

Feb 14 2012

Illegal downloading: justice comes into play

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Finished playing. The High Authority for the dissemination of works and protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi) has started to send their records to justice. They relate to users who have been singled three times for illegal downloading of music, movies or television series. They are part of the 2 to 4 million French who consume 80% of the bandwidth of the Hexagon, as estimated by the French Federation of Telecom.

Failing to respond to warnings of Internet Piracy, these users will now have to answer for their acts before a police court. Guilty of "failure to monitor Internet access," they risk a fine of up to 1500 euros. In addition, the judge may request a break from their Internet access for a month at most.

Less than 165 files concerned

Potentially, this is less than 165 records are concerned. This is indeed the number of cases examined at the end of December 2011, the Commission for Protection of Rights (CDP) of the Hadopi. The latter calls the Internet before deciding repeat the referral of their case in court. These cases represent a fraction of the 822,000 users who received a first warning of Internet Piracy since October 2010. Email, they are warned that their "Internet access has been used to commit acts, recognized by the minutes, which may constitute a criminal offense." In this case, "to make available, reproduce or access to cultural works protected by copyright."

Exactly 68,343 of these users have been a second warning of Hadopi, sent by registered letter. And it was only after having been caught out a third time that people are summoned by the CDP. Of the 165 offenders, some users were not presented. And therefore even more likely to have to explain himself before a judge.

Credibility issue

The Hadopi declined to specify the number of cases sent to court same day payday loans. It is also not a finite process but a sending "streaming" to the floors of residential Internet users. It also did not specify the profile of these offenders diligent, their case is now within the justice.

One thing is certain, however: Hadopi sent "folders better built," says a source close to the administrative authority. In other words, the Hadopi hope the case will result in a sanction forwarded copy. For this first salvo justify ultimately the validity of the Hadopi system and graduated response, challenged by the Socialist candidate for president, Francois Hollande. "We have always said that the credibility of the device based on a combination of education and punishment," said Roger and Jerome, Director General of UPFI (Union of French independent record producers). Transferring records to justice "is therefore part of the normal implementation of graduated response," said the representative of independent producers.

The Hadopi has taken the time to tie up his files before proceeding to the final stage. "For several months it is about 100 to 150 files ready to be sent for trial in our discussions with Internet Piracy," says one well among beneficiaries. "The third phase, we will be very cautious. Our goal is not to refer as many people in court, "had also warned Marie-Françoise Marais, president of Internet Piracy, last June, when the" Media Buzz Orange-Le Figaro ", citing" a number relatively small "folders. Their fate is now in the hands of justice.


"Sarkozy response to Holland on the removal of Internet Piracy

"The Hadopi warned

100,000 users

"MEPs call to beef up anti-piracy fight

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