Nov 24 2011

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After three months of decline (-4.1% from July to September) the property prices have started to increase again in Paris in October, according to the barometer A start of surprise that Sébastien Lafond, president and founder of, analysis as an unexpected new tax measures, notammentla taxation of capital gains, announced by the government. "Under pressure to sell before the deadline of 1 February 2012, and therefore to sign a pledge before the end of October, many owners have decided to put their two room flats on the market," said he. This influx of goods would normally increase the downward trend. Yet the opposite occurred. "The arrival on the market of small areas of good quality in the most desirable areas of the capital (central districts) where the supply is almost always less than demand," boosted the market.Seeking a safe haven in times of crisis, buyers have little discussion of prices these homes that have sold "cheap and fast," says Sebastien de Lafond. In Paris, the transactions were small areas and 63% of the total in October, 10 points higher than the average.

7975 euros per square meter on average

As a result, prices have gained 1.5% on average in October according to the monthly barometer, finding the average level found in the month of April in 7975 euros per square meter. Of course, the increase was not uniform in all districts of Paris. I searched the neighborhoods of the eighth arrondissement rose from 3.5 to 4%, while the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth districts stagnated. The suburb has not seen any improvement.

Nov 23 2011

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The Paris Bourse should attempt a rebound on Tuesday, a day after falling more than 3%. Around 8:02, the CAC 40 futures contract shown up 1.02%, suggesting a sharply higher opening of the Paris index. The movement should be a European future since the Frankfurt Stock Exchange advance them to 0.68%.

The problems of sovereign debt, however, should hang over the markets. The pressure rises in the euro zone since Moody's announced that the triple A French was threatened. Spain and Italy are always attacked in the bond markets. Finally, Germany is in the viewfinder of many observers who believe the country could experience a domino effect on the market.

But Europe is not the only one to raise the nervousness of the operators.

For now, the rating agencies Standard & Poor's and Moody's reported that U.S. credit rating would not be affected by the failure of these discussions. Fitch, however, said it could revise its outlook on maintaining its AAA rating assigned to the United States. It recalls that it had warned in August that "a failure of the super committee to reach an agreement would likely have a negative result on the rating" of the country.

This news has already had the effect of falling Wall Street yesterday and the stock markets in Asia this morning, confirming the prediction of Japanese Finance Minister, Jun Azumi, said this morning that fearing "a big disappointment in the markets."

Oil rises

Under the spotlight, the United States must deliver on Tuesday the second reading of GDP in the third quarter.

Nov 20 2011

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Released in early 2010, a year and a half of recession caused by the bursting of the housing bubble, Spain could plunge into the red. Supported by the only engine of exports and tourism, the economy will suffer from the international slowdown. And domestic demand – consumption and investment – remains stalled, weighed down by record unemployment. Economists forecast a decline in activity over the next two quarters payday loan lenders. For the full 2012, Natixis expects an increase of GDP, limited to 0.2%, even more severe, Bank of America Merrill Lynch expects a fall of 0.7%. Two days before the election, the government had to accept lower growth for 2011 at 0.8% against 1.3%, less than half that expected by Brussels in the euro area.

Occupation: the red lantern of Europe

This is the black point of the Spanish economy.

Nov 15 2011

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The enthusiasm was short-lived. Asian markets, which had welcomed yesterday the political changes in Italy, switch back into the red on Tuesday. The concern around European sovereign debt increases with the lines, the fear of spreading to other countries as Greece. The fears are rooted in the rising bond yields recorded yesterday in Spain and Italy. Spanish borrowing rate to 10 years rose to 6.082% (it did not exceed the critical threshold of 6% since early August), while a debt issue in Italy took place at rates above 6% for securities maturing five years. In Greece, the Prime Minister's speech Lucas Papademos, who promises to reduce government debt at 9% of GDP in 2011, is not enough to reassure.

In this context, the Japanese Nikkei ended the session down 0.72% to 8541.93 points.The broader Topix index has in turn reduced by 0.67% to 730.91 points. "We need to stabilize the situation in Greece, Italy and Spain for the Nikkei rebound," said Fumiyuki Nakanishi, a broker at SMBC Friend Securities. The export sector has been especially battered because of the renewed weakness of the dollar against the yen. The greenback fell in the early morning under the threshold of 77 yen before slightly recover. Elpida unscrews to 8.54%, 1.46% of Sony and Sharp 1%. Bank stocks are also in the red in the image of Resona (-1.45%) and Aozora (-3.13%). Only Olympus has distinguished himself on the rise: the title continued to climb started the day by winning 18.51%, the maximum allowed for the day.

In China, Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively unleash 19,295 points to 1.09% and 0.23% to 2522 points. Spirit takes the rating down (-3.10%) in Hong Kong, as Foxconn (-1.37%).

Nov 12 2011

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In February, the U.S. bank Citigroup has taken to turn control of the record. Prior to announcing its sale in June, immediately arousing the interest of Universal.

Negotiations between the two partners have stumbled on the issue of management of pension costs. The agreement could finally be announced early next week fast cash online. But sources familiar with the FT interviewed by the warning that the agreement can still be challenged by a cons-bid Access Industries, owner of Warner Music.


"VIDEO -" Universal Music is essential for Deezer "

Nov 10 2011

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The markets are down conviction Thursday. The CAC 40 fell by more than 2% in early trade then turned around, earning up to 1% in the morning. But mid-term is a reluctance to wait still dominates, the benchmark index of the Paris Bourse advancing 0.8% to 3099.48 points. The day before, the CAC 40 lost 2.17% to below 3100 points.

As on Wall Street and Asian stock markets, doubt seized investors, who are now considering the worst: a contagion of debt in the eurozone. With the center of these concerns, the situation in Italy, including the implementation of austerity measures remains uncertain. The announcement yesterday of the upcoming departure of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has in fact added to the uncertainty, as evidenced by soaring rates in ten years the Italian Treasury payday loan.Interest rates at one year paid by the Italian Treasury this morning reached a new record during a test program.

The concerns of the operators in the financial markets move increasingly towards France. This morning, the rates of French government bonds to ten years has exceeded 3.30%.

Unison concerns of investors, Brussels found the Italian debt situation "very worrying". Ditto for the International Monetary Fund: its director Christine Lagarde said today that "lack of political clarity" in Italy supplied the uncertainties, according to Reuters.

Nov 08 2011

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The Eurogroup meeting she reaches to allay fears about the debt crisis crippling the Paris market? On Tuesday, the leading index of 1.46% in mid-session at 3150.99 points raised by banking stocks. Yesterday, after long hesitation, the CAC 40 finished down 0.66% to 3123.99 points.

Greece but also Italy, however, always crystallize concerns have increased as rumors of leaving the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, immediately denied by the latter. Nevertheless, if the vote to be held today at the Chamber of Deputies on the budget is negative, the departure of Cavaliere seem inevitable. Meanwhile the distrust of investors facing the country's public debt is climbing.The performance of the obligation of Italian 10-year, reaching 6.73% in the morning (before falling to 6.66%), an unsustainable level over time under the weight of the debt.

At the same time, the finance ministers of the euro area gathered in Brussels last night stepped up their pressure on Athens and Rome to the two countries meet their commitments to reduce deficits. In the process, Wall Street ended on an optimistic note. This morning, Asian markets have proven unreliable and shared.

In this context, oil prices are rising. The barrel of "light sweet crude" for December delivery gained 0.36% to 96.29 dollars.

Nov 07 2011

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The Fillon II plan to reduce deficits of France to be unveiled in late morning, after an extraordinary cabinet meeting. After an initial savings package of 11 billion euros announced in late August, the Prime Minister must present a new program of 8 to 10 billion savings this year and an acceleration of restrictions until 2016. With the objective, the balance of public finances in this horizon. Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon met yesterday to finalize the new plan.

The government should give priority to savings at risk for unpopular measures. The legal age of retirement could be increased to include 62 years from 2016 or 2017, when the reform was originally scheduled for 2018.Prime Minister Francois Fillon will return to this plan tonight during the 20-hour television news on TF1.


"Baroin:" The balance in 2016, that's our commitment "

"Austerity: new tracks government