Sep 27 2011

"Against the maintenance hood"

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"Against the interview hooded" by Cadremploi

What remains of it bias? It was a theme of Jean-Marie Le Pen there twenty years. It was the time when the country was not hit by the consequences of globalization. The stranger was a threat, he had just "eat the bread of the French."

Years later, Marine Le Pen took over the torch gently but one senses that the heart is gone. Difficult to show the French that limiting immigration would be freed up more spaces for "national". If immigration remains a favorite theme of the National Front, it seems that even the Navy Pen no longer believes in national preference in the fight against unemployment.Admittedly, equivalent jurisdiction, it says it will recruit French, but it does not tell a foreign jurisdiction, provided, of course, it is in good standing.

The way forward in the field of employment shows that some backward-looking arguments are less popular in the far-right party no faxing payday loan. It is the same for the wage-feeding. If her father was attached, it was clearly because a society where women care for children was more consistent with his vision of the family. Her daughter from this point of view is more modern. For her the work done by women at home must be paid but they willingly leave the choice to work.

In this regard, Marine Le Pen is a woman of her generation.Remains the personality that emerges from the maintenance and which is finally consistent with the public image of the candidate: she does not like bent (those "curves"), requires that he realizes (management of the head ) and admits that it would be difficult to work with a personality as strong as hers and complainer. In the end, the heiress gives the impression she is quite capable of leading the small family business, which does not mean that it is able to run a government. That's another job, and it does not only depend on her.

Sep 26 2011

Week crucial for Greece

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A new week high voltage for Greece and the euro area. In fact, Sunday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that a delegation will travel to Athens this week to determine whether or not the country can benefit from the sixth round of eight billion euros of the loan in May 2010 , aid became vital for the country. The CEO of the institution, Christine Lagarde, has indeed met the Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Sunday to discuss the conditions for the return of the IMF in the country to complete the fifth audit of the Greek economic program. The mission "will certainly place this week," said Fund.

In parallel, Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek finance minister, yesterday met with Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the ECB, to negotiate a restructuring of the Greek debt at a discount of between 40% and 50%.The minister said that "there is no alternative to restructuring." He said at the annual meeting of the Institute of International Finance (IIF), an association of 450 banks in the world: "We are ready to take the necessary whatever the political cost." And said it was confident about the outcome of the vote in parliament of the new austerity plan, condition of the granting of new loans of the troika, because according to him "which member will take responsibility to lead Greece to a default? ".

Germany mobilized

A view shared by the French Minister for European Affairs, Jean Leonetti, who said Sunday that "Greece will avoid bankruptcy because it is the interest of the Greek state, the Greek people and is the interest of us all.If Greece were to fail tomorrow, it would cost more than if it did not go bankrupt, "he said on Radio France International business card.

The Heads of State and Government in July found an agreement to rescue Greece and broaden the scope of intervention of the relief fund of the zone (EFSF), including providing it with an instrument enabling it to market purchases of debt of states in difficulty. This agreement is being ratified by 17 national parliaments in the area. The vote of Germany, the country is the biggest contributor to EU aid plans appear on track.In a television interview Sunday night, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has indeed shown the outcome of the confidence vote scheduled Thursday in the Bundestag.

In addition, the German Chancellor said that allowing Greece to fail would destroy investor confidence in the euro area and could cause infection comparable to that following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

The rising social discontent in Greece

But Greece will probably have to wait beyond the holding of a Eurogroup meeting on Oct. 3 before a decision on the release of the next tranche of aid."Given the delay by the Troika mission (IMF, ECB and European Commission), I do not think that the next meeting of the Eurogroup, October 3, a decision on the sixth installment," said Sunday Washington Deputy German Finance Minister, Jörg Asmussen

In addition, the rising social discontent in Greece. Further strikes are planned next week before a general strike on October 19.


"The G20 mobilized to reassure the financial world

"Europeans are ready to strengthen the Stability Fund

Sep 24 2011

U.S. funds flee European banks

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The crisis of confidence in the European banking sector will not work out. While Europe is trying to convince the world of the soundness of its banks in the current crisis, the major U.S. money market funds prefer to leave the ship. A study published Friday by the rating agency Fitch Ratings, the top ten overseas funds have massively reduced their exposure to European banks. They thus cut their dollar investments in European banking shares by 8% in August, after a fall of 9% in July. Since late May, their exhibit was planed by 27% guaranteed high risk personal loans.

Today, European banking shares held by ten U.S. funds represent 676 billion dollars, or 42.1% of their overall portfolio. These investments still weighed 47.2% in late July."Reducing exposure to leading European banks is largely offset by increased investment in financial institutions in Australia, Canada, Japan and Scandinavia," said Robert Grossman, an official of Fitch Ratings.

Some European countries are more affected than others by the flight of U.S. investment.

Sep 22 2011

Social security deficit of 14 billion in 2012

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The Social Security deficit next year will reach nearly 14 billion euros. It is the goal set by the government, which presented Thursday its 2012 budget proposal of the "Safely." There are three more years, the amount would have seemed catastrophic. Today, it appears as a significant improvement (the second row from the terrible years 2009 and 2010), almost a relief.

Achieving this goal will require new efforts, however. According to estimates published by the Commission alongside the accounts of the social security system, the "hole" would amount to 21.2 billion more next year, if nothing new savings or revenues were taken ("trend ").This is despite rather favorable macroeconomic assumptions adopted by the government (1.75% growth, 3.7% increase in payroll).

Patchwork savings

To do better, the government is "primarily on cost containment through structural reforms," ​​pleads one in the entourage of the Minister of Public Accounts, Valérie Pécresse. There's no question for the industry pensions. The second step of delaying the legal age (60 years and eight months from 1 January), listed in the reform of Sarkozy, Woerth 2010, 1.2 billion will reduce the total pension paid in 2012, says Bercy. And this effect will intensify over the years, until 2018, when the legal age will reach age 62.However, for the health branch, the major economies announced for next year are less than a fundamental reform of a traditional patchwork (lower prices of drugs or radiological, snacking benefits of sick leave …).

Sep 22 2011

The new life of Christine Lagarde in Washington

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Christine Lagarde has not found his dream home in Washington. Arrive early July to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF), she still lives temporarily in a furnished apartment, close to his office. "Initially, I looked pretty houses in the neighborhood of Georgetown, but I realized it would be impractical and it was better to look for an apartment. Now I prospect in areas not too far from my office, "said Le Figaro the new executive director of the monetary institution. "I have a pool, but not just to bathe. A pool where we could really swim … I have not taken a subscription to a sports club, but in my building there is a proper gym, "says the former champion synchronized swimming enthusiast – disciplined – physical exercise daily.

Since joining the IMF, it has worked and has not been able to enjoy a city that is much changed since she lived there in 1974, when she spent a year at a time of joy and studious the benches of the Holton-Arms School, a school for girls located in the posh western suburb. "In my new life in Washington, the work never stops. But the restaurants are ten times better than what I experienced, "It has already his favorites:" the canteen of the IMF and the Blue Duck Tavern at the Hyatt. " However, between briefings, seminars with the teams of the Fund that it must learn about his travels to London to Marseille for the G7 and Jackson Hole (Wyoming) for a symposium of central bankers to prepare his speeches and conversations with senior business leaders from every continent, Christine Lagarde has had little time to breathe.Those close to him are even already looking a little tired …

She will not rest this week as the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank are converging towards his office finance ministers and heads of central banks in 187 countries. For several days she prepares for the event. Moments of summer vacation between Marseille and Corsica with her partner, Xavier Giocanti may have seemed far away. To complicate matters, the latter, who founded his company in France, will not live with her in Washington. "He loves the U.S. capital. But his work is in the south of France. He promised to arrange to come one week per month. I also want it with me in some missions abroad, "says the former French Minister.This rate, "is it better than their last weekend aborted by meetings at the Elysee on Sunday afternoon?" Asks one close to the couple.

Critical time

Christine Lagarde did not wait two and half months to start to make its mark and recommend solutions to the crisis. In late August, on the occasion of his first major intervention in Jackson Hole, she took against the established European friends who have yet worked to his appointment in June She has dared to advocate for a rapid strengthening of bank capital of the Old Continent, as required by public money. Taking up the old refrain of the IMF, the former "good soldier" of Nicolas Sarkozy marked its independence vis-à-vis his former boss.Showing how far is now the time in his office in Bercy, when not agree with a decision of the Élysée, she smiled, gritted his teeth and let go … "is the head of State decides "*.

This position, criticized by many European officials, but in line with IMF recommendations for months, proved that the new patron of the institution was not, as some suspect, "the elegant performing" chosen by old European countries in crisis to justify their monopoly once more become anachronistic in the direction of the IMF. Even the laudatory article in the American edition of Vogue magazine in September of Christine Lagarde said that his French elegance accompanied by substance, "Lagarde is as natural, open and very feminine.His way of being simple, clear it rose through the ranks through his work seriously, not because of its ability to attract, "says the prestigious fashion publication. This is the first time a director of the IMF in Vogue poses cross-legged on a couch. Some saw a dim, fast debt crisis in Europe. But now that clears a little sordid chronicle by the New York tabloids and sexual exploits of his predecessor.

In his office on the 12th floor of the concrete block that is the IMF headquarters, Christine Lagarde strives to maintain at all times smile and kindness that are his trademark. However, she also knows that this is not that quality be the judge.Some leading experts in the world of high finance, as Simon Johnson and Raghuram Rajan, former chief economist of the IMF expressed concern that "non-economist" is selected for this feature to a critical time. It can be a handicap in an institution with more than doctors in economics per square meter than any other. Eager to rectify this perception, she was quick to declare taking office in early July: "I'm not going to brag about my qualifications or my lack of qualifications. The proof of the quality of the pudding is measured by how it is enjoyed by those who eat it, as the saying goes. I come with an open mind, with my ability to manage, leverage resources and my desire to help as many people as possible to the decisions and solutions … I will ask many questions.I will evaluate and I'll rely on the advice of those who know their sector. Without wishing to poets, all conductors can not play the piano, harp, violin and cello. I will try to be a good conductor. "To Christine Lagarde, the concert starts this week.

As shown in the tone of his speech a few days before the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London, Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington or on the financial news channel CNBC, the CEO wants to politely shake the leaders of the world, push for action to prevent a relapse into recession generally. Barack Obama, which she first received a phone call late August, requires only that.His plan to revive the use is consistent with IMF recommendations: do not cut right away in public spending.

His recent media offensive, the contrast between the start humiliating DSK, which has placed the IMF on the front page of American newspapers, not to mention the seriousness of the economic situation, are all eyes are on her. Not just those of "Planet Finance." "I am no longer anonymous to Washington. Many people recognize me on the streets and shops. The youngest often ask me to pose with them for a photo. And taxi drivers spotted me right away, "says she honestly.

It is too early to say whether it will be "Keynesian" or "monetarist". But in style, some have noted its refreshing approach in the austere environment of the IMF."I do not know if his style is a little sixteenth arrondissement, or if it is his sincere desire to be considerate towards its employees, but it is very human … I saw her invited to eat at his table his bodyguards after long hours of work, "says one observer. I must say that – status of the Fund requires – one of his bodyguards Bercy could follow. Not even his faithful collaborator for eighteen years, Sonia, who had started with her at Baker & McKenzie and on which it could rely at all times. Being a "woman power" always has a price …

* In "Christine Lagarde: investigation of the most powerful woman in the world," Cyril and Mary LACHEVRE Visot (Editions Michel Lafon).


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"The IMF urges States to act quickly to avoid a recession

Sep 21 2011

Monaco: successful challenge to the marriage

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Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock reported close to the rock. The royal couple, who has said yes last July, allowed Monaco to garner nearly 10 million. The celebrations, which took place over three days, had in fact cost 19.578 million euros (paid by the State of Monaco to the tune of 9.178 million and 10.4 million in the Palace). But the direct and indirect economic benefits are, they estimated at 29 million euros, according to the Institute of Statistics Monaco (IMSE).

Direct benefits, which include expenses related to the organization made in the Principality, were valued at 14.9 million euros.According to the Minister of State Michel Roger, "76% benefited local economic entities", ie the sectors of hotels, restaurants, service providers and equipment supply.

The indirect benefits generated by visitors and participants in various events during the wedding, have immediately helped raise 4.6 million euros (2.5 million are still went to the restaurant, 1, 5 to 0.6 million hotel and derivatives such as objects and stamps). In the long term, they need to generate about 9 million.

"Capitalize" on these benefits

For Monaco and its 35,000 inhabitants, the bet seems successful. This marriage has given a boost to a tourism industry that marked the coup in 2009.The Tourism Monaco confirmed a very good month of July: "The Principality has 75,000 monthly overnights. In July, 80% of them were occupied, "said a statement citing" great numbers that exceed the reference years were 2007 or 2008. "The Oceanographic Museum and its exhibition "Story of the Royal Wedding" shows the tourist craze sparked by the marriage of July as recorded 100,000 visitors in less than a month.

To maximize the benefits for the long term, officials are working on Monegasque a special program named "Monaco, the world capital of romance" with the goal of "capitalizing on the benefits of international royal wedding and set up a course marriage," said Bouquier Michel, the Commissioner General of Tourism.


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Sep 19 2011

Qatar is keen interest in EADS

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The great upheaval associated with the release of Daimler and Lagardère of EADS is imminent? The first holds 15% stake in the group and the second 7.5%. The State of Qatar would be entered into negotiations with the German government to buy half of the 15% stake in EADS held by Daimler, according to the weekly Der Spiegel. According to the paper, the Minister of Economy, Philipp Rösler, reportedly received two weeks ago members of the government of Qatar. Sunday, across the Rhine, no one has denied the report: the spokesman of the German said he could not comment on ongoing negotiations.

Sep 17 2011

Fifth meeting of up to Wall Street

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After closing up Thursday evening, the U.S. stock markets have struggled to stay in the green Friday. At the close, the Dow gained 0.66% to 11,509,09 points, the Nasdaq is 0.58% to 2622.31 points and the S & P 500 climbed 0.57% to 1216.01 points. The benchmark index of Wall Street has finished in the green of the five sessions of the week, a performance he had not done since the last week of June. It displays a weekly increase of 4.7%.

Investors focused on news from Europe. After the announcement, positively received, a new agreement between central banks to provide dollar liquidity to European banks and Japanese eyes were riveted to Poland which is a meeting of EU finance ministers.The latter have formally agreed on the principle of strengthening fiscal discipline by imposing financial penalties on countries too lax, paving the way for formal adoption of this reform.

In contrast, the euro area and again stumbles on the guarantees requested by Finland in exchange for new loans in Athens, an issue that poisons relations within the euro area.Concerning the payment of a further tranche of loans that the country urgently needs, the euro area has decided to postpone any decision until October.

Invited exceptionally, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has also expressed concern about the divisions between governments and the European Central Bank (ECB).

U.S. consumer confidence rises

In this context, the "four witches" today is to say the expiration of four types of futures contracts on indices and stocks, have increased volatility.

Good news, however, helped keep the exchanges in positive territory: U.S. consumer confidence rises, according to the index of consumer confidence in September, published by the University of Michigan.The index, which fell in August to its lowest level since November 2008, increased 2.1 points to 57.8, according to a still provisional estimate for September. Analysts were waiting a little lower, at 56.3.

Oil has closed lower Friday in New York, suffering from profit taking less reassured investors that the day before on the likelihood of a quick resolution of the debt crisis in Europe.A barrel of "light sweet crude" for October delivery ended down $ 1.44 on the New York Mercantile Exchange, to 87.96 dollars a barrel.

RIM collapses

On the corporate side, Research in Motion (- 18.99% to 23.93 dollars), the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, collapsed after publishing quarterly results fell sharply, well below analysts' forecasts.

The rating agency Moody's said Thursday it placed under surveillance notes of the bank UBS (+ 4.16% to 11.89 dollars) with for a potential degradation due to "weaknesses in the management of risk group. "

At the heart of the news, Google (+ 0.76% to 546.68 dollars) has purchased additional patents in 1023 the computer company IBM (1.55% to 172.72 dollars) to strengthen its portfolio and attempt to discourage trial for violation of intellectual property.Google expects the other hand that the number of Internet users in India to be tripled in three years through improved access to wireless internet and at prices more affordable smartphone, reported on Friday Wall Street Journal.

Boeing (1.49% to 65.28 dollars) could finally respond to the order by Air France-KLM of 110 long-haul aircraft, including 50 firm orders, builders Boeing and European Airbus to ensure the renewal of its fleet.

Sep 15 2011

The CAC welcomes the intervention of central banks

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The rebound of the day continues at the Paris Bourse. The Cac 40 climbed 2.18% in mid-session at 3013.30 points, in the wake of Wall Street and Asian stock markets.The increase accelerated after the announcement of an exceptional action of major central banks including the ECB and U.S. Federal Reserve, to enhance the supply of dollars in the banking sector.

Wednesday he had already climbed 1.87% to 2949.14% points as investors cautiously welcoming the determination displayed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou during a conference call Wednesday evening out to Athens for the crisis.

Same upward trend in other European financial centers: London in mid-session gaining 1.38% and 2.10% while Frankfurt Milan rose 1.49% and 2.51% in Madrid.

For now, the markets show their confidence in the ability of the euro area to help Athens to prevent the country will default, and is forced out of the single currency.

After months of deadlock between Parliament and European governments agreed in principle to toughen the Stability Pact and fiscal discipline common EU response to the crisis of debt was signed in Strasbourg on Thursday morning. This device provides for financial penalties in the form of cash deposit in blocked accounts for countries that would leave too lax spinning their deficits, and processes more automatic than in the past to punish the worst performers in Europe.The agreement should therefore be subject to European finance ministers Friday in Poland, that will floor on the back of the Greek crisis in a macroeconomic environment deteriorated.

At the end of their conference, the Franco-German said he believed the day "that the position of Greece is very much in the euro area." But on one condition, also very explicit: "The implementation of strict and effective recovery program of the Greek economy supported by the countries of the euro area and the IMF and which conditions the disbursement of future tranches of the program. "George Papandreou was quick to deceive, confirming" the absolute determination of his government to take all necessary measures to implement all commitments. "For the budget minister Valérie Pécresse, what the Prime Minister of Greece were "reassured" the euro area, she said on Thursday LCI.

For its part, the Chancellor has again ruled out the idea of ​​European bonds, proposed by some to pool at least part of the issuance of debt of the euro area. It would be "absurd," she said this morning outside the Motor Show in Frankfurt.

The U.S. maintains pressure on Europe

To this, add the announcement of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) said on Wednesday that they could increase their holdings of bonds denominated in euros. Brazil has such willingness to participate in a "global effort" against the economic crisis that affects rich countries, said the same day the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff.The same goes for Russia, which has indicated its willingness to "consider an investment in the new mechanism in the euro area if the responsibilities are clearly defined" through its Vice-Minister of Finance. However, Italy, whose rates have soared during bond, has denied media reports that she would have asked China to invest in debt.

U.S. side, however, no way to release the pressure on Europe. It "must do more" in the words of Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary, who must participate in a meeting Friday of finance ministers in Europe.In an interview Wednesday on the financial channel CNBC, he considers, however, that the Europeans 'capacity' to solve the crisis, seeing a good eye that they "recognize that they are late."

Note that Christine Lagarde, Executive Director of the IMF, should give a speech in Washington on "Challenges and solutions for the global economy and the IMF" to 16 hours. While Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman, should speak at a conference in Washington on the regulation of systemic risk in the early afternoon.

Oil prices continue to fall

On the macroeconomic front, the number of people employed in the euro area rose by 0 Online payday loans.3% in the second quarter compared with the previous three months, said Thursday the EU statistics office Eurostat.Still according to Eurostat, inflation remained stable in August in the euro area to 2.5% year on year, as in July.

In France, the trade deficit is expected to reach 75 billion euros this year, a new sad record after the 56 billion euros recorded in 2008, says Les Echos. For its part, the European Commission revised downwards its growth forecast for France for 2011 to 1.6% against 1.8% expected so far.The annual growth rate of the euro area as a whole also 1.6%, however, is consistent with a previous estimate.

For its part, Spain has raised 3.95 billion euros in the markets Thursday, with bonds to eight and nine years, with rates down from the previous issue of the same type on July 21.

Finally, many figures are expected in the U.S., including inflation for the month of August, the current account balance in the second quarter, the weekly claims for unemployment and industrial production for the month of August .

On the foreign exchange market, the euro climbed to 0.44% against the greenback at 1.3804 dollars on Thursday.In turn, oil prices continued to fall, after figures showing a decline in demand for refined products in the United States, and while the markets remain worried about the situation in the euro zone, analysts said. In morning trading, a barrel of "light sweet crude" for delivery in October lost 43 cents to 88.48 dollars per barrel of Brent North Sea crude for October delivery 53 cents to 111.87 dollars.

Values ​​to follow

• Banking

The banking sector, including Societe Generale (13% to 19.73 euros), BNP Paribas (20% to 32.52 euros) and Credit Agricole (12% to 5.88 euros) remains in the spotlight. It does not seem affected by the revelation of a fraud, a trader at UBS.The crisis became systemic, according to a document sent to the European Union finance ministers and obtained by Reuters, which also recommended a further strengthening of bank resources.In addition, two out of three French believe that the weakening of the banking sector related to the debt crisis could threaten their economies, according to a CSA poll released Wednesday to Les Echos.

• LVMH (2.15% to 114.20 euros)

The group announced Wednesday it had chosen Jordi Constans, come to Danone, to succeed Yves Carcelle at the head of Louis Vuitton in 2013.

• ArcelorMittal (3.65% to 13.35 euros)

The company promised to stop its steel plant in Florange (Moselle) would be temporary, said Wednesday the French government.

• Areva (2.11% to 21.02 euros)

The nuclear expert will present its strategic plan in early December through improved operational performance, an adjustment of investment and possible asset sales, its chief executive said in an interview for Echoes.

• Publicis (2.03% to 31.11 euros)

The group announced Thursday the acquisition of 100% stake in a public relations agency in the United States, Schwartz Communications, which specializes in technology and health, for an undisclosed sum.

• Bouygues (1.31% to 25.05 euros)

Wednesday, Bouygues Construction, through the company Eirene, delivered the first 53 service centers and respond to the DIT (Directorate of transport infrastructure under the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and housing), according to Reuters.Eirene now provides maintenance and management of these buildings for 28 years.

• Technip (2.06% to 68.77 euros)

The French group of Petroleum Engineering has won a contract for facilities ammonia-urea fertilizer in Port-Gentil (west of Gabon), from Gabon Fertilizers Company, said in a statement.

• Cellectis (6.19% to 6 euros)

The company will acquire the Swedish company Cellartis specialist tools for research and development in vitro derived stem cells, as part of a contract valuing the approximately 33.8 million.

• Hermes

The luxury group said that trading in its title would be suspended Thursday pending the decision of the Court of Appeal of Paris on the exemption granted by the AMF on the buyout of minority interests.

Sep 15 2011

Guide For Buying Hot Tools Hair Dryer

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Although there are different types of hair dryers available on the market that can be selected, but there are some key points that must be considered before buying a hair dryer. The importance of considering these key points is that if they are not considered then the buyer will be tired of the mail very soon, because he will not have the desired characteristics. To be happy and achieve outstanding results, it is very important to have knowledge of all important areas that should be considered before buying the hair dryer.

Buy the best hair dryer hot tool of long-term consequences because it can make the hair healthy and saves time. With features advanced technology and a hair dryer to change the routine of style. The characteristics that are most compelling to consider before buying hot tool hair dryer to include technologies, weight, power, noise level, the multiple heat settings and drying times. There are various hot tool hair dryer available in the markets that have a little difference in all of these features. It is the responsibility of the buyer to choose the hair dryer is most appropriate to have all the advanced features according to personal requirements. Everyone has different hair types and hair dryer is hot tool that is designed to meet the needs of all hair types. So if the best hair dryer is selected, it can provide better results.

Different technologies travel hair dryer that are important to consider are tourmaline, ceramic, ionic and infrared technology. There are generally three types of hair which include very fine or thin hair, hair is medium straight hair or wavy, thick and curly. Depending on the type of hair, it is best to choose the hair dryer with the power the most appropriate. The last thing people have to consider before buying a hair dryer to make their shopping experience success is to consider the look or design of the hair dryer. People are using these hair dryers are pleased aesthetically pleasing designs with respect to dull and boring.

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