Jun 29 2011

The French market for video games in sharp decline

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Before the arrival of a new generation of video game consoles, the market declined sharply. This prediction is reflected in the figures. The French market was down 9% over the first five months of the year to 758 million euros, according to figures released Tuesday by research firm GfK distributors.

But on the whole of 2011, physical sales are expected to decline by 4% to 8% to 2.44 billion euros. The video game market is expected to be saved by the digital distribution of programs, for consoles, smartphones, Internet tablets and games for social networks. "The dematerialization of video games as an opportunity than a threat," says Pierre Cuilleret, the President of Micromania, in the bosom of the distributor Gamestop.In April, Gamestop said that $ 290 million were realized by the sale of games dematerialized, up 61% year on year credit score.

Improvement expected by year-end

For two and a half months, Micromania advises its customers to purchase in its stores codes for games on the Xbox Live network. This prevents users to leave their credit card details online. This reassures them after the theft of bank details of millions of users of Sony network.

The video games industry should see an upturn later this year, between October and November, with the launch of many games. In addition, the market should be supported by the arrival of the handheld console Sony PlayStation Vita around Christmas and a catalog provided more games for the Nintendo 3DS.Microsoft should continue to score points with its accessory Kinect.


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Jun 27 2011

Large loan: EUR 20 billion pledged by the end of 2011

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"We all costs to avoid dispersion." This is how the head of state has summarized, in the fourth press conference since the start of his five-year, the method used for 18 months in the allocation of the general loan. Devoted to investment for the future, the meeting with journalists was an opportunity to the President of the Republic to take stock of its economic policy, and investment for the future that the arbitration had been made public December 14, 2009.

Eighteen months after the launch of the programs, 1.7 billion were directed to higher education and research, € 2.85 billion has been committed to industry and SMEs, 1.64 billion for sustainable development and 610 million for digital.Among the priority sectors, Nicolas Sarkozy also stressed the importance of health, with 2.4 billion euros allocated directly to the sector, accompanied by one billion euros to peripheral actions.

"It is essential that we have a world center of research against cancer," hammered the president on this point, stressing the danger of the fragmentation of research. The Head of State has also asked the government to "think" and "make suggestions" on the funding of an Institute University Hospital (IHU) focused on cancer. And for good reason: the six projects selected under the IHU of the call for projects large loan, financed to the tune of 850 million euros, none is focused on cancer.This has been the subject of much criticism, since this disease is the subject of a "Plan Cancer" initiated by the multi-year Department of Labor from 2009 until 2013, with the aim to unify, coordinate and accelerate research.

Finally, the President refused to ignore the nuclear, confirming that a billion would be allocated "to the nuclear program of the future", including the fourth generation. "There is no alternative to nuclear power today," he thought, pledging 1.35 billion investment in renewable energy.

Annual evaluation of projects

In total, about 35 billion euros announced in late 2009, about 13 billion has already been committed. By the end of the year, the Elysee hopes that two-thirds of the loan, or twenty billion, are effectively injected into the economy."France has never made such an effort in the service of investment," supported the president, noting that the successful projects were selected by international juries, very selective. The Head of State welcomed the enthusiasm shown by researchers and entrepreneurs, with over 1,500 projects submitted in 18 months.

Beyond the list of investments, Nicolas Sarkozy has strongly emphasized the leverage of the device waited, hoping that the 35 billion euros invested become "60-65000000000 through co-financing companies and local communities. "

Meanwhile measure the effectiveness of this leverage, the Head of State is committed to achieving an annual public review of the general loan disbursement, as well as "projects that have won awards and their results ".These results will be a press conference and a meeting of Parliament, Nicolas Sarkozy promised further. An evaluation he described as "normal" given the extraordinary in every project.


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Jun 25 2011

Rebound on Asian stock indices

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The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively climbed 1.42% to 22,068.70 points and 1.84% to 3012.17 points in morning trading on Friday and take the coast on the main stock indexes in Asia Pacific. In Tokyo, the Nikkei is 0.47% at 9641.68 points, in India the BSE wins 1.33% to 17,964.10 points, Singapore, the Straits Times rises from 0.32% to 3054.54 points and Australia, the S & P / ASX earns 0.33% to 4515.20 points.

So yesterday, a barrel of oil fell in New York and London due to the intervention of the International Energy Agency – which drew on its stocks to meet a "shortage", companies the airline industry substantially benefit the stock market. Air China climbed 6.81%, 1.87% of Singapore Airlines and Qantas of 2.33%. Values ​​rise as exporters like Toyota (1.08%) or Toshiba (4.10%). In South Korea, Samsung and LG allows itself 1.2% 0.9%.On Friday, oil prices increased again: the barrel of "light sweet crude" for delivery in August went back to almost 92 dollars (91.94 dollars to be precise). That of Brent North Sea crude for August delivery took 64 cents to 107.90 dollars. Note also that in Australia, the giant telecom Tesltra which drops by 2.7% against a backdrop of advertisements loss widened.

This Friday is also the first trading day of the Italian Prada. The luxury group took 0.25% for its early trade Friday, becoming the latest group to date to be chosen this place in the heart of Asia to raise capital.The action open to 39.60 Hong Kong dollars (3.56 euros), while the Hong Kong Stock Exchange opened with a gain of 0.39%.

In addition to these movements, the mood settles while the Greek case relaxes: Europe Thursday promised a new plan to save Greece from bankruptcy and avoid contagion to the entire euro area or the rest of world, but kept up the pressure to Athens in exchange for adopting an unpopular austerity program.Greece, it has reached an agreement with international donors on the final details of a new austerity plan, whose adoption in parliament expected next week will determine a second aid plan to avoid bankruptcy the country.

The earthquake in Japan will cost 145 billion euros

The earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in Japan have caused direct damage estimated at 16,900 billion yen (147 billion euros), said Friday the Japanese government. This sum corresponds to the destruction suffered by the infrastructure, homes and businesses of northeastern Japan, devastated by an earthquake of magnitude 9 and a giant tsunami that killed more than 23,000 dead or missing.

The government had previously estimated the damage in a range between 16,000 and 25,000 billion yen (139 to 217,000,000,000 euros).

Jun 24 2011

Capgemini made its first acquisition in China

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It is a small operation, but that announcement probably others. By unveiling this morning the acquisition of Chinese Praxis Technology, a small computer services company and consultancy, Capgemini wants to kick off an acceleration of development in emerging countries. For this operation, the SSII makes its first acquisition in the Chinese market, and strengthens the services sector to "utilities" (energy, industry, etc..). Praxis Technology conducted in 2010 about 5 million in sales and employs 110 employees, Capgemini said in a statement, without revealing the amount of the transaction.

The emerging strategic priority

Capgemini has already begun to enter the Chinese market. Still a marginal presence, this area focus less than 5% of its overall activity."Capgemini's ambition to expand in China, the second largest economy, and this organically and through acquisitions," says management. The company hopes to benefit from the strong annual growth of the Chinese IT market (14.1% between 2009 and 2014) business card design. "Given the sustained and rapid economic growth is a priority market," said Gilles Taldu Moreover, new business manager at Capgemini. The acquisition will be financed by net cash and is expected to close soon.

In addition to this acquisition, Capgemini's global strategy looks to emerging markets. In September 2010, the IT services company had already announced the acquisition of CPM Braxis, the leading Brazilian IT services. This speech proactive, and the announcement of the acquisition of Praxis Technology have attracted investors.Especially across the Atlantic, Accenture, Capgemini U.S. competitor announced tonight quarterly results better than expected and raised its profit forecast for 2011. What a glimpse of a more favorable market environment expected. At the Paris Bourse, the title of Capgemini jumped 4.24% to 10.30, the highest increase in the CAC 40 in a market up 1.70%


"Capgemini will acquire to Apax Partners Prosodie

Jun 22 2011

Drones: Israel at the forefront of innovation

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Co-leader of drones, unmanned aircraft, with the United States, Israel has come into force at the Paris Air Show. Under the leadership of "Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute" and the commercial department of the Israeli Embassy in Paris, fifteen companies representing the flagship of the aerospace industry, display their latest creations. By visiting the house of Israel, visitors can "touch" the latest innovations.

Among them, a strange machine to look worthy of Star Wars called AirMule. Urban Aeronautics presents a model of the UAV helicopter whose rotor is not visible because housed in the body of the device. AirMule has already made several test flights. It is intended to convey the property or to perform medical evacuations in theaters of operation in urban environments or in complex natural sites difficult to access.Its specifications in fact enable it to obtain dual certification (civil and military). It concerns the Israeli Ministry of Defense and NATO.

Another original concept developed by Aeronautics Defense Systems, the transformation of a civilian aircraft into existing UAV MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance). "UAVs often have reliability problems because of their platform that can also be certified to fit into the civil air traffic," said a company representative. Aeronautics Defense Systems has decided to work from an Australian aircraft, the Diamond DA 42, the cell tested. And he turned into MALE UAV called Dominator.The company that specializes in unmanned air, land and sea, began production in February Dominator.

Partnership with EADS and Thales

Israel is a major player in the defense market with a global market share estimated at 7 payday loans.5%. In 2010, according to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the export sales of armaments have reached $ 10 billion, twice more than in 2008. The industry occupies 150 companies whose leaders are the group Rafael, Elbit and IAI, which employ some 44,000 employees. Israel has often been a pioneer in the field of defense. His army was the first to use drones, manned aircraft from the ground station, on a massive scale in 1982 in the Bekaa Valley during the war in Lebanon.

These leading companies have, for years the card partnerships with U.S. and European manufacturers.The group thus provides the platform IAI Heron which is the basis for the Snowy, the MALE UAV militarized by EADS, which is used by the French Air Force in Afghanistan. In Britain, Thales has set up a joint venture with Elbit group to make the platform's tactical UAV Wachtkeeper which has a technology transfer platform Hermes 450. Wachtkeeper was developed for the British Army who ordered 60 copies. It will enter service in late 2011.

In all, Israel has developed a range of UAVs double duty (civilian and military) that goes from the micro-craft to the general observation drone high altitude long endurance (HALE).The fleet in service on five continents has accumulated 700,000 hours of flight, a world record.


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Jun 21 2011

Qatar Airways Airbus sulking

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Was expected that Qatar Airways unveils giant Airbus order on Inauguration Day Show. Finally, the company Gulf merely a new order for six Boeing 777 for a total of $ 1.7 billion. When asked what setbacks, Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, said yesterday that he was still in discussions with Airbus and the new order was not finalized. "We are still negotiating the terms of purchase of A320 and new A380 Neo. The announcement will take place later, perhaps even after the Paris Air Show, "said the CEO of Qatar Airways, whose existing fleet of 98 Boeing aircraft with only 25.

Akbar Al Baker said he was extremely disappointed with the delays announced by manufacturers on their programs and in particular the delivery of the A350 XWB."We need to have an overview to decide on our purchases of equipment and because of these delays, frankly, we no longer trust."

The officer of the company of Qatar has made no secret that he is very interested in programs of Russian and Chinese manufacturers "based on Western technology".


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Jun 20 2011

Greece: a referendum on the rigor

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The Greek government will appeal to the people. Prime Minister George Papandreou said in Parliament on Sunday "in the fall, we will go to a referendum on the main reforms in this country." The Socialist attempts to obtain the agreement of members on the composition of his new government and its austerity plan over five years of 28 billion euros needed for a new international aid.

These reforms are challenged in the street and into the ranks of the narrow government majority (155 seats out of 300). This is to appease the critics that Papandreou had to reshuffle his team Friday, so it presents to Parliament on Sunday. "I applied for a renewal of confidence in the government because the country is at a crucial point," he said.We need to find "a national agreement to deal with deficits and debt are a Greek national problem," he added. The vote of confidence will take place Tuesday night.

The Prime Minister is attempting to rally right-wing opposition to his austerity plan. The latter, who had hidden some of the deficits of the country before the crisis in 2009, refuses to give carte blanche. Its leader, Antonis Samaras, reiterated that his party "did not give a vote of confidence in the government as socialist Papandreou insists on a policy that does not solve problems but makes them worse."

Division concerned

European leaders are concerned about this division. Merkel supported George Papandreou Friday: "He is fighting for Greece meets its commitments, we support it.(…) It is hoped that the opposition supports the Greek government. "

Finance ministers of the euro zone meet in Eurogroup on Sunday night and Monday special meeting. They must agree on the payment of the new tranche of aid provided under the 110 billion euros of loans in spring 2010 in Greece. A budget that would allow the country to spend the summer. In addition, Europeans must also agree on a new aid plan, the sum is not yet defined. The negotiations come up against particularly on the modalities of participation of banks in the effort.

Do not expect an agreement by Monday morning, however, said the rpésident of the Eurogroup, the Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker. The European Commission had yet spoken this week of an agreement expected by Sunday evening.French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had said Friday on their side need to "act quickly" on the Greek case. "We'll talk tonight about the involvement of private creditors, the question is how far it can and must go," said Jean-Claude Juncker.


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Jun 17 2011

The challenges facing Luc Oursel Areva

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– Manage the post-Fukushima

The renaissance that nuclear power seemed to promise, in the world, there are a few more months, will she be? Areva had put in a position to be a key player in the expansion of civil atom, only controlled and profitable alternative to fossil fuels and "clean" in CO2 emissions which is more. The French group and hired some 12,000 people each year to keep pace expected of its business.

Since 11 March, the situation has changed dramatically: Germany, Switzerland and now Italy, have decided to end their civil nuclear program. India, with firm orders for new reactors was expected before the summer, will surely prolong his reflection. Anne Lauvergeon refused to believe in a "nuclear winter".For her as for other supporters of the atom, the policy decisions taken today as the heat of the moment can be questioned tomorrow.

For now, the international development of Areva is at stake in the coming months, all the nuclear installations in Europe will be reviewed. Although the terms of these "stress tests" are still being defined, Areva will necessarily be at the forefront. Like Anne Lauvergeon, his successor will have to become a diplomat of nuclear power, both to reassure his interlocutors on the safety of this activity and convince them to pursue an effective dialogue with the French group.

– Restore the finances of the company

For a long time, critics of Anne Lauvergeon stigmatize poor operational management of the company and its finances in jeopardy.In 2010, the company has also accused an operating loss of 423 million euros and the rating agency has become mediocre. The group also suffers from having camped on his credo of "vertical integration", to the point of purchase, too expensive, its own uranium mines, which now require large investments. Finally, the action Areva is listed in this form since May 30, has lost nearly 15% high risk personal loans.

– Pacifier relationship with EDF

Relations have never been easy between the two companies, they have become abominable between Anne and Henri Proglio Lauvergeon, CEO of the utility since the fall of 2009. Regularly called to order by the state, their shareholders to both, the two companies to work together STRIPS sentenced last fall to formalize a strategic partnership.

All aspects of collaboration are concerned, the supply of uranium to the reprocessing of spent fuel, to building new reactors. But the various working groups have not yet yielded any conclusions. Again, the management of Areva will be watched around the corner. Luc Oursel will be on a narrow track of restoring harmonious relations with EDF, without appearing the vassal.

Seen from the Elysee, the issue is crucial because it is to harmonize relationships within the French nuclear industry to win export contracts. Without compromising the ability of Areva to sell only his skills to other electricians global EDF's competitors.

– To service the Finnish EPR

It's really cursed the site for Areva. The new generation of reactor Olkiluoto 3 should have been operational in 2009. It will not be before 2012.His bill, expected around 3.5 billion euros, has appreciated by 3 billion euros, lead accounts Areva. The company – which has staked his credibility by taking on the project management of this project – no longer has the right to make mistakes. The EPR is the cornerstone of its international development. And it is that Luc Oursel return the task to make a successful export, arguing its assets in terms of safety.

At the same time, the new leader of the nuclear group will tackle the launch of the TDD, a new medium-power reactor that. Through this case is the ability of the company to expand its portfolio of facilities that will be tested.

Jun 15 2011

To Walnut, the risk of contagion from the crisis in Greece is "secondary"

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Christian Noyer confirmed and signed. Any restructuring of the debt would be treated as a failure on the part of Greece is absolutely unacceptable. Because it would then "get ready to fully finance the Greek economy", stressed on Tuesday the governor of the Bank of France, who presented to the press his 2010 annual report.

It is the "horror scenario" that he had already detailed there are just three weeks. On the one hand, Greek banks are primarily affected by a rescheduling of the debt that they are the largest holders, and they could then refinance with more of the ECB.And secondly, the Athens government would certainly lean its financial charges, but since it currently has a primary deficit (excluding payment of the debt burden) of about 5% of GDP, could no longer borrow and wheat would be unable to finance its current spending, including salaries.

"If a solution can be found that avoids the risk of default, it seems appropriate," said the governor added, however, without specifying what he himself described as "acceptable business solution paperless payday loans." For his part, Jean-Claude Trichet, ECB president, said Monday that "the debt restructuring should be voluntary (from creditors). In this case is avoided because a "credit event" and "default." This solution was implemented in 2009 in favor of Hungary, under the IMF.But, as recalled an institutional manager, "was technically easy because it was bank loans held by half a dozen operators, while for Greece hundreds of investors are concerned."

"Our only concern is the financing of the Greek economy. You can add a second concern is the risk of contagion, "says Christian Noyer, referring implicitly to the earthquake in September 2008 had triggered the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. "But this has nothing to do with our own balance sheet (the ECB has purchased a fifty billion of debt securities Greek, Ed) nor with that of European banks who are perfectly capable of handling all the scenarios that could present, "insisted the gouverneur.f

Jun 14 2011

An economist predicted the explosion of the eurozone

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While the rating agency Standard & Poor's downgraded three notches note of Greece who becomes the country with the lowest rated in the world, the eminent economist Nouriel Roubini sees the end of the eurozone. In an article published in the Financial Times, the man who announced the financial crisis of 2008 estimated that countries of the European periphery abandon the euro within five years.

In the eyes of Nouriel Roubini, the debt crisis that weakens current euro area highlights the flaws in this monetary union. In fact, the euro zone has never been an "optimum currency area", ie a group of countries has any interest in sharing a single currency. There is indeed always been too strong and competitive economic differences between countries in the euro area.The founding fathers of the euro area, however, hoped that the differences between fiscal, monetary and exchange rates are offset by an acceleration of structural reforms within the euro zone countries. These measures would then have enabled the countries of the eurozone converge.

Without economic convergence, the euro area is doomed to failure

But "the reality is quite different," says Nouriel Roubini. Following the establishment of a common monetary policy, countries are folded on the weapon budget to adjust their economic policies business card. Very different policies have been implemented within the eurozone. Consequently, the lack of fiscal discipline in countries like Greece and Portugal involved in the birth of speculative bubbles in other countries like Spain or Ireland. And finally, the peripheral countries have become less competitive.

Economist reaffirms that to work, creating a currency area must be accompanied by a fiscal policy even as the establishment of supranational sources of income or the issuance of sovereign bonds Commons. In the absence of economic convergence, the euro area is doomed to failure, according to the economist.

Thus, Nouriel Roubini believes that there is now a way to restore the competitiveness of peripheral countries: leaving the euro, return of national currencies and depreciation. Such a scenario seems inconceivable today, is the economist who said that nothing says that in five years this idea has not gained ground, especially if the economies of peripheral countries are stagnating. Unless the idea of ​​a Euro reaches more federal drilling, some European leaders call for that greater European integration.


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