May 31 2011

CFDT: A strike fund has 137 million

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A revolution! For the first time, trade unions and employers are required this year to prepare and publish consolidated accounts but also to be certified, if their income exceeds 230,000 euros. The MEDEF has outstripped the obligation, which certify its accounts since 2007, and the UIMM (metal) also holds itself to the year since the scandal of cash withdrawals that hit her.

Side unions, the CFDT is the first to meet that obligation, after the 2008 law on union representativeness. Confederation (the parent) and its 16 satellites are to publish their consolidated accounts for 2010, while his federation will do so before the end of the year.By law, the regional unions and department have postponed for a year and large enterprise unions (La Poste, SNCF …) two years.

According to these consolidated financial statements approved by the National Council and certified without qualification by its auditors, the resources of the confederation headed by Francois Chereque are for three quarters, "internal" membership fees, rents paid by unions from premises belonging to the "conf" financial products … Revenues "external" (public subsidies, 25 permanent paid by their company or home administration of a total of 262 …) represent the remaining 24%.

CFDT confederation, if it were a business, could be described as largely unproductive, as its net profit reached 3.4 million – although down 34% year on year. This "benefit" is fully distributed.Much is destined to the national industrial action (CNAs) – the credit union's anti-strike which is used to compensate the militants and to provide legal support – including reserve amounts to 137 million. This year, 550,000 euros have been set aside to fund the convention of 2014 and 350,000 for the campaign (especially industrial tribunal) to come.

"A subject opaque"

This transparency is not enough new to the group New Center of the Assembly, which has asked a commission of inquiry into the financing of trade unions. "I feel that the unions want to hide things," says Nicolas Perruchot, deputy of Loir-et-Cher.There is little evidence available to us and it is time to shed light on this mat. "

For him, it would be for an organization that benefits from public funds – or militant training grants management of social organizations – accountable. "We know how Nicolas Sarkozy wins or not, but Bernard Arnault Bernard Thibault and Francois Chereque, insists this white knight of the Finance Committee. It is not known how many permanent, by whom they are paid or how the detachments. The member cites the figure of 600 employees seconded to the station."Is it still corresponds to a need for the company when it is struggling to finance infrastructure?" Asks the member hoping to complete its investigation in spring 2012.

Nicolas Perruchot answers on video:


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May 29 2011

Accused of sexual assault, Georges Tron resigns

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Unsurprisingly, Georges Tron, accused of sexual assault by two former employees, resigned Sunday as Secretary of State for Public Service, announced earlier this afternoon in a statement the Prime Minister François Fillon who said "take note" of this decision. According to the Elysee is Baroin, minister of Budget and Appropriate Minister Georges Tron, who resumes his duties. A decision that provides the Elysee Palace to make a slight adjustment.

This decision was awaited. In the morning, Le Journal du Dimanche had reported that the resignation of Secretary of State would intervene in the day. According to the weekly, the decision was taken Saturday.It is François Fillon person who would be responsible for prescribing the manner of his departure.

He defends himself in his letter of resignation

"As a private citizen, I will make a personal matter to recognize my innocence while fighting the charges of vindictive two former employees, one was fired for embezzling public funds entrusted to him and the other resigned because of conduct unbecoming, "said Georges Tron in his resignation letter that was provided

"Anyway, the press campaign that they have caused – before any intervention of the judiciary – has received such coverage in the media, that our citizens can consider myself as guilty before my rights have been begin to be implemented: think, Mr. President of the Republic, I have not even informed me that the complaint is, the procedure does not provide (presumably because it does not the public trial that I did), "said the now former Secretary of State for Public Service.

Alain Juppe pushes him towards the exit

In the columns of Le Parisien on Saturday, Georges Tron still seemed to want to believe. "I do not want to be annoying," he noted, while ensuring they do not feel "under siege". "I am extraordinarily serene," he explained in everyday life.Saturday afternoon, his lawyer indicated he would resign if the Head of State or Prime Minister asking him.

But on Sunday, the deal seemed to have changed. Alain Juppe including implicitly invited the secretary of state to resign, saying the government members must be "above reproach". "For now, he is presumed innocent," said Minister of Foreign Affairs on Canal +. "The rest is a matter of personal ethics. I have no lessons to give, but there are moments where he must learn to take responsibility themselves, "he said.

Secretary of State for Public Service is currently the target of complaints from two former employees of Municipal Common Draveil (Essonne), where he is mayor. The prosecution of Evry has given the police a preliminary investigation for sexual assault and rape.The two women have long been heard Thursday by the investigators, who have provided a list of witnesses, mostly city employees, may corroborate their versions.

A third complainant?

Sunday, JDD reveals that a third alleged victim would have emerged and should be heard in the week by investigators. He is a commissioner Draveil moved "on demand" by Georges Tron earlier this year. If we do not know yet the details of this story, a union officer told the weekly that the Secretary of State "was hard on her (the woman) for months. (…) I do not know exactly what happened between them, but I know she has lived all this very badly, "he said.

The lawyer Georges Tron, Mr. Olivier Schnerb, denounced Sunday the "media manipulation which has been subjected.""It is presented in the media as a culprit condemned already" while his two accusers' delight to show on television, "he said. "The defense of Georges Tron has not yet begun.


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May 28 2011

Europe hunts down contaminated cucumbers

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The health alert was launched Thursday by the European authorities. Three cucumbers from Spain, and perhaps also from the Netherlands, are the cause of the contamination of 276 persons to the enterohaemorrhagic E.coli (EHEC) in Germany. Two have died after contracting hemolytic uremic syndrome, which manifests itself especially by bloody diarrhea.

Across Europe, national health authorities are looking into whether contaminated cucumbers are on their soil. Result of this tracking, Friday morning, Denmark indicated that the lots were problematic in two wholesalers. These have been withdrawn from sale. The Danish health agency recommended that consumers not eat raw cucumbers from Spain or tomatoes and salad from northern Germany.

"In the midst of proceedings"

In France, the hunt is underway."To our knowledge, there is no contaminated lots in France," said a spokesman Interfel, the professional association for fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the labeling requirement, it is possible to reconstruct the path of the affected vegetables from producer to distributor, even when a lot was broken by a wholesaler. "We are proceeding rapidly," nuance does one side of the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control).

The tracing stops when the product was sold, investigators can not trace back to the consumer's fridge. Germany is a major consumer of cucurbits in Spain. She is also the first client, with 80,569 tonnes imported in the first three months of the year, according to figures from the inter Spanish fruit and vegetables.France has for its part consumed 13,294 tons of cucumbers in Spain over the same period.

Health authorities are uploaded to the producers of cucumbers, organic gardening regions of Almeria and Malaga. Investigations have been launched in Germany to determine if other cucurbits infected come from other regions. In Spain, "the Andalusian authorities are currently investigating to find out where the contamination and when it occurred," said a spokesman for the Spanish Food Safety Agency (EASA).

"We do not know where is the contamination occurred and the European Commission highlighted the fact that it occurred outside the country of origin" of cucumbers, said Friday the Spanish Minister of Agriculture Rosa Aguilar.So far there is no evidence and there is no evidence that this could happen in the country of origin. "

Washing vegetables

The Spaniards are wondering, according to a European source, if the cucumbers were not contaminated by falling on the ground at Hamburg. "Usually, vegetables are not high-risk products, but may be soiled or in contact with the ground during transport," says one to the DGCCRF. Wash and peel vegetables would reduce by almost 90% less chance of contamination.

May 26 2011

The G8 summit to support Arab Spring

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This is a new landing that will face the Normandy coast on Wednesday and Thursday. Eighteen heads of state and government and 2,500 delegates are expected to Deauville for the summit of leading industrialized nations, G8, chaired this year by France. The event will be under the supervision of 12,000 policemen. The advent of Barack Obama mobilizes alone 700. "Club", founded in 1975, the G8 gathering for informal discussions leaders theory share the same concerns. But this year, dominated by assistance to countries in the "Arab spring", is also expected to friction, especially between the West and Russia. The succession of DSK to head the IMF should be discussed behind the scenes.

• Support to Arab revolutions

"Deauville is not a donor conference," repeats the French presidency of the G8.The big meeting Norman which will blow a wind from North Africa and the Middle East, will nevertheless announced immediate steps to help Tunisia and Egypt. Both countries have costed their financing needs, respectively, $ 25 billion over five years and a dozen billion through mid-2012. Barack Obama has already unveiled last week a plan with several billion dollars to encourage democratization. The World Bank could disburse up to 6 billion if the reforms continue. Active in the East after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will be redeployed to the southern shores of the Mediterranean. Tomorrow, a long-term partnership will be officially launched between the G8, Tunisia and Egypt, attended by prime ministers of both countries.Russia warned Tuesday the G8, saying that it "must not become an organ of pressure and sanctions." An allusion to the situation in Syria, which appear on the menu of Deauville. Westerners want to ask Moscow to withdraw its threat to veto the adoption of a text by the Security Council condemning the crackdown.

• Intervention in Libya

Intensive launched raids in recent days by NATO to Moscow Tripoli were out of joint. For the Kremlin, these bombings are a "new gap coarse compared with United Nations resolutions" legitimizing military intervention to protect populations bad credit payday advance. The war, which was to be short, and extends the growing dissension within the international community. Paris and London are still at peak. Still in withdrawal, the United States objects to requests that the operation works without them.To evoke the tracks of a crisis, the G8 will turn once again to Africa, including three Heads of State (Niger, Guinea, Ivory Coast) will be present in Deauville. For the first time, the G8 will conclude with a statement co-signed with the Africans.

• Middle East

In Deauville, the UN General Assembly in September, is already emerging. The Palestinians consider to be recognized in New York the creation of their state. Nicolas Sarkozy also raised the prospect, if the process does not move by then, but Barack Obama, just press this point Binyamin Netanyahu, who is visiting these days in Washington, is cons. Americans, Europeans and Russians will compare their approach to the release process. Nicolas Sarkozy will serve as a stimulus by recalling his slogans: "the status quo is not sustainable" and "the parameters of a settlement are known."However, the Quartet (EU, U.S., Russia, UN) has not scheduled a meeting on the sidelines of the summit and no breakthrough is to be expected.

• Nuclear safety

The disaster Fukushima "swept" what the G8 working group on nuclear safety preparing for months for Deauville, says a close case. This afternoon, a session will be devoted to this theme, after a lunch where the leaders will express their solidarity with Japan. The final declaration will encourage countries with power to conduct audits, as did the United States and as Europe is about to do. And she called the international community to provide "the highest security level" possible.The G8 will not enter into details and refer to the ministerial conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which will bring together a larger number of nuclear nations in Vienna, June 20

May 25 2011

Bank cards, popular but costly

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Over the years, the credit card has become the preferred means of payment by the French, far ahead of the check. Very practical, its use costs, however, rather expensive, according to a study of the UFC-Que Choisir on Tuesday. This points to the "opacity of costs" charged by banks. Beginning with the annual fee, which averages to 47.80 euros. The most common international standard card with immediate debit (72.3% of users), is itself, charged EUR 36.30 per year on average. "Now, 15.30 euro had" no economic justification Identified, "says UFC-Que Choisir.

Adjust their shopping with a credit card can also be very expensive, if payment incident.Especially since, in most cases (64% of purchases), the payment terminal of the merchant does not verify the consumer's account is sufficiently powered.

Result, the consumer too much cricket will be charged fees, commissions called for intervention (8.50 euros on average per transaction). Customers without overdraft (23% in 2010 according to the documentary credit) would pay annually 2.7 billion euros in fresh incidents due to their credit card, including 1.8 billion euros for the only commissions intervention whereas the processing cost of these operations is evaluated by the CFU to 172 million. "This represents 83% margins for banks," Alain Bazot advance, the president of the Association, which campaigns for the abolition of these commissions.It will soon present to the Ministry of Economy of proposals to achieve a "credit card responsibly."

Strong reaction from banks

Just like what happens to our neighbors, she also advocates changing to a system that would systematically check whether the client can pay his purchase. It also proposes to set up a "modular card," because "banks are distributing cards are oversized in relation to the real needs of customers."

Banks have reacted strongly Tuesday. French Banking Federation (FBF) has reiterated that the "system of bank cards offer a service from a very high quality appreciated by customers."In addition, "certain proposals of the UFC-Que Choisir go against the freedom of customer choice and lead to an overall decline in the level of service, as the desire to impose a system to permit systematic" concludes the FBF.


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May 23 2011

The battle to head the IMF opens

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Not yet a candidate, Christine Lagarde was already the favorite to succeed Dominique Strauss-Kahn to IMF management, but two rivals have already expressed. Mexico will formally nominate Agustin Carstens, Governor of the Mexican central bank, said Sunday the Minister of Finance of Mexico. He "has the capabilities and qualifications to lead an institution of the importance of the International Monetary Fund," he said. Governor of the Bank of Mexico since January 2010, Agustin Carstens has been deputy director general of the IMF from 2003 to 2006.

Moreover, the Belgian Finance Minister, in office since 1999, Didier Reynders, said Sunday also be "of course" interested in the job. "These are functions that do not refuse," he added. But Europeans seem more a united front around the candidacy of the French Minister of Finance.This weekend, his candidacy has received the support of Germany and the United Kingdom. The Congo would also like to see take the job.

In France, Martine Aubry said yesterday that the appointment of Christine Lagarde at the head of the IMF "would be a very good thing for our country and for Europe." However, Francois Bayrou is against, saying "do not approve economic policy which was followed by France" and lamenting that "Ms. Lagarde was the main actor of the case Tapie.

In a joint statement, Australia and South Africa have called Sunday a nomination on merit, not nationality.A position shared by the representative of Switzerland to the IMF.

After the resignation of IMF Managing Director, accused of attempted rape by the American courts, nominations for his successor will be officially opened on Monday, and until June 10


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May 21 2011

Employees prefer to pay interest

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Result surprise among the barometer Actineo / TNS Sofres on quality of life in the office made in April 2011 *. Certainly the interests of labor (53% of employees of which 63% of executives) is always ahead but the quality of life was cited by 38% of respondents followed by the level of pay (37%). The layout of offices and premises of their business has an impact "important" on their effectiveness (for 80% of them) and motivation (72%). A majority, 59% feel "somewhat satisfied" with their quality of life during their occupation. But behind these overall figures, there are considerable differences in the type of office attended, gender or family of the situtation.

Employees who attach more importance to the quality of work life are those who live alone: ​​49% against 38% on average.The women also admit to further pay attention: they are 45% to make this point against 38% on average across all respondents.

Alain d'Iribarne, CNRS Research Director and Chairman of Scientific Actineo, explains that this difference in response reflects the growing porosity between work life and personal life. "The problem is that this happens outside the workplace, the employer there is not too familiar" he says.

Define a function for each space

The barometer also highlights disparities depending on the office in which employees work. For 90% of employees have an individual office, the quality of work life is good. This figure drops to 63% for those who work in an office landscape (open space).The concentration is more easily known example in private office in the office landscape (the gap between the views of each other then 32 points). Alain d'Iribarne stresses the need for specialized areas of work: some supporting "the intimate relationship" and the other the "pooling".

In all cases, the quality of relationships with colleagues is seen as contributing most (84% of respondents) the quality of work life. The working space available to place second with 48% rating.

* The survey was conducted among a sample of 547 employees working in an office, from a nationally representative sample of 4000 people. Interviews face to face interviews were conducted between 1 and April 19.

May 20 2011

DSK, an economist at cons-stream

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The brilliant career as an economist Dominique Strauss-Kahn has just experienced a sudden stop. Arrested in the United States for alleged attempted rape, he tendered his resignation as CEO of the International Monetary Fund, he held since 2007. Throughout his career, "Mr. Economy" of the left has always shown great independence from dogmas and pre-established lines of thought.

One of the first major breaks with Dominique Strauss-Kahn "left classic" based on his involvement in the privatization programs of companies. While he has served as economy minister in the Jospin government from 1997 to 1999, he oversaw the opening of capital committed long ago. In 1997, the capital of France Telecom has been successfully opened in the middle of Internet bubble, a second bet on the stock exchange then took place in 1998.Similarly, Air France, Highway south of France, Eramet, Gan, the ICC or NOC experienced partial or total privatization between 1997 and 1999. DSK is estimated that some public enterprises were no longer intended to remain in state ownership, after sixteen years of public guardianship, since the wave of nationalization in 1982.But critics within his own party, accusing it of responsibility for "mass privatization".

Concerning the implementation of the 35 hours from the year 2000 following two laws passed in 1998 and 2000, the Minister has never hidden his opposition to the method used, even if DSK was himself originally economic program of the PS in 1997 which provided for the establishment of 35 hours of youth employment.

A socialist may go against the current

More recently, open debate on pension reform of 2010 and while DSK is already at the head of the IMF, he said there was no "dogma" on maintaining the statutory retirement age to retirement at age 60, an opposition Socialist Party's position. Another difference with his own camp: the Tobin tax. The politician has in fact been opposed to this idea, though supported by economists like Joseph Stiglitz and Lawrence Summers.

And the man who embodies the social democrats to the SP has also marked its difference in the IMF. Arriving at the head of an institution that raised questions about her future, and many critics, he managed to restructure the institution and give it a key role in the international arena, which has attracted praise from worldwide payday loans direct lenders. "The IMF has clearly become the most important international institution today," says economist Colin Bradford.

For international regulation of capitalism

In January 2008, when the crisis was still described as mild by governments, he called the major economies of the world to implement recovery plans, breaking the tradition of the post.In April 2011, he has even declared the death of the "Washington Consensus, the set of liberal doctrines which had until his arrival at the head of the institution guided measures. In fact, the theory of "structural adjustment" and the conduct of restructuring brutal and fast, Dominique Strauss-Kahn called for the "protection of the most vulnerable and the fight against inequality. Thus, under its authority, the IMF has supported the bailouts of countries in the euro area face serious problems of public deficit. The institution argued that he directed the implementation of reforms in Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but sometimes at the risk of being unpopular, particularly in Greece, where DSK may have committed some blunders.

The man, who graduated from HEC in 1971, Sciences Po and a BA in Public Law in 1972, is especially active in Europe.One of the founding fathers of the euro has indeed worked hard to save monetary union, threatened to collapse at the height of the crisis of public debts. He campaigned for solidarity between governments. In fact, convinced of the relevance of supranational governance bodies, DSK has worked for the establishment of a European budget authority that would organize solidarity between European states over the long term. But the departure of DSK to head the IMF could mark a setback to the realization of his dream to a deepening of the European Union and a supranational regulation of international capitalism.

The legacy of DSK, however, should leave an indelible mark. Several members of the institution, he claimed recently that his record is "impeccable", the IMF is now rejuvenated, powerful, and new fears.


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May 18 2011

The Cac 40 attempts to revive

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This had not happened for a month. The Cac 40 closed on Monday below 4000 points, among others penalized by bank stocks. Investors worried about a new crisis on the debt of the euro area after the arrest of the International Monetary Fund boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Leaded by the poor performance of banking stocks all morning, stock index is now up in the green, thanks to the rebound … banks.The Cac 40 rose 0.21% to 3998.06 points, flirting with 4000 points.

At the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE-100 fell by 0.33% to 5,904.27 points and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the DAX 30 lost 0.55% to 7346.81 points.

Monday night, Wall Street has ended the session down in response to the publication of indicators revealing the fragility of U.S. recovery.

The Euro continues Tuesday

In the absence of corporate results announcements, the index will evolve with ads that will be made following the meeting of EU finance ministers to discuss particular mechanisms of financial aid in the euro area. On the issue of Greece's debt, the Europeans are divided.

After starting the session again difficult, banking stocks will resume in late morning.BNP Paribas climbed from 1.32% to 53.78 euros, gaining 0.55% Natixis to 3.82 euros, Societe Generale rising from 1.23% to 42.44 euros and Credit Agricole takes 0.18% to 10 95 euros.

EU: lower sales of new cars

On the macroeconomic front, the new car registrations in the European Union fell 2.7% annual rate over the months from January to April, according to figures released Tuesday by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (Acea). On April alone, new registrations 1089.118 were recorded, representing a decline of 4.1% over one year.

Peugeot was down 1.07% to 30.136 euros and Renault lost 0.66% to 39.79 euros.

United States, are scheduled starts of dwellings in April (14.30) and industrial production in April (15.15).

On the currency markets, the euro rose slightly against the dollar, from 0.16% to 1.4183 dollar.

Energy stocks retreat

On the corporate side, the energy values ​​suffer from the decline in commodity prices. Total coward 0.88% to 40.20 euros and Vallourec dropped 1.04% to 87.69 euros.EDF lost 0.71% to 28.67 euros and GDF Suez sold 0.83% to 25.66 euros.

Bouygues: -3.90% to 32.64 euros (largest decrease in the Cac 40)

Bouygues raised slightly on Monday its goal of annual sales after a first quarter marked by a rebound in activity but penalized at the net contribution by Alstom.

Vivendi: +0.36% at 19.30 euros

Vivendi announced Monday it had obtained signed with a syndicate of 17 banks a new line of credit totaling € 5 billion that will allow it to optimize the management of its bank debt at the time of the acquisition of the 44 % of SFR held by Vodafone.

Publicis: 0.29% to 38.58 euros

Publicis buys U.S. digital marketing agency Rosetta for at least $ 575 million – the agreement provides that an additional payment may be made in 2014 to Rosetta in the case of good performance over the period 2011-2013.

Carrefour wants IPO for its real estate assets

Carrefour: 2.26% to 30.95 euros (largest increase Cac 40)

During its Investor Day being held in Paris from 9:15 Carrefour confirmed its intention to IPO for its real estate assets, Carrefour Property.

The group also said that the demerger of its business Dia hard discount will be in the form of the distribution of a dividend. Carrefour expects the IPO of Dia in Madrid on July 5 is valued at about four billion euros.

May 17 2011

Brussels Dexia gives pressure

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When the European Commission is not happy, she indicated in a letter. According to sources, the States Dexia shareholders received one of these missives comminatory few weeks ago. Since then, the Franco-Belgian bank is boiling. The summits have intensified last week. A strategic committee of the board of directors was held on Monday, the eve of a plenary session where the accounts have been arrested in the first quarter. Reportedly, Pierre Mariani, Dexia's managing director, has called for an acceleration of sales of the group, the risk of large losses.

The European Commission accuses Dexia does not respect the roadmap that it had agreed lip service in February 2010, in consideration of state aid received in 2008. Brussels gives go to Dexia in June to come into compliance.The ultimatum is serious: the Commission has in its hands a "nuclear weapon" which would jeopardize state aid … His criticisms affect the balance of Dexia's balance sheet and profitability of own funds on certain transactions below target. "The Commission's complaints are very technical. But the tone makes it clear that the Commission wants a fight because she never believed in Dexia's business model, "recalls a close case.

Faced with this pressure, Pierre Mariani offers to settle permanently in the past. His plan: sell bulk whole sections of the 138 billion euros of assets under management now in extinction. In political terms, this would allow him to get out once and for all that power relationship with the Permanent Commission. Financially, the arbitration is to anticipate future losses and thus save carrying costs story boost future profitability.The Franco-Belgian bank can afford. It has, in fact, a thick mattress capital drives, with a ratio of 13.4%.

No recapitalization

The bank would therefore not need recapitalization whatever the magnitude of the purge restraint. Until then, sales of portfolio inherited from the past were carried out over the water, almost no impairment. But the debt crisis is not helping European Dexia. The bank just to give Crediop Sabadell and its subsidiaries specialized in the financing of local authorities in Italy and Spain.

Go faster? Reflection is ongoing. New decisive meetings are scheduled in two weeks. The acceleration advocated by Pierre Mariani may please the market, but it has a price.According to preliminary calculations, among many possibilities mentioned, the most radical scenario would result in a potential loss of 2 to 3,000,000,000 euros in 2011. The bitter pill for shareholders of Dexia, the Deposit and the state on the French side, Arco, and other Ethias Holding Communal Belgian side, who had subscribed to a capital increase to 9.90 euros per share in October 2008 – it is now worth less than 3.

Monday, Dexia declined to comment on the assumptions and figures, merely stating: "The group will continue to accelerate the financial restructuring while also investing in its franchises." And remember, proof of soundness, that Dexia has generated 280 basis points from Tier One ratio since late 2008.


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