Apr 30 2011

Wall Street in the hesitation

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At the opening this Friday, the Dow Jones revolves around the balance, 0.15% after clinching a few minutes of trading. The Standard & Poor's 500 does not move at 1361 points while the Nasdaq fold from 0.06% to 2871 points.

Household consumption to menu

After finishing up the day, Wall Street reacted little to the various macroeconomic indicators on the agenda Friday. Household consumption has caught up. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, spending rose 0.6%, the ninth consecutive month of increase, after rising 0.9% in February (revised from 0.7%).

Inflation accelerated for the fourth straight month the U.S., according to the price index associated with household consumption expenditure (PCE), released Friday in Washington.It reached 1.8% yoy, while she was still only 1.0% in November

At 15h45, should be released Chicago PMI index, indicative of economic activity in the region in April, then at 15:55, the second estimate of the index of consumer confidence in April, awarded by the University of Michigan.

Merck, Chevron and Caterpillar publish their results

On the corporate side, Chevron (-0.84% ​​to 107.90 U.S. dollars) has published better than expected results in the first quarter. Net income group share was up 36% year on year to 6.2 billion dollars in the first quarter no fax payday loans.

The manufacturers of construction equipment Caterpillar (2.37% to 115.33 dollars) has issued an earnings per share up 411% at 1.84 dollar. The turnover at 12.949 billion dollars, increased by 57%. The group revised its forecast for 2011 up.It expects sales of between 52 and 54 billion dollars against 50 billion previously.

Goodyear (9.92% to 17.81 dollars) on Friday issued a first quarter earnings four times higher than Wall Street expectations, thanks to strong demand.

Merck (+0.14% to 35.82 dollars) announced a net profit in the first quarter more than tripled over the same period last year, which was impacted by costs of merger with Schering Plough. It amounts to $ 1.04 billion. The pharmaceutical group has slightly raised its annual forecast.

The groupeMicrosoft (-2.06% to 26.16 dollars) is very guarded, after publication, on Thursday after the market close, with net income up 31% to 5.23 billion for the third quarter shifted its fiscal year.A performance that does not stop him being left behind parApple (0.79% to 349.50 dollars). Based on the number of shares and excluding special items, earnings amounts to 61 cents, above the 56 cents expected by analysts. The turnover shown up 10% to 16.43 billion, despite the climate of "mixed" for the PC market.

Apr 28 2011

Technip straightens its margins

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The oil services group announced Thursday morning that net income for the first quarter of 104.3 million euros, up 8.8% over the same period last year. This result comes from a quarterly turnover shows an increase over one year of similar magnitude (+8.9%) to $ 1.4362 billion euros. These quarterly revenue slightly below expectations, but net income, it exceeds the expectations of analysts.

This difference is explained by the better than expected recovery in operating margin of Technip. Reaching 10.1% in the quarter, it is higher by 1.3 points in the consensus of analysts. It is still a little worse than the first quarter of 2010 (-0.3 points).

The Europe-Russia-Central Asia, the largest market Technip

The sales increase was primarily in the Europe-Russia-Central Asia.In this area, sales surged by 49.6% over one year to 398 million euros. The Europe-Russia-Central Asia became the first market Technip, while at the same time last year, it generated less revenue than the African zone (down from 2.7% in the first quarter this year ) and especially, the American zone. Largest market last year, the region saw its American sales by 22.1% melt over one year to 243.6 million euros, becoming the third largest market group.

The group's net cash position remains essentially unchanged at 1.3 billion euros, or 2.4% less than at the end of December.

Technip believes that its results "demonstrate the value of activity based on a diversified backlog."It confirmed its guidance for fiscal 2011 and expects its annual turnover is 6.5 to 6.7 billion euros, with a margin combined operating Subsea between 6% and 6, 5%.

Apr 26 2011

Nintendo put on a new console

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Second consecutive year of decline for the Nintendo group. The Japanese video game specialist has published annual results on Monday in freefall. Its net profit fell 66.1% to 77.6 billion yen (648 million). Its operating profit tumbled 52% to 171.1 billion yen (1.43 billion euros) in respect of the 2010-2011 year ending 31 March. Figures well below market expectations.

These poor results are explained by the slowdown in sales of the Wii home console blockbuster, but aging of Nintendo. The group has sold just over 15 million in 2010-2011, against 20.1 million the previous year. In addition, the launch of the new handheld 3DS relief was too late to be able to save the year of manufacturer.

The console manufacturer table for 2012 on the results up, but below analysts' forecasts.Nintendo says count on an operating profit of 175 billion yen for the year 2011-2012, against a consensus of 215.8 billion yen. "The market reaction should be bad," said Yusuke Tsunoda, a financial analyst at Tokai Tokyo Securities, quoted by Bloomberg. "Sales of Wii expected to drop as the group probably provides lower prices on the console."

"New Play"

The Japanese video game giant has tried to reassure. He announced the presentation of the successor to the Wii on June 7 at the electronics show in Los Angeles, E3. The group declined to give details, except that it will offer "a new way of playing at home," said CEO Satoru Iwata.

However, information already leaked to the press.Much more powerful than the Wii, it would be equipped with high definition, like its competitors Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The Japanese group have also developed a new kind of controller, which is akin to a touch pad. One way to compete with smartphones that break into mobile video games. Nintendo's portable console, the DS has seen its sales plummet by 10 million units this year to 17.5 million.


"Nintendo is preparing to replace the Wii

Apr 24 2011

Tour operators want to get the French on holiday

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For the first time, New Frontiers publishes a booklet dedicated to stay in France. The tour operator offers such a night in a chateau in Burgundy with bike rental, a week traveling with half-board in Britain, a tour of Paris in a 2CV … For three weeks, mostly sold and weekend getaways weekends in Paris from 75 euros per person in double room for two nights cruise on the Seine included. "For a long time in France we welcome customers from foreign tour operators, said Jean-Baptiste Delsuc, production manager at Nouvelles Frontieres travel. We hope that the French have the reflex to go as a travel agency for holidays in France. It's a gamble.Budgets are 4-5 times lower than for distant trips, but for the majority of the French. "

Lack of "resorts"

This summer, due to unrest in North Africa, more French will remain in France. "Traditionally, 27 million French spend their holidays in France every summer, according to Didier Arino, Chief of Staff Protourisme. But this year, unless an increase in late bookings for Tunisia, they are more likely to remain in France. "

Tour operators must adapt, but they face the French who took the habit of doing without them. They spend more than two-thirds of their family vacation, with friends or in their second home. Moreover, "the French tend to think they know as much as professionals on tourism in France."Notes Didier Arino, The Hexagon also lack of "resorts" are capable of accommodating a large clientele no fax needed payday loans. However, to reference offers, tour operators are looking volume.

"Long, tour operators have not sought to sell the destination France, because it is more interesting for them to market mass travel abroad, where margins are higher, said Christian Mantei, director general 'Trump France. Result, only 5 to 10% of French people go through a travel agent for vacation in France. "The Pierre & Vacances group Center Parcs, the leading tourist residences in France, it also carries about 80% of its sales Direct. "It will be difficult to change habits, but some market share to take on well-identified niches, such as skiing and spa," says Christian Mantei.Didier Arino also believes the future of theme holidays: œnotourime, river cruises, stays fitness or sports … Lands of Adventure, hiking specialist in small groups, carries 10% of its turnover in France , its first destination. Each year, the tour operator is to walk 6,000 customers.

"France is the top-selling destination, with 18% of our business," says Jean-Pierre Mas, president of Afat Selectour, which has 1,300 travel agencies. That little knowing that over 70% of the French spend their holidays in France! "This network of agencies primarily sells short stays in amusement parks (Euro Disney, Futuroscope, Parc Asterix), tourist residences and winter sports holidays. "We're starting to sell camping and caravanning, as Framissima Soustons Nature," says Jean-Pierre Mas.

Apr 22 2011

Alstom, coal is also an energy future

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History may repeat itself. While coal seems to belong to our industrial past, this energy source could again be used to power our electricity needs. Philippe Joubert, president of Alstom Power believes that the development of this fuel, better used and combined with CO2 capture technologies could contribute more to cover the energy needs of the planet and especially in Asia.

lefigaro.fr – You have created a joint venture with Shanghai Electric in the areas of boilers for coal-fired power plants, creating the market leader. Bet you on development of coal power plants?

Philippe Joubert – Coal-fired energy efficiency and environmental recognition are booming, particularly in Asia.However, I have a vision for long-term market and I believe that all technology is integral to the balance of the world. Nuclear, solar, hydropower, coal plants … there is no quick fix. All technologies are needed to produce electricity.

The coal could they not benefit from the current debate raised by the accident at the plant in Fukushima? Several countries, like Germany, have expressed their willingness to abandon nuclear …

Today we actually build many coal plants and gas. An evolution of the global energy mix is ​​thus expected. However, we favor a diversification of energy sources.

And we must relativize the importance of nuclear energy market.This energy source is ultimately less than 10% of all energy produced in the world and is contested in countries where this energy is not a majority in the energy mix. For example, the German market represents less than 21 gigawatts of nuclear energy cons 392 gigawatts for the global market. For example, countries dependent on nuclear power, as the U.S. and France respectively produce about 100 gigawatts and 70 gigawatts.

Coal will remain there a piece of the global energy mix?

Over 40% of the electricity produced in the world based on coal fast cash advance. Asia currently consumes almost 80% of world coal production. But the real issue today is how the emerging cover their soaring energy needs, where those of the United States or Europe have low growth.Development of coal power plants seems to agenda.

Coal plants are very emitting CO2. Can we thus generate electricity without CO2?

We can produce electricity from coal without emitting CO2. But the latest plants can significantly reduce these emissions. In parallel, we develop carbon capture and storage of CO2 (CCS). This is to recover the CO2 and storing it underground (in underground cavities emptied during gas extraction, ed.) The cost of electricity through a coal power plant equipped with this device is however still much higher than a conventional plant. But we are at the beginning of this new technology.

Mined since the eleventh century, coal still has reservations

Coal is the fuel of superlatives.Mined since the eleventh century, it is one of the oldest energy sources. And even today it remains the most widely used fossil fuel in the world: it can produce more than 40% of worldwide electricity. Many countries, primarily the emerging countries, still use it as a primary energy source like South Africa, China, Australia or Poland. Moreover, world coal reserves are found in many countries, no less than 70. The main reserves are in the United States, Russia, China and India. They are estimated at over 984 billion tons. Thus, if consumption is maintained in the state, known coal reserves could last for nearly two centuries, so an oil shortage looming for 2050.


"Gas and oil shale resources controversial

"Alstom and Shanghai Electric Form Joint Venture

"A looming shortage of oil for 2050

Apr 20 2011

The CAC 40 gained more than 2% and eyeing the 4000 points

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The Paris Bourse continued to rise Wednesday as the U.S. markets yesterday and early this morning Asian displayed in green. The CAC 40, which arrived Tuesday night to close just above 3,900 points, moved well beyond this course: the index rises by 2.14% to 3992.30 points in mid-term, then that the session is moderated by business publications such as L'Oreal or PSA Peugeot.

Side currency, the euro resumed height and climbs above 1.44 dollars on Wednesday enjoying renewed interest from investors for the risk. Around 11:20 in Paris, the euro stood at 1.4477 dollars against 1.4334 dollars late Tuesday. The European currency enjoys a renewed interest from investors for risk.The euro was also buoyed by the success of a bond issue for Greece, which borrowed 1.625 billion euros Tuesday to three months, during a broadcast more than three times oversubscribed.

Oil, it is a mixed one, having rebounded yesterday in New York, supported by a sharp weakening of the dollar. The market remains concerned that high prices could weigh on demand and tensions in the Arab world. In morning trading, a barrel of light sweet crude for June delivery took 13 cents to 108.41 dollars.The gold, it reached a record high on Wednesday morning, climbing beyond $ 1500, supported by persistent concerns about the global economy.

Japan trade surplus sealed

In France, industrial orders rose 2.4% in February after a sharp fall in January (-6.1%), the export orders is also rising (+3.5%) according to figures from INSEE.Within the EU, the European Commission on Wednesday urged an increase of 4.9% of spending in the 2012 budget of the European Union, an extension of 6.2 billion compared to 2011, already deemed "unacceptable "by the United Kingdom at the time of austerity across Europe.

United States, 16 hours, home resales in March will be well attended, and the traditional weekly inventory of crude oil.

Japan's trade surplus plunged 78.9% in March over one year to 196.5 billion yen (1.7 billion euros), weighed by the consequences of the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March.

PSA Peugeot, Bic and publish their figures Mersen

PSA Peugeot Citroen (4.71% to 28.45 euros) posted a turnover up 10.2% in the first quarter.The automaker on Wednesday confirmed its forecast of operating results for 2011, despite a likely impact of 150 million euros from the earthquake in Japan.

Bic (6.78% to 64.30 euros largest increase SBF), which has published a net increase of 52.3% due to consumer product, and despite the cons-performance products and promotional advertising. The group says 2011 could be the result affected by the cost of raw materials.

L'Oreal (3.12% to 85.80 euros) announced a net revenue growth in the first quarter, buoyed by an acceleration in North America which helped offset sluggish sales in Western Europe.Note also that Liliane Bettencourt, heir to L'Oreal and second richest woman in the world according to Forbes, the property was recovered from the island of Arros and reflects a way of showing the public its fabulous collections of paintings, furniture and jewelry, can be read in Le Figaro.

Also note the titles STMicroelectronics (6.11% to 8.38 euros) and Alcatel-Lucent (5.15% to 4.16 euros) leapt at the Paris Bourse, driven by quarterly results from Intel and IBM U.S. that exceeded market expectations.

NicOx freefall

Saft (3.97% to 30.88 euros) announced that its joint venture with U.S. firm Johnson Controls has been selected to supply the battery system powering the electric motors of future Chinese carmaker Beijing Electric Vehicle Company (BAIC group ).

NicOx (-17.66% to 1.88 euros) announced Wednesday its decision to withdraw the application file for permission to market its anti-inflammatory Naproxcinod in Europe.

GDF Suez (2.28% to 27.08 euros) states his displeasure when the government has formalized Tuesday in tariff of electricity from nuclear power for EDF's competitors. This decision precipitated also the question of a reconciliation for Poweo, reads in Les Echos.A reconciliation with Direct Energy would make sense, "says Loïc Capéran which the group hoped a wholesale price of electricity sold by nuclear EDF at 35 euros per MWh.

Credit Agricole (2.58% to 10.93 euros) reaffirmed that successfully pass the new tests of resistance and meets the criteria of Basel III solvency without resorting to a capital increase.

The French group Technip Petroleum Engineering (2.76% to 75.32 euros) announced Wednesday it had won, in consortium with Tome Engenharia, a contract to supply equipment and monitoring of their operation in a refinery group Brazilian Petrobras.The contract amount was not disclosed in the statement.

NYSE Euronext (1.73% to 27.42 euros): Nasdaq OMX Group and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) have sought to open negotiations on a buyout of NYSE Euronext's offering of $ 350 million in case rejection of their offer by the authorities.

Spir Communication (1.29% to 41 euros) has confirmed a target EBIT profit in 2011 after signing up 3.5% of its turnover in the first quarter thanks to its Internet operations.

Transgene (-0.88% to 12.59 euros) has issued operating income of 3.56 million euros, against 3.48 million a year earlier, thanks to increased research grants. In late March, the biopharmaceutical company had cash of 169.8 million, against 180.3 million in late 2010.Its cash expenditures amounted to 10.6 million in the first quarter.

Tonight, after market, expected sales of Accor, Schneider Electric, and APRR HighCo.

Apr 19 2011

Africa should take better advantage of the migration of its population

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France and Ivory Coast are the two favored destinations of Africans who emigrate. The former colonial power in its home soil 2.754 million while the world's largest producer of cocoa welcomes 2.448 million. World Bank figures cited in the introduction of a groundbreaking study aimed to "increase the impact (economic) migration to Africa." This is a reminder that all Africans will live outside their country of origin does not necessarily leave the continent."Two thirds of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, especially the poorest, will relocate to other parts of the continent, while in the case of North Africa 90% have gone overseas," notes the report .

As Côte d'Ivoire has positioned itself as the main attraction is obviously surprising: the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has noted that over 150,000 Ivorians have fled to Liberia in recent weeks . But the fact is that since the time of French colonization, the country has continued to attract labor nearby. At that point in the 1970s, President Houphouet-Boigny had to launch the concept of ivoirité to reassure citizens worried about the influx of foreigners.

The ebb and flow demographic facing Côte d'Ivoire illustrate the ambivalence of inter-African migration.Although they mainly follow economic motivations for richer countries like Nigeria and South Africa. But sometimes they are "forced migration". UNHCR now counts 2.2 million refugees who have fled as a result of wars or natural disasters, not counting the 6.5 million people displaced within their own country.

Brain drain reaches alarming levels

It can not therefore underestimate the negative impact of migration on neglected regions. The chief economist of the World Bank for Africa, Shantayanan Devarajan, admits that "human capital flight" penalize "the small countries and low income" and "fragile countries emerging from conflict . More general phenomenon, the brain drain, brain drain, is reaching alarming proportions.The Bank notes that a graduate in eight African higher education living in OECD countries. It is a scourge in Ghana: 37.1% of physicians trained in its schools and 55.9% of practitioners were born on the land are working abroad. In total, 11% of nurses and 18% of doctors educated in the south of the Sahara are working in other lands, resulting in a shortage of medical personnel even more pronounced than the country's poor.

Despite these caveats, experts from the World Bank believe that "Africans living abroad are a vital resource." The main channel, it is the remittances, the remittances, as the English word, that expatriates send regularly to their families back in the motherland. This vector is now more important than official development assistance.He pumped $ 39.7 billion in 2010, with 21.5 billion for North Africa and 18.2 for sub-Saharan regions. These funds are also less volatile than foreign direct investment, which fell in 2009 with the crisis.

Introduce dual citizenship for their emigrants

It is possible to increase the impact of these funds that are within families across national borders, said Dilip Ratha, senior economist with the Bank on matters of migration. "Some countries, like Mexico and Turkey, have tried to direct their capital for collective investment, but it did not work. We must preserve their privacy, as is a personal decision to emigrate, "the former judge of Crédit Agricole Indosuez economist of Indian origin.He suggested, however, to tackle the endemic problem of transaction costs, totally excessive (you must pay $ 20 for sending $ 200). The solution would be to play the network of posts and mobile phone companies.

Beyond remittances, Dilip Ratha advocates to mobilize the entire savings of diasporas, which he estimated at $ 30.4 billion annually to sub-Saharan countries. The idea would be to issue savings bonds, similar to what Israel and India have long been, and that Greece seeks to establish with its own diaspora.These securities, issued off-market rates, for ratings from 100 to 10,000 dollars would be used to "finance infrastructure projects and health education."

Last but not least, Dilip Ratha urges African States to introduce dual citizenship for their emigrants (only accept 20 of 54) to strengthen their links with foreign communities. He had no doubt that these diasporas have a great future in view of demographic developments. By 2050, the population of working age will decline by 88 million in Western Europe, where sub-Saharan Africa will have increased his $ 699 million!

Apr 18 2011

Banks: a Belgian town cons bonuses

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Ghent, in northern Belgium, hopes to lead by example. Alderman (elected) of Finance of the city, the Liberal Christophe Peeters, announced the withdrawal next 30 to 35 million euros were deposited in the accounts of banks Dexia and KBC in the name of the fight against the "bonus comfortable granted to bosses, "he said.

Dexia has announced the beginning of the payment to its managing director Pierre Mariani variable compensation of 600,000 euros for the year 2010. KBC for its part stated its intention to resume the payment of bonuses to its executives. These two institutions had to be helped by the government during the financial crisis. "When things were going badly, the taxpayers' money has helped the banks. Now that the situation improves, the banks start bonus of the same culture.We are not saying that this is not only ethical, but we act with the language of money, "protested Christophe Peeters.

Compensation "in accordance with legal provisions"

The amount that will remove the city corresponds to short-term investments. Christophe Peeters Dexia and KBC now threatens to turn to banks that do not grant bonuses "unreasonable" for the money to pay his wages and new investments in the long term cash till payday.

Following this decision, KBC announced its regret while stressing that the city was within its rights. For its part, Dexia said that its compensation policy was consistent with legal and regulatory European, Belgian and French.

Tougher legislation to

Although legal, these decisions go wrong with Brussels.European Commissioner for Financial Services, Michel Barnier, said that calls for moderation "were not heard." It now threatens to tighten the law of the European Union. In Belgium, the new Governor of National Bank, Luc Coene, also deemed "indecent" that banks that have benefited from government support grant bonuses to their executives.

The movement seems well underway across Europe. At the same time, Dexia and KBC, the BPCE (People's Bank – Savings Bank) announced the grant to the President Perol a bonus of one million euros in the year 2010. Like his colleagues in Belgium, the French bank had received a boost of 7.1 billion euros in state aid to help head out of water during the crisis.


"Compensation of CEOs

"The bosses' bonuses in full rebound

Apr 16 2011

Hercules: the case of gold the Mint of Paris

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She gave a good month to sell everything. A few hours will suffice. Monnaie de Paris has attracted crowds during the weekend of April 9 to 10, when the sale of two new plays: 10,000 pieces of gold in 1000 euros the effigy of the Greek hero Hercules. A veritable gold rush, which has undoubtedly been very beneficial to the venerable institution. And for good reason: Each piece consisted of 20 grams of gold. What gives them the weight value of 650 euros at current prices, or 32.5 euros per gram.

But knowing that the Monnaie de Paris bought the gold that was used in the manufacture of these parts long before the launch of the operation, and given the fact that this metal has continued to surge in recent months, we can imagine that the profit was considerably higher than EUR 350 per room, well over 3.5 million euros in total! Even thinking about the parts of 100 euro money thrown at the same time: a weight of 50 grams and 50,000 copies drawn, they are only worth 47 euros at the current weight (0.94 euros per gram).

Side of the Paris Mint, its director, Dominique Fine, do not want to say anything about the benefits of the transaction. He recalls that it is "substantially lower" it looks, since we must deduct the cost of manufacture, knowing that "these pieces are quite worked." Still, this type of event takes place at regular intervals.Monnaie de Paris, which posted a net profit of 18 million euros in 2010 (against 16 million last year), in particular launch gold coins to 200 euros by the end of 2011.

The annoyance of numismatists

In contrast, numismatists s'agacent this success saving account pay day loan. Worse, they scoff. "This is undoubtedly a very good deal for the state," quips Michael Prior, director of the Compagnie Generale de la Bourse in Paris, lamenting "a very bad investment." Among the causes of that nervousness: a few days after the sale, the professional has seen a Hercules gold for sale on e-bay at a price of 1200 euros. "After that, if the seller found a buyer, more power to him!" Coward he. According to him, the operation of the Paris Mint would be a scam. And buyers of laymen.

A bit bad player, our numismatist? A little. Because as pointed out by Dominique Fine, a demonetization is not valid.And thus, "the piece is protected by face value of 1,000 euros." So if gold were to fall, the buyer may in any case recover its initial investment. Driving the nail, the senior official added that "one must take people for fools." "They learn a minimum, he says. Thousand euros for a room, it is not nothing! "

Furthermore, it indicates that the 100 euro gold coins launched in 2008 by the Paris Mint, and equipped with 3.11 grams of gold, now worth almost as much weight as their face value. However, we must remember that an ounce of gold was used for flambé in times of crisis, and that if the economy improves, "catching up" of Hercules will not be as easy.


The gold speeds off and is close to $ 1500

"Gold, a refuge from angry investors

Apr 14 2011

Renewed caution expected on Wall Street

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Shortly before the opening of Wall Street index futures Standard & Poor's 500 and Nasdaq 100 retreated 0.51% respectively to 1302 and 0.67% points to 2293 points, suggesting an early session in the red. The Dow Jones was due in part to its decline from 0.41% to 12,149 points.

The day before, the U.S. stock market had entered into an indecisive session slightly higher. The results of the first quarter of JPMorgan, though strong, were certainly enthused the stock markets, by and of the Atlantic. But they also left Wall Street more lukewarm. The title JPMorgan also yielded 0.83% at closing."The outstanding consumer loans, down from 8.50% in the quarter were disappointing in this publication," suggested Christian Parisot at Aurel BGC.

Obama's speech and the Beige Book Fed's call for caution

Prudence markets, fueled by retail sales figures mixed, could also be explained by the expectation on Wednesday, after closing a speech of Barack Obama since the George Washington University, the preferred solutions for fight against debt and deficit. The U.S. president has proposed including more taxing wealthy households.Objective: to reduce the U.S. deficit of 4000 billion over 12 years.

The Beige Book Fed unveiled, also on Wednesday evening, has not reassured the markets: according to this highly anticipated release, "the Japanese disaster of 11 March will have a greater impact than expected on the U.S. economy , "because of disruptions in sales and production (especially on the East Coast and central United States)," says Franklin Pichard, Director Barclays Exchange.

If the activity has continued to improve in the United States, this improvement has been uneven from one region to another. Soaring commodity prices began to threaten corporate margins and consumer spending.According to the Fed, the housing market remains depressed, even if the labor market, however, is stronger than in February.

Producer prices and jobless claims

Side indicators, foreclosures in the United States are divided on the rise in March, said this Thursday, the specialist firm RealtyTrac, which are expected to grow further in the coming months. In total, 73,174 homes were seized by creditors in March, up 13% from February, according to figures from RealtyTrac.

On the agenda of the day, the producer prices for March will be announced at 14:30, at the same time that the registered unemployed.This Thursday and Friday, also held the ministerial meeting of the G20 in Washington.

Google and Hasbro unveil quarterly leursrésultats

On the corporate side, after Alcoa and JPMorgan, it is this Thursday, Googleet Hasbro unveil their accounts in the first quarter.

Zipcar, a U.S. car rental self-service, also announced Wednesday it fixed at $ 18 the price of the 9.7 million shares it plans to market Thursday, which would an IPO at some $ 164 million. This price action, revealed in a document released Wednesday by market authorities, beyond the range of 14 to 16 dollars advanced last week.

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