Mar 31 2011

Three million French forgo vacations

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The effects of the crisis are still being felt this year in the tourism sector. 66% of French people intend to go on holiday, against 72% last year, according to a study released Thursday by the Cabinet Protourisme. Three million French who left in 2010 to renounce so this year.

The average reduction in initial intentions actually conceals wide disparities. Categories sociprofessionnelles Parisians go higher and in fact much more than rural people or retirees. And this gap is expected to increase further because "those who leave will leave more than two years ago," said Didier Arino, firm Protourisme.

52% of travelers will stay in France

The budget should also be holiday retreat of 7 payday advances.2% to 2079 euros on average over the year.If the level of daily expenditure is in fact stable at 99 euros is the length of stay, which is scaled down: the French leave on average 18 days as against 23 last year.

In terms of destination, their choice should be influenced by the international geopolitical situation, particularly in the Maghreb and the Middle East. 52% that those planning a vacation should remain in France, 23% will go abroad and 25% have to do both.


"The Cretans fear the repercussions of war

"Tourism: cancellations spread to Middle East

"Low prices to boost tourism in Tunisia

Mar 30 2011

The hearing of France 3 reaches crisis level

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At the gentle slope succeeds collapse. France 3 now flirting with the 10% audience share, against 14% three years ago. Last Saturday in prime time, the public channel regions is even symbolically passed below a million viewers, with the spread of the play One foot in the crime from the theater of the Auction of Marseille. A hearing to sentence the youth level digital television channels which now flirt with the 2 million viewers.

The staff of the chain relies on its public service mission to justify such a rout. But the argument is over when France 3 collapses to 4.6% audience share at lunch with "Midi in France, led by renegade Laurent Boyer M6, or Saturday night in second part of the evening when the series of disappearances is not taking off 4.4% audience share.Even the film loses its shine on France 3 since The Last Gang did not exceed 6.2% audience share last week.With the cost of grid that is around that of 2-France around 800 million euros, and 4800 employees, the decline of hearing begins to be disturbing.

Faced with scores, Corteel Lawrence, director of France 3 antennas, spoke Tuesday at the convention of executives of France Televisions, "the necessary regional reconquest," one of "information" concerning ", closer to the lived audiences, and "Wealth of twenty-four regional offices."

However, France 3 Must begin his Copernican revolution and lack of hearing, stop being a national chain, like Radio France Bleu (Radio France), be primarily a network of local stations ? For Francis Guilbeau, general manager of the chain, "the economic balance of the television does not allow it.This would mean having to increase the budget of the chain 24, the number of our local offices. ARD Germany has a budget of 7 billion euros. Our mission is not to make room for the local audience. "And remember that" no private regional channel has been a success in France, very centralized country. " However, the boss of France 3 recognizes the need to play more cards proximity, "which does not mean that Britons do not speak only to Britons no faxing pay day loans." "For now, he admits, regional programs are inconspicuous and do not have the success we expected." The documentary Xynthia after the storm, made in the region, has received a share of hearing by 7.1%. François Guilbeau does however borrow France Bleu her art "programs and services of local interest such as employment, real estate."Similarly, a "club of the regional press" should be created in the fall.

The radio daily

Playing the local map has paid for France Bleu. For three years, its audience grew. In the last survey Médiamétrie, the second general of Radio France slipped to RMC with 7.5% of total audience. Successfully initiated by Christiane Chadal, Network Manager from January 2008 to March 2010, with an editorial in August 2008 embodied in the slogan "From here". "Our position" From here "is anchored on the premises, but does not see the current national or international law, says Anne Brucy, director of France Bleu network. For example, the news in Japan and the crisis in Fukushima have mobilized our local near nuclear power plants (The Hague, Pierrelatte Fessenheim …).We take a comprehensive look from where our listeners. "These are major contributors of France Bleu. "The role of the auditor is at the heart of the program. It is about the listeners share and enrich the program information. Our expertise can enhance their contribution, "says Anne Brucy. A supply that feeds the antenna at a lower cost but is difficult to reproduce in television.

Similarly, through a nationwide network with 43 local Consequently, France Bleu can also actively participate in local life. What strengthen its position as "the daily companion."


"France 3 falls below the 10% audience share

"France 3 said one day to Laurent Boyer

Mar 26 2011

Brake on the rise in real estate

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After several years of unprecedented increases, housing prices began to falter. If the market has not entered into phase reversal, the prices of existing homes begin to shrink in some areas and departments of Ile de France, Les Echos said that based on the early census of Century 21.

The first quarter compared to last quarter of 2010, housing prices have declined in eight regions, with declines of nearly 7% for Alsace and Aquitaine, the order of 6% Midi-Pyrénées, Basse Normandie and Pays de la Loire, in Britain 5.5% and 1.5% in Provence-Alpes Cote d'Azur.And the prize goes to the Seine and Marne, which shows a decline of 7.3% of property prices.

The sales numbers also declined, from about 3% nationally in all departments of Ile de France and in 7 regions, according to figures from Century 21.

The loan period lengthens

Concerned, the rise in interest rates. Crédit Foncier suggests a rise of 100 basis points since September to the reference rate, ie the rate of ten years. And the financial institution believes that this movement is not about to stop. A rate rise of 0.5% to 1% is feasible for 2011 says the Credit Foncier. Yet according to its CEO Thierry Dufour, "a 1% increase in rates leads to a decrease of 7% of demand."The bank plans to capitalize on sales from 670,000 to 680,000 in the previous year against 702,000 recorded last year.

So far the decline in volumes was offset by a rise in loan periods from less than 20 years over 20 years on average, says it with Century 21. Thierry Dufour same stresses, micro BFM, the average length increased from 21.7 years to 23.4 years in Paris. The time of sale are also elongated. But these mechanisms do not compensate more rising interest rates. Thierry Dufour and indicates that "class is removed from the market due to rising rates." Consequently, prices are falling. The CEO of Century 21 and evokes a "new balance" on the housing market.But the general manager of Century 21 says that "the market is sawtooth.

On the other hand, affluent areas such as Paris and West Paris and continue to blaze the national average price rose another 2.7%. Moreover, prices of new homes should remain stable. In fact, state aid and interest-free loans are concentrated on new housing.


"The older building has been 17.5% a year in Paris

Property: rising interest rates continues


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Mar 24 2011

Contactless Payment: Google chooses Ingenico

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Pay by phone, we talk about it as a promising technology but the market struggled to take off in France. According to Les Echos published on Thursday, Google has partnered with two leaders in the market of payment terminals, French and U.S. Verizon Ingenico to continue his research on this project.

Still experimental, the NFC for Near Field Communication "helps pay for purchases with a mobile phone equipped with a chip adapted. According to Bloomberg, Google plans to test the next four months, the use of these new payment terminals in shops in New York and San Francisco and then to extend the trial to the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC.

21% Ingenico terminals sold

At Ingenico, NFC weighs more heavily in sales: The manufacturer stated a few days ago that its sales of contactless payment terminals in 2010 accounted for 21% of handsets sold, up 50% one year.

At the Paris Bourse, the French manufacturer's partnership with the giant Google has been welcomed by investors: one hour after the opening, title Ingenico climbs 4 no fax pay day loans.94% to 27.94 euros.

Other groups are organizing to floor on the development of this technology that will better know the buying habits of consumers and offer more targeted ads.Thus, Apple also offers services to transform its Ingenico iPod touch and iPhone into means of payment with a solution called "ISMP".

The latest example, the Franco-Italian STMicroelectronics, a supplier of secure microcontrollers, and smart card manufacturer Gemalto French announced Monday a partnership to jointly develop services based on NFC technology.


"Contactless payment arrives in France

The mobile payment penalty to take off in France

"Ingenico is not a strategic company"

Mar 22 2011

The Paris Bourse in 3900 points

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This Friday, the Paris Bourse has eroded slightly, following a session of sharp increase of 2.47%. The Cac 40, which was back above the 3900 points, stumbled again below that level: the index fell 0.30% to 3892.71 points. The mood on Wall Street Monday and Asian markets this morning did not allow the index in Paris to stay in the green, as he had opened in early trading. Indeed, by mid-afternoon, while Wall Street was operating in yo-yo around Logne flotation, CAC 40 was off balance and moved into the red.

Other European markets are also evolving in decline: in London, the FTSE-100 index fell 0.41% to 5762.71 points while in Frankfurt the Dax was 0.52% folded at 6780.97 points.

Yet the hopes surrounding the nuclear site Fukushima supported the markets.On site, the nuclear situation remains uncertain but appears to have stopped deteriorating. The operator of the plant, TEPCO announced that the work of rehabilitation of cooling systems had resumed Tuesday morning after being suspended the previous day following release of smoke.

In addition, a further intervention by the BoJ also came reassure investissuers. This last Tuesday, in 2000 has injected billions of yen (17 billion) more on the money market to support the Japanese economy. It has increased to 39,000 billion yen from the money released March 11. In this atmosphere a little calmer, operators go hunting for bargains.

Criticized the offensive in Libya

But the lack of macroeconomic indicators, like yesterday, failed to sustain the trend. And the situation in Libya is still worrisome.The international coalition, headed by the United States, France and Great Britain continued its operations in the night of Monday to Tuesday. Critics, from Germany, Italy or Russia, rise against, however, the intensity of the bombing in the West.

This tension plays anyway back on oil prices. In morning trading, a barrel of light sweet crude for April delivery took 19 cents to 102.52 dollars. That of Brent North Sea crude for May delivery, however, yielded 15 cents to 114.81 dollars.

As for currencies, the euro against the dollar still progressing on Tuesday operating above 1.42 dollar to levels not seen since November.Around 11:20 in Paris, the euro bought 1.4238 dollars against 1.4218 late Monday.

Values ​​need to follow

PSA Peugeot Citroën – 2.73% to 26.55 euros (largest decline of ACC)

The automaker announced Monday that the halt in production at one of its Japanese suppliers affected by the earthquake of March 11 would cause a decrease in its activity in diesel engines and probably induce measures layoffs.

Furthermore, SAP continues to lead the ranking of patents published in 2010 by the INPI.

Renault – 2.64% to 37.73 euros

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has launched an appeal Tuesday for vigilance against the "vicious allegations" against China for stealing technology from foreign companies after the country has been implicated in the espionage case in the French group Renault .

Today, Dominique Gevrey, security officer of Renault indicted and jailed in the fraud case involving the builder, said he had done that "apply" the orders given by a management mode Management "paranoid."

Latecoere: + 8.51% to 9.69 euros, EADS: -0.72% to 19.43 euros

According to information of Figaro on Tuesday, Chinese Avic, Britain's GKN and the Dutch Stork Fokker-filed a complaint with a price estimate.EADS and Airbus are under pressure to attend a Franco-French solution.

Sanofi-Aventis – 0.70% to 47.65 euros

Merck and Sanofi Aventis announced Tuesday it had terminated the agreement in March 2010 through a joint venture in animal health, combining Merial Animal Health business of Sanofi, with Intervet / Schering-Plough animal health unit Merck.

Technip: + 1.80% to 71.41 euros

The group announced Tuesday it had won with TAQA Bratan installation contract for the development of Falcon Field, located in the North Sea about 560 kilometers northeast of Aberdeen (Scotland), for a water depth of 160 meters.

EDF – 1.42% to 28.46 euros

Edison, controlled jointly by the French EDF and Italy's A2A Monday issued an annual profit weighed down by asset writedowns and said it would not pay a dividend for fiscal 2010.

BNP Paribas: -1.15% to 52.57 euros

The bank granted a bonus of 1.67 million euros to its chief executive Baudouin Prot at the financial year 2010.

Audika: + 5.90% to 18.84 euros

Audika posted an operating profit in 2010 down to 17.55 million euros, against 18.76 million in 2009. The group's objective is a return to growth in 2011, with a turnover of at 115 and 120 million euros and an improved operating margin. It proposes a dividend of 0.42 euro no action.

SeLoger. com: 0.41% to 36.65 euros

The group announced Monday expect a double digit growth of its key financial indicators in 2011 thanks to record audience levels.

Mar 20 2011

No increase for the CEO of L'Oreal

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No pay rise for the new strong man of L'Oreal. Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of the group, also holds the post of president since Friday but will retain the same salary this year than in 2010. "For 2011, the Council (…) stopped fixed at 2,100,000 euros gross a year earlier, unchanged from 2010," does it say in the management report 2010 of the Board of Directors , submitted to the AMF and made available on March 17.

Jean-Paul Agon has not received in 2010 his entire salary: part depended targets he has not fully met. It has affected 80% of the 2.1 million indicated, is 1.68 million euros. A salary cut in 2010, no increase in 2011: the future CEO of L'Oreal is so far not mistreated by his group. He was awarded $ 6.9 million stock options last year.Since 2006, the officer received a total of 1.25 million stock options. It will retain 50% of them while he remains in office.

As for Sir Lindsay Owen Jones, Jean-Paul Agon was replaced as president on Friday, it will benefit more now that its fees for participation in the boards. As each board member, he will receive as such a lump sum of 30,000 euros plus 5,000 euros per session. It has received 85,000 euros in 2010.


"MY DIGITAL FIGARO – Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L'Oreal new

Mar 19 2011

The king of Saudi Arabia injects $ 70 billion aid

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The amount is staggering. $ 70 billion social aid were announced by King Abdallah live on Saudi television on Friday. Therefore a figure for the 28 million inhabitants of the country, one third of the unemployed are young people aged 21 to 29.

The monarch has promised minimum wage increase to 800 dollars, the increase in premiums for unemployment up to 250 dollars, a premium of two months salary for each employee and a bonus of two months for student scholarships . But nearly $ 67 billion aid plan – almost all of the assistants will be devoted to the allocation of funds for the construction of 500,000 housing units across the country, and an envelope for the health sector. King Abdullah has proposed to inject more money into home loans by increasing to $ 128,000.

These injections of public funds came after the unprecedented announcement by the King on February 23 of a first action plan of 36 billion dollars. They should help diverdifier the Saudi economy, largely dependent on oil revenues.

Further monitoring

In his televised speech of three minutes, the sovereign has also announced the creation of a committee to fight against corruption, which will be under his supervision and could control all branches of government faxless cash advances. He also mentioned the creation of 60,000 new jobs security by ensuring that security forces will be ready to respond to "all those who intend to undermine 'the kingdom.

Fearing social unrest that the country earns from Bahrain, a neighboring country, where violent clashes between Shi'ite demonstrators and security forces took place this week, security forces were deployed en masse on March 11 in Riyadh, and in the eastern provinces, home to a strong Shiite community. However, according to some sources, the stability of autocratic rule of King Abdullah, from a prominent Sunni family, is not likely to be unshaken.


"Saudi Arabia seeks to avoid contagion

The king of Bahrain will seek support in Saudi Arabia

"SPECIAL – Revolts in the Arab world

Mar 17 2011

The mood remains gloomy in the Paris Bourse

The markets are perplexed. The Cac 40, which attempted to regain the path to higher opening on Wednesday (0.53% to 3800.83 points) quickly changed his tune. At the midpoint the CAC 40 was down 0.72% to 3753.56 points.

Other European markets are also struggling: the Dax in Frankfurt Stock Exchange which had opened higher yields of 0.73% 0.08% mid-session at 6642.34 points and the London Stock Exchange which started on a slight gain of 0.10% was down 0.74% at 5653.40 points.

The operators first tried to follow the positive momentum from Asia this morning, which allowed the Japanese Nikkei to close on a technical leap of 5.68%, and led the other places in the region in the green . Intensive hunting for bargains in the indices increased in a climate a bit calmer after further intervention by the Bank of Japan (BoJ).This has injected 3.5 trillion yen Wednesday (31 billion euros) in the money market, bringing to 26,500 billion yen (234 billion) the total sum provided by the BoJ to the interbank market since Monday. But the trend remains fragile in the wake of widespread declines sessions to all European markets, and to a lesser extent, the U.S. exchanges.

The trust is indeed far from being restored while the nuclear situation in Japan remains very critical. Radioactivity measured at the entrance to the central Fukushima reached a new peak around 10:45 am local time, reported the Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency. "The level of radioactivity near the entrance varies greatly from hour to hour at levels that continue to be harmful to health," said government spokesman Yukio Edano.In addition, a strong earthquake occurred Wednesday at mid-day (this morning in Paris) east of Tokyo, where buildings have long trembled.

New flurry of indicators in the program

Markets should also keep an eye on indicators of the day, again numerous. In Europe, registrations of new cars rose 0.9% yoy in February, the first bounce after ten consecutive months of declines, according to figures released Wednesday by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (Acea).

Inflation in the euro area rose to 2.4% in February over a year, Eurostat said Wednesday. It was 2.3% year on year in January from 2.2% in December and 1.9% in November. Rising prices rose 0.4% in February compared to January.

United States, the Labor Department will publish the price index for production at 13.30.At the same time will the housing starts and the balance of current accounts. Finally, at 15:30 will be published weekly petroleum stocks.

On the currency markets, the euro has stabilized at 1.3977 dollar.

Values ​​to follow

As for values, securities directly or indirectly exposed to catastrophe Japanese started to fall again after regaining some colors in early trading. LVMH fell by 0.87% to 103.03 euros and Hermes of 1.13% to 144.05 euros.Only the investment certificate Areva bounced 2.85% to 29.62 euros after its tumble over the last three sessions.

EDF: -0.49% to 28.42 euros

The electrician French and Italian A2a confirmed Tuesday the six-month extension of their shareholder pact in Edison to take the time to reach agreement on the restructuring of their partnership.

In addition, the group is preparing to send "teams" and "equipment" in Japan to help the company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which operates the nuclear plant in Fukushima, cope with the consequences of the tsunami, said Wednesday the company's CEO, Henri Proglio on RTL.

L'Oreal: + 0.41% to 78.40 euros

The president of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, a subsidiary of LVMH, told Reuters that his company intends to almost double its turnover in five years to reach the one billion euros, thanks to the lever Asian and climb well the club of top five global brands of cosmetics.

Alstom: + 0.50% to 38 euros

The CEO of Alstom, Patrick Kron, said he still opposed the entry of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the capital of Areva.

Renault: + 0.31% to 37.67 euros

The money paid by the manufacturer to pay the false information intended to support the charges of espionage brought against three of its executives has been partially solved in a Swiss bank account opened by one of his security guards, shackled Duck wrote on Wednesday.

Note that the manufacturer has sales up 2.8% in February over a year, according to figures of registrations of the European Union. For his part, Peugeot (2.48% to 27.22 euros) sees his own shrink by 5%.

BNP Paribas: -2.21% to 50.81 euros, Societe Generale: -2.12% to 44.83 euros

The banks are down sharply after Moody's lowered the rating on Tuesday night in Portugal two notches to "A3" with negative outlook, raising fears about sovereign debt of countries known as peripheral euro area.

Bollore is optimistic

Bourbon: -5.37% to 32.01 euros

The group released Wednesday 2010 earnings fell sharply, mainly because of difficult market conditions, but the group estimated that the average utilization rate of its fleet to continue to improve gradually.

Transgene: -4.83% to 11.23 euros

The group referred to tackle 2011 with confidence even though the French biotechnology company has continued to widen its loss in 2010 and some of his projects have been delayed.

Mersen: 33.64 EUR -3.25 EUR

The group said Wednesday expect for 2011 a slight improvement in profitability and renewed growth, albeit slow, its sales from the electronics and solar energy.

Bolloré: + 1.18% to 154.15 euros

The group reported a 40% increase in operating profit in 2010 thanks to its growing transport business, logistics and port handling.

Zodiac Aerospace: + 1.62% to 47.72 euros

The group raised its revenue forecast for 2010-2011 after a second quarter better than expected thanks to the recovery of the aviation sector.

EPA will report on its February traffic. Ruby, Stallergenes and Boiron reveal their annual results after market close.

Mar 15 2011

European stock markets in turmoil

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Another gloomy day on the Paris Bourse. The CAC 40, which dived under the 3900 points yesterday, Tuesday is anchored in the red. After starting down sharply from 2.17% to 3793.95 points, the benchmark index in Paris lost its hollow and cowardly 3.43% to 3744 points to 10.30. In London and Milan stock exchanges follow the same path and also drop over 3%. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange widening its losses to almost -5%.

The indices are struggling to find their way to higher while the Japanese nuclear situation has worsened. Another explosion and fire occurred in the central Fukushima Dai-ichi. "The level of radioactivity has grown considerably" and becomes dangerous to health, "said Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, television, causing a panic on Asian markets.The Tokyo Stock Exchange, meanwhile, has fallen 10.55%.

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) announced it yet injected 3 trillion yen (26 billion yen) in the money market to support the economy, plus the 5000 and 15,000 billion yen already injected respectively in the morning and Monday. But this ad is not enough to ease tensions. Especially since the predictions of the impact of the disaster on Japan's economy grow heavy. Analysts now suggest 120 billion worth of damage and consequences for the country's trading partners.

Gust Indicator

Despite these concerns, investors could keep an eye on macroeconomic statistics of the day.In France, consumer prices are starting to rebound in February, rising by 0.5% in monthly changes, and a year where they show a growth of 1.7%, Insee said.

Then come in Germany, the ZEW index of investor sentiment, and the U.S., prices for import-export of February and the index of activity in the New York Fed in March to 13.30, the index of the property market from March 15 to 19.15 hours, the Fed decision on rates.

On the currency markets, the euro appears to drop in morning trading: a euro is worth 1.3940 (-0.46%).

The mea culpa Renault

Scor: -0.30% to 18.54 euros

The reinsurer announced that in the worst scenario for Japan, the total losses of the group in non-life net protections proportional and non-proportional, would not exceed 185 million euros before taxes.The group does not cover nuclear power plant operators for damages or any liability in Japan.

Overall, companies involved in the situation in Japan are suffering just like EDF (-3.31% to EUR 28), Areva (-6.03% to 29.60 euros), LVMH (-3, 66% to 102.70 euros) and RPP (-3.12% to 102.50 euros).

Renault: -3.56% to 36.81 euros

The manufacturer on Monday presented its apologies to the three frames he had unjustly accused of spying for China as well as measures to restore the image of the group, but Carlos Ghosn has refused the resignation of his number two, Patrick Pelata .

Assystem: -5.37% to 15.50 euros

The group expects to accelerate its growth in 2011 and expects to play a role as a consolidator in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Alstom: -4.12% to 36.96 euros (largest decline of ACC)

At 17 hours will be hearing from Patrick Kron before the Committee on Economic Affairs of the National Assembly on the activities of the Alstom group in the field of energy.

After market, Zodiac Aerospace will publish its revenue for the second quarter and first half results. Bollore will report its annual results.

Mar 13 2011

Essence: the French consume less

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The French will not endure forever rising fuel prices, without changing their consumption habits. According to an Ifop poll published Sunday in the South West, 47% of respondents intend to reduce their consumption now if gasoline prices continue to climb.

Consequence of the soaring price of oil, those fuel have reached record highs last week. A liter of unleaded 95 has sold 1.50 euros on average in the hexagon, and a liter of diesel 1.54 euros, said earlier this week the Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC ). Some stations even offered Paris a liter of unleaded fuel to 1.8 euro.

If consumers incorporate more and more since 2005, the idea of ​​an inexorable rise in fuel prices, 1.5 euro per liter of diesel remains for many a symbolic threshold beyond which they consume as much. Only 15% of respondents put this threshold at a level greater than 1.5 euro per liter, said the survey. Jean-Louis Schilansky, president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries (Ufip), makes the same observation. He recalled that in 2008 when fuel prices had also risen sharply, the consomamation was down 3% once this threshold is crossed guaranteed unsecured personal loan.

Not lower taxes

The decision to reduce its consumption or not, however, depends partly on the level of life. 40% of workers have thus been limited.In contrast, managers and professionals are more likely (14%) than average (11%) said they will not alter their habits, whatever the price of a liter. For many, the level of fuel consumption is also strongly constrained by the lifestyle.

Faced with soaring prices, the government this week but ruled out any cut in gasoline taxes could reduce the transport budget of the French. "You can take steps this guy at a time when we must take into public finances," ruled the Economy Minister Christine Lagarde. It was therefore confined to advise the French to buy the morning and follow rules of conduct to reduce, even at the margin, the price at the pump.


Why fuel prices soar

"Historical Record gasoline prices

"The fuel consumption begins to decline

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