Jan 30 2011

The departures of tourists to Egypt suspended until further notice

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Egypt is safer. After the violent demonstrations against Mubarak in recent days, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to "defer all travel" to the non-emergency countries. One can read in the Travel section of the site of the Quai d'Orsay that "French people there are asked to limit their movements to a minimum and to stay away from crowds."

Accordingly, the National Union of Travel Agencies (SNAV) said on Sunday suspended all departures vacationers "until further notice." Notably, "there will be no departures tomorrow (Monday)," said Georges Colson, chairman of the professional organization. For clients on site, they "extend their stay and return without incident happen normally. Charter flights are parties to seek empty of customers.There was no notable incident. "Toursits Nearly 1,000 French are still in the country. They were 4,000 in the beginning of the weekend, according to tour operators.

Customers affected by the suspension of departures "may defer travel free at a later date on Egypt or any other destination programmed by the tour operator, has previously provided the Centre for the Study of tour operators (CETO) in a statement quick payday loan.

By Friday evening, the French tour operators have suspended all departures scheduled this weekend to Egypt, following a request from French Foreign nationals "limit" their movements in this country. In 2010, 600,000 French surrendered in Egypt. Belgian tour operators have also decided on Saturday to suspend departures until Monday included.They do not plan to repatriate their customers already there.

Contagion events in North Africa has enough to worry the French tour operators. Tunisia is the first travel destination of the French, ahead of Morocco and Egypt.


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Jan 28 2011

LinkedIn has filed its proposed IPO

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Ten years after the bursting of the bubble in technology stocks, the new stars of the Web are about to make their comeback in the stock market. LinkedIn has been launched yesterday in a likely new wave of initial public offering of these new values. The social network for professionals has in fact filed with U.S. securities regulators its plan to put on the market. For the moment, "the number of shares offered and the price range of the introduction have not yet been determined," said the Californian company, which does not specify the timeframe envisaged.The prospectus is available on the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates a theoretical total of 175 million.

The objective of this nugget of Web 2.0 – another name for the Participative Web – is to raise funds for its general operations and part of the money could be used to "the acquisition of activities, technologies or complementary assets" . The social network founded in 2003 by Reid Hoffman is a recent success story. After less than seven years of existence, the group unveiled in 2010 net earnings of $ 1.85 million. But before 2010, LinkedIn had never been profitable, at best he had reached equilibrium in 2007.

Rush on attractive valuations

And other major Internet success might follow suit cash advance payday loan.An IPO of Facebook, the social network with 500 million members, could be the end of the year even if the group maintains its intentions unclear. Groupon could overtake the social network. The specialist group purchasing discount online discussion with its bankers, although for the moment, no decision has been taken. Skype, the telephony software online, is another name often mentioned. In France, the speculation about an introduction Ventesprivées.com going well.

The investor enthusiasm for these great names in the Internet explains this wave back in stock. The valuation multiples are particularly attractive. This figure would be 33 times earnings in 2011 for specialist paris online Betfair recently introduced in Exchange. Estimates would also turn heads.Bloomberg reports that include the valuation of Facebook has reached 70 billion over SecondMarket (unlisted securities).

But some are more cautious. Some investors believe that the particular value of Facebook is largely overstated, according to a survey conducted by Bloomberg from international investors. And 69% of investors surveyed are warning against a new Internet bubble.


"LinkedIn could go public in 2011

The turnover of over a billion Facebook

"Facebook raised $ 1.5 billion

Jan 27 2011

Boeing promises a commissioning this year of B 787

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2011 will take the form of a simple equation for Boeing. On the one hand, the U.S. defense budget is on: the Pentagon plans to achieve 154 billion dollars in savings by 2016 through restructuring and abandonment program. The other, air traffic takes off and demand for new airliners recovers. If he wants to take this crisis, Boeing faces several challenges. And the primary certifying and then delivering his B 787 successful ramp-up industrial Dreamliner set at 2 per month in 2010 to 10 in 2013. The new long-haul Boeing accuses three years behind the counter and Boeing has more room for error after yet another delay in the delivery schedule.

James McNerney, CEO of the Chicago giant, is stepped into the breach yesterday by presenting the results of fiscal 2010."In 2011, we will focus on delivering the B 787 and B 747-8. They will go into service this year, "he promised. The first delivery must take place during the third quarter of 2011. The stakes are high as 57 airlines have ordered 847 copies. As for the B 747-8, which has won no command last year, Boeing expects to deliver the first cargo plane in mid-2011 and late 2011 passengers.

Reply to A 320 NEO

In 2010, these two programs, which have accumulated delays, setbacks and additional expenses were again weighed on the results of Boeing Commercial Aviation (BCA) to the tune of 2.7 billion dollars for the 787 and only $ 1.4 B billion for the B 747-8. And turnover of BCA has dropped 11% (see table).Despite this, the group as a whole has doubled its net profit to 3.3 billion dollars compared to 2009.

But Wall Street has not seduced: the title yielded 3.59%, to 69.64 dollars yesterday during the session and weighed on the direction of Dow Jones. Investors have been showered by the 2011 outlook below expectations and the challenges facing Boeing. The group's management anticipates a turnover of between 68 and 71 billion dollars but the results "will be affected by the revision of the schedule B 787, an increase in pension expenditure and a tense situation on the defense market" says she.

Beyond the B 787 and B 747-8, Boeing is facing critical choices on two other successful programs. Reengine or not its medium-haul B737 to meet the Airbus A 320 NEO? "We will continue working on this issue with our customers.If we were wrong and they want a re-engined aircraft rather than a new device that would be launched around 2020-2025, and although we will act. But I do not think this will happen, "James McNerney develops.

Another trade expected in 2011 in the large aircraft segment: launch a derivative of B 777 to counter the future Airbus 350-1000 or expand the family of the B 787?

Three questions for Yves Galland, president and CEO of Boeing France

Yves Galland

Jan 25 2011

The Paris Bourse moved above 4000 points

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After three consecutive weeks, the CAC 40, which closed last Friday above the 4000 points (4017.45 points exactly), continues to move at the opening with a gain of 0.3% to 4028 points.

Earlier this morning, Asian stock markets have shown tentative and U.S. markets had scattered them over in orde Friday night.

On Monday, President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee gives the kickoff of a year 2011 marked under the seal of the international retailer, to reporters and foreign ambassadors in Paris (live TV on Facebook and Dailymotion), his goals for the G8 summit in late May at Deauville and the G20 early November in Cannes.

Markit index at 9 am to follow

To wait for that day at business publications include the quarterly business survey by INSEE in the industry, the month of January at 8:45, then 9:00, the PMI Flash (Markit) fall before to know the composite index of purchasing managers (PMI) in the euro area (10 hours) and new orders in industry in November 2010 (11:00), always in the eurozone.

At noon, back in France: the quarterly surveys of conditions in the building trades and real estate development in the first month of the year will be unveiled.

This afternoon, Fevad present stock of French e-commerce in 2010, with opening remarks by Eric Besson, Minister for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy.

Renault out of the wood

As for values, ArcelorMittalsigne the largest increase of the leaderboard with a gain of 2.9%. Steelmakers produced 1.4 billion tons of steel in 2010 (+15%). Growth welcomed but fears of overcapacity in 2011.

Renault (+0.7%) had evidence of "multiple" on the case of industrial espionage which are believed to three frames of the group, said Sunday the group's CEO, Carlos Ghosn payday loans. Earlier in the day, counsel for one of three executives covered by the suspicions had called Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn to provide proof of charges that founded the lawsuit from the manufacturer.

Automotive side, Toyota is the world leader in 2010, despite several points vehicle recalls.

Danoneest in small increase of 0.1%. According to La Tribune, Danone Dumex interested in India, a manufacturer of baby foods.A nugget in its sector: Dumex is number one in China and India.

The side of falling, Sanofi-Aventis is down slightly after the announcement on Monday duprolongement its takeover offer for Genzyme, always the same price of $ 69 per share or $ 18.5 billion in total, until February 15. "While these discussions have continued and have included sales teams and executives from both Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme, significant differences remain regarding the CVC (certificate of conditional value) and the potential value of the offer Sanofi-Aventis, and there is no guarantee that parties will reach agreement, however, warns Sanofi.

Orange (France Telecom) also declined slightly by 0.1%. The operator has negotiated the acquisition of part of investors to share the platform for sharing videos Dailymotion, valued at approximately EUR 150 million.

Note also that Nicolas Sarkozy will announce on Tuesday a call for projects on five coastal sites for an investment of 10 billion euros. French and foreign manufacturers are mobilized for this competition.

Eurocopter will deliver its key figures for 2010 and its outlook for 2011 from 10.30. Sodexo holds its general meeting at 16.30.

Jan 23 2011

Ports: The strike will continue until Monday

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For the second consecutive day, the mobilization continued Saturday in the French ports. In Fos, freight traffic was disrupted at the level of 80-90%, according to Serge COUTOUR, head of the CGT Dockers Gulf. In Marseille East, freight traffic was paralyzed at 100% for containers, according to Daniel Manca, general secretary of CGT Dockers port, which advises cruise passengers to "avoid Marseille. At Havre, the second French port, the movement also continued, including blocking container terminals. Finally, Nantes / Saint-Nazaire, 7 boats were stranded at the dock and 12 offshore.

Far from weakening, the movement should be required to continue at least until Monday included, the day new general meetings must be held.The CGT called in any case employees to continue the blockades.

Early departures

The strikers are mobilizing to defend their right to retire early in retirement under the hardship. CGT ports and docks wants to validate an agreement on the recognition of the harshness found in late October with employers' organizations, which would allow retirement four to five years before the legal age for port workers 5-6000 with funding based on the branch but also from public funds payday loans.

For its part, the government calls for a resumption of negotiations "within the framework defined by the Act of November 2010 on pension reform, which would reduce to two years in advance of departures.Thus, fewer people would be affected.

For Jeremy Julian, Deputy Secretary General of the CGT dock in Le Havre, it is "incredible back on virtually everything that was granted." Serge COUTOUR warns: "The mobilization is still to go. We try to drown us in the case of pensions, while our case was completely offline for two years. "


»Transportation: Strike very well attended by CGT

"The state is trying to save the port reform

Jan 22 2011

Espionage: Renault pushed to speak

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The three executives involved in the alleged espionage case that shook Renault have little to burnish their slow response. Pounding their innocence in this obscure record that they provide not understand a word, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Executive Committee member, and Matthew Tenenbaum, Number 2 electric vehicle department, announced a complaint for "malicious prosecution".

Bertrand Rochette, director of advanced vehicle projects, has meanwhile cons-attacked earlier this week through a quotation in undisclosed libel. "Inspired by a true patriotism business, my client is a product of automobile manufacturer for which he has worked since the age of 19 years and who has paid his engineering before becoming a rising star, Figaro confessed Thursday to Mr. Thibault de Montbrial, the board of Matthew Tenenbaum.In this case without evidence, we are reduced to hypotheses: either Renault has been the target of a real spy would have liked to be covered by a diversion by wearing the hat to one or more scapegoats. Or, in a context of economic warfare, someone tried to convince leaders that some of their executives were compromised for Renault to lead to part to destabilize the company. "

System of bribes, kickbacks

"In this kind of espionage, one is obliged to observe the utmost restraint on the evidence available," said John Reinhart, the lawyer for Renault. He sweeps the other hand the thesis of a destabilization attempt by Renault that it could be "collateral damage" of a manipulation that is the manufacturer in order to disrupt a strategic project.Defender Renault evokes this "duplication of information in recent months." For his part, Pierre-Olivier Sur, one of two lawyers Michel Balthazar, said his client's discretion: "We remain silent, because for now, it's word against word fast cash loans. However, in a case like this, there must be evidence. "

Two weeks after the unearthing of the scandal that rocks the diamond brand, sources familiar with the matter questioned increasingly as the improbabilities peppering the back are many. Indeed, the bill for 50,000 euros required to conduct investigations sprawling seems ridiculously low in the eyes of professionals.Moreover, the private investigator should explain how he managed the feat of "dismantling" a few weeks an alleged system of bribes sophisticated organized from China, via a series of intermediaries, leading to accounts in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. On Thursday, the head of the pharmacy mystery expected to be heard by the Central Directorate of Internal Security (DCRI), as several officials of the Directorate of Protection of the board.

For its part, Renault does not change communication strategy. Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the manufacturer, "who has personally followed the case from the beginning," the group says, will certainly speak for the first time on this story Sunday night. But no new revelation is waiting for his intervention.It should reaffirm that the internal investigation "has brought together sufficient evidence to conclude that grave acts" committed by the three executives charged, which justified their dismissal. Carlos Ghosn also focus on the fact that now "we must let justice work," says one internally. The group says "being in permanent" with the secret services so that "the investigation forward as quickly as possible." A spokesman added that the group can not "legally" at this stage to submit evidence of the guilt of three executives because "it is for justice to do so" when the time comes.

Jan 20 2011

The South Korea Stock Exchange flew to a record

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The benchmark index of the stock market in South Korea, the Kospi, wins again at 0.92% 2115.69 points on Wednesday at 7 pm. Allowing it to enter its highest level ever in the history of the stock of the country.

Seoul Stock Exchange had already closed the year 2010 before recording a record at the close. The KOSPI surged 21.88% in 2010 to $ 2051 and points, a level not seen since November 2007. Now, the values of South Korean stock market rebounded from ground lost during the crisis, and they even display historic gains, thanks to sustained domestic demand last year, and their results.

Analysts estimate that the KOSPI could rise to 2400 points this year.South Korea enjoys good prospects for growth: as its Central Bank, GDP should grow by 4.5% in 2011.

Tokyo followed the lead of Wall Street

The Tokyo Stock Exchange ended the session on Wednesday edged up 0.36%, investors are showing more optimism about the financial performance of U.S. firms during the presentation. Yesterday, IBM and Apple have unveiled much better results than expected. Thus at the close, the Nikkei 225 index gained 38.12 points to 10,557.10 points. The broader Topix index of his side took 0.57% to 936.87 points.

Note side values, the group of electrical, electronic and computer Japan's Mitsubishi Electric said Wednesday that Japan build a new factory parts for automotive steering, looking to increase its annual production of about 70%.Mitsubishi Electric, which presents itself as a pioneer systems electric power steering, will invest 10 billion yen (90 million euros) for this new factory with an area of 38,000 square meters, which must be put into operation in August 2012.

China U.S.

Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived here Tuesday in the U.S. for a four-day visit, after a year marked by strong tensions between the two powers, with China being the subject of multiple reviews. Hu Jintao heads a country pointed to the issues of human rights and money, impossible to ignore given its economic weight and, increasingly, military and géopolitique.La undervalued the Chinese currency will be at heart talks between Barack Obama and Hu Jintao on Wednesday in Washington.Beijing to revalue its currency at its own pace, while dreaming of one yuan as important as the dollar.

The Chinese are lining up at the station in Shanghai Photo Credits: Alexander F. Yuan / AP

Jan 19 2011

Absent Steve Jobs, Apple Exchange heckled in

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Electroshock. The announcement from Steve Jobs yesterday (Monday) to take off again, weighed heavily on investor sentiment. As usual, when the captain left Apple-temporarily-ship Apple, the first symptom is the sudden shiver, followed by the heart racing. And generally, the stock price of the third widest largest market capitalization in the world wins. Is still the case on Tuesday: Mid-afternoon, the title loses 3.55% to 336.11 dollars.

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, "every time Steve Jobs had to leave to sick leave, the impact on Apple stock was lower. The last time the boss's absence, between January and June 2009, the same as Apple has jumped 50% over the period.A few months ago, however, while the man had appeared weak and emaciated at a conference, he had plunged 10% in one week.

Quarterly results expected tonight

So even if the statement sent to its employees, only six lines and rather elusive – you know neither the severity of her condition or the duration of his absence – the mere fact of being "transparent" seems a better way Apple. Tim Cook has sought to clarify that "Jobs is not leaving his post as CEO, we believe that his absence will be both shorter and less serious than last time."

Finally, this Tuesday is the day that Apple unveils its quarterly results. Good numbers might cons-balance the bad news on the health front of Steve Jobs.However, unless major surprise, the publication of tonight should again be placed under the sign of growth and performance, including its flagship iPhone and iPad.

And nothing seems to stop the mad rise of the mark to market the apple. The Apple stock, which has exceeded for the first time in its history the 350 dollars last week, still rose 50% over the last six months. Last May, Apple has ousted its longtime rival Microsoft in terms of market capitalization, which topped the beginning of this year's $ 300 billion.


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Jan 17 2011

Boyon: "The CSA has a great originality"

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The President of the Higher Audiovisual Council takes a stand against the idea of reconciliation of the APF and Arcep, the telecoms regulator.

LE FIGARO. – Do you support the appointment of a government commissioner in the CSA as envisaged in Arcep?

Michel BOYON. – The question will never be relevant! Certainly, there are commissioners of the government with independent authorities such as the Commission or the Energy Regulatory Authority of competition. For the CSA, which is the guarantor of civil liberties and fundamental respect for pluralism in broadcasting, it would be simply absurd.

What is your position on a rapprochement between Arcep, the CSA and the Agency of frequencies?

This subject is often poorly addressed.There is a tendency in France to focus on approaches by the structures and organizations, so that what counts is the strategies and objectives. You can not play Lego with institutions that have declared their independence, demonstrated their competence, acquired their legitimacy. In our country, the park is well managed Frequency: CSA and Arcep actively participate and work together on such topics as the dividend or digital TV on the move. This cooperation was highlighted three years ago in the plan "France numérique 2012". But remember that the CSA has a great originality. It is a regulator of content, only in France, and whoever has the most power in Europe and worldwide.When he assigns a frequency to a radio or television, it does for a given program, in exchange for free use of the frequency, it requires a chain of obligations that it ensures. The heart of activity Arcep, however, are the competition issues related to networks. Nothing has been said in recent days about the relationship between the two institutions does not bother me. But if some wanted in this way restrict the regulation of audiovisual content, it would be unacceptable.

How the CSA can regulate Internet content?

There is a complete – European directive, law, decree, Proceedings of the CSA – to regulate Internet services business of video on demand. What is not regulated, it is the content posted by individuals on video-sharing sites.Yet it is they who raise the most difficulties in terms of child welfare, dignity of the person or racism and antisemitism. With the TV connected, their impact will intensify. The only course of action today is the referral of a judge. It is very inadequate. We must organize a true co-regulation, starting with strengthening the signaling device, which is not used enough. It should also establish a code of ethics involving publishers and hosts, including the protection of young people, and could lead to a label given by the CSA. We could go further by calling for parental control software filters sites that would not have this label. Finally, the CSA could be empowered to order the withdrawal of illegal programs and even have a power to impose penalties for repeat offenders. For this, we need a law.There is no question that the Internet is a zone of lawlessness with respect to our core values. It is an important topic that transcends borders and I hope that at the next G8 summit, some time will be spent.

Can we settle the issue of Net neutrality amendment by a simple?

The CSA is obviously very attached to Net neutrality. It would be unacceptable to the radio or television suffer from discriminatory choices made by operators, especially based on financial criteria. If we did not warranty this subject, a strong law is needed.

How do you approach the arrival of the connected TV in France?

A year ago, when we talked TVs connected, we never thought to see happen so fast. This is progress for the viewer, but we must anticipate the consequences would be negative.My first fear is that a disruption of the balance of an entire economic sector. For example, publishers of free channels will see their audience is more fragmented, while a portion of advertising revenue will be diverted to the search engines. Furthermore, the connected TV will reduce the role of commercial distributors. French services for video on demand will experience a distortion of competition in foreign service, or hacking video sharing sites. In total, support for the French production is no longer guaranteed as it relies on the sales channels and its components – investment obligations, broadcasting quotas, chronology of media exclusives – would be threatened. It is urgent to make proposals on the subject.The CSA has decided to organize this international symposium next April 28.

Digital radio can it lie fallow?

The CSA has done what the law required it by setting the frequencies and selecting candidates. But the crisis came and blocked the entire device. I am concerned about the reluctance of some operators. Eventually, the radio will not be satisfied with the frequency modulation and long wave. But I think the Internet can only be a supplement to a radio broadcast. Large stations should understand that their brands may wane amid tens of thousands of radio stations broadcast on the Net. Finally, as Chairman of the CSA, I can accept that 30% of French people have access to only ten stations over the air.I rely heavily on the report that the Prime Minister has asked David Kessler.

The personal mobile TV is still not launched in France. Why?

There was a tremor with the initiative of Virgin Mobile, and TDF. Unfortunately, the application of the VAT increase offerings of mobile operators broke the momentum. I urge that this be deferred for three or four years.

When will you launch the tender for two new DTT channels?

As soon as possible. But this launch is subject to the intervention of an order to finance the redevelopment of frequencies to provide the necessary space for two multiplexes that will host the new channels. Must be made before the decree on April 30.

Jan 16 2011

Wall Street ended on a high since 2008

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U.S. stock markets have played yoyo Friday. The index started the first trade in the red and stayed in negative territory all day. But, as European stock markets, the trend was reversed in the afternoon. The Dow Jones finally ends up 0.47% to 11.787 points, the Nasdaq is 0.73% to 2755 points and the S & P climbed 0.74% to 1293 points.

On the foreign exchange market, the euro has risen further against the greenback on Friday at 1.3376 dollars against 1.3358 dollars on Thursday night.

On the macroeconomic front:

– Retail sales rose less quickly than expected in December in the U.S., according to statistics released Friday. Retail sales rose 0.6% from November, according to the Commerce Department, which reported a sixth consecutive monthly increase. Economists had forecast a rise of 0.8%.In November, sales rose 0.8%.

– Inflation, meanwhile, has accelerated in the United States in December, rising 0.5% against 0.1% the previous month, according to official data published Friday blamed the increase on the rise fuel costs. Analysts on average expected a rise of 0.4%.

– Industrial production rose 0.8% in December, according to statistics released Friday by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Production rose 0.3% (revised) in November and economists had expected for December to a 0.5% increase.

– Business inventories rose less than expected in November, while sales rose 1.2%, said Friday the Commerce Department.Inventories rose 0.2% to 1,421.6 billion, while economists polled by Reuters expected a 0.7% increase.

– Consumer sentiment declined in January, according to preliminary results of the Monthly Thomson Reuters-University of Michigan released Friday. The index of consumer sentiment stood at 72.7 against 75.4 expected by economists polled by Reuters. It was 74.5 in December.

The banks are the indices

As for values, the banking sector brought the index up late in the session. JPMorgan Chase (1.06% to 44.92%) unveiled Friday a 48% increase in net income from 2010 to 17,400,000,000 dollars, and a similar rise in quarterly profit to $ 4.8 billion , both exceeding analysts' expectations.

Bank of America (3.18% to 15.24 dollars), Morgan Stanley (2.40% to 28.98 dollars) or Citigroup (1.69% to 5.13 dollars) in profit.

According to the Financial Times, Goldman Sachs (+2% to $ 175) lost $ 5 billion more than it had previously admitted in his brokerage account own in 2008, the worst of the financial crisis instant payday loan. In total, the bank has suffered this year from $ 13.5 billion loss on investments made through its own resources.

Intel (-0.99% to 21.08 dollars) a global leader in semiconductors, and the first major U.S. high-tech sector to present its findings, unveiled a performance exceeding expectations. The group said it had benefited from strong demand from businesses.The division data center, "these buildings including the machines (servers) used to store and process the vast amount of data circulating on the Internet, saw its sales jump 35%.

Always on the side of values, Merck (-1.33% to 34.23 dollars) has announced the arrest of a study on its anticoagulant Vorapaxar and significant changes to the second study in progress on the same medication. Furthermore, another laboratory, Bristol-Myers Squibb (-0.31% to 25.82 dollars) has announced the recall of 64 million tablets of Avalide, a treatment against hypertension, the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Also note, the World Trade Organization (WTO) will publish the final report in late January on aid to Boeing, Washington (0.34% to 70.07 dollars), deemed illegal by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and France said Friday the office of U.S. Trade Representative.In September, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and France, after reading a draft of the report, had claimed victory in the war of the titans between them to Boeing, ensuring that the WTO ruled in favor of Brussels in finding illegal years of aid from Washington to the American giant. Beyond the series of tax exemptions and social which the American manufacturer has received, the key question concerns the terms of the grant made by NASA and the Pentagon in the U.S. aircraft manufacturer, research programs and development.

Also in the aerospace industry, Delta Air Lines (0.99% to 12.74 dollars) announced Thursday its intention to order 100 to 200 devices to renew part of its fleet. The U.S. carrier said he sent requests for proposals to several major aircraft manufacturers last month.Besides these 100 to 200 aircraft, Delta mentions the possibility of 200 additional aircraft. Deliveries will begin in early 2013.


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