Dec 31 2010

Conservators in the breach

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For the final night of the year, conservators will be more motivated to put on their 31. New Year's Eve is with the 1st May and Mother's Day, one of their biggest day of the year. However, far behind the Valentine's Day. Nothing like Christmas Eve, a family night that the French prefer to spend them at home. "Attendance at the restaurant for Christmas Eve December 31 is ten times greater than that of Christmas Eve, which tends to decline," said Bernard Boutboul, CEO of consulting firm Gira Council.

Some institutions are already rubbing their hands. At the Plaza Athenee, for example, is complete. December 31 is the biggest night of the year the Parisian palace. A time when customers like to have fun by offering very good wines, in addition to the rest.ADPA in the restaurant (Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athenee), the last of the 50 seats left three weeks ago. Count 1,200 euros per person with drinks. At the bar, from 1,200 euros, you have a table for the evening with a bottle of champagne. Also complete. There is room … for children only. The palace holds for them a luxury Eve, for 290 euros.

In Paris always, it is also complete since last weekend at The Station, a trendy restaurant owned by the Groupe Bertrand. There is forced menu at 95 euros, with champagne, appetizer, entree, dessert, coffee and evening DJ. But many institutions are not so lucky. And some may live in fear of the empty chair until the last minute. Restaurateurs know: consumers tend to decide later and later, convinced that there will always be a place somewhere.Even for the evening of New Year's Eve, some do not hesitate to book the same day. In fact, more concerned about the profession this year is the weather. Snow, and all the mess she created on the roads in recent weeks, has already affected the attendance of December. Conservators are helpless to fight against a new snowfall on December 31 payday loans for bad credit.

Jean-Michel Texier, CEO of White Brothers Group (27 restaurants and eateries, Chez Clément, Le Pied de Cochon …) shows a delay of 5% to 10% of bookings compared to last year.According to him, precisely because "people are worried about the weather" as the group has made an effort on prices, by lowering its tariffs by 10% to 15% over 2009 (count 70 to 140 Euros the evening as addresses).

As a year to the next group of institutions will eventually be complete, it remains confident for 2010. "All restaurants are open to full, except those who have abused the price," Bernard Boutboul prognosis. He said the evening of December 31 costs at least EUR 60. Count 120 euros in an upscale restaurant. This price has barely budged over the past ten years. "People go out more to celebrate than to eat," says this expert. According to him, those who persist in making special menus too rich and too costly are wrong because, in general, we find that prices fall more and more attendance goes up at the restaurant.

Adding 30% more

"In general, for New Year's Eve, the average ticket is higher by about 30% compared to a classic evening, said Jean-Michel Texier. But profitability is not progressing as much as we have some additional costs (orchestras, extras …). Some institutions, more and more, will pass up, according to Bertrand Jelensperger, founding partner of TheFork website, which offers reservations, some at bargain prices, in 4500 restaurants in Paris and the provinces. This year, 25% of its clients are closed, either because they are on holiday, either because they do not want to transform their schools for partying. He predicts that only 50% of restaurants with whom he works will be full for the last night of the year. It is far from the evening of Valentine's Day.

Dec 29 2010

Bernard Arnault, the king of stock options

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In addition to being the richest man in France, his fortune amounted to 22.7 billion euros, Bernard Arnault, boss of LMVH, holds another record. According to the financial information site, Wansquare he exercised stock options to acquire nearly 1.4 million shares of the group.

In detail, he initially served on December 17 of stock options granted by LVMH to acquire 600,000 shares at a price of 43.3 euros. Then, on Dec. 20, he acquired 187,670 at a price of 52.82 euros.In total, he bought 787,670 shares in December, LVMH, which must be added the 600,000 acquired on November 26 by exercising stock options awarded by the group.

Franck Riboud worse than Bernard Arnault

If it sold 1,387,670 shares at the current price of 125.75 euros, Bernard Arnault and realize a capital gain potential of 99.5 million euros, based on the current price of LMVH. However, Bernard Arnault "did not intend to sell its securities. It is an investment in his group, "said a spokesman for the group.

Nothing to do with that Franck Riboud, CEO of Danone, could make if it sold the 141,330 stock options he acquired December 22, or 2.83 million euros.Last year at the same time, the CEO of Danone had already realized a gain of 3.351 million euros in carrying hundreds of thousands of stock options before Danone to sell securities.

LVMH has the highest increase in the CAC 40 since the beginning of the year, earning 59.8%, while Danone has appreciated 11.94%.

Dec 27 2010

Asian stock markets eased by China

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After meetings marked by lower Friday Asian stock markets start the week on a positive note. On Monday, the few markets open on this holiday react positively to the announcement of the weekend: recovery, by the People's Bank of China, China's central bank, a quarter point (0.25%) of its Interest rates on loans and deposits, as of December 26. That measure, designed to control runaway inflation in the country, was expected. Despite initial fears that the Chinese economy slowed by the tighten monetary policy, investors welcomed the news, considered positive in the long term.

In China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange the tone Monday, as Hong Kong is closed. The Shanghai Composite was up 0.36% to 2845 points.Financial stocks are up in the image of China Ping An (+1.7%), or Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (+0.5%).

In its wake, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has evolved into positive territory during a quiet session. The Nikkei, which started on a gain of 0.13%, has increased his earnings to finally close on a rise of 0 no fax payday advances.75% to 10,355.99 points. The broader Topix index finished with a gain of 0.33% to 904.68 points. The volume of transactions was particularly low with only 1.25 billion shares traded on the primary market. Note that the small rise in the yen against the dollar during the session did not prevent operators from entering the correct side of the business of exporting companies.

In India, the Sensex gained 0.43%. Scholarships in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines are closed.Only the Korean KOSDAQ is in the red (-1.23%).

Oil in a disorganized

For their part, crude prices were mixed Monday in electronic trading in Asia. Unlike investors in equity markets, oil markets are cooled by the surprise increase in interest rates according to analysts.

In morning trading, a barrel of light sweet crude for February delivery yielded 23 cents to 91.28 dollars. One of Brent North Sea crude for February delivery gained 12 cents to 93.89 dollars.


"China tries to curb its inflation

Dec 24 2010

VAT hike: the mobile plans will be terminated

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Telecom operators have warned. In January, they passed on the VAT increase from 5.5% to 19.6% on their mobile Internet subscriptions or incorporating a television offer. Subscriber billing SFR, Bouygues Telecom Orange or climb thus 1 to 3 euros in the coming months. But Thursday, the eve of Christmas, the operators have decided to release a surprise gift of their hood. Customers whose rates will increase due to the increase of VAT may, for four months, terminate their subscription without charge and – better yet – keep their mobile phone, they told AFP. The phones are subsidized by operators who want to recruit clients, like the iPhone with 4 sold 149 euros package when it is over 600 euro nu.

Dec 23 2010

Beijing wants to help Portugal

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China comes to the aid of the euro. She is preparing to buy 4 to 5 billion euros of debt Portuguese State, the daily Jornal de Negocios Lusitanian. Beijing will be committed to carry out these purchases during the first half of 2011, says the newspaper, without citing sources.

Such an operation would contribute significantly to lower interest rates on debt Portuguese in Lisbon and would continue to finance its debt normally. The European Central Bank (ECB) is currently the strategy of debt repurchase in peripheral countries (Greece, Portugal, Ireland) to prevent a surge in market rates.

The information in the Jornal de Negocios comes in the wake of statements of support from Beijing. Vice-Premier Wang Qishan said China was ready to support the extraordinary measures for countries in trouble like Greece or Portugal."It is in the fundamental interests of China and the EU to further strengthen their cooperation," said Deputy Prime Minister.

Promises to Greece

China has already come to the aid of Europe's sick of his debts in recent months. According to market observers, it would have bought two months ago the Spanish government bonds for a hundred million. She also pledged to buy bonds when Athens Greek return on the market to raise funds. Finally, she assured Portugal that his support during a visit last month. Without specifying whether she intended to buy Treasury securities Portuguese.

"Beijing expresses support to the European Union and from the moment she made a gesture, it reinforces market confidence, regardless of the amount invested," analyst Xu Bei, an economist at Natixis overnight pay day loans. China has the means.It must put in huge trade surpluses, accumulating at a rate of some 10 billion dollars (7.6 billion euros) per month. It places the majority of these funds in dollars, the United States, but seeks to diversify its portfolio. Today, between 20% and 30% is invested in euros, according to Xu Bei.

"Winning margin trading"

"When China buys bonds from the Greek State, she knows she can lose money, but it's less distracting than other investors: it knows it would save him at the same time trading margins as creditor, "Yves Bonzon analysis, investment manager at Pictet.

Help Europe, but also for China to help his main client. The EU is the leading destination for Chinese exports and the second trade partner after the United States.

To help the ailing European states, China is also investing directly in their economies. Highly publicized decision, Beijing has injected 3.4 billion euros in the port of Piraeus in 2008. Chinese direct investment surged 280% in 2009. But they still represent an average of only 3.35 billion dollars a year, a total of 50 billion invested abroad. China is not still buy in Europe.


In Europe, China implements the strategy of the spider

"SPECIAL – Europe, States face bankruptcy

Dec 21 2010

The Irish government at the head of its banks

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Following the warning by Moody's Irish banks and fears unveiled by the ECB on the bailout Ireland, Dublin is taking steps to reassure. Thus, the public bank bad bank charged to redeem the loan at risk of Irish banks, the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), has announced it has completed the night of Monday to Tuesday, the repurchase of 71.2 billion euros of risky mortgages from banks. The 11,000 loans were acquired at a deep discount of around 58% on average.

And that's not all because the president of the institution said that the NAMA completes buyback of bad assets at risk, required by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.The plan "will include loans from the Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland for an amount up to 16 billion euros," said the NAMA.

The public institution has become one of the first land banks in the world pay day loan lenders. It controls the loans backed by hotels, shopping centers, development sites or public facilities in Ireland, Britain and continental Europe. For example, the Battersea Power Station, one of the first major coal power plants in England, passes under the Irish flag.NAMA created to buy the tens of billions of euros in risky loans accumulated by the leading banks in the country before the explosion of the credit crisis, has the right to get their hands on all types of loans and real estate securities contracted by the five major banks.

Remains whether this broad program of buyouts to succeed as calm markets.


"Moody's" excessive "to Dublin

»Ireland: banks exposed to 36 billion

"Fear of the ECB on aid to Ireland

Dec 20 2010

Asian stock markets focused in the red

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The Tokyo Stock Exchange ended down 0.85% on Monday after a meeting characterized by very low trading volumes and a climate gloomy backdrop of market decline asiatiques.En effect, stock markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai show a larger decline, -1.18% for the first and -2.10% for the second.

In Tokyo, the Nikkei lost 87.42 points to close at 10,216.41 points and the Topix broader points yielded 4.59 points (0.51%) to 898.55 points.

New tensions on the Korean peninsula have revealed the Seoul stock exchange and in its wake, other Asian markets.

"The sale is due to external reasons and as there are few foreign participants in the market, the volume results in low volatility," noted Hideyuki Oskoshi Chuo Securities faxless cash advance.

Like the actors places Western investors in Tokyo remain concerned about the risks of financial and economic difficulties for Ireland, despite statements by the European countries declared themselves ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure stability of the euro area.

Among the values, Honda ended up 1.39% after announcing Friday a sales target of 730,000 vehicles in 2011, almost 10% more than the 650,000 expected by 2010.

(With Reuters)

Dec 18 2010

Euro zone: Paris and Berlin for economic integration

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After one year heckled, the bloc appears re-welded. France and Germany have pledged Friday to work to further convergence, including tax, from the beginning of 2011. But despite the promise of creating a permanent fund to help countries in bankruptcy, ambiguities remain in the short term on the strength of euro coinage.

The EU leaders have hammered in their conclusions: they will make "everything necessary" to maintain stability. The Lisbon Treaty will be amended to make it permanent in 2013, the safety net provisional Greek tense after the rout in the spring. A priori with 440 billion euros, it might be muscular. Staffing will be "convincing," promised Angela Merkel.The mechanism is "limitless," insists a senior European official.

On the issue of Eurobonds by contrast, Paris and Berlin have not strayed from their refusal, despite a growing clamor. This is "not the right way to express the solidarity between Europeans, says a French source: you can not pool the public debts in the absence of real convergence on revenue and expenditure budget.

Is the angle at which work Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. "There is a fiscal convergence, a stability pact, there is the possibility of sanctions for states that do not respect their commitments, it should probably now go further," said the head of state. With a goal to reduce the competitiveness gap between the 16 euro countries.

The "culture of stability"

The two founding countries have to tackle quickly the mission of convergence."This is the work of the first weeks of next year," said Nicolas Sarkozy. Angela Merkel, 2011 must be the year of the "stability culture". In his view, the economic cooperation could be "on commitments to budget stability and a comparison of social systems." In the Chancellor's entourage, speaking openly of a step in the economic and political union.

These commitments be enough to convince the markets? Friday, analysts remained unsatisfied. For Carsten Brzeski bank ING, Twenty-Seven "did not resolve the crisis through which the euro, any more than the debt burden or a potential bankruptcy before 2013. The ideal would have been a preventive operation vis-à-vis Portugal and Spain, "said Shahin Vallee, economist at BNP Paribas. "Europeans seem unable to act in an emergency," he laments.We may no European solution as the day Lisbon or Madrid are on the brink. "

The moment of truth could also ring when the next series of stress tests on Banks (stress tests), scheduled for February. The exercise, which simulates the impact of a major financial shock, had not detected the imminent collapse of Irish banks this summer, when the last test. Brussels promises to tests "more rigorous and comprehensive".


The 27 reinforce the defense of the euro

"SPECIAL – Europe: States facing bankruptcy

Dec 16 2010

Paris launches major project Autolib 'with Bolloré

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• The project developed for the Paris end of 2011 • INTERVIEW – "A system of transport still unknown" • The example of Antibes, a pioneer in self-service car • Share a car, the concept does not seem at all preposterous • Popular: carpool

On Thursday, the Paris city council has confirmed the voice of Annick Lepetit, deputy PS responsible for transport and chairman of the joint association Autolib ', what Le Figaro had earlier announced on its website: this is indeed Bolloré won the leasing market electric vehicles in the capital. The group, with its cars BlueCar, Veolia Transport has lost the consortium and urban Fourcity (RATP, SNCF, Vinci and Notices). Over the past fortnight, the City of Paris was negotiating with the group of Vincent Bollore. Experts have even traveled to Britain in the factory that manufactures batteries. The stakes are high.By the end of 2011, 3000 cars will be self-service in the capital as well as 27 town and stations available in 1000, including 700 in Paris. With or without subscription, the motorist can pull a car and go to a station of his choice. A project that promises to be a challenge for the operator who will win the market. Two cities, La Rochelle and Antibes, have already launched in the rental of electric vehicles, each with 50 and 10 models on their territory. But the project of Paris – Autolib '- is an entirely different dimension.

A new area

This ambitious transportation program would almost forget another, launched in the South. In March, Greater Manchester will develop 51 electric cars and 17 stations. Stated goal: 210 models and 70 stations by the end of 2012.With these two initiatives, carsharing-c 'is the name of this system, launched in France since 1999, will switch to a new area: that of ecology. We know the electric car emits less CO2. But it is also more expensive than the car heat. In its recent report on the travel mode of last November, research firm Xerfi also questioned the profitability of the Paris. "In the case of the model Autolib 'profitability even seems inaccessible, it is written, even if financial support by the city and region are provided bad credit personal loan lenders. At La Rochelle, a pioneer city where carsharing own practice for ten years, it was confirmed that it is expensive. The car costs 11,000 euros thermal cons 30,000 for the electric, "says Denis Leroy, in charge of transport to the town of La Rochelle.With fifty cars and seven stations in the city, the operating cost is 300,000 euros while revenue of 130,000 euros. Soon the city will increase to 13 stations, 70 cars and will renew the fleet: a new lease that would allow the case has been run for four years by Veolia Transport, to move towards financial balance.

Decline in traffic in town

Though costly, this choice is satisfactory. For the city, first. "In ten years, 20 tonnes of CO2 have not been rejected," says Denis Leroy. Then, the traffic in the city down. A European study, a shared vehicle replaces four to eight private cars. User-side, the car self-service appeals to all profiles, installed in city professionals such as students or mothers.Generating a monthly expenditure of between 35 and 150 euros, it also allows sacred economies.

Possession of a particular vehicle is a monthly budget of 500 euros. Car sharing thus gradually diversified its offer. Hitherto, indeed, the combustion vehicles were well represented. To date, this service is implemented in 24 cities including Montpellier, Marseille and Strasbourg. According Xerfi, he gathered 28,000 subscribers cons 6000 just three years ago. Still confidential, it is, however, "a promising market of up to 140,000 subscribers by 2015," says the study adds, "The structure and industrialization of the sector have significantly accelerated with successive entries from giants urban transport (Veolia Transport, Transdev, Keolis). "Carsharing weaves his web so gradually. But it is far from 76,000 users in Switzerland.The obstacles to its development are numerous. Among them, the difficult economic viability and visceral attachment to the French car.

"A transportation system is still too little known"

INTERVIEW – Jean-Baptiste Schmider is the director of France Carsharing, bringing together eleven companies free service.

Dec 15 2010

The CSA chain chooses Cfoot

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The High Audiovisual Council has not waited 24 hours to assign the first frequency of pay DTT project of the League of Professional Football. The latter defended Monday his proposed general channel 100% football. This choice was made at the expense of Digital TV and its hybrid project Select TV Channel + and especially defending Canal + Family, a channel targeting young children and the family expected to pay DTT more attractive. But for the CSA, football on television is the most unifying and the most attractive products. The nine sages have therefore voted unanimously with one vote for this project. Only Michèle Reiser would have voted against it.

The CSA will probably also sensitive to the need to stem the omnipotence of Canal Plus pay television and its hegemony over football.However, it is unclear whether this choice favors in the future dynamism of Canal + to distribute the pay DTT. This is all that Canal + has more than a million subscribers on TNT while the operator has 3.5 million subscribers for its other offerings, including satellite.

This decision could sour relations between Canal + and The Football League who become competitors rather than just business partners. This choice will then require APF Canal + to decide a little blind to the nature of the compensatory channel: free?

Finally, the LFP has to learn a new profession, that of editor of pay channel.


"The nomination of the string of soccer FIFA in question

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