Nov 24 2010

The Paris Bourse is a step forward

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After falling almost 2.5% on Tuesday, the CAC 40 slope rises slowly on Wednesday. Buoyed by buying cheaply, on the Paris index closing up 0.62% to 3747.61 points.

Same atmosphere in the London Stock Exchange, where the FTSE-100 gained 1.36% to 5657.10 points by. On the stock market in Frankfurt, the Dax is 1.77% at 6823.80 points, after losing almost all the day.

However, concerns about the situation of public finances in Europe are still present and significantly limit the enthusiasm of investors. In less than two weeks, the CAC 40 in Paris lost nearly 6%. Whereas at the beginning of the month, all observers hoped that the index in Paris was going to break the 4000 point mark before the end of the year, the euro area countries, starting with Ireland – pending Portugal or Spain – were caught by their debt problems.And financial markets have suddenly started to fall.

The Irish government has just unveiled Wednesday its austerity plan of 15 billion euros over four years designed to fill a record deficit. Moreover, according to the Irish broadcaster RTE, on loan from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund is expected to reach 85 billion euros. An amount that should be used to recapitalize banks in Ireland.

On the foreign exchange market, the euro

The question now is to know where financial markets will lead us now. For the European debts has added the bombing of a South Korean island by North Korea which is pitching the Asian stock markets.Also the U.S. central bank has revised Tuesday lowered its economic growth forecasts for 2011 and sees the U.S. unemployment highest in June.

Danone acquisitions and Faurecia

EADS: + 4.71% to 17.46 euros

EADS is leading gains on the CAC 40, the action of the group of aerospace and defense taking advantage of the sharp decline of the euro (approximately U.S. $ 1.336). Same cause for Schneider, who earns 1.31% to 108.15 euros.

As for values, LVMH gained 0.43% to 117.30 euros and Hermes 0.32% to 141.40 euros and L'Oreal advance of 0.68% to 84.68 euros. The Competition Authority announced Tuesday after a new decision of the Court of Cassation, the penalties for cartel between manufacturers and distributors of luxury perfumes were once again apply.The agency had imposed in 2006 was fined 45.4 million euros a dozen manufacturers, including Christian Dior (LVMH), Chanel, Hermes and L'Oreal.

In contrast, banking stocks continued to suffer, as fears of contagion Irish dominate the financial markets. BNP Paribas lost 0.39% to 49.95 euros, Societe Generale was down 0.94% to 38.39 euros.

Danone: + 0.68% to 46.19 euros

Danone has signed an agreement to acquire YoCream leading manufacturers of "frozen yogurt" in the United States, totaling approximately $ 103 million free instant credit score.This acquisition will enable Danone to enter a new market segment, the "frozen yogurt" and access to a distribution network outside the home complements its existing channels.

Plastic Omnium: -0.97% to 45.15 euros

Plastic Omnium Environment and Orange team up to support local authorities in the implementation of incentive pricing initiated by the Grenelle Environment.

Faurecia: + 2.82% to 18.79 euros

Faurecia will acquire about 12 million euros of assets of the German company Angell-Demmel Europe GmbH, a manufacturer of metal parts for automotive interiors.

Alcatel Lucent: + 3.24% to 2.137 euros

Alcatel Lucent plans to issue 500 million euros of 5-year bonds to refinance part of over 800 million euros of bonds maturing in January 2011.

Renault: + 0.45% to 42.75 euros

Renault on Tuesday proposed to the representatives of a device starting early retirement under the hardship, which affects about 3,000 employees over three years, have we learned from the management.

PPR: + 0.62% to 118.25 euros

PPR announced Tuesday the appointment of Alexandre Bompard, 38, ccmme CEO of FNAC from the beginning of 2011.

Areva: + 0.62% to 325.40 euros

The president of Areva Anne Lauvergeon auditionée was in committee in the Senate on "the challenges and opportunities of international French nuclear industry." Anne Lauvergeon, expressed opposition Wednesday to the input of EDF Board monitoring nuclear group, while saying "delighted" by a possible rise of the electrician in the capital of Areva.

Thales: 1.5% to 27.02 euros

The electronics group for the defense said it planned to cut up to 1,500 jobs in France to face a declining demand in its home markets, strong competition from rivals and an unfavorable course the euro.

Gecina: -0.77% to 81.20 euros

Gecina, which has set a target of increasing its wealth of office from six to nine billion by 2014, intends to accelerate its acquisition of office space on the market next year, said Tuesday its chief executive.

Nexans: -0.89% to 52.08 euros

Nexans back while the Dutch cable operator, Draka, entered into discussions with the Chinese Xinmao following its offer of 20.50 euros per share.Nexans has to make an announcement on Wednesday to announce he builds on this offer or if he retires.

Vivalis + 3.71% to 7.55 euros

Biotech has announced that U.S. authorities had given their approval to GlaxoSmithKline to initiate clinical trials on humans of a vaccine against influenza with its product technology

Trigano (1.26% at 20.50 euros) on Wednesday published its fourth quarter results.

Nov 24 2010

Fillon has prepared a speech battle

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The new head of the UMP, Jean-Francois Cope, was accused in a head-to-head Monday at Matignon, "I'll guarantee, you will be acclaimed Wednesday!" The prime minister smiled . With or without such security, Francois Fillon knows that quick cash advance

Nov 23 2010

The iPad comes in Orange shops

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While Apple iPad promises to be "the" Christmas 2010, the multimedia tablet arrives in stores operator Orange.

Until now, customers could buy French on the web in Apple Stores, Fnac, Surcouf, some Carrefour, Leclerc and Casino between 600 and 800 euros.

With the grant from Orange, the price of the iPad 3G falls to 279 euros when purchased with a dedicated package, revealed Monday Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, Business on BFM.

Orange will offer two packages. One to 35 euros per month, with a commitment of 24 months including 2 GB / month, unlimited WiFi hotspots Orange, unlimited e-mails (including attachments) and unlimited WiFi access at Orange TV . It should offer a second package at 31 euros a month for 1 GBOrange customers will receive a 15% discount on these rates.

SFR and Bouygues in negotiations

Orange is the first operator in France to announce the marketing of the tablet. Not surprising because the French had so far been an excellent distribution channel for Apple iPhone with 3.25 million units sold (including 2.6 million in France), Orange is the second largest seller of the iPhone world behind the U.S. ATT. The French group still expects to sell one million iPhones for Christmas, including well over half in France. However, Orange does not reveal the amounts of iPad he managed to get from Apple.

Beside the iPad, Orange will also offer other tablets: the Samsung (Galaxy) for Christmas and later two other tablets, Huawei and Archos.

Its competitors SFR and Bouygues Telecom are themselves still in negotiations with the firm at the apple.If SFR also hopes to have the iPad for Christmas shopping, Bouygues Telecom does not think the market before 2011.

Because as always with Apple, negotiations are tough. "The demands are huge for Apple. It requires operators of sales volume commitments hallucinating. And also requires very high levels of subsidies, "says an analyst. Apple has not met its sales targets, so it now requires operators to help them. "

It will not be so simple for Apple to get rid of operators, although considering developing its own SIM card. "Whether the iPhone or iPad, if there was no grant of financial operators, Apple would sell a lot, lot less.So the balance of power between Apple and the operators are not quite as lopsided as you might think, "said Stéphane Richard.


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Nov 21 2010

Irish crisis: Berlin minimizes risks to the euro

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No panic, the Irish crisis does not endanger the euro. The German Minister of Economy, Rainer Bruederle, wants to reassure the future of the single currency. "You can not compare the current crisis in Ireland with that of spring" that hit Greece, "he said in an interview with Focus magazine to be published Monday.

"With the rescue plan of the euro, we have an effective instrument to ensure the stability of monetary union. Ireland currently has cash reserves in sufficient quantities. The situation is analyzed on a daily basis, has developed the German minister.However, Ireland will have to make reforms, he understood: "It is important for the stability of the euro than states that do not meet the conditions to expect consequences."

"A crisis for our survival"

Rainer Bruederle will extinguish the fire triggered by the recent statements by the President of the European Union Herman Van Rompuy. "We are facing a crisis for survival" and "if the euro does not survive, the EU will not survive either," the officer has dealt.

The British Foreign Minister, William Hague, added oil Surle fire Saturday morning on BBC radio. Eurosceptic recognized this "hoped" that the euro does not collapse thanks to the current crisis. Adding: "who knows …»."It is the interest of Great Britain to have a stable euro area, although we have more than others warned about the flaws of the euro," he said.

Deficit abyss

Still, the European aid plan in Ireland is taking shape. Experts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and the Commission arrived in Dublin to negotiate with the Irish government. This is mostly to help the banks to the island in deep trouble and already recapitalized to the tune of 50 billion euros payday loan lenders. A bottomless pit that has exploded the deficit to 32% Irish this year.

The Europeans, backed by the IMF, are about to offer a loan of between 40 and 100 billion euros in the Celtic Tiger, analysts said.Non-strategic assets of troubled banks could be sold with a guarantee of the EU, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF.

Debate on corporate tax

This plan will not go unrequited. The Irish government met Sunday to finalize a plan for further savings estimated at 15 billion euros. But Europeans are skeptical that this is enough. France in particular requires an increase in corporation tax, currently the lowest in the euro area, 12.5% and increased tax revenues in Ireland.

"Under the conditions of activation (the mechanism of European support), there is no demand tax" has adjusted the president at a press conference on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Lisbon. But "it is clear that faced with a situation of this nature there are two levers to activate, and the expenditure and revenue.I can not imagine that our Irish friends, in full sovereignty, (do not) this one because they have more leeway than others, their taxes are lower than others, "Did he added.

The subject is taboo for Ireland, who founded a very large part of its international appeal on this strategy as Paris has often condemned as fiscal dumping.

Negotiations should continue even a few days or up to two weeks, according to European officials and Irish. In all likelihood, the plan will not be approved before the vote on the new austerity plan that Irish itself should occur after the elections of 25 November.


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Nov 18 2010

A "total commitment" to fight against unemployment

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Nicolas Sarkozy has promised again Tuesday night. "Unemployment will decline next year," he said, as in January but this time set a deadline too close ("in the weeks and months to come"). It must be said that in eleven months this has changed and the president is less likely to say. France, with the exception of Germany, has better cushioning the shock of the crisis than other Western countries. The number of unemployed has increased by 33% since early 2008 when it jumped 53% in the United Kingdom, 96% in the U.S. or 121% in Spain. Above all, the good news is piling on the employment front.

Tuesday, Insee published figures (provisional) employment encouraging. In the third quarter, the market sectors have created 44,600 jobs, a level just below that recorded before the start of the crisis.But the third consecutive quarter of creation after twenty-one months of destruction. In total, 104,500 jobs were created in the first nine months of the year, against 329,700 destroyed over the same period in 2009.

Nevertheless, France still has one of the unemployment rate the highest in the euro area (9.7% Dom included). Nearly one younger than 25 years in four is unemployed and only 39% of 55-64 year olds are employed. These situations make "the fight against unemployment" one of the priorities of the government. And a key to the presidential election.

That is why Nicolas Sarkozy has made two announcements on Tuesday night. First, there is widespread hope that the contract of employment transition (CTP), now available in 33 employment areas affected.This device allows to 13,000 retrenched businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees to benefit from enhanced support for one year while receiving their full salary. The President relies on the upcoming renegotiation of the agreement of unemployment insurance, the social partners should begin by the end of the year, to achieve even if the regulation no longer provides entry into CTP from December 1.

Double alternation

"I hope we get to France in a system where there is more economic licensee who finds himself unemployed," he justified, although it is already the case. Licensees have economic agreements throughout France reclassification Custom (PRC), which also provide 100% of net salary for a year and a backing reinforced by employment center.90,000 people are benefiting.

Second, the president wants to put the package on learning. His goal? "Doubling the number of youth in job training." And the increase from 600,000 to 1,200,000 in the coming years. The reason is simple: these kids have "70% chance of finding employment after their training, 50% more than the others. "There is no inevitability, I do not think we tried everything against unemployment," he concluded. It will be a total commitment of the government on that front. "

"The French economy continues to create jobs

Nov 16 2010

Failed compromise on EU budget

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In Brussels

The Twenty-Seven and the European Parliament have failed to agree Monday night at the finish negotiations on the EU budget for 2011, expires at midnight before a final deadline. The EU may find itself on the straw from 1 January. This failure, amid power struggle in Brussels forced the Barroso Commission to submit a new draft budget. Given the time of procedure and voting, the EU may find itself without resources at the beginning of next year. She should live from month to month, under pressure from the provisional twelfths. The External Action Service, the new financial supervisory authorities and the experimental reactor ITER would be left penniless.

The standoff, which began in the summer on the credit restrictions imposed by national treasuries, moved in recent days about the power of future control MEPs.All colors combined, the Parliament finally agreed to limit expenditure growth to 2.91%. But it demands in return for having a say in deciding on the following exercises for resources as for expenses.

Political Declaration annexed to the budget

Separately, then in a final attempt at conciliation, the two powers of the EU should decide on a compromise plan: a political declaration annexed to the 2011 budget. The text, pushed by the Commission, faced the supporters of rigor as the advocates of a minimal interpretation of the influence of Parliament. Any agreement supposed unanimity of Twenty-September By early evening, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark were still missing the call.

This group led by the United Kingdom will have been due to the consensus that was ready to emerge."I regret that a small number of member states have closed the door to an agreement on the 2011 budget," said President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, on the expiry of the deadline for negotiations. First failure of this kind for the EU since 1988, this setback leads to the stability of EU spending next year.


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Nov 14 2010

Danone would target baby food

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What will serve the seven billion dollars (5.1 billion euros) of a potential sale of Danone Waters of the pole? Two options seem to stand out: either to substantially reduce its debt amounting to 6.7 billion euros in the first semestre 2010, to make acquisitions.

The second option would be considered. Analysts said the food group could partially redeem the American Mead Johnson Nutrition (JN), valued 12.3 billion dollars, and thus develop into baby food and emerging markets. "We would welcome the sale of the pole" waters "to finance an acquisition of JN, thus increasing the presence of Danone in an industry with high growth and high margins," said Pablo Zuanic of Liberum Capital.He added: "We see no other reason for the sale of the pole" waters "that the funding of a major acquisition," says he instant payday loans.

According to bankers, Danone could consider other options: to accelerate its share repurchase program or pay a special dividend to its shareholders.

Now, all these hypotheses are possible only if Danone decided to sell its flagship "waters". For some analysts believe is far from done. "I do not drop a Danone Evian as a national treasure," said a trader last week. In 2009, the water division has completed 17% of the total turnover of 15 billion euros made by Danone, the world of mineral waters with a market share of 11.7% in 2009. The turnover of the pole "mineral waters" of Danone rose 18% in the third quarter of 2010.

Nov 12 2010

Wall Street should mope

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The U.S. stock market should open down on Friday. Futures on Standard & Poor's 500 and Nasdaq 100 respectively recede into effect from 0.72% to 1202.40 points and 0.69% at 2157.50 points. On Thursday, U.S. stock indexes were down significantly evolved during the greater part of the meeting, have limited the damage to the fence. At the finish, the Dow Jones sold 0.65% to 11,283.10 points, the S & P 500 fell 0.4% to 1 213.54 and the Nasdaq by 0.9% to 2 555.52.

The NYSE still worried about the crisis in public finances in Europe has also been weighed down by the severe slump in the OEM Cisco. The group has published better than expected results for the first quarter of fiscal offset. But CEO John Chambers has showered investors with forecasts of growth below expectations.Cisco enters the composition of the three major stock indexes in the U.S. market plunged by almost 16% Thursday.

On the macroeconomic front, the G20 should also focus attention. United States, investors are also awaiting today's first estimate of consumer confidence of American consumers, as measured by the University of Michigan for the month of November, the traditional indicators of advanced health of the economy beyond the Atlantic.

On the foreign exchange market, the euro was recovering slightly by midday, supported by market rumors that a rescue plan is in preparation for Ireland.It was trading 1.3722 against the dollar, after falling briefly below the $ 1.36 for the first time in six weeks.

Boeing, Microsoft or Yahoo to take this Friday

The side of values, the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing said on Thursday he could determine that the fire that led to the emergency landing of one of its new 787, called "Dreamliner" during a test flight was caused by a faulty electrical panel. The manufacturer had decided Wednesday to suspend the flight tests, the time to clarify the circumstances of a fire in flight which led to an emergency landing Tuesday in Texas. The Boeing faces crucial choices for Boeing in 2011.It will decide the future of several programs.

Always on the side of values, the media group and leisure Walt Disney released Thursday just before the close of Wall Street, a decrease of 7% to $ 835 million in net income in the fourth quarter, as the number of business, has disappointed the market and limited growth recorded throughout the year.

Also note, according to Microsoft's new video game system without a controller, KINECTS could be a good marketing tool to target programs and even commercials, according to the users, argued Thursday the IT group.

The U.S. portal Yahoo, whose advertising revenues continue to slow, considering possible redundancies. Products division directors were asked to prepare a plan for a 20% reduction in workforce. This could affect up to 1,400 people.Yahoo has already dismissed 700 employees in late 2009 and 1400 a year ago.

Nov 12 2010

In Seoul, the Europeans are trying to reassure Ireland

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From our special correspondent in Seoul: Alexandrine Bouilhet

While the United States and China on the currency falling over in Seoul, the Europeans, they have their eyes on the bond markets, including borrowing rates in Ireland have soared to nearly 9 % during the G20 meeting. Driven by its European partners, Germany-represented in Seoul by Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble – has agreed to sign a joint declaration to reassure investors before the opening of markets in Europe.

"Whatever the debate on the future permanent mechanism for crisis and the potential involvement of the private sector, we reaffirm clearly that this mechanism does not apply to the debt currently outstanding, or any program currently in place," says release of euro zone ministers G20 business card layouts published in Seoul."The future system will not enter into force before mid 2013, which means it will have no impact on current arrangements," it added. "It applies only to debt as of mid-2013," said Nicolas Sarkozy.

Impact on the euro and debts Italian and Spanish

Fearing a loss of value of their bond portfolio, investors selling massively State debts of the euro area, Ireland and Portugal. Fell to $ 1.37, the euro is at its lowest in a month.

Debt Italian and Spanish are also affected by the movement of defiance, which erupted since Germany has raised the possible losses to the private sector for the next rescue a country from the euro area.

To reassure the markets, the European Ministers recall that the support fund for the euro area (SFEF) already exists, and that "its activation does not require private sector involvement." In other words, if a rescue of Ireland or Portugal took place in the coming days as the markets seem to fear it not accompanied by a restructuring of debt penalizing the private sector, including banks, first holders of government bonds free business card creator .The European umbrella covers Creditors most fragile countries in the euro zone until 2013.


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Nov 10 2010

Breeders get a higher meat prices

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Following negotiations tight, cattle farmers have reached an agreement Wednesday with the industry on a higher meat prices. Chairman of the Federation Nationale Bovine, Pierre Chevalier, accordingly announced that farmers were willing to lift the blockade of slaughterhouses group Bigard, under certain conditions, including the withdrawal by the group assignments for interim measures aimed since Tuesday evening some demonstrators.

The pound has been increased by 5 cents for beef breeds and 2 cents for dairy breeds. The agreement signed on Wednesday is expected to increase by 70 € worth of each animal sold, said Christine Lambert, president of the FNSEA. "This is the first step of the way forward for a price increase whose goal remains at 60 cents a kilo," said Pierre Chevalier to the press. However, he did not set a date for achieving this goal.The negotiated agreement Wednesday ends a movement continues to fall in meat prices against which farmers rebelled.

They have also secured the establishment of machinery to grade carcases in plants Bigard, which controls 75% of the French market and 43% of the slaughterhouses, which represents an investment for the group of about several million to achieve. "The purchase orders will be signed before December 31, 2010, had warned earlier in the day Peter Knight.


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