Oct 30 2010

The increase in oil prices pulls results from Total

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Total signs a positive third quarter. According to a statement released Friday, the group's net profit jumped 47% to 2.8 billion euros. Adjusted net income reached 2.5 billion, up 32%. The latter figure is close to 2.421 billion expected by analysts.

The production is also consistent with expectations 2.340 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (+4.3%) against 2.326 million expected. This increase is explained by "the rise of new projects," the statement said.

The group noted that the closure of the Dunkirk refinery is the main reason for the 3% decline in volumes refined in the third quarter. "The group has maintained good operational performance in its other refineries," says Total.

The price of Brent crude gained 35% over nine months

The turnover in the three months climbed 19% to 40.180 billion euros.This result is supported by an increase in the average price of a barrel of Brent over the period. The latter averaged 76.9 dollars per barrel cons about $ 68 in the third quarter 2009, an increase of 13%.

In the first nine months of the year, net income Group share reached EUR 8.541 billion, up 34% while sales grew 25% to 119.112 billion. "Compared to the first nine months of 2009, the oil market for the first nine months of 2010 was marked by an increase of 35% of the average Brent price at 77.1 dollars per barrel," said the group low fee pay day loans.

Production over this period is marked by an increase of 6% to 2.375 million barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Quarterly distribution of dividends

For the remainder of the year, Total has announced a goal of maintaining its debt ratio in the range of 25-30%.Without giving prospects of impact, the oil group notes that early in the fourth quarter has been marked by "social movement against pension reform (which) have resulted in the temporary refinery in France."

The continuing decline of the dollar combined with rising crude prices with the "winter season approaches, consider leaving a late positive year for the oil giant.

Total points out that it will pay a deposit in November for the 2010 dividend of 1.14 euro per share. The Board of Directors meeting Thursday, decided that the dividend for fiscal 2011 would now be distributed quarterly, "the first to be paid during September 2011.


"The CGT is trying to cripple the oil industry

"The refinery Flanders authorized to close

"Total in Côte d'Ivoire

Oct 28 2010

Suez Environnement exceeds expectations

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In late September, Suez Environnement is ahead of its annual forecast, however, reported this summer. In the nine months, the champion of Water Management and Waste said he enjoyed "a more rapid growth internationally, particularly in Asia and Australia."

Thus, the gross operating income rose 9.9% at constant exchange rates to 1.7 billion euros for a gross operating margin of 16.7%. In August, the group had announced its annual forecast of gross operating income "of at least up 9% at constant exchange rates." For their part, analysts on average expected EBITDA of 1.671 billion euros

As for turnover, it was up by 11.8% to 10.1 billion euros. The group is aiming for growth of "at least 7% over the year." Analysts were on average a turnover of 10 billion.

On the highly water monitoring in Europe, the group recorded a turnover of 3.1 billion euros, with organic growth of 1.4%. The Europe segment, also highly anticipated, generated $ 4.4 billion in sales with organic growth of 8.6%. The group's activity abroad jumped 29.8% to $ 2.7 billion (+21.0% organic growth) during the first nine months of fiscal 2010.

Confidence of the group in achieving the annual goals

In addition, the group's net financial debt amounted to 7.3 billion euros. It is down to one billion euros (-12%) compared to June 30, 2010 "thanks to strong cash generation," the group said.

Suez Environnement has also implemented a cost reduction program for 2010-2012 which it expects a net gain in EBITDA of 250 million euros in cumulated over three years to 2009.

The CEO of Suez Environment, Jean-Louis Chaussade, said he is confident the group's ability to meet its annual targets. Analysts believe however that these targets are conservative.

However, management did not provide information on the proposed dividend for 2010, analysts expected that information yet.

In early trading, the progression of the title is broadly in line with the market where the Suez advance of 0.5% against 0.6% for the CAC 40.


"Suez Environnement wants to grow internationally

"Suez Environnement is its growth targets

Oct 27 2010

Tokyo escaped the downturn in Asian stock

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In Tokyo, the Nikkei ended just in the green, up 0.1% at the close on Wednesday, ending the session at 9387.03 points. The Topix declined however from 0.02% to 817.76 points. The Japanese market is awaiting the publication of results from heavyweights odds, as Sony Friday. On Wednesday, Canon announced that its quarterly results, showing for the first nine months of the year a net profit of 192.64 billion yen (1.7 billion euros). The Japanese group raised its forecast for annual net profit to 245 billion yen (or 86.1% increase over one year).

But on the other exchanges in the Asia-Pacific, the trend is to dark red fast payday loan. Like Hong Kong where the Hang Seng 1.54% to 23,237.7 loose points.In India, the Bombay SE declining slightly over 0.28% at 20,163 points.

Overall, Asian stock markets have returned to a low of two weeks, while oil was down pending the release of U.S. oil stocks, which should be up by brokers. A barrel of light sweet crude for December delivery yielded 30 cents to 82.25 dollars.

Telstra unveils T-Touch Tablet Tab

T-Touch Tablet Tab Tesltra Photo credits: TELSTRA / AFP

Oct 25 2010

LVMH takes 17% stake in Hermes

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After Boussac and Christian Dior, Vuitton and Hennessy after, after the battle – lost – in the face of Gucci Pinault, Bernard Arnault part in the assault of Hermes. The boss – and owns 47% – the world's number one luxury group LVMH (Vuitton, Moet & Chandon, Hennessy, Givenchy, Kenzo, Guerlain, Sephora …) announced Saturday, to general surprise, hold 14.2% of capital Hermes. It also has options to increase rapidly to 17.1% participation. For a company to be impregnable, the arrival in force is a masterstroke.

The capital of Hermes is (at least until recently) owned 72% by the 60 heirs of the founder's family. The rest is stock. The weakness of this public share capital and locking the control group by the family, through its sponsorship status, seemed to make it difficult or impossible, any attempt to take control.This has not prevented speculation over the past five years on a disengagement of families heiresses, revived by the death on 1 May, the former leader Jean-Louis Dumas. Suddenly, the action was still soaring by 90% since the beginning of the year, valuing the company the sum of staggering 18.6 billion euros, or 46 times earnings expected this year.

Now, with its great financial skill, Bernard Arnault has managed to buy its shares at an average price Hermes 80 euros, against 176 euros on Friday. This makes it more readily realize potential value of 1.7 billion euros, 1.45 billion bet!

How did he do? The mystery is not quite clear.LVMH has acquired just under 5% stake several years ago, residing below the deliberately imposing a declaration to the AMF (AMF).

No plans to takeover

The group had completed their participation in recent days by buying blocks of shares held by financial intermediaries, investment vehicles through ad hoc. This would have not have to unfold before his sensational announcement, even if it wants to be reassuring paydayloans."The goal of LVMH is to be a long-term shareholder of Hermes and help preserve the family character and French, which is behind the worldwide success of this iconic brand," the company said in a statement , promising "full support to the strategy implemented by the founding family."

In an attempt to achieve a smooth transition this untimely arrival, he reportedly warned leaders of Hermes just before making it public, Bernard Arnault demonstrated friendly intentions. Thus, he "has no designs or submit a bid, or take control of Hermes, or seek representation on the board of supervision".

In the besieged fortress of Hermes, no reaction was filtered during the weekend. "It's a huge surprise," said Christian Blanckaert, former CEO of the company.Bernard Arnault took a blow two-thirds of the public share of capital. The question is: members of the family have helped? "One of the heirs, Jerome Guerrand, chairman of the supervisory board, recently sold for 4.14 million euros of shares (or 0.02 % of capital). A gap seems to open in family cohesion.

In the entourage of Bernard Arnault, is trying to appease the controversy. "Stop being naive with this Franco-French rivalries, implores Christophe Girard, director of strategy LVMH luxury and deputy mayor of Paris. The real threat is China, which has already offered much of Greece in general indifference. "Faced with this hypothetical risk, the savior of French luxury is in any case certainly not come to figuration of Hermès.For years he dreamed of this "jewel".


The luxury fully overheating

"Hermes gives birth to a Chinese luxury brand

"Hermes sales increase of 22.8%

Oct 23 2010

Bastion of the dispute, the refinery released Grandpuits force

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Access to the refinery Grandpuits, blocked for several days, were freed by police at about 9 am Friday. Three members of the picket line were injured, according to the CGT. The police, acting with his bare hands, pushed the protesters to clear the gate of the refinery, and it was during the stampede that people were slightly injured.

The coordinator Total SGC Group, Charles Scarf, denounced Friday a "charge outrageous". "The injured colleagues, a trade unionist and two employees were kicking."

The oil refinery in the Paris region had been requisitioned by the government early Friday morning "on behalf of the interests of national defense."A cordon citizen "of about 80 people, residents and activists of other corporations, had tried to prevent the requisitioning of the refinery ordered by the prefect same day payday loan lenders.

Total Grandpuits site, Seine-et-Marne is one of twelve oil refineries located on French territory, advanced in the protest movement against pension reform. "What has happened is extremely serious," complained Charles scarf during a press briefing in mid-night.

"Roundup of our social"

"From time to Petain, we knew the raids, in the era of Nicolas Sarkozy, we know the roundup of our social, trade union rights of the raid by this request because it hinders the employees in exercising their right to strike" , he said.

Europe 1 radio this morning, the union leader reiterated his criticism: "What has happened to the refinery Grandpuits with that obstacle has the right to strike will undoubtedly create a shock and especially in industry "said union leader on Europe 1.

The prefect of Seine-et-Marne, Michel Guillot, along with some of his collaborators, "came to himself requisitions to staff in order to supply service stations and all clients of Total, all that pretext of a code Defense, "railed one union official.

"No right to hijack the French"

Blocking refineries and fuel depots caused disruptions in the supply of gas stations with the approach of the first departures on holiday of All Saints.Of the approximately 12,300 stations that include France, 2790 were facing shortages as the score made Thursday by the government.

Traveling in the Eure-et-Loir, Nicolas Sarkozy defended Thursday the release of hydrocarbon deposits paralyzed by stating that it could leave a "minority" to hijack the daily life of the French 24 hour pay day loan . "We have no right to take hostage the people who have nothing to do in their daily lives," he said. "By taking hostage the economy, business and everyday life of the French, it will destroy jobs," he added.

The police continued Thursday release of deposits, such as Ruby in Rouen, which supplies the Rouen area and part of the Ile-de-France, said the interior minister, Brice Hortefeux on Europe 1.September filings were released last night, he said, adding that 14 remained paralyzed on the 219 countries of which 96 are considered "priority".

(With agencies)

Computer graphics – refineries blocked in France


The unions mobilize next Thursday and Nov. 6

"Pensions: The government is urging the Senate not

Oct 23 2010

Essence: the return to normal uncertain

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While Francois Fillon spoke of Tuesday, a return to normal by the end of the week, just before the holiday departure, the Prime Minister acknowledged that the release of the situation would take "several more days." If he speaks of a "marked improvement" on the whole territory, the Department of Ecology is still refusing to comment Saturday on a specific date of return to normal. All of the refineries in the city are indeed still at a standstill, while the oil terminal at Fos-sur-mer continued the strike for the 27th consecutive day.

At last count, seven departments were still short of fuel. This is the Eure, Calvados, Loire-Atlantique, Indre et Loire, Val de Marne, the Oise and the Allier.The western France, especially Brittany and the Paris region were the main spots with 38% and 35% of service stations dry Saturday morning. It was time to relax, however, in the southern, eastern and northern countries with 80% to 90% of stations fed normally.

"Going back and quiet"

According to Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of Ecology, 300 refueling stations highway continued. Stated priority, the network no longer counted at 11 am this Saturday, 4 to 5% still waiting for supplies, which was scheduled for that day. Minister cautions that "it depends very much on the behavior of users."

Same warning dusecrétaire of State for Transport.Dominique Bussereau has renewed its calls to motorists not to make "full of care," criticizing those that prolong the queues to service stations, "so they lack the 5 liter tank. Vacationers "may also from quiet (…) and return", added the president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries (UFIP), Jean-Louis Schilansky.

The side of the station, the planned improvement seemed to be confirmed. At midday, the CGT railway-identifying 19.95% of strikers. management announced about it at least 8 out of 10 TGV outstanding this weekend, but a train on average only two networks TER Transilien and Coral.


The unions will mobilize Thursday and Nov. 6

"Eric Woerth:" Once the legislation is passed, it should apply "

"SNCF: traffic in line with forecasts

Oct 22 2010

The race against Areva

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Until then, officially, nothing has changed. At the top of the state, as Areva, the deadline of the end of the year for the capital increase of the global nuclear leadership group remains valid. This deadline was set by the government just before the summer, after the publication of the report Roussely devoted to optimizing the French nuclear industry. This is a major operation, the group wants to raise public 2.5 to 3,000,000,000 euros against 15% stake, valuing the company at over 16 billion euro capital increase .

The three players likely to participate in round table are always the same, since eighteen months: the Japanese industrial conglomerate Mitsubishi, on the one hand, sovereign wealth funds from Qatar and Kuwait, on the other.In July, the Elysee was also asked EDF to study the scenario of an initial stake of Areva.

So much for the conceptual design because, in practice, things get complicated. There are still a few weeks, the parties to the transaction provided almost in unison that the operation was on track for implementation before the end of the year. In recent days the tone has changed. The question was clearly installed. Few people believe that the transaction will be completed within two months, as the obstacles are many. The first of them is to convince investors to go.

Mitsubishi's bid does not seem to necessarily develop. EDF had informed the Japanese industrialist that he would take a dim view such an approximation, so that the electrician uses for some parts exclusively to these two suppliers.There is no doubt that Mitsubishi can not be indifferent to the remarks of the number one global nuclear power.

Another uncertainty: the sovereign funds of Qatar and Kuwait. They would find the ticket too expensive, 30 to 40% according to many observers. "In a negotiation, it is better to start from the top," contends a source close to the government. Landslides calendar – the announcement of capital back to July 2009 – do not promote the motivation of these candidates.

The proceeds

Finally, there is the relationship with EDF. It does not visibly improve. In the entourage of the electrician, we are assured that discussions for an increased stake in EDF's Areva have stalled.Similarly, the electrician did not have access to financial information relating to the capital increase.

On arrival, although the Department of Finance wishes to stress that discussions are continuing in good condition, many uncertainties are present combine. And a question arises: Areva may have to wait a little longer to achieve this capital increase? For its operations and its investments in the short term, the problem is not immediate. The group can count on the proceeds from the sale of its T & D division for nearly 4 billion euros. To this was added last week, the sale of 3.65% stake in Safran for a little over 300 million euros.Areva also has other reserves, the remaining shares and 11% of Safran STMicroelectronics valued at market price at 520 million euros.

But beyond these aspects alone, a delay could put a little pressure the company vis-à-vis rating agencies. In early summer, S & P lowered the rating two notches Areva, reducing it from A to BBB +. Degradation due to delays including construction in Finland. No doubt the Areva group is eager to strengthen its capital base.


"Areva continues vendreses Safran

"Weather always stormy between EDF and Areva

Oct 20 2010

Slight improvement of air and railway traffic today

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Mobilization pushed the streets between 1.1 million and 3.5 million French on Tuesday, according to figures from the Interior Ministry and unions. The latter therefore intend to continue their actions on Wednesday, but the SNCF and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to a slight improvement in traffic:

According to a statement from the station, disrupts traffic will be:

• Nationally

– TGV Paris-Province: 2 sets of 3 on average

– TGV from province to province: 1 set of 2

– For B: more than 1 service 2. Connections with TGV are not guaranteed.

– To Corail trains: 4 out of 10 trains

– For Intercity trains: almost 1 set of 2

– Téoz: more than 4 trains of 10

– Traffic Lunéa night: no traffic on the night of October 19 to 20.Traffic Paris-Nice and Paris-Nice will be normal on the night of October 20 to 21.

• Transiliens

Ile-de-France, 6 out of 10 trains at peak.RER circulating normally.

• Internationally

– Eurostar: Normal

– Thalys: near-normal service

– TGV / ICE (France-Germany): normal traffic

– TGV Lyria (France-Switzerland): Traffic near normal

– Around Italy: a trip retrour Paris-Milan will be provided for the daytime traffic.

– Traffic from other international trains uninsured.

SNCF said that every ticket is valid broadly the same day in any train on the route in question and that passengers wishing to cancel their trip can do so without charge at the counter, whatever the price.

• Information


http:// www.infolignes.com

http:// www.abcdtrains.com


The site-by-station mouvement.com also serves to check the billboards (departures and arrivals) from the station of his choice.

• Hotlines:

0.805.90.36.35 to Outline (TGV), TER Téoz and Intercity

0.805.70.08.05 for Transilien

sncf.mobi for réerl time access to information on mobile.

Station radio: One point traffic every 15 minutes from the SNCF Direct application on smart-phone and all websites SNCF (www.sncflaradio.com)

France Bleu Ile-de-France: 107.1

• Paris Transportation

RATP scheduled for Wednesday a normal or near normal traffic throughout the metro, RER, buses and trams.

• Freephone:


• Air:

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has announced that a quarter of flights will be canceled early Wednesday morning at Orly airport, a thirty flights.Air France plans "to ensure 100% of its long-haul flights and will carry a few cancellations of domestic flights from Paris Orly, mainly morning.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) calls, however passengers to "anticipate their arrival at airports." Indeed, according to airport sources, the airport access could be difficult. "We have planned events in most airports Wednesday," confirmed the secretary general of the CGT transport, Fourier Paul.In a separate statement, the CGT has also called Air France to this day Wednesday "a time of high mobilization and participation of employees."



• Education-Education:

The University of Letters of Toulouse-Le Mirail will be closed Wednesday, said the Directorate after the vote Tuesday by the students of blocking the establishment. The president of the University Lumière Lyon 2 has decided to close the university on Monday night and "until further notice" due to blockages.

Between six and ten of the 83 universities in the country were blocked Tuesday.

Oct 18 2010

Transport: a bullet train out of two operations snails Road

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SNCF strikes, road operations snails … The movement against pension reform is ongoing and continue to disrupt transportation in the country.


The four main unions of the SNCF announced a "significant rebound" of the strike on Sunday evening and especially on Monday, promising measures that are "badly in terms of economic consequences." "I think tomorrow we will have a strike rate that will go well beyond the 30% a little classic," assured Didier Le Reste, head of the CGT-Cheminots. This Sunday, the CGT has counted 26.55% of strikers (25.4% Saturday) while management did not provide figures.

SNCF TGV provides an average of two Monday. In detail, six out of ten trains will travel on TGV departing or arriving in Paris, and a cut on four routes in the province, said the station.TGV trains between Belgium and the province will be limited to Lille.

Moreover links between Nimes, Montpellier and Beziers are disrupted since Monday morning, 7 hours, protesters invaded the railway lines in the Gard and Hérault ..

Traffic will be greater than a second train for Transilien and TER. There will be more than one train on three trains Corail day.

The connection will be normal Eurostar between Paris and London and trains to Germany almost normal. In contrast, all Thalys trains will be eliminated due to the Belgian railway strike. Seven sets of ten work for Switzerland and the daytime traffic to Italy will be limited to one roundtrip Paris-Milan.The traffic of other international trains will not be insured.





The site-by-station mouvement.com also serves to check the bulletin boards (arrivals and departures) from the station of his choice.

• RATP (Paris Metro)

The traffic was "normal or near normal" throughout the metro, bus, tramway and RER line A Monday morning at 6:15, with the exception of the RER line B, where two out of three trains were circulation.

The RER B area RATP (the Paris-Nord Robinson and Saint-Remy-les-Chevreuse south), interconnection with the SNCF Gare du Nord is not assured, said the authority.


More information: http://www.ratp.fr/

Freephone: 0.800.15.11.11

• In Toulouse

The two bus depots Tisseo, the network transit Toulouse, were blocked on Monday morning by traminots and railway as part of the mobilization against the pension reform. According Delpérier Franck, head of the union south road, about 500 South and CGT activists have blocked the two deposits north and south of the city of Toulouse between 4.30 and 9.30 fast cash without a hassle. Police confirmed the blocking of two bus depots, estimating the number of militants involved in about 300 at both sites.

• At Saint-Etienne

Transit of Saint Etienne were severely disrupted on Monday due to blockage of the main bus depot and tram by about fifty protesters."There are people outside the company," said a representative of the direction of the League of Transit of Saint Etienne.

These demonstrators who blocked the exit of vehicles transport from 4:45 are mostly derived from the transport station, health and education and claim to be FOR, Sud Rail and the CGT, the source said.

• Airports

Planes taking off from Roissy Charles de Gaulle should not miss kerosene early next week as the pipeline that supplies the airport in Paris is back in service. According to the Secretary of State for Transport, Dominique Bussereau, feeding the Paris airports no longer a concern.

CGT Air France responded Monday morning by calling the blocking of airports Wednesday.



• Road

"A dozen vehicles" led an operation on Monday morning snail on the A6, a suburb south of Paris, announced the Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination road Ile-de-France (CRICR), resulting in upstream a sharp slowdown.

In the North, a procession of 15 cars and two trucks, which will start in Lille, Labour Exchange, to get at the toll Fresnes les Montauban by the A1 highway, impeding traffic on slow and middle lanes . The left lane is free. Of strong disturbances are expected.

Maine-et-Loire, on the N1160 St Sylvain d'Anjou (5km from Angers) a fixed barrier filter was placed in the junction A11 / A87. Protesters on the tracks.The D52 is also blocked, with no access to heavy industrial zone Ecouflant.

Unions have warned of road this weekend as they prepared to tighten the movement against pension reform. "We must expand the actions and participate in events on Tuesday, had called Saturday for example, the CGT federation Transport.




"Road: the movement will be tougher next week

"Pensions: Unions divided on the mobilization

"Fillon meets protesters

Oct 17 2010

EDF in a weak position at Constellation

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EDF does not give the deal with Constellation. While both companies are in the midst of conflict around their nuclear power plant project in the United States, EDF has proposed to his American partner to meet next Tuesday in Washington to put all issues on the table and find a solution to the dispute .

EDF tends to Contel hand, not really a spirit of conciliation, but because the French utility is in a position of weakness and not of any interest to upset the U.S..

EDF and Constellation formed a joint venture together, UniStar in order to build a nuclear EPR in the United States, the Calvert Cliffs site in Maryland (northeast U.S.), which could big dividends.A step which has also been fraught with difficulties and that took several months to finalize.

Except that earlier this month, the U.S. unilaterally withdraws from the project and announced that he wishes to exercise an option to sell assets that could cost up to $ 2 billion to EDF. This clause is part of a contract that both groups had signed in 2008. But since power plants in question have "lost a lot of value," insists EDF, who said he was initially "surprised" and "dismayed" and "shocked" to such a threat.

For EDF, this option is "obsolete": it had been signed while Constellation was suffering from a severe liquidity crisis due to the financial crisis.This is no longer the case.

Constellation ready to sell its shares in UniStar

Since the announcement of withdrawal from Constellation, EDF has sent a letter this week to Constellation, by offering two ways out of this crisis situation: either EDF takes over until the start of the project, all risks and expenses related to the site of Calvert Cliffs, it is bought by Constellation in Unistar, with the possibility of involving another U.S. partner in the project.

Constellation has been suggested to sell its shares in EDF UniStar. U.S. company asks for a dollar more than $ 117 million in reimbursement of past costs.

But on this option, Constellation maintains a strong speech: EDF must "respect its commitment to fully honor its contractual obligations."

At the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, EDF would be represented by Thomas Piquemal, group finance director, financial advisors accompaniment of investment bank Lazard and lawyers for the French company.


The EDF nuclear program undermined U.S.

"EDF contacted for Constellation

"EDF offers two tracks to his partner Constellation

"EDF / USA is advised by Lazard

"EDF completes implantation into the nuclear United States (November 2009)

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