Jul 31 2010

"Schneider is growing around the world"

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The chief executive of industry group, explains how the deployment of its strategy has helped revive growth.

LE FIGARO. – How was the beginning of the year for Schneider?

JEAN-PASCAL TRICOIRE. – We returned to growth of our business in the first quarter and the trend has accelerated sharply in the second with an increase of over 10%. Our total revenues grew 6.4% in the first half. The acceleration is even stronger in terms of profitability. Our operating income represents 15.2% of sales is up 3.6 percentage points a year. Our net income has more than doubled.We note therefore significantly our growth objectives and margin for 2010.

What were the factors driving this growth?

This performance is clearly the implementation of our strategy and deployment of our program One Schneider. First, we are reaping the benefits of diversifying our end markets and the strong rebound of two growth markets on which we have been able to take strong positions. It is the automation of machines and processes, very strong recovery with growth of over 20%, and the computer. The building and electrical distribution later in the cycle, are now beginning their recovery.

Secondly, our growth is driven by our strong presence in emerging economies.Thirdly, our growth in the smart grid (electricity distribution networks intelligent, Ed) is a strong accelerator solutions in renewable energy, including solar, intelligent management of energy in buildings, factories, homes, power grids, which we will soon add support infrastructure for electric cars. We propose new technologies and new services to our clients to improve their energy efficiency.

What has really changed in Schneider?

In summary, I would say we've turned a group of several brands, structured products, a Schneider Electric, which provides complete solutions to its customers pay day advance. This change is radical.The teams work together more closely and we respond to the expectations of our customers.

This recovery is also strong in all markets?

We are growing all over the world, but in emerging countries the trend is most pronounced. The growth of new economies is 12 points higher than those of countries "ripe". These countries now represent over 35% of our business.

The momentum will he continue in the second half of the year?

I am counting on a similar dynamic in the second half thanks to the continued deployment of our strategy.

So you dismiss the risk of a relapse of the economy?

I remain cautious of course, but we are calm. We learned and demonstrated during the crisis of 2009 that he had to be flexible and very demanding on the costs. Besides, we not relax our efforts to reduce costs.We are committed to reducing our costs by 1.6 billion euros in three years. Halfway through, we have already achieved more than half of the effort announced.

Will you increase your efforts to research and development?

We did not hit our investment in R & D during the crisis. They still represent about 5% of our turnover. Our business is growing, we will be able to invest even more.

Where are you from the integration of the distribution business of Areva T & D?

The transaction was formally completed last June 7. Nearly 11,000 people have joined us and the teams work together with great enthusiasm. This acquisition will bring about one billion euros in additional revenue in the second half, although with today's level of profitability below that of the group.Our challenge is to move up quickly.


"Tricoire:" Schneider wins € 8 million when the euro loses 1% "

Jul 30 2010

EADS will be better than expected in 2010

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EADS, the European manufacturer announced in a news release its second quarter as a significant decline in profits. With effect from April to June, the result came back 208 million euros to 82 million. At the same time, the turnover was little changed at 11.35 billion (11.73 billion for the same period last year). Over the half, earnings were 185 million against 378 million in billings from 20.308 billion. Reduced to an action, the benefit is 0.23 cents (0.47 cents to end June 2009).

Despite the marked decrease in profits, the group has revised its targets upwards for the whole year. It now expects over 44 billion ors billings. The group also announced a production rate of the A320 increased to 40 per month.


"EADS to conquer the world

Jul 28 2010

Banks have again supported the Paris stock exchange

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Closing reassuring Wall Street yesterday gave a positive impetus for the Paris Stock Exchange on Tuesday, which has increased its earnings to grow by 1.57% enséance before reducing them after a disappointing statistic across the Atlantic on the U.S. consumer confidence in July.

At the final bell, the CAC 40 is 0.83% at 3666.4 points and preserves the points.Un 3660 this threshold had not been touched since June 22 last. Elsewhere in Europe, the London Stock Exchange closed up 0.27% to 5365.67 points.

French markets were again worn by banking shares. Yesterday, the shares had already boosted the index, in response to the publication of results of stress tests on Friday.On Tuesday, they went into high gear, including Societe Generale climbed 10.59% to 44.22 euros, Credit Agricole, which has soared 10.14% to 10.62 euros and Dexia, which has rose 7.32% to 3.87 euros. Axa and BNP Paribas follow with respective increases of 6.74% and 5.49%.

After trading, the markets will see the unemployment figures for the month of June in France.

In addition, the Department of Ecology has announced that the number of starts of new homes in France fell 0.3% for the period April-May to June, compared to the same period a year ago, while the number of building permits recorded an increase of 25%.

On the foreign exchange market, the euro continues against the greenback.Around 17:30, the euro was trading at just below $ 1.30, but the threshold has been crossed earlier in session.

The U.S. housing close look

Yesterday the key index in Paris managed to keep the threshold of 3600 points despite an early meeting very hesitant. Good numbers of U.S. homes have played an especially comforting to investors. And on Tuesday, rebelote: the Case-Shiller index of home prices meets the individual operators offering. It rose more than expected in May in the United States, +0.5%. The month of May and is the second consecutive monthly increase, a trend that comes after two months of consecutive decline.

But the Conference Board index, published in 16 hours, fell for the second straight month in July, falling to a lowest level since February, to 50.4 in July against 54.3 (revised from 52.9) in JuneAn advertisement that has a little cooled investors.

Publication Burst

On Tuesday, the publications will be honored at the Paris Bourse:

Danone (-4.24% to 44.35 euros) announced before market opening a current net profit in the second quarter of 848 million euros and a turnover of 4.386 billion euros in bad credit payday loans.

Altran (7.79% to 3.25 euros) has reported a turnover of the second quarter 2010 from 357.6 million euros (+2.3%). The group expects a significant improvement in the margin in the second half of 2010.

The Land of the Regions (-0.12% to 72.85 euros) published a recurring net profit increased 1.1% to 153.4 million for its first half, with rents of 264.1 million , up 1.7% at constant scope, and an occupancy rate of 94.4%.However, its net asset value, excluding financial instruments, stood at 73.20 euros per share, down from late 2009 due to the distribution of a special dividend for 2009, consisting of 3 30 euros in cash and six Beni Stabili shares, 52.5% owned subsidiary acquired in 2007

Note that M6 and LVMH will unveil their first-half results after market close. Vinci, Compagnie des Alpes and Fleury Michon publish their turnover for the period also after 17:30.At the same time, Air France KLM (+0.69%) will release first quarter results are.

Sanofi repulsed Klepierre sanctioned

The U.S. biotechnology company Genzyme has rejected a buyout proposal made by Sanofi Aventis (-0.94% to 45.15 euros) according to Bloomberg.

Capgemini (-1.1% to 34.98 euros) has announced the signing of a 6-year contract between its subsidiary Capgemini UK and Royal Mail Group Limited (RMG), the British postal service, for its service management computer.

Klepierre (-2.61% to 25.17 euros), revised down slightly its 2010 targets of recurring cash flow and rents, the prospect of austerity plans in Europe have slowed the recovery of consumption.

Icade (+1.05% at 73.83 euros) on Monday announced a net profit in the first half more than eight times while its net current cash flow per share, affected by the low profitability of its development division, declined 21%.

April Group (-2.88% to 19.76 euros), saw the decline in sales accelerated to 12.9% in the first half. This is explained by the group with a focus on its brokerage business, which should result in a decrease of 25% of the insurance business in 2010.

Finally, Technicolor (10.81% to 0.41 euros), has received a firm offer from the private equity fund Francisco Partners for the acquisition of the "professional broadcast" of Grass Valley.

Jul 26 2010

Fiscal controls nearly 15 billion for the State

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Tax audits conducted in 2009 by agents of IRS reported 14.7 billion euros in state on Monday said the financial daily Les Echos, citing the report of activities of the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFIP) .

The figure is down from the previous two years. In 2008, the checks had been recovered 15.2 billion euros. In 2007, some 16.4 billion euros had been collected by the State.

Of these 14.7 billion, some 3.5 billion are directly related to the fight against tax fraud and penalize "failure characterized," says the DGFIP. In addition, the amount quoted in the report does not include money collected by the unit set up by Bercy to allow taxpayers with undeclared assets abroad to regularize their situation.The 3500 tax evaders repented reported at 31 December 2009 – a total assets of around EUR 6 billion – and would in turn reported 700 million euros in taxes.

Nearly 48,000 companies controlled

In detail, the tax recovered last year nearly 4.8 billion euros through desk audits, carried out from offices, against 5.6 billion in 2008 and $ 5.9 billion in 2007.

Conversely, the product of the 51,000 "spot checks" made directly to individuals (3912) and especially for businesses (almost 48,000), is up: they have helped to recover 7.6 billion EUR rights, plus penalties of 2.3 billion.Moreover, these cases have resulted in 939 complaints of tax evasion, said the DGFIP.

32 million from traffickers

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, had announced that he wanted "to strike at traffickers portfolio. Two hundred control operations were carried out in sensitive areas and led to recalls and fines of 32 million euros.


The tax audits of large fortunes

EWB: more revenue in 2009 (Ministry)

"Taxes on capital: 562 000 French taxable

"The ISF reviewed by the Constitutional Council

"Jean Arthuis inteview: Arthuis:" The shield is a wrong answer to the ISF

Jul 24 2010

Microsoft found the path to growth

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The honor is safe: Microsoft earns more money Apple. Some were considering a transfer of power between the two giants of American computer but the Apple brand will be a little patient. Of course, Apple is now more expensive than its rival in stock: 235 billion against $ 226 billion for Microsoft. However the latter has finally achieved the title of his fourth-quarter profit of 4.518 billion dollars or 51 cents per share, well above the 46 cents expected by analysts. Apple's side recorded during its third quarter profit of 3.25 billion for a turnover of 15.70 billion savings account payday loans.

In its statement, Microsoft said it has achieved a turnover for the period April to June of 16.04 billion dollars, up 22% thanks to higher sales in all activities. This is a "record"

Over the year, net income appears to 18.760 billion dollars, up 29% and the turnover of 62.484 billion dollars, up 7%.

The group Redmond has definitively turned the page on last year, which had marked the first decline in its business since its inception.

Jul 23 2010

Small businesses are becoming more

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INSEE, dispelling a misconception. According to a study by the Institute published Friday, small businesses thrive on the territory much faster than population. On average, they rose 1% per year between 1993 and 2008, while the population grew by 0.5% annually. A particularly marked increase from 2000.

A distinction, however: this development has been so differentiated according to sectors of activity No fax cash advances. And if the hairdressers, estate agents and fast food are booming, dyers, shoemakers, cafes and cinemas are long faces. INSEE points and between 1993 and 2008, a joint ten lost his last drinking place.

The barber, trade's most developed rural areas

Photo credits: Le Figaro

Jul 21 2010

The CAC 40 was up strongly maintains

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"The week will be very nervous," Franklin predicted Tuesday Pichard, director of Barclays stock. On the one hand, the low trading volumes (less than 3 billion at the close Tuesday, and just over one billion at mid-session on Wednesday) and other stress tests released Friday at 4:00 p.m. confirm this thesis . Since the beginning of the week, the CAC 40 index opened sharply higher supported by positive results from U.S. companies lose momentum before As the meeting. But on Wednesday, the upward trend appears to continue. At midterm, the CAC 40 gained 1.84% to even 3531, 94 points, well above the 3,500 points.The stock exchanges in London (1.50%) and Frankfurt (1.33%) advance in unison.

On the currency markets, the euro retreated against the dollar, traders were playing the card of caution before the release Friday of the results of resistance testing of the 91 largest European banks. In the morning, the euro was at 1.2867 dollars against 1.2881 dollars the previous day.

Asian stock markets closed on Wednesday in a disorganized, Tokyo lost 0.45% to 9258 points, while Shanghai was slightly higher than 0.06%, within minutes of closing.

Accor, Arcelor-Mittal and banking head CAC 40

On the macroeconomic front, the appointment of the day is undoubtedly the meeting between Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy and its German counterpart, Wolfgang Schäuble, at 12:45 pm.The two ministers would discuss the release of such stress tests, for which Christine Lagarde said he was "totally confident". These relate to BNP Paribas (3.10% to 48.42 euros), Societe Generale (2.35% to 36.64 euros), Credit Agricole (2.64% to 9.07 euros) and Dexia ( 3.69% to 3.23 euros).

Other values to follow, EADS (2.02% to 16.40 euros), at which place the salon Fairnborough (south London) until July 25.Airbus will easily exceed its target of orders in 2010 and could set up 400 orders against 300 originally planned, said Tuesday John Leahy, marketing director of manufacturer, Reuters Insider.

The European Union has also announced Wednesday it would appeal the conviction of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on subsidies provided to Airbus.

The airlines, including Air France-KLM (1.43% to 10.06 euros) will also follow, while five air traffic controllers' unions have called a strike for Wednesday.

World production of crude steel increased by almost 28% over the first six months of the year, but the pace of growth continued to slow in June: +18% over June 2009. Analysts believe the slowdown will become even more acute in the months to come.Investors follow the impact that this announcement will have on companies such as ArcelorMittal (2.64% to 23.92 euros).

APRR (-0.02% at 53.91 euros) indicated that vehicle traffic had benefited in the second quarter of disturbances air and rail, as well as improved economic conditions. The group has published a quarterly revenue, excluding construction rose 5.8% to 491.5 million euros, with vehicle traffic rose 4.5% in the second quarter, in kilometers traveled.

Accor Laureate Award

The ball of results announcements or turnover continues: after-hours trade, Unibail-Rodamco will present its second quarter results.NRJ Group, Mersen (ex Carbone Lorraine), Cegid Sperian unveil them their turnover in the second quarter.

Accor (5.13% to 24.38 euros) has announced a growth of 5.1% of its turnover in the hotel industry in the first half on a comparable basis.The group earned a higher "backed" by its occupancy rate in the upper and mid-range and higher average prices in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The manager of nursing homes and clinics, Orpea (0.91% to 31.50 euros) achieved a turnover of 470 million euros, representing organic growth of 9.3% and confirmed its objectives Annual 2012.

Manitou (5.31% to 12.30 euros), a manufacturer and distributor of material handling, reported Tuesday a sharp rise in quarterly sales, but said the second half anticipate a slowdown in orders and possible impact of delivery on its turnover.

Hi-Media (-24.9% to 3.35 euros), publisher of consumer websites, has warned that its net profit in 2010 would be affected by restructuring.The group now expects an operating profit comparable to that of 2009 (16.5 million euros).

Vetoquinol (+2.4% at 26.04 euros), the veterinary pharmaceutical company, has published a turnover of 138 million euros, up 15% in the first half. The group expects to raise over 200 million euros to pursue its external growth.

Sword Group (4.54% to 24.66 euros) and reported sales of 47.2 million euros in the second quarter, up 7.8% as organic. The services company confirmed its objectives for 2010.

The recovery of steel distributor by IMS Jacquet Metals (1.93% to 29.6 euros) a share exchange transaction is now effective, IMS announced Tuesday a few days after getting the green light European authorities.The current CEO of Jacquet Metals, Eric Jacquet, has been appointed to head the new entity.

CGI Group, specializing in services in information technology and business process management has signed an outsourcing contract with Computer Systems Group distribution of electrical supplies, Rexel (1.82% at 11 , 45 euros). The contract covering a period of six years is 50 million.

Jul 19 2010

Paris Plages resistant rigor

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For the ninth year, Paris is transformed into a seaside resort in summer time. Paris Plages opens Tuesday and runs until August 20. Eight weeks in which Parisians can enjoy sandy beaches, a water sports center, sports and cultural events all audiences. But this year, no major new features only on the Paris agenda Beaches. As in 2009, solidarity is the main theme of the event.

The Paris city council, which organized the operation every summer since 2002, has in fact faced with a limited budget for this year 2010: 2.2 million euros (about $ 1 million from the partners), against 2.5 million 2009. A reduction of 300,000 euros. The time savings, and Paris Plages is no exception.

Witness the profusion of the sponsors of the operation."Our partners are also affected by the crisis," says one to the City of Paris. "Some can no longer support such partnerships. Others simply want to change backgrounds. "Thus Dailymonop, which is part of the adventure for eight years, this association has not renewed this year. Orange and EDF are no longer either in the list of sponsors of the Paris demonstration.

The dance partners

The cement manufacturer Lafarge, it is still there. As every summer for eight years, the group sent last weekend of the 2000 tons of sand needed to achieve the beach on the quays Voie Georges Pompidou and the Bassin de la Villette free credit report and score. Delivery, "offered", which was carried by barge from the quarry Sandrancourt in the Yvelines.Other faithful among the faithful, Fnac is a partner unassailable. Beaches and Paris will host the 7th edition of the Festival FnacIndétendances. More than 30 free concerts on the square of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris.

The event in Paris has not lost its capital seduction. "Despite the crisis, several companies have joined in Paris Beaches for the first time this year," remarked Will there be the City Hall of Paris. It must be said that the event represents a great marketing opportunity. Thus Fatboy (a manufacturer of decorative cushions) and rely on the glacier Mÿberry Paris Beaches to highlight their products. The market teaches Franprix (Casino Group), meanwhile, relies on the event to strengthen its brand positioning proximity.

The promise of visibility

For the first time, the sign of the Casino Group is an official partner of Paris Plages.She co-hosted several times a day, a workshop smoothies for children. "This stand, fun and educational, aims to transport the children into the world of fruits and vegetables," says Jean-Paul Mochet, Director of Market Franprix. A visibility that is timely for the brand which has rolled out a new sales concept focusing on fresh and authentic.

Jean-Paul Mochet, Director of Market Franprix.

Jul 17 2010

The caution is the Paris Bourse

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Prudence in the Paris Bourse. The legacy of bad news from U.S. and China are still present. The CAC 40 has opened up 0.36% to 3595 points. The Paris markets do not follow the same direction as their Asian counterparts. However, these concerns are offset by the recovery of the euro against the dollar, thanks to bond investments Greek, Spanish and Portuguese successful.On the currency markets, the euro is stable at 1.2917 dollars around 9:10.

On the macroeconomic front, the day will be charged again especially in the United States with the publication of inflation figures in June to 14.30, the net flows of capital invested in the long term April to 15 hours and the index Confidence University of Michigan in July at 15:55.

For the euro area, the trade figures for May will be announced at 11:00.

Values follow

On a visit to Tokyo, Prime Minister Francois Fillon said France was "open" to the entry of Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the capital of the nuclear group Areva.

Carrefour posted a quarterly revenue slightly exceeded expectations thanks to its positions in emerging countries and announced the signing of a new partnership in China.Over the period April to June, the group saw its turnover totaling 24.92 billion euros, up 6.3% over one year.

Seb has announced an increase in sales in the first half due mainly to a favorable currency impact and a good momentum of the emerging free credit score online. Its turnover grew by 13.1% at current exchange rates and 9.4% at constant exchange rates.

Lafarge has reached Friday the sale of 11.2% of its business in Malaysia for a net total of 141 million euros in the divestment program initiated by the world's largest cement. Following this, the group will remain the principal shareholder of LMCB with a 51% and will retain management of the business.

Axa Asia Pacific (AAP) and its parent, AXA and National Australia Bank (NAB) to discuss extending the period of exclusive negotiations between the two parties. NAB hopes to acquire 100% of PAA and has proposed that $ 11.5 billion (9.13 billion euros). The Australian Competition Authority has so far opposed the transaction.

Pierre & Vacances has warned that tourist bookings for the fourth quarter was marked by delay on the month of July, in the context of crisis, after essentially flat sales in the third quarter.

Stallergenes Thursday reviewed its annual targets upwards, after posting a 14% increase in turnover in the second quarter, owing mainly to increasing sales of its blockbuster drug, the Oralair.Specializing in the treatment of allergies, has achieved a turnover of 47.3 million euros in the quarter and $ 110.6 million over the period (13%).

One publication of turnover is expected this Friday: Etam Development.

Jul 14 2010

Radio Audience: RTL head, and NRJ France Inter on the podium

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End of season for the radio. It resulted in a further reorganization of the podium radios, according to the poll of 126,000 Radio Médiamétrie for the months of April to June 2010.

Always the first radio station in France, RTL consolidates its position with 12.1% of total audience. It is followed by France Inter stable at 10.3% of total audience. However, NRJ resumed his place on the third step of the podium. Down 0.2 point to 9.8% of total audience, the first musical of France especially took advantage of the fall of a Europe that had expired in November-December 2009.The general group Lagardere lost 0.4 points to 8.7% of total audience.

Among GPs, RMC and France Bleu perform best, earning 0.1 points respectively to 6.8% audience share and 0.4 points to 6.9% of total audience payday advance.

The music stations have also incorporated color on the end of the season that marks the arrival of summer. Skyrock (8.1%), Fun Radio (7.4%), RTL2 (4.8%) and Cherie FM (4.6%) are all up compared to last year.

A performance that indicates a radio market stable at a relatively low every day 80.9% of French people aged 13 and over listen to the radio every day, more than 42.1 million people.


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