May 18 2010

Sperian Protection arouses the greed

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Sperian Protection Company, specializing in personal protective equipment, issued a statement Monday announcing the takeover bid (OPA) friendly Menelas France SAS, owned by the investment fund Cinven, is extended until on May 21, 2010. The statement also indicates that Sperian has received other expressions of interest "proposals, serious (…) purchase at valuation levels significantly higher than that of Menelaus France SAS. For analysts of CM-CIC, "everything is possible".

Cinven announced last March 31 a proposed takeover bid at 70 euros per share, valuing the company at 536 million euros. The offer is considered "very generous" by analysts at Natixis, given in particular the good results of Sperian first quarter of 2010 (the organic revenue was up 16%) and developments in the euro dollar-positive group.

The bid has been received Cinven Favoral by the two shareholders of Sperian, Essilor and Dalloz, which together hold 28% stake Sperian easy payday loans. In contrast, the third shareholder, the fund Governance for Owners, which owns 10% stake, had expressed doubts about the offer price, equity and the "treatment of minority shareholders."

The names of two U.S. companies are cited

According to SocGen, a cons-offer could be made by U.S. companies like Honeywell and Kimberly-Clark have "a significant advantage in view of the euro / dollar." Societe Generale expects an offering price of between 80 and 101 euros.

The bank now recommends to "buy" the title Sperian, she previously advised to "keep".Societe Generale is one of over 90 euros on Sperian.

Meanwhile, the title Sperian continued to climb, showing the largest increase in the Paris Stock Exchange on Tuesday to 10.60%. Around 11:30 am, the share rose to 87.04 euros, a price above the offer of Cinven, a market up 1%.

May 14 2010

Fellowships: the European banking freefall

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Should win earlier this week, losing on Friday night. Having won respectively 23.89%, 18.65% and 20.90% on Monday, following the European Agreement on plan to help the euro area, the three biggest French banks were closed on of declines: Societe Generale, -8.63%, Credit Agricole, -6.43%, BNP Paribas, -7.41% … French banks weigh heavily on the Paris Bourse. The CAC 40 has closed Friday on a depressing note: at the close of the Paris Stock Exchange index lost 4.59% and Paris has fallen below the 3600 points to 3560 points.

His European counterparts also suffer, while banking stocks enroll the largest declines, everywhere.

This reflects the renewed concern about the economic health in Europe, barely a week after the European plan negotiated the titanic last weekend.Further evidence of the uncertainty room, the euro broke the 1.25 dollar, which had not happened for 14 months. Gold coast near 1,240 dollars per ounce. Unheard-of. And oil is under $ 74 a barrel.

Banks underperforming in Europe

In Italy, while the FTSE-Eb hollow losses and was down 5.26%, many bank stocks are at the bottom of the list: in order, Mediobanca, 4.50% to 6.15 euros Banco Popolare, 6.21% to 4.16 euros, UniCredit, 6.27% to 1.81 euros and Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy's leading bank, yield 5.11% to 2.18 euros.

In Spain, same old story. The Ibex 35 largest market capitalizations falters 6.64%, and banking sector heavyweights weigh box. Banco Santander, the second largest bank in Europe, falling 9.28% to 8.31 euros.BBVA folds of 7.58 euros to 8.78% and 6.46% of Bankinter at 4.7 euros.

The Dax in Frankfurt – the index of 30 companies the biggest German stock exchange down 3.12%. But again, it is Deutsche Bank, which is at the bottom, falling 4.15% to 48.75 euros. The boss, Josef Ackermann, questioned the ability of Greece to repay its debt. And Commerzbank sells 4.13% to 6.10 euros.

In Belgium, KBC retrograde 5.48% to 30.85 euros and Dexia 5.63% to 3.6 euros in a market down by 3.46% for the Bel 20. And in Switzerland, UBS depreciates 2.83% to 0.10 euros and the financial group CS Group lost 4.08% to 33.23 euros.

The bank still frontline

Fears of a state unable to feed its fiscal risk of lowering its rating by a rating agency.But what are the financial institutions in a country with the largest of government securities in the portfolio.

Generally, capital financial institutions required to hold an asset also depends on the "rating" (the note) of the issuer of this title. If it deteriorates, the capital required to hold a state title will be more important.

As banks are exposed to Treasury securities, profitability and solvency is lowered … hence the fall in stock.


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