Mar 31 2010

The CAC 40 in the threshold of 4000 points

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After hesitating on the direction to take in the first exchanges, the CAC 40 in advance of 0.16% mid-term to 3993.96 points. Small increases also in London, where the Footsie climbed 0.31% to 5.690 points, and Frankfurt, where the Dax advance of 0.26% to 6158.72 points. Optimism remains in effect measured before the publication of a series of statistics on both sides of the Atlantic.

INSEE opened the dance of the ads shortly before the opening with the announcement of a debt to France of 77.6% of GDP, against 67.5% of GDP in 2008. The deficit was up 1.8 point to 7.5% of GDP in 2009, a figure slightly less bad than expected (7.9% expected). The deficit increased a total of 80.1 billion, reflecting a decrease of 4.3% of revenue and an increase of 3.8% of spending, Insee said.Note also the producer prices rose 0.1% in France in February after rising 0.6% in January.

Moreover, the annual inflation rate of the euro area amounted to 1.5% in March 2010, according to a flash estimate issued today by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union. This figure covers 16 countries using the euro represents the largest increase since December 2008. It was 0.9% in February. As for unemployment, it has reached 10% in February against 9.9% the previous month, which is the highest level since August 1998.

An abundant macroeconomic news

Across the Atlantic, the eyes will be on the ADP figures of employment in the private sector in March, which fall at 14.15 (this is the employment figures to be released Friday which are expected by most investors).In February, U.S. employment was revealed better than expected. The unemployment rate was 9.7%.

Half an hour later, the economy of the Chicago area over the same month that will be scrutinized by investors. Then, 16 hours, industrial orders in February will register on the radar screens of traders. Finally, at 16:30, the weekly inventory of crude to the United States will be made public.

Other noteworthy events this Wednesday for the first time a foreign minister, namely the French Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde, participates in the German Council of Ministers, devoted in particular to a stabilization fund for banks (9:30).She then held a press conference with his German counterpart Wolfgang Sch?uble at noon.

Societe Generale court

The French bank Societe Generale (+0.32% at 46.86 euros) must respond to a complaint filed in Court of New York by pension funds and individual investors who accuse him of having lost the money.

Axa remains in the green (0.27%, to 16.52 euros), while S & P downgraded its rating on the stock.

Regarding EADS (+1.11% at 15.05 euros) and the American tanker, Barack Obama, during a press conference in Washington with Nicolas Sarkozy, said he wanted to "avoid protectionism. He promised a selection of "free and fair" contract for 35 billion euros.

It Schneider Electric continues to lead the CAC 40, with an increase of 2.21%, to 87.32 euros.Vinci rises by 0.42%, to 43.99 euros, still boosted by his victory over the tender to 7 billion euros for the TGV south-western France.

Later publications, the leading Internet ad Adenclassifieds saw its net profit fall by almost 88% last year. But signs of recovery appear since the end of 2009.

On Wednesday, Orpea, a leading French farmers institutions comprehensive care for dependents, issued a rebound in net income of 26.1%, to 61 million. The title climbed 0.72% to 30.72 euros.

Neopost back him, from 3.74% to 58.95 euros. The group saw its 2009 net profit decline of 5.7% to 147.9 million euros.

Mar 29 2010

The bargain of the Greek debt

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Greece, with the support of other countries in the euro area, is back this Monday on the markets. It refinances its debt in bonds to 7 years. This issue of Treasury securities Greek makes good business sense for European banks, which appeared in mid-afternoon to honor the offer of Athens. By early afternoon, purchase orders amounting to 7 billion euros, while Athens was planning to raise 5 billion only.

To complete the transaction, Athens has mandated more European banks as on previous occasions, with ING and Societe Generale CIB. Two Greek banks, Alpha Bank and Emporiki Bank (subsidiary of Cr?dit Agricole) and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, are also involved.

"The transaction represents a double opportunity," said Patrick Jacq, rates and currency strategist at BNP Paribas.First, Greece needs to refinance its debt and receives a guarantee of the Eurogroup. Then, considering the risk ultimately limited the rate of emission, at around 6% according to market sources, is very well paid cash till payday advance. Investors, reassured, therefore have to purchase, essentially says the strategist.

European banks can then buy the Greek bonds and use as a deposit to the European Central Bank (ECB) against loans to shorter terms, but at an interest rate of only 1%. Performance of the obligation Greek (6%) cons of refinancing rate of the ECB (1%) … The calculation is done quickly, "a port to 5 percentage points is very good," Judge Patrick Jacq.

The previous operations, launched January 25 and March 4 this year, had generated five times more demand than supply.Greece should lift nearly 20 billion euros on the market to refinance its debt by the end of May

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Mar 26 2010

The crisis in Greek six questions

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Greece has lived too long beyond its means on falsified data, intentional or negligent. While the previous government announced a deficit of 6% of GDP, George Papandreou, just took office in October 2009, revealed a deficit of 12.9% and public debt to 115% of GDP, while the limit Brussels is fixed by 3%. The euro fell from the clouds. Widespread tax evasion – the shadow economy exceeds 20% of GDP – bloated government spending, burden of staff: emergency measures needed. Athens offers a drastic austerity plan: reducing government spending and health spending, freezing salaries and bonuses of officials, raising the age of retirement payday loan lenders !!!???!! !???!!!. Greece promises to bring back this way its public deficit to 8.7% of GDP at end 2010, but not convincing.Riddled with debt, it will borrow 53 billion euros this year if she wants to get out. If Europe does not help, bankruptcy is a nightmare scenario that nobody wants because it could snowball. But Greece also must avoid at all costs the social explosion that growls at her.

2) Why so much reluctance in Germany?

The German Chancellor has requested that a country can be excluded from the euro area "last resort" in case of repeated infringements Maastricht rules. Photo credits: AFN

Mar 25 2010

The CAC 40 should remain cautious before the Brussels summit

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After limited Wednesday its losses due to degradation of the note of Portugal by U.S. rating agency Fitch, the CAC 40 should be cautious. Thursday and Friday, will take effect in the European Council in Brussels. Support measures to Greece are expected, involving the IMF and covering several tens of billions of euros.

The program also published a series of U.S. data – weeks claimed Thursday to 13 hours, and a third estimate of GDP for the fourth quarter of 2009 Friday at 13.30 – and the presentation from 9 hours by Jean-Claude Trichet's annual report the European Central Bank before the European Parliament.

As for values, the series of publications is nearing completion. Thursday Hermes presents its annual results for 2009.

Bank stocks are also monitored on the sidelines of the Brussels European Council.

The Italian A2A accelerates the process of selling its stake in Edison to EDF, a transaction that would allow the French group to take control of Italy's number two electricity, it was learned from sources close to the matter.

Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain are planning to protest together with the U.S. President Barack Obama against the forced removal of EADS bidding for tanker aircraft for the U.S. Air Force says Thursday newspaper Les Echos.

TF1 got the green light by the High Council of Audiovisual (CSA) to buy chains and TMC NT1 group but AB's subsidiary Bouygues will make certain commitments.

KKR announced Wednesday the sale of a stake of 4.4% in Legrand through a process of "book building" accelerated.It will own 20.6% of the capital and 27.5% of the voting rights of French group at the end of the assignment. Wendel for his part said not to join the operation and maintain its 24.9% stake in Legrand.

Camaieu announced Wednesday results in net decrease in 2009 but said he observed an improvement trend in the last semester.

Veolia said in a statement that the new boss of EDF, Henri Proglio, leaving the presidency of the board of directors. His replacement has yet not been identified.

Mar 25 2010

Sequana has returned to profit in 2009

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The company stationery Sequana released on Wednesday its 2009 results. Its sales are down 17.43% to 4.088 billion euros, "in a particular market deteriorated in 2009," the statement said. Despite this significant decline in activity, the group managed to improve its performance and profitability. Its operating income was up slightly to 137 million euros, which represents a rate of operating margin of 3.4% thanks to lower raw material costs.

The group returned to profit, which reached 20 million euros against a loss in 2008 of 428 million cash advance to savings account .The Board of Directors of Sequana propose to the AGM on May 19 to pay a dividend of 0.35 euro per share.

Outlook 2010

This year, Sequana plans to reduce costs and achieve superior operational performance to that of 2009. Also one of his goals is it to pursue its debt reduction that has already fallen in 2009 to 140 million euros to 651 million.

Mar 22 2010

European cacophony around an appeal to the IMF

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A few days before the European Council of Heads of State and Government, the Capitals still do not seem to agree about assisting in Greece. Germany, especially, would like to avoid paying a penny in troubled countries. The latest statements by Angela Merkel appeared to go in that instant payday loans . Using the International Monetary Fund would include not putting his hand in his pocket, implies Berlin. Others, like France, believe that IMF intervention would reflect the inability of the eurozone to deal with its internal problems. The situation today in computer graphics

Mar 20 2010

Wall Street ended the week in negative territory

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After eight consecutive sessions of gains, U.S. investors have decided to take a breath. The week ends so in the red on Wall Street on profit taking. The Dow Jones a coward for closing 0.35% at 10,741.98 points. The Nasdaq lost 0.71% to 2374.41 points and the S & P 500 drops 0.51% to 1159.90 points.

The week was marked by the rise of the Dow Jones on Thursday at its highest for a year and a half (0.42% to 10,733.37 points). For the week, the flagship index of New York has gained 1.01%. Since the beginning of the year, it earned 3.01%.

"After a series of fairly impressive gains, we approach the weekend with many uncertainties: what will happen with the reform of American health care system, what will happen with Greece," observed Craig Peckham, the brokerage firm Jefferies. "It gives a reason to take profits," he added.According to analysts, the lack of activity of the market could continue next week due to lack of key indicators.

Raw materials have saddled the atmosphere

Place New York was also taken by surprise by a rate hike the central bank in India, one of the engines of world economic growth. The decision raised fears of slowing growth in the country, weighing on the sectors most sensitive to economic conditions (industry and technology), on commodity prices, and therefore the energy and mining sectors. The aluminum producer Alcoa (-0.28% to 14.26 dollars) or the oil company ExxonMobil (-0.52% to 57.04%) have evolved into the red during the entire session.

The dollar has also strengthened. Under pressure for several weeks, the euro has been penalized by the Greek uncertainties. The euro has lost 0.55% to 1.3535.

Palm collapses

The action of the mobile phone manufacturer Palm fell heavily on Friday. It tumbles down 28.50% to 4.04 dollars. Investors punish new quarterly losses and forecast a very pessimistic bad credit personal loan lenders . Over the period from December to January, the manufacturer of Pre lost 22 million dollars, twice the previous quarter and more than expected by analysts. The revenue (almost $ 350 million) is better than expected, but because of poor consumer sales of its devices by the operators, it is expected to "less than" 150 million dollars, twice less previously anticipated.

The largest bookseller in the United States, Barnes & Noble (+0.26% to 22.96 dollars) has announced that it would change the CEO.This is the current president of the group's website, William Lynch, who will replace Steve Riggio at the head of the company. The future leader has helped launch the electronic bookstore Barnes & Noble and he oversaw the launch of an electronic book reader called the Nook, a product designed to compete with the readers of e-books competitors, such as the Kindle or the 'iPad.

FedEx (-1.75% to 91.05 dollars) posted net earnings of $ 239 million, up 146% in the third quarter. Based on the number of shares, the result stood at 76 cents. The logistics group has exceeded its own targets, which ranged from 50 to 70 cents, and estimates of analysts, who on average expected a figure of 72 cents. The operating profit jumped 129% to 416 million dollars for an operating margin of 4.8% against 2.2% a year ago.

Aetna argues the document.The life insurer believes that its earnings per share in the first quarter will exceed the consensus Wall Street (66 cents) to 2.55 dollars, or $ 2.65. The action ended up 3.58% to 34.43 dollars.

The U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced that it would expedite the production of its 777 aircraft and 747 to meet the growing demand from customers. Sign that the aerospace market is recovering. The securities are 0.30% to end at 71.08 dollars, after opening up over 2%.

Mar 18 2010

Wall Street should take a break

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The index futures are predicting a slightly lower opening of U.S. markets after already six consecutive sessions in green. Not since August 2009 to find such a series of increases on Wall Street. On the momentum of the day, U.S. markets have ended on a new annual summit Wednesday. The indices have continued to benefit from the status quo monetary decided by the Fed, and the reassurance of the U.S. central bank on the health of the economy.

Shortly before the opening of markets across the Atlantic, the index futures Standard & Poor's 500 and Nasdaq 100 slid 0.11% respectively at 1 164.50 points and 0.05% to 1 935.50 points.

In the United States, the session will be punctuated by the publication of a series of indicators. Investors will first knowledge of the price index for consumption for the month of February.Analysts on average expect a price increase of 0.1% over one month and 2.3% over one year. The day will then continue with the announcement of weekly unemployment registration and publication of the balance of current accounts for the last three months of 2009. Experts expect a deficit just under 120 billion dollars. Follow the index of the Central Bank of Philadelphia for the month of March and the composite index of leading indicators for February.

On the currency markets, the euro back down to $ 1.37 after Germany had banged his fist on the table against Greece and the assumption of an IMF assistance had resurfaced.The barrel of oil is still firm, the new deadline of May of Brent trading at 81.48 dollars on the London market an ounce of gold.

Nike back to growth

On the side of values, the number one sports equipment, Nike announced after the close on Wall Street a return to growth in sales and profits. In the third quarter of its fiscal year ended in late February), Nike has made a net profit of 496 million dollars against 244 million a year earlier on the same period. A few months before the World Cup 2010, its backlog has already greatly improved and the group expects a continuation of this trend.

A follow also the title of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. China has ordered its airlines to conduct checks of their Boeing 737 after a similar decision of U.S. authorities.The decision of the Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC), which covers 400 aircraft, follows concerns about possible security problems related to a component in the tail of the aircraft.

The results of FedEx for the third quarter are expected on Thursday. The numbers of specialist couriers are always observed under the microscope by investors. Indeed, they generally face forward barometer of U.S. business activity.

Mar 16 2010

Wall Street ends without direction

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After four consecutive sessions in the green and a gain of 0.7% for the Dow Jones, Wall Street starts this week in doubt. At the close, the Dow Jones gained 0.16% to 10,641.92 points, the S & P 500 grapille 0.04% to 1150.50 points.l In contrast, the Nasdaq lost 0.23% to 2362.21 points.

The NYSE is cautious on the eve of the monetary policy meeting of the Fed. The Fed should keep its no surprise key interest rate near zero and reiterate its commitment to maintain a low level for a "prolonged period". More than the rate decision widely expected, investors will scrutinize the speeches of leaders of the U.S. central bank.They watch for a possible change in tone or vocabulary that could be the harbinger of early recovery in interbank rates, especially after raising the discount rate last month.

In this atmosphere, the figures for industrial production go unnoticed. However, the latter rose in February by 0.1% from the previous month, while analysts believed it had stagnated.

The surplus balance of U.S. capital flows to long-term investments declined in January to $ 19.1 billion against $ 63.3 billion the previous month, according to data published Monday by the Treasury Department .

Greece returns to the heart of concerns

In addition to this national event, the U.S. financial markets keep an eye on the statements that filter the meeting of European finance ministers on Greece.On Monday and Tuesday until tomorrow, they must define the details of plan using Greek estimated at over 20 billion euros.

But the markets seem to regret the lack of clear announcements about it. This anxiety is the euro down. The European currency loose 0.75% to 1.3669 dollar. In turn, the rise of the dollar penalizes values to raw materials.The oil companies Chevron (-0.73% to 73.16 dollars) and ExxonMobil (-1.14% to 66.04 dollars) were penalized by the decline in oil prices payday loans for bad credit .

The maker of construction equipment Caterpillar gave up 2.12% to 59.08 dollars and aluminum producer Alcoa 1.10% to 13.45 dollars.

Wal-Mart stands

Amylin Pharmaceuticals climbed 15.25% to 23.35 dollars, boosted by the announcement that the FDA does not need more data on its anti-diabetes drug.Boston Scientific has screwed him for 13.24%, after stating that he was stopping the sale of a defibrillator.

The energy sector was also facilitated by the acquisition of sites for exploration and production of shale gas from Dominion Resources (0.28% to 39.58 dollars) in the Appalachians, to 3.475 billion dollars in cash by Consol Energy (-9.96% to 48.62 dollars).

Wal-Mart was distinguished with an increase of 2.76 to 55.39 dollars, supported by higher recommendation to "buy" by analysts at Citigroup.

The title of the parent company of Calvin Klein, the Philips-Van Heusen, jumped 10.08% to 52.56 dollars. The group will buy the brand of leisure wear Tommy Hilfiger in UK investment funds Apax Partners.

Google (-3.42% to 559.74 dollars after opening under $ 565) could close its search engine or a part of its activities in China.Google Chinese news should be limited to official newspapers. 36% of Google revenues in China are related to its search service. "Baidu, its main competitor, would be the main beneficiary of the partial withdrawal, analysts said Aurel BGC.

The Pentagon has dismissed the accusations of protectionism could give time for EADS to prepare a rival bid by the Boeing (-1.07% to 69.08 U.S. dollars) contract for refueling tankers.

The results of FedEx for the third quarter are expected Thursday. The numbers of specialist courier services is considered a leading barometer of business activity. Titles rise of 1.09%, to 87.12 dollars.

Mar 16 2010

The Paris markets expected an increase

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One would think that prudence would limit the rebound in markets in Paris, pending the release of monetary policy the Federal Reserve, expected at 19.15, this mardi.Et that, after closing down slightly on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this morning. Finally, the rise of the index in Paris should be solid on the future of the CAC 40 index rose 0.73% to 3917 points. On Monday, the CAC 40 has yielded 0.93% to finish the session at 3 890.91 points.

The consensus, the status quo on the rate seems to be accepted, but the market awaits clarification on possible exit strategy crisis Fed.This meeting will be the anchor of Tuesday's session, very lean corporate earnings, but punctuated by economic indicators.

Thus, France will release at 8:45 the inflation figures for the month of February and the index of prices in supermarkets also in February, to 12 hours.

In Germany, the market will follow the German ZEW index of investor confidence.

Finally, the EU finance ministers will meet on Tuesday, including the agenda monitoring the formal notice to Greece in February about the improvement in public finances.

In the struggle between the United States and China on the currency market, members of Congress sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke requested that the yuan is on the list of currencies handled in the annual report issued by the Obama administration next month.

Values follow

Steria: services company in computer engineering was published on Monday a net profit group share of fiscal 2009 from 48.2 million down 6.6% compared to the result of last year.Its annual turnover fell by 3.1% at constant scope and exchange, to $ 1.630 billion, but this decrease was slightly lower than expected (-3.5%). The group expects a first semester "difficult".

NextRadio TV: The media group NextRadioTV presented Monday after-hours trade, a net deficit of 6 million euros in 2009 when analysts expected a loss of 2.7 million. The group has however decided to pay its shareholders a first dividend in its history which amounts to 0.2 euro per share for the year 2009.

Renault and Daimler have begun talks on a mutual stake in the framework of a long-term cooperation, the Financial Times.Furthermore, Renault sales rose 30% in February to 109,663 units.

PSA-Peugeot: The automaker recorded in February, up from 18.4% to 149,128 vehicles, according to figures published by the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).

Assystem: In a statement, the group specializes in the field of engineering and innovation consulting published under the fiscal 2009 net income group share a deficit of 800,000 euros against a profit of 25.8 million euros in 2008. Its annual turnover has decreased by 8.8% to 613.1 million euros. The operating margin from 6.7% in 2008 to 3.6% in 2008. As for the dividend has been halved, to $ 0.25 respectively euros per share.

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