Feb 11 2010

The Greeks in the street, meeting the EU

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Against "unfair and ineffective sacrifices, Greek officials Wednesday manifested in big cities. A 24-hour strike was launched by the Union Public Service ADEDY, with more than 300,000 members. Employees of public protest against wage cuts announced by the Socialist government to reduce deficits and thus reassure the markets.

Tuesday, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou reiterated wage austerity measures provided for in the Public Service wage freeze, down 10% premium, 30% decrease in overtime, stoppage of recruitment in 2010, except in the sectors of health, education and security. Labor Minister, Andreas Loverdos, proposed back two years to 2015 the average age of retirement to raise it to 63 years.

In Athens, about 5,000 union members protesting in the rain in the streets, which must be added the separate gathering of 5,000 activists of the union Struggle Front (PAME), an offshoot of the ultra-orthodox communist party (KKE). In Salonika, is counting down nearly 3,000 officers pounding the pavement.

Moreover, tens of thousands of officials have answered the call to strike the ADEDY. Air traffic controllers joined the strike and there was no traffic Wednesday in Greece.

Meeting of Finance Ministers of the euro area

These events occur when the finance ministers of the eurozone plan to meet as Wednesday by teleconference to discuss the situation in Greece, several diplomatic sources.In view of this meeting, Nicolas Sarkozy held talks by telephone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU President Herman Van Rompoy.

According to Le Monde, President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet and the chairman of the Eurogroup forum of finance ministers from the eurozone, Jean-Claude Juncker, will join the discussions.

This meeting will be held on the eve of a summit of EU leaders on the issue in Brussels saving account payday loan . At this stage, there is "not agree" on a plan of aid to Greece. The signs, however, a support mechanism for this country is growing. A senior parliamentary Conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Michael Meister, has indicated that preparations were underway in the German Government for an assistance plan.It could take the form of housing provision of bilateral loans to certain countries of the euro area in favor of Greece, to help cope with higher prices for its cost of borrowing on the markets since the beginning of the crisis. The option of an advance payment of EU subsidies to Greece is also considered.

Papandreou lunch with Nicolas Sarkozy

Prime Minister George Papandreou, who visited on Wednesday in Paris where he had lunch with French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reaffirmed his determination.He promised Wednesday to "take all necessary measures" to reduce the deficit and ensured that "each of the measures of the austerity program will be applied.

The Prime Minister had called in an attempt to limit the impact of the strike, officials to "lead by example" to help end the crisis.

Furthermore, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday held a joint press conference after the informal EU summit in Brussels, including the situation in Greece, said Wednesday the spokesman for the French government, Luc Chatel. "Under the EU summit, the president will have the opportunity to hold a joint press conference with Merkel on various subjects.I guess the question (of the situation in Greece) will be addressed, "said Luc Chatel in reporting to the press the work of the council of ministers.

"The French government is involved as its European partners on the situation of the euro and the situation in Greece in particular," he said, adding that the Economy Minister Christine Lagarde had "routine contacts with counterparts "on this issue.

Feb 09 2010

The crisis in Europe will play "collective"

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Europe does not go well and its leaders will be within forty-eight two good opportunities for reflection. Parliament invest on Tuesday afternoon the Barroso Commission II, which takes office in financial turmoil, after a slump for several months. Thursday, the twenty-seven Heads of State and Government of the EU are invited to attend an economic summit "extraordinary", where the urgency of defeating more abstract considerations.

Seen from Brussels, failures and hopes dashed accumulate. The Lisbon Treaty would give a strong voice in the union. Alas, two months since she keeps losing steam.To the disappointment of Copenhagen climate, followed by a painful quarrel projectors in Haiti, was added a final existential doubt: the package of Barack Obama the next transatlantic summit because the U.S. president, they say, better to …

The crisis comes together Greek humiliation. After crossing a recession more severe than elsewhere, Europe was already facing a horizon of sluggish growth, against the United States and of course China. In recent days she has to fight attacks on what she believed to be the sanctuary of serenity: the euro area, torn by fiscal indiscipline South and North trade surpluses.

New Technologies

Reduced to a dilemma – should the EU or not replenish it Athens? – The question is inevitably raised at Thursday's summit in Brussels Same day payday loans . "We're going to build a priority in areas of shortage, and therefore more expensive, but with less money," says the delegate general who believes a more realistic assessment of the number of homes built to last 100,000.

At the Department, any accusation of declining level of aid is denied."The effort of the State is not limited to 624 million euros of aid to the stone, take into account the full support of 4.7 billion euros, which will build 140,000 homes social, said the firm Benoist Appeared. Construction or purchase. As announced Tuesday the secretary of state, public housing agencies will be able to acquire any vacant units to turn them into housing. Another idea supported by the Social Union for Housing, but according to Pierre Quercy will face the same problems of funding. "We estimate that 350 million euros of state aid would be needed to buy 10,000 housing units in the tense areas," said the delegate general. What largely begin the budget.


A French six badly-housed would

"The HLM would buy empty housing

Feb 03 2010

Employees of Pier Import retain their direction

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The year 2010 will she, socially, as difficult as the year 2009? After the leaders of the metallurgical Swedish Akers, it was the turn of those of Pier Import of being selected by employees angry. They are fifty, working in 25 stores pending closure, to have forced two of their leaders, the CEO Sonia Ben Behe and CEO Gerard D?maret to spend the night Monday in their office.

The group's employees placed in bankruptcy protection since September, and reiterated recently by the group atmospheres, hope to obtain supra-legal benefits greater than those granted after the works council on Monday.For while 20 stores were saved by the recovery, the closure of 25 other lead 140 redundancies.

A strain devoid of aggression "

"The night [passed to company headquarters in Villepinte] went very well. They are still retains, in a friendly atmosphere, "said Fabrice M?nard, union CGT (majority) pay day loans . In turn, the CEO said last night that the constraint exercised by the employees was "devoid of aggression," and that the situation was "not annoying".

Employees require a half months of salary per year of seniority. Management, however, limits his proposal to a month for five years seniority."The supra-legal claims are being negotiated, nobody will be cheated of his rights, had assured the CEO Monday, pending a meeting Wednesday with Claude Ben Behe, Chairman of the Board of Directors of F?rfina, principal shareholder of Pier Import. The Industry Minister Christian Estrosi said Tuesday morning on LCI it was the duty of government to "ensure" that a "way forward" is found for each employee, but said he can not be "real negotiations when there is violence."


"2009 the year of the hardening of social conflicts

"Behind the scenes of social conflict