Nov 27 2009

Real old: towards a sustainable recovery in prices?

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After four quarters of decline (-9.3% a year since the second quarter 2008), the slight upward trend is confirmed by figures from INSEE based on those of Notaries from promises of sale signed in Q2 year. While some professional networks, which Laforet Immobilier Wednesday, talk of a recovery, the increase in prices is to be interpreted with great caution.

Indeed, over the past twelve months, property prices remain former fallen sharply, from about 8%, and the number of transactions continues to fall. From September 2008 to September 2009, 550,000 housing transactions have been recorded in metropolitan France, down 25% compared to transactions a year earlier.

Increase of 0.7% in Ile-de-France

During the third quarter of 2009, prices of existing homes rose by 0.7% in Ile-de-France, driven by rising house prices (+1.9%). In one year, the decline is 8.3%: -7.5% for apartments and -9.5% for houses. In Paris, apartment prices rose 1.4% (-7.2% yoy) and those houses by 5.8% (-8.7% yoy). In the provinces, INSEE noted an increase in the third quarter versus the second quarter, 0.1% (+0.6% for the apartment and -0.3% for houses). In one year, the price of existing homes in the province decreased by 7.9% (-6.9% for apartments and -8.5% for houses).

A slow recovery

Improving conditions of loans to individuals for several months have been felt in the housing market. For the economist Michael Mouillart, the market is overtaking its lowest point."The worst is behind us, but the recovery will be slow. The rise in unemployment will slow the pace of recovery, but will not compromise, "analysis" he added that during the year 2010, sales volume should reach the former levels of about 500,000 to 525,000, and prices rise by about 2% to 3%. Mathilde Lemoine, Director of Economic Studies of the HSBC bank, however, is more reserved, "in 2010, stagnant wages due to rising unemployment, rising prices rose in nine and stabilization loan rates should influence the solvency of households and hence on home sales. "


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Nov 23 2009

Financial markets are recovering to doubt the strength of the recovery

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Nothing very serious, but a real nervousness gripped the market on weekends. French values are clearly divided down for the fourth straight session and Wall Street began a real consolidation.

The publication of poor results by the computer manufacturer Dell, whose profits have halved in a year, has certainly cast a pall. Therefore, the decline was widespread in technology stocks in the whole document: Among the largest declines over the weekend, tech stocks, but also banks, real estate and many cyclical industries.

In fact, beyond these poor results, the market consolidates because investors are worried about the strength of the recovery, the deteriorating public finances and relapse indicators on housing states USA.Therefore, in the absence of fresh news can revive the dynamic market, investors have preferred to take profits. To top it off, President Obama held a relapse of the activity was not excluded if the recovery efforts were abandoned and the Japanese authorities have recognized that the country has fallen into recession, with falling prices for the seventh consecutive month.

After two years of crisis that we have known, investors have seen others, but should not the signs of depression are increasing, with an avalanche of bad economic data and disappointing results.The virtuous circle that has established a stock exchange, with expectations of gradual recovery in activity and improvement in profits needs to be supported, if the correction could increase.

For now, the indexes are still near the highest: more than 10,000 points for the Dow Jones, over 3,700 for the CAC 40. We must beware of making catastrophism, the scenario out of recession is good for equities, the key is to remember that the current consolidation is beneficial because it restores margin for operations to start rising.

While waiting to see clearer, gold opportunity to play its full role investment haven to more than $ 1,100 an ounce in London.

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Nov 18 2009

The APEC warns against protectionism

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China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, all those Asian countries that depend on their exports, feared a return of protectionism, driven by rising unemployment in the world, is not undermined by the weak recovery that seems s 'start on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Meeting yesterday, and until Sunday evening in Singapore, the 21 forum member countries of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), which also ranks in the United States and Russia call to fight against this temptation with force.In contrast to increasing free trade that will stimulate economic recovery and create new jobs, they say.

The APEC forum, which is celebrating its twenty years, knows whereof he speaks: it accounts for respectively 40% of world population, 51% of GDP (gross domestic product) and 50% of international trade.

Recovery Plans

The exercise is more difficult than in countries that are recovering as fast as China (8% growth expected this year), the risk of overheating point and are "likely to trigger new asset bubbles and estate, "says Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank.Indeed, Hong Kong and Beijing, apartment prices begin to flare, necessitating a very fine management of support plans launched by the Asian countries.

In total, they represent more than 1 000 billion (665.7 billion), including 585 billion for China alone. But no question of suspending them. "We will maintain our policy of economic recovery until a sustained recovery is assured," said the APEC forum, which emphasizes that the expected recovery "is not yet based on solid foundations."

For its part, South Korea, just to finalize its agreement to free trade with the United States.Washington accuses him not to open its automotive market and the day before the U.S. International Trade Commission had to deny Samsung Electronics to sell some of its products overseas because they pirated Japanese licenses.

Saturday and Sunday, the Heads of State of the APEC forum, which will meet in Singapore and will also consider the climate, will certainly a lot to do.

Nov 18 2009

GDF Suez downturn

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The GDF Suez group presented on Thursday its quarterly financial results. In the first nine months of the year, operating income (EBITDA) is logged down by 2.7% to 10.1 billion euros. The group confirmed in a statement likely to increase positive one throughout the year 2009.

Always on the period from January to September, sales reached 57.9 billion euros, down moderately from 1.2% (-2.8% change in organic).

Net debt amounted to 27.8 billion euros at end September 2009, unchanged compared to end June 2009 and down 1.1 billion euros compared to late 2008.

"Group activity in the first nine months of the year confirms the strength of our business model. Despite the downturn that we announced in the third quarter, we confirm our annual targets.In a difficult economic environment, GDF SUEZ continues its industrial development while reducing its debt levels, allowing the group to prompt the return of growth in its major markets, "said G?rard Mestrallet, CEO of GDF Suez in connection with the publication of its results.

Nov 18 2009

Euro Disney: less spending visitors

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Euro Disney reported Thursday its results in its financial year end of September. The net loss after minority interests of Euro Disney appears to 55.5 million euros against a loss of 2.8 million a year ago. Revenues fell 7% to 1.23 billion. Despite a record attendance of 15.4 million people (against 15.3 million a year earlier) through new promotions, visitor expenditures were lower because of the crisis. Thus, the rate of hotel occupancy fell amounting to 87%, which has affected sales. In the statement, Philippe Gas, chairman of Euro Disney, said that the exercise "has been marked by the economic environment more difficult in our history."

Report of several payments

Under the exercise, the group has not met its predetermined performance goals.He has deferred some debt payments subject to long term as the 25 million of license fees due to TWDC and the 15.1 million euros of interest due to the Deposit and Consignment. It also plans to defer the payment of an additional $ 5.1 million of interest due to the CDC during the first quarter of fiscal 2010.

The operators do not like. The title plunges 10.17% at 5.30 euros to 10.10 am. They fear that the company does not have sufficient cash to repay its debts.

Nov 18 2009

The Paris Bourse hesitates

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Around 12:15, the CAC 40 gained 0.05% to 3816.48 points. Operators are focused on companies that have released their quarterly results, like EDF, GDF, Rexel or Euro Disney.

On the macroeconomic front, the United States publish entries to unemployment benefits weekly at 14.30 and oil stocks weekly 17 hours.

The current account deficit narrowed in September to -3.7 billion euro in France, thanks to an improvement in the situation of trade in goods, says the Bank of France.

Within the Cac 40, the car jumped and financials slip

PSA Peugeot Citroen (5.34%) recorded the largest increase in the Cac 40. The automaker revised "markedly higher" earnings guidance for 2009.It now expects operating profit to breakeven in the second half and free cash flow positive for the year.

Rival Renault take this advertisement and allows itself 3.43%.

However, financials are misguided. The insurer Axa yields 1.49%. Topping the list of the most marked declines in the Cac 40, the title insurer is followed by banking stocks Credit Agricole (-0.98%) and BNP Paribas (-0.76%). Societe Generale fell by 0.69%. Out Cac 40, Natixis escaped this trend and advance of 2.06%.

EDF (-0.47%) achieved a turnover up 2.9% to 13.4 billion euros in Q3. The group said its production of electricity would be set back significantly over the year.

GDF Suez (-0.07%) post an operating profit down 2.7% to 10.1 billion euros in Q3.

Vietnam Airlines and EADS (+4.02%) signed an agreement in principle for the delivery of 4 Airbus A380, said Marwan Lahoud, vice president of European Aeronautic.

Eurofins Scientific achieves the highest increase in the DTH

Eurofins Scientific jumped to 11.96%, and grants itself as the largest increase in the SRD. The net group result increased by 31% to 5.9 million over the 3rd quarter, against 4.5 million euros in the third quarter of 2008.

Air France gained 2.23% after submitting the tender medium-mail that it will implement in April 2010 in order to meet the low costs airlines.

Atari (-10.16%) was sanctioned after lowering its profit target for the second half, to become an operating profit "to balance or slightly negative."The former Infogrames presented for the first half revenues up 25.7% to 68.5 million euros and a net loss of 23.2 million Euros.

The turnover of Rexel (0.95%) decrease of 19.4% on a comparable basis to 2.793 billion euros in Q3.

The net loss after minority interests of Euro Disney (-12.2%) for 2008-2009 increased to 55.5 million euros against a loss of 2.8 million in 2007-2008. Turnover 2008-2009 spring to 1.23 billion euros, against 1.32 billion in 2007-2008.

According to the Echos, the bidders for the transmission and distribution subsidiary of Areva (0.79%) each offer about 4 billion euros. Toshiba has offered 4.2 billion euros, General Electric and Alstom tandem-Schneider Electric, 4 billion.

In the third quarter, Pharmagest Inter @ ctive (+8.28%) achieved a turnover of 18.88 million euros, an increase of 12.7% over the same period last year.

Nov 18 2009

The unpaid wages have risen 50% in one year

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Danger on the accounts of the Association for the management of the guarantee scheme of employee claims, AGS. This organization employer advance loans to businesses, where backup, reorganization or liquidation, are no longer enough cash to pay the salaries of their employees, their benefits or even dismissal. In twelve months from October 2008 to end September 2009, the advances made by the AGS soared 47.9% to just under 2 billion euros. The number of beneficiaries has increased from 42.5% to just under 300 000 people.

"The strong growth of our business stems completely from the crisis justifies M?t?y? Thierry, the director of the delegation Unedic-AGS.We had to manage since the beginning of large media files such as the Camif. The caseload of over 100 employees and is also up sharply: 175 between the early and end of October, against 140 for all 2008 and 120 in 2007. Conversely, the amount of debts recovered caps (when business conditions recovered or recovering the amounts advanced on assets sold in liquidation). In one year, they have barely exceeded 600 million, a decrease of 3.7%. "The recoveries are increasingly difficult to operate," notes Thierry M?t?y?.

Given the imbalance, the SFA has decided to increase again by 0.1 point premium rate business in early October, to move it to 0.4% of payroll.This would double the rate in six months, exceeding the 700 million currently collected! "This represents a significant increase for businesses, recognizes Thierry M?t?y?. But it was necessary to meet rising demands in advance. "

Deficit of 215 million

Result, the AGS has a deficit of around 215 million euros. The agency hopes to fill with increasing revenue contribution in early 2010, with an increase in rates and stabilization of recovery levels.

Another note of hope: the decline of almost 40% in the third quarter of 2009 the number of collective proceedings opened. "The trend is particularly pronounced in September," said the SFA. Ditto on the number of backup procedures requiring the intervention of the SFA. In one quarter, they fell almost 20%."We're in a phase of stability," said Thierry M?t?y?.

"To wage increases in 2010

"Half of the executives were increased in 2008